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Favorite Ways to Train Your Bird Dog Book by Mark Payton, Sr.

Favorite Ways to Train Your Bird Dog Book by Mark Payton, Sr.Favorite Ways to Train Your Bird Dog Book by Mark Payton, Sr.


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    Copyright 2009, 158 pages, softcover, black and white photos

    This book handles popular topics including pointing, backing, retrieving, here, whoa, gun introduction, bird introduction, picking a pup and much more. "You can't make a dog fit the training 'system'. You have to make the system fit the dog," says Mark Payton, Sr. in the first paragraph of this book.

    1. Puppies
    2. Equipment
      • Checkcord
      • Ecollar
      • Bird Launcher / Releaser
      • Backing Dummy
    3. Birds
      • Pigeons
      • Trapping / Netting PIgeons
      • Pen-Raised Gamebirds
      • Introducing Your Dog to Birds
    4. Here
      • Positive Reinforcement Method
      • Positive Reinforcement with Treats
      • Checkcord Method
      • Ecollar Method
    5. Intro to the Gun
      • Chase Method
      • Mealtime Method
    6. Whoa
      • Low-Stress Introductory Method
      • Whoa and Heel (Pinch Collar Method)
      • Whoa and Heel (Ecollar Method)
      • Ecollar on the Flank
      • Whoa Post Method
    7. Deer-Breaking
    8. Miscellaneous Commands
      • NO!
      • Kennel
      • Hunt Close
      • Quartering
      • Thoughs on Range
    9. Pointing-Hunt Break Method
    10. Pointing-Launcher Method
      • Adjusting Your Launcher's Springs
      • Train Your Pigeons to Flush
      • Introducing Your Dog to the Launcher
      • Launcher Loading and Planting
      • CHeckcord for control
      • Getting in Front to Flush
      • Exaggerate Your Flushing
      • Draggin the Checkcord
      • Overly Cautious Dogs
      • Concluding Remarks
    11. Pointing-Checkcord-Flip Method
    12. Pointing-Ecollar Method
      • Gettin in Front to Flush
      • Ecollar Introduction Around Birds
      • Stop to Flush
      • Pointing Birds Again
      • Steady to Wing
      • Optional Yard Training Exercises
      • Steady to Wing and Shot
      • Steady to Wing, Shot and Fall
      • Proofing Your Dog
    13. Backing
      • Launcher Method
      • Backing a Real Dog
      • Ecollar Method
    14. Retrieving
      • Natural Retrieving
      • Positive Reinforcement Method
      • Competing Dog Method
      • Enforcing "Here" Method
      • Releasing the Object
      • Force-Fetch
      • Hunt Dead
    15. Final Thoughts

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