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The Garmin PRO 70 replaces the Tri-Tronics Classic 70. Designed with the beagler and the houndsman in mind, the PRO 70 is a long-range problem solver with one button per dog simplicity.

"PRO 70 is the perfect problem solver for folks that run multiple dogs in the field at the same time."

The PRO 70 has the least number of changes over any of the new systems. The basic operation is identical to the Classic 70 that Tri-Tronics has been making for the last decade.

The PRO 70 gives you one-handed functionality so you don't have to take your eyes off your dog. The simple "one button per dog" controls are color coded to match each dog's collar, and the top-mounted dial lets you choose from 6 levels of stimulation plus tone.


I classify this unit as a problem solver since it has a limited number of stimulation levels (6 continuous). Problem solving collars are designed to make corrections in situations like chasing off game, digging, counter surfing and chasing cars.

The increases between levels can be too great to train many dogs. What will happen in many situations with the PRO 70 is that the lowest level is not enough to get your dog's attention but the next level is too much stimulation for him. This creates a situation where you CANNOT use this collar to teach many basic obedience commands.


If you are looking for a collar to correct bad behavior with multiple dogs then go with the 70.


If you are wanting a collar to train basic obedience and advanced hunting skills, you need to look at the PRO 550.


The PRO 70 is a one mile range system. For many folks this is plenty, but if you run really big ranging hounds, you may want to look at the 4 mile range PRO Trashbreaker.


  • Expands up to 6 Dogs
  • 1 Mile range
  • User replaceable contact points
  • Includes regular and long probes
  • Remote controlled Beacon lights on collar receiver
  • Built in Bark Limiter
  • Tone
  • 6 Continuous Stimulation levels
  • User replaceable Lithium-ion batteries in the transmitter and collar receiver
  • Lanyard attachment point on the base of the unit

  • Transcript from Steve's Video:

    This is the Garmin Tri-Tronics Pro 70. This is the workhorse of the Tri-Tronics line. Itís very similar to what theyíve been doing for the last decade. Itís a really simple design, one button per dog. And there really was not a whole lot to change to it. Itís perfect for folks that are running large numbers of dogs up to six from one transmitter and that need a problem solver.

    When I say a problem solver, thatís what this collar is designed for. It is not what I would classify as a traditional training collar because of the stimulation levels. Itís a six level collar and itís perfect for stopping dogs from bad behaviorsóchasing off game, chasing cars, digging, any of that type of thing. Itís designed to stop dogs from doing things they are not supposed to be doing. But it cannot be used in a traditional manner as a remote training collar for me, as far as training a dog, because of the stimulation levels; the jumps between levels are pretty high. Weíll talk about that a little bit more.

    This is a one button per dog collar. Youíll see itís got three buttons across the front here. Youíve got Dog 1, Dog 2, Dog 3. You have a toggle switch. Kick that down and now itís a 4, 5, 6. If youíll notice, you have three different colors on the buttons, so your Dog 1 is black. Dog 2 is going to be red. Dog 3 is going to be blue. And then when you kick your toggle switch down, the rings around the buttons represent the collar strap colors. So youíve got orange, green, and yellow. Your dial on the top has a couple of new things here. Weíve got beacon lights that are built into the collars. Then youíve got tone. Then youíve got your levels 1-6 for continuous stimulation.

    There are several new features that are in the Pro 70. We have beacon lights that are built into the collar that can be remotely turned on and off from the transmitter. Then we also have a built-in bark limiter where you can take your collar and you can turn it into a bark collar. Itís not a remote bark collar in that you no longer have control over the stimulation from the transmitter. You actually have to activate it on the collar. That allows you to use it as bark collar when your dog is barking in the backyard, in the kennel, however you want to use it.

    Beacon lights on the Pro 70 are activated from the transmitter. On the dial you have an L selection. That stands for lights. You turn your dial to L and then one button per dog, so weíre going to press the black button, beacon lights come on. When you are ready to cut them off, you press the button again and they turn off. So, on and off. This is independent for each dog. If youíve got three or four different dogs running at one time and you want to turn the lights on, on one, turn the lights off on another, real simple to do from the transmitter.

    The Pro 70 collar is very similar to what weíve had in the past, except itís smaller, which is going to be great especially for our folks that are running Beagles. Itís a little bit smaller collar. It also comes with a three-quarter inch collar strap. So, on a smaller dog, itís going to look better. Itís going to fit them better. But itís still going to be big enough for your biggest hound. So, not a problem there.

    Itís similar to what weíve had in the past. Itís got the same contact points that weíve had for years. It comes with a regular. We also have long included, so if you have a thick-coated dog and you need to change it out, you can switch those out. Youíve got your on/off button. Youíve got your indicator light on the front. And then youíve got your beacon lights.

    The Garmin Pro 70 is an expandable system. What that means is that you can buy it as a one-dog system and then you can come back later and add collars 2-6 as needed. Iím going to show you real quick how to add a collar. Itís real simple.

    Get your selector dial on the collar that you want. Right now weíre going to add Dog 2. Iíve got my Dog 1 in black. Now weíre going to add Dog 2, which is a red collar. To put the collar into the mode so you can sync it up, press the on/off button, hold it down. Green light is going to come on, blue light is going to come on, then itís going to turn to yellow. Now hold down your red button and then youíll hear it beep at you several times. Now itís done and we are in here.

    Weíll show you the lights. Weíll go to the lights on there. That turns on. And then if you want to activate your Dog 1, so now Dog 1 and Dog 2. Turn your lights off…and turn your lights off. Then to add Dogs 3-6 you just repeat the process.

    The Pro 70 is a great collar for folks that are running multiple dogs and that they need that ease of operation, one button per dog. Garmin really has not changed this system all that much, and so thatís a good thing. It really wasnít broken. It did not need to be fixed. And this is a great system, probably the most popular system that we have, especially for our Beagle folks. But it’s also real popular with people that are working more hang three dogs at one time. So if you are running 4-6 dogs at one time and you need a one-mile problem solver, the Pro 70 is the way to go.


    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED

    Rated 5 stars from 1 user ratings. 3-27-2014


    REFURBISHED Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70

  • Refurbished by Garmin with a FULL FACTORY WARRANTY
  • Includes FREE transmitter holster!
  • The next generation of the bestselling Tri-Tronics Classic 70
  • REFURBISHED Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70
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    List: $299.99
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    PRO 70 Add-On Holster PRO 70 Toggle Up, Toggle Down PRO 70 Transmitter PRO 70 Transmitter Side View PRO 70 Transmitter in Hand PRO 70 Transmitter Button Detail PRO 70 Transmitter Dial Detail PRO 70 Transmitter USB Port PRO 70 Lanyard Attachment Point Pro 70 Transmitter and Receiver Scaled PRO 70 Collar PRO 70 Probe Detail PRO 70 Bottom of Collar PRO 70 Beacon Lights PRO 70 Beacon Lights in Darkness PRO 70 Charging Contacts PRO 70 Clip on Collar PRO 70 Transmitter and Collar on Charger PRO 70 Clip on Charger PRO 70 Accessories PRO 70 Manual PRO 70 Box PRO Collar on a Beagle PRO Collar on a Beagle PRO Collar on a Hound PRO Collar on a Hound pro lanyard instructions

    Video of REFURBISHED Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70

    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED Overview:

    • The Garmin PRO 70 is a full-size, full-range remote training collar
    • The PRO 70 is the rugged, durable workhorse of the Garmin line of collars
    • Simple one button per dog operation has made it the perfect "Problem Solver" for all of your dog training needs
    • The PRO 70 is the latest version of the Tri-Tronics Classic 70 which has been one of the most popular Tri-Tronics collars for almost 40 years because of its simple design and ease of use

    What does "Refurbished" mean?

    • These systems have the SAME FACTORY WARRANTY as a brand new Garmin PRO 70
    • The transmitters are completely reworked and tested by Garmin at their factory
    • The receiver collars are BRAND NEW and have never been used
    • You get all the same accessories as the regular PRO 70
    • You save $50 versus the regular PRO 70

    Read more about Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED

      Pro 70 is already a Classic

      The Garmin PRO 70 is the latest generation of the popular Tri-Tronics Classic 70, and is the modern version of such Tri-Tronics classic collars as the original A1 70 and the Judge.

      One-handed operation

      The PRO 70 gives you one-handed functionality so you don't have to take your eyes off your dog. The simple "one button per dog" controls are color coded to match each dog's collar, and the top-mounted dial lets you choose from 6 levels of stimulation plus tone.

      Expands to 6 dogs

      The PRO 70 can be expanded up to 6 dogs with additional collars -- just flip the toggle switch to select dogs 1-3 or 4-6.

      Beacon Lights

      Remote operated Beacon Lights built in to the receiver collar help you locate your dog in low light situations.

      Built-in Bark Limiter

      The built-in BarkLimiter (activated on the receiver collar) helps keep your kennel a little quieter when you get back home.

      FREE! Owner's Manual Download
      Garmin PRO 70 Owner's Manual, downloadable in .pdf format.
      Click here to read the Garmin PRO 70 Owner's Manual.

    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED Transmitter (Remote)

      REFURBISHED Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70
    • 3 color coded buttons with toggle allow you to add up to 6 dogs to your system at any time (with purchase of additional collars)
    • "T" setting on intensity dial activates non-stimulating Tone feature
    • "L" setting on intensity dial remotely controls built-in Beacon Lights
    • 6 levels of continuous stimulation
    • 1 mile range
    • Fully waterproof (IPX7 rating) -- it even floats!
    • Ergonomic and balanced 1-handed design
    • Rubberized sure-grip, no-slip area for your hand on the back
    • Fixed internal antenna
    • Quick charge Li-Ion batteries are user-replaceable and last 3-5 years with proper care
    • Approx. 60 hour battery life
    • LED battery charge indicator
    • Virtually indestructible Lexan construction
    • Lanyard connection slot
    • Weight: 7.8 ounces
    • Transmitter dimensions: 8.2"H x 1.8"W x 2.1"D

    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED Collar

      REFURBISHED Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70
    • Remote controlled, built-in Beacon Lights
    • Built-in Bark Limiter activated at the collar
    • 3/4" black collar strap with square double buckle and metal keeper fits up to a 24" neck
    • Approx. 60 hour battery life
    • Internal antenna system
    • Plastic Lexan molded case built to withstand all kinds of training and hunting conditions
    • Waterproof collar/receiver to 1 ATM (10 meters -- perfect for retriever training)
    • No exposed charging ports to gather debris, no covers to remove for charging
    • Quick charge Li-Ion batteries are user-replaceable and last 3-5 years with proper care
    • Built-in LED is a battery charge indicator and test light
    • On/Off switch activated at the collar
    • Weight: 3.5 ounces
    • Receiver dimensions: 1.7"H x 3.1"W x 1.7"D
    • Collar strap dimensions: 3/4" x 27"

    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED Comes With

    • Handheld waterproof transmitter
    • Waterproof dog device receiver collar with black 3/4" adjustable strap
    • Collar receiver charging clip
    • Split adapter cable
    • AC adapter
    • Set of long contact points
    • Set of short contact points
    • Contact point wrench
    • Owner's manual

    Features of the Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED

    • Simple 1-button per dog operation
    • 1 mile range
    • 6 levels of continuous stimulation instantly selectable at the transmitter
    • Non-stimulating tone feature selectable on the dial
    • Remotely controlled Beacon Lights built into the receiver collar
    • Built-in Bark Limiter activated at the collar
    • Expandable up to 6 dogs (with purchase of additional collars)
    • Interchangeable contact points for dogs with long or short coats
    • Insulated contact points ensure consistent and reliable stimulation in the water
    • Waterproof transmitter (IPX7) and dog device (1 ATM)
    • Transmitter floats
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the handheld with approx. 60 hour run time
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the dog device with approx. 60 hour run time
    • No external collar antenna
    • 3/4" collar strap with square double buckle and metal keeper fits up to a 24" neck
    • One year manufacturer warranty

    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED Batteries

    • The PRO 70 has lithium-ion batteries with two hour rapid charge
    • Batteries are user-replaceable in both the transmitter and dog device collar
    • Includes USB Splitter Cable that lets you charge both collar and handheld at the same time
    • Dog device features a compact charging cradle for no exposed charging jacks

    Stimulation from the Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED

    • Six intensity levels plus non-stimulating tone function let you to choose the stimulation that is best for your dog
    • Intensity levels can be quickly adjusted, meaning you can instantly adjust intensity whenever distractions increase
    • Continuous stimulation allows you to control the length of the correction based on how long you hold the button down
    • Tactile dial with clicks between levels allows you to raise and lower the stimulation level by feel without ever having to take you eyes off your dog
    • Teach yardwork/obedience and enforce known commands with lower levels of stimulation
    • Use higher levels to stop unwanted chasing or to overcome strong distractions
    • Insulated contact points ensure consistent and reliable stimulation in the water
    • Includes interchangeable contact points for long or short-coated dogs

    Garmin PRO 70 -- REFURBISHED Range

      Collar range is up to 1 mile which is ample for most dog training or hunting situations. Maximum range is based on "line of sight." This means that to get the full range out of a system there should be nothing between the transmitter and the receiver, and the terrain should be flat and open. This isn't going to happen in most places that we spend time with our dogs. The range on all of the systems that we carry will vary depending on training conditions, including weather, terrain, and the presence of cover.

      Remember, too much range will never hurt, but too little could be a problem.


    REFURBISHED Garmin Tri-tronics PRO 70
    Item # 8251
    List: $299.99
    Order Yours: $249.99

    IN STOCK and Ready to Ship!
  • You save $50.00

  • No sales tax.
    Free Shipping (US only)

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