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"Works great."

By: Thomas Duesterbeck From WI

Owns 12 dogs. Hunts.

Works great.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 13802
Reviewed: 2014-09-17
"Really like it. Charges quickly."

By: Greg From IL

Owns 3 dogs. Hunts.

Really like it. Charges quickly.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 14656
Reviewed: 2014-10-19
"Great product."

By: Mark Olejnichak From WI

German shorthair pointer. Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. Competes.

Great product. Works exactly as you would want. Recommend to anyone hunting brush or tall grass.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 16276
Reviewed: 2014-12-04
Customer Review #8987

By: Gilbert Alligood From NC

GSP. Owns 2 dogs. Hunts.

Beeper is hard to change at the collar. The 3/4 in collars feel cheap. My Dogtra 2500 is still my "go to " beeper collar.

Product Rating: 3 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 8987
Reviewed: 2014-03-11
Customer Review #14031

By: Ken From IA

Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Family pet.

Beeper is way too loud for one of my dogs. It spooks her and cannot be used. Also, the weight of the beeper causes the collar to rotate and lose contact with the dog's throat. Overall, I am disappointed with the product and its performance.

Product Rating: 3 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 14031
Reviewed: 2014-09-26

SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE -- Garmin Delta UPLAND Remote Training Collar with Beeper 2-Dog

Perfect for bird dog folks: remote controlled beeper + e-collar

SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE -- Garmin Delta UPLAND Remote Training Collar with Beeper 2-Dog
List: $519.98
Order Yours: $399.98

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    Delta Upland Transmitter Front View Delta Upland Transmitter Side View 1 Delta Upland Transmitter Side View 2 Delta Upland Transmitter on Lanyard Delta Upland Transmitter in Hand Delta Upland Transmitter and Collar on Charger Delta Upland Clip on Charger Delta Upland Transmitter and Receiver Scaled Delta Upland Collar Delta Upland Clip on Collar Delta Upland Probe Detail Delta Upland Charging Contacts Delta Upland Bottom of Collar Detail Delta Upland On/Off Button Delta Upland Accessories Delta Upland Box Delta Upland Beeper Delta Upland Beeper On/Off Button

    Video of SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE -- Garmin Delta UPLAND Remote Training Collar with Beeper 2-Dog

    Multi-dog Collars / Systems:

    Garmin Delta UPLAND Overview

    Designed with the bird hunter in mind, the Garmin Delta UPLAND remote training collar is both simple and effective using proven Tri-Tronics technology. It features a simple, push-button design with an easy-to-read LCD display so you can correct your dog instantly, for a stronger connection between behavior and training. The Garmin Delta UPLAND also features a built-in Bark Limiter that uses advanced bark correction technology to help correct unwanted barking.

    Remotely control the included Upland Beeper from up to 3/4 mile away. The beeper is adjustable on the collar strap to stay correctly positioned and fit any sized dog. You will always know where your dog is hunting and when he goes on point. Control your dog and control his beeper, all with one small transmitter. It's easy to carry no matter where or what you hunt.

    Garmin Delta UPLAND Transmitter (Remote)

  • 3/4 mile range
  • Expandable up to 3 dogs (with purchase of additional collars)
  • Remembers each individual dog's training settings when using with multiple dogs
  • Remotely control the included Upland Beeper
  • 5 training configurations
  • Bark Limiter Mode for controlling nuisance barking
  • Waterproof (IPX7 rating) -- it floats!
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick charge Li-Ion batteries that are also user replaceable (3-5 year lifespan with proper care)
  • LED display lets you see stimulation settings quickly and easily
  • 18 levels of continuous and 36 levels of momentary stimulation
  • Non-stimulating tone and vibration functions
  • Weight: 3.7 oz
  • Dimensions: 2" W x 5 3/8" H with antenna
  • Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 158 degrees F (0 to 70 degrees C)
  • Change what each of the 3 transmitter buttons does by selecting a different "configuration" (see chart below)

  • DELTA UPLAND Stimulation Button Configurations

    Button 1
    Momentary LOW
    Continuous HIGH
    Button 2
    Momentary HIGH
    Continuous HIGH
    Momentary HIGH
    Button 3
    Momentary LOW
    Momentary HIGH
    Momentary HIGH
    Momentary LOW

    Garmin Delta UPLAND Dog Device Receiver Collar

  • 3/4" orange and blue collar straps
  • Internal antenna system
  • Bark-Limiter mode
  • Plastic molded case built to withstand all kinds of training and hunting conditions
  • Waterproof per IPX7 rating collar/receiver (perfect for retriever training)
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are user-replaceable, heavy duty, and last 3-5 years with proper care
  • Built-in LED is a battery charge indicator and test light
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Receiver Dimensions: 1 1/8" H x 2 1/4" W x 1 3/8" D
  • Collar Strap Dimensions: 3/4" x 27"
  • Fits up to a 24" neck

    Garmin UPLAND Beeper

  • Waterproof (IPX7 rating)
  • Weighs less than 3 oz.
  • Audible range of over 1/4 mile
  • Sound safely directed away from your dog's ears
  • Lower octave tone is easier to hear for more experienced upland hunters
  • Choose from 8 different preset Hunt Mode and Point Mode sound combinations including hawk scream
  • Beeper position is completely adjustable -- unit fits both larger and smaller breeds
  • Easy to use one button operation
  • Red and green mode indicator LEDs
  • No connecting wires to bend or break
  • Beeper can be used as an accessory without the remote trainer
  • Remote trainer can be used without beeper - remove it from the collar when you don't need it
  • Uses one replaceable CR123A lithium battery (included)
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Beeper Dimensions: 2 1/4" H x 2 3/4" W x 1 3/8" D

    Garmin Delta UPLAND Comes With:

  • Handheld waterproof transmitter (IPX7 rating)
  • 2 waterproof dog device receiver collars with orange and blue 3/4" adjustable straps (IPX7 rating)
  • Upland beeper with CR123A lithium battery
  • 2 charging clips
  • 2 USB cables
  • USB split cable
  • 2 AC adapters
  • Lanyard
  • Owner's manual

    Features of the Garmin Delta UPLAND

  • Remote controlled Upland Beeper
  • Built-in BarkLimiter using advanced bark correction technology
  • 3/4 mile range
  • 18 levels of continuous and 36 levels of momentary stimulation
  • Non-stimulating tone and vibration modes
  • 5 training configurations
  • Expandable up to 3 dogs (with purchase of additional collars)
  • Integrated stainless steel contact points optimized for all breeds, all coat lengths
  • Waterproof transmitter and dog device (IPX7)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in both the handheld and dog devices with approx. 60 hour run time
  • 3/4 inch collar strap

    Garmin Delta UPLAND Batteries

  • Lithium Ion batteries
  • Two hour rapid charge system for the transmitter and collar
  • User-replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar and transmitter
  • User-replaceable CR123A lithium battery in the beeper
  • Comes with a USB Splitter Cable letting you charge both collar and handheld at the same time

    Stimulation from the Garmin Delta UPLAND

  • The Delta has multiple intensity levels, which allows you to choose the stimulation that is best for your dog
  • Intensity levels can be quickly adjusted, meaning you can instantly adjust intensity whenever distractions increase
  • Teach yardwork/obedience and enforce known commands with lower levels of stimulation
  • Use higher levels to stop unwanted chasing or to overcome strong distractions I'll bump that instrument up a hair. I'll email you a new MP3 either tonight if I get a chance to work on it, or tomorrow evening.
  • Non-stimulating tone and vibration functions
  • Bark Limiter no-bark mode for controlling unwanted barking

    Garmin Delta UPLAND Range

    Up to 3/4 mile range which is ample for off leash dog training or for hunting with medium range field dogs. Actual range depends on training conditions, including weather, terrain, presence of cover, etc.

  • FREE! Owner's Manual Download
    Garmin Delta Upland Owner's Manual, downloadable in .pdf format.
    Click here to read the Garmin Delta Upland Owner's Manual.

    Using the Upland Beeper

    Beeper Placement on the Collar Strap

    Adjust the position of the Beeper on the collar strap for the size of your dog, taking into account where you want the buckle to be located. The proper placement of the Beeper is on top of the dog's neck.

    Power / Mode Select Button

    The black Power / Mode Select button, located on the top of the Beeper base, serves both as an on/off switch and allows you to select the settings of the Beeper.

    Switching the Beeper ON and OFF

    To switch the Beeper on press the black Power/Mode Select button. The RED LED indicator light will quickly turn on and then go out. Release the button when the light goes out. A LOW-high tone confirms that the Beeper has been turned on.
    • When the Beeper is switched on it will operate under the last mode selected.
    • The indicator light will then continue to blink which confirms the Beeper is on.
    • The factory default setting is a single beep for HUNT mode and the hawk scream for POINT mode.
    To switch the Beeper off press the button and hold it down until the RED LED light goes off then let go immediately.
    • A HIGH-low tone confirms that it has been turned off.
    • To conserve battery life switch the Beeper off when not in use.

    Available Modes (Sound Combinations)

    The Upland G3 Beeper can operate under a variety of sound combinations or "Modes." These include various series of beeps when the dog is hunting and a hawk scream or a beep when on point.
    • HUNT Mode -- The Beeper sounds every 4 seconds while the dog is moving.
    • POINT Mode -- The Beeper sounds once every second while the dog is on point. The hawk scream sounds every five seconds.
    • HUNT Mode and POINT Mode can be used in eight (8) pre-set combinations that you select and set as described below.
    • To check the current Beeper setting:
      • First switch the Beeper on.
      • Gently shake the Beeper (to simulate a running dog) and listen for the HUNT setting.
      • Next, hold the Beeper still and listen for the POINT setting.
    NOTE: Your new Beeper is LOUD!! Holding your thumb over the speaker horn will lessen the sound.

    Changing Modes

    Both Modes (HUNT and POINT) are selected by using the Power/Mode Select button. Press this button, and your sound selection will be indicated by the blinking of each LED light. The RED LED light indicates the "HUNT" setting and the GREEN LED light indicates the "POINT" setting.

    To change sounds you will need to cycle through the various options by pressing the button and observing the series of blinks from the RED and GREEN LED lights:
      1. Make sure that the Beeper power has been switched on.
      2. Press & hold the Power/Mode Select button until both LED lights blink three (3) times together and then release the button.
      3. The LED lights indicate the current setting.
      4. You can now select the sound you prefer.
      5. To choose a mode, briefly press the button and the Mode will change as indicated by the LED lights. Each time you press and release the button, the lights will indicate a new setting. You may have to cycle through several settings to reach your preference. Be patient, check the blinking of the LED lights after each button press, and continue to briefly press the button. See the Mode Setting Cycle chart below.

      Mode Setting Cycle: As you cycle through the settings, 1-8, the order will occur as follows:

      Setting #POINT Mode (Green LED)HUNT Mode (Red LED)
      1Solid (Hawk Scream)1 blink (1 Beep)
      2Solid (Hawk Scream)2 blinks (2 Beeps)
      3Solid (Hawk Scream)3 blinks (3 Beeps)
      4Solid (Hawk Scream)No light (No Beep)
      5Blinking (1 Beep)1 blink (1 Beep)
      6Blinking (1 Beep)2 blinks (2 Beeps)
      7Blinking (1 Beep)3 blinks (3 Beeps)
      8Blinking (1 Beep)No light (No Beep)

      To SAVE your selection, press & hold the Power/Mode Select button until both LED lights flash three (3) times together then release the button. The Beeper will now operate in the Modes you have selected.

    Reset to Default Mode Setting (Setting #1)

    If you should perhaps need to get the Beeper back to a known base setting it is easy, no matter what mode the Beeper is in or if it is switched on or off. Just press and hold the Power/Mode Select button for at least 15 seconds. There will be high-low, high-low beeps, the LED lights will flash, and the Beeper will switch off. When you switch the Beeper back on it is now back to mode setting #1, the Hawk Scream for Point and one beep for Hunt.

    HUNT Mode -- Red LED Light

    You may select one of four settings as your HUNT Mode: Single Beep, Double Beep, Triple Beep, or No Beep. While hunting with several dogs at once, the various HUNT modes will come in handy for you to distinguish each dog.

    Number of times the Red LED light blinks during selection:
    • Single Beep - 1 blink of Red LED
    • Double Beep - 2 blinks of Red LED
    • Triple Beep - 3 blinks of Red LED
    • No sound - No light

    POINT Mode -- Green LED Light

    Select one of two settings as your POINT Mode: Hawk Scream or Single Beep.

    Number of times the Green LED light blinks during selection:
    • Hawk Scream - Green LED on solid, no blinking
    • Single beep - 1 blink of Green LED

    Remote Operation of the Beeper

    Quickly press and release the Beeper control button on the Transmitter. 1 or 2 beeps confirm "on" and "mute."

    Remote Locate Feature

    To locate your dog when hunting with the Beeper press and hold the Transmitter button that operates the Beeper. The Beeper will produce a series of beeps, as long as the button is pressed, for up to 8 seconds.

    Replacing the Battery

    The Beeper is shipped with one CR123A battery installed. With normal use, your battery will last for several months. To change the battery, unscrew the Phillips-head screw on the top cover of the Beeper. Remove the top cover to expose the battery compartment. Remove the old battery and install a new one with the positive terminal end pointing up. Never force a battery into this compartment. Pay careful attention so that the gasket at the top of the battery compartment is in place. Replace the top cover and tighten the screw. Use only replaceable lithium CR123A batteries. Check for function by switching the Beeper on. If there is no function check to make sure the battery is installed correctly.

    Introducing an Inexperienced Dog to the Beeper

    Garmin designed your Beeper to be LOUD!!! This may startle an inexperienced dog. To help your dog adapt to hunting with a Beeper collar, you can muffle the sound by placing a piece of duct tape over the speaker horn. Hanging a Beeper near your dog's kennel, and letting the dog listen to it beeping for several hours is also an effective technique to help your dog get used to the noise of the Beeper.

    Care and Maintenance

    Remove the Beeper from the collar strap for thorough cleaning. You can wipe the Beeper with a damp cloth and mild detergent if desired.
    • Do not use any solvents as they can cause damage.
    • Do not submerge the Beeper in water when cleaning it.
    • Do not run water into the speaker horn area of the Beeper or into the battery compartment.

    Dirt and debris in the speaker and horn can cause the sound to change. To clean the speaker and horn:
    • Unscrew the Phillips-head screw on the top cover of the Beeper.
    • Remove the top cover to expose the speaker and horn. (This also exposes the battery compartment and battery.)
    • Clean debris from the speaker and horn using only a moistened cotton swab.
    • Do not use any sharp or pointed objects. They could damage the speaker.
    • Replace the top cover and tighten the screw. Make certain that the battery has remained with the positive terminal pointing up and the gasket at the top of the battery compartment is in place.

    Cold Weather Performance

    All batteries experience a normal drop in voltage during cold weather. As a battery powered device, your Beeper can be affected by normal voltage drops during winter months and experience such things as:
    • Battery can run down more rapidly.
    • Sound may become weaker.
    • Beeper may switch itself off while training (evidence of low battery).

    Radio Signal Issues

    Modern microprocessor technology virtually eliminates the possibility that your unit could be unintentionally set off by someone else with a Garmin product.

    buy discount  VIDEO: How to Charge the Delta Sport
    VIDEO: How to Charge the Delta Sport

    SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE -- Garmin Delta UPLAND Remote Training Collar with Beeper 2-Dog
    Item # 6152
    List: $519.98
    Order Yours: $399.98

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