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This is the Champion line of blank pistols. Champions are a large frame. They have wooden grips. It's mid-priced pistol for us. It comes in three different calibers. We have it in a .22, a .32, and a .209.

The thing you have to know about these, they hold up pretty well and they are large-frame, easy to hold in the hand. It's also our mid-price as far as with the .209 and with the .32.

The complaint that we get on these is that the cylinder spins. It is not a locking cylinder. So that's something you have to be prepared for.

It's a double-action pistol, so you can cock it. you can also pull the trigger to fire it. But you do have to watch your cylinders. If they get out of line you are going to pull the trigger and nothing is going to happen.

I generally do not recommend these for the track and field folks. From a dog training standpoint they are fine. If you get a little bit out of line, usually, if you'll squeeze the trigger again it gets right back where it's supposed to be. But it's one of those things where if you are starting an event, it's not a good idea.

Swing-out cylinder. All come with ejectors. Just a good comfortable pistol in a medium price range. All the Champion pistols have a one year warranty. Covers parts and labor.

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Champion 32 Caliber Double Action Blank Pistol

Champion 32 Caliber Blank Pistol

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    Champion .32 Barrel Detail Champion .32 Shell Ejector Champion .32 Cylinder Detail Champion .32 Hammer Detail Champion .32 Grip Detail

    Video of Champion 32 Caliber Blank Pistol

    Restricted shipping. ONLY Available to U.S. addresses accessible via UPS. Shipping prohibited to Puerto Rico.

    Not recommended for Track and Field or starting other sporting events. If the cylinder does not advance fully or is bumped it can fail to fire. We recommend you consider the Alfa .22 Pistol instead.

    These blank pistols are not props and can cause serious injury if used improperly. They are not recommended for use in theatrical productions or indoors.

    Double Action. 5 shot. Fires American or 7mm Crimped 32 caliber blanks. Convenient swing out cylinder makes loading and unloading easy.


    Barrel: 2.25"
    Overall Length: 7.25"
    Height: 4.5"
    Weight: 1.5 lbs.
    Capacity: 5
    Finish: Blued

    Use and/or possession of Blank Pistols (Starter Pistols) and Blanks is prohibited and/or restricted in some jurisdictions. Laws change frequently. Therefore, all buyers should check with local authorities prior to ordering pistols and/or blanks.

    buy discount  Champion .32 Barrel Detail
    buy discount  Champion .32 Shell Ejector
    buy discount  Champion .32 Cylinder Detail
    buy discount  Champion .32 Hammer Detail
    Champion .32 Barrel Detail
    Champion .32 Shell Ejector
    Champion .32 Cylinder Detail
    Champion .32 Hammer Detail
    buy discount  Champion .32 Grip Detail
    Champion .32 Grip Detail

    Champion 32 Caliber Blank Pistol
    Item # 1369

    Usually ships the same business day
  • No sales tax

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