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It can be tricky to find the right bottle for this waterer.

We've found that water bottles with a short threaded top like Nestle Pure Life 16.9 fl oz are the best choice and will not leak when used with the included adapter.

Customer Review #28665

By: Clifton Totherow From SC

Vizsla. Family pet.
It mostly leaked more than anything. Overall, it's an ineffective product.

Product Rating: 1 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 28665
Reviewed: 2016-04-07
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New & Improved Pet Top Bottle Top Dog Waterer (Bottle Not Included)

Includes adapter to fit more sizes of bottles.

Pet Top Bottle Top Dog Waterer




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Instructions | Cleaning | Tips | Compatible Bottles List | Manufacturer FAQ

Water bottles with a short threaded top like Nestle Pure Life 16.9 fl oz are the best choice and will not leak when used with the included adapter.

The Pet Top Bottle-Top Dog Waterer comes in handy if you're training or hunting in the field, if you take your dog on long walks, or are taking a long trip. It's small enough to fit in a pocket when not in use, and since it fits most standard water bottles (adapter included), you'll always have a ready source of water nearby. The water flow is adjustable, so it can be used with any size dog. You adjust the flow of water by simply twisting the cap, so your dog gets just the right amount. The unique ratchet-action keeps the Pet Top portable drinking device open at your desired setting while in use, so your pet gets the right amount of water every time. The water flow automatically stops when your dog stops drinking.


1. Twist the Pet Top waterer onto a compatible water bottle until it fits snugly.

2. Hold the base of the Pet Top and turn the upper cap counterclockwise to the open position that's best for your dog. Indicator markings help you easily remember the desired open position (use the smallest opening size that works for your dog). Do not loosen the upper cap beyond the largest indicator marking as the ball may dislodge or you may damage the Pet Top.

3. Turn the bottle upside down and allow your dog to lick the ball (do not squeeze the bottle). Most dogs intuitively take to the device, especially if they're thirsty. If your dog doesn't readily lick the ball, first wet the ball by rolling it with your finger. If necessary, place some peanut butter or corn syrup on the rim around ball until your dog learns to use it.

4. When done, turn the upper cap clockwise until it seals tightly with the ball.


The Pet Top portable bottle top waterer is dishwasher safe. Just open the Pet Top to the largest indicator marking (maximum open position), secure the device on the top rack, use the normal cycle, and do not heat-dry. Please take care not to force the Pet Top device beyond the largest indicator marking, as the ball may dislodge and/or you may damage the device.


1. To maintain a tight seal, avoid overtightening the Pet Top onto bottle.

2. Many 16.9 ounce bottles are now made with such thin plastic it is very easy to inadvertently squeeze the bottle, causing extra drips or leaks. If using these bottles please hold the bottle upside-down at the rounded area closer to the neck to reduce possibility of inadvertently squeezing. You can also try using thicker bottles like the 8 ounce water bottles from Nestle, Costco, Walmart, etc. or 11 ounce Aquapod bottles. Larger bottles of SmartWater and Fiji work great and don't require the Short-Neck Adapter.

3. If you get any drips from the side, tilt the bottle more upside-down and if necessary, roll the ball once to reset. Especially if you are using larger settings.

Manufacturer Compatible Bottle List:

  • 365 (Whole Foods) 25.3 fl oz*
  • Adirondack 24 fl oz*
  • Alps2O 33.8 fl oz
  • Arrowhead 08.0 fl oz*
  • Arrowhead 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Arrowhead 16.9 fl oz*
  • Arrowhead 23.7 fl oz*
  • Arrowhead 33.8 fl oz*
  • Bratz 10.0 fl oz*
  • Crystal Geyser 16.9 fl oz*
  • Crystal Geyser 50.7 fl oz*
  • CVS 16.9 fl oz*
  • Deer Park 08.0 fl oz*
  • Deer Park 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Deer Park 16.9 fl oz*
  • Deer Park 23.7 fl oz*
  • Deer Park 33.8 fl oz*
  • Deja Blue 20 fl oz
  • Earth 23.9 fl oz
  • Earth 42.0 fl oz
  • Eckerd Award 16.9 fl oz
  • Eternal 20.2 fl oz
  • Eternal 33.8 fl oz
  • Ethos 23.6 fl oz*
  • Evamor 16.9 fl oz
  • Fiji 11.15 fl oz
  • Fiji 16.9 fl oz
  • Fiji 33.8 fl oz
  • Fiji 50.7 fl oz
  • Ice Mountain 08.0 fl oz*
  • Ice Mountain 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Ice Mountain 16.9 fl oz*
  • Ice Mountain 23.7 fl oz*
  • Ice Mountain 33.8 fl oz*
  • Iceland Pure 16.9 fl oz
  • Icelandic Glacial 16.9 fl oz
  • Keeper Springs 50.7 fl oz*
  • Kirkland (Costco) 16.9 fl oz*
  • Nestle Pure Life 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Nestle Pure Life 16.9 fl oz*
  • Nestle Pure Life 23.7 fl oz*
  • Nestle Pure Life 33.8 fl oz*
  • Nestle Pure Life 8.0 fl oz*
  • Nursery 9.4 fl oz
  • Ozarka 08.0 fl oz*
  • Ozarka 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Ozarka 16.9 fl oz*
  • Ozarka 23.7 fl oz*
  • Ozarka 33.8 fl oz*
  • Penta 16.9 fl oz
  • Poland Spring 08.0 fl oz*
  • Poland Spring 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Poland Spring 16.9 fl oz*
  • Poland Spring 23.7 fl oz*
  • Poland Spring 33.8 fl oz*
  • Pure American (Walgreen's) 16.9 fl oz*
  • Sam's Choice (Wal-mart) 20 fl oz*
  • SEI 9.3 fl oz (flask)
  • SmartWater 20 fl oz
  • SmartWater 25.3 fl oz
  • SmartWater 33.8 fl oz
  • SmartWater 50.7 fl oz
  • Snap2o 16.9 fl oz*
  • Snapple Lyte Water 20.0 fl oz
  • Target 16.9 fl oz*
  • Zephyrhills 08.0 fl oz*
  • Zephyrhills 11.0 fl oz (Aquapod)*
  • Zephyrhills 16.9 fl oz*
  • Zephyrhills 23.7 fl oz*
  • Zephyrhills 33.8 fl oz*

    *requires Short-Neck Adapter

    Manufacturer FAQ:

    Q: When I invert the bottle and my pet is using it, water flows out through the middle of the Pet Top drinking device. What's happening?
    A: Chances are you're squeezing the bottle or holding it sideways. Unlike sport bottles and some other pet watering products, there is no need to squeeze the bottle. In fact, squeezing the bottle will force the ball to seal against the opening, leaving no place for the water to go except through the middle! Instead, just turn the bottle upside-down and hold as vertically as possible, with a secure but light grip. Roll the ball once to reset the flow if necessary. Then let your pet do the work--your pet should use the Pet Top Portable Drinking Devices at his or her own comfortable pace. Once you've set the Pet Top device to the desired opening, your pet's in control. And we think that's best--after all, your pet knows how much water it can drink and how fast!

    Q: Do I need to squeeze the bottle to let water flow through the Pet Top device?
    A: No. Unlike sport bottles and some other pet watering products, there is no need to squeeze the bottle. Let your pet use the Pet Top Portable Drinking Devices at his or her own comfortable pace.

    Q: What's the best orientation for using the Pet Top drinking device?
    A: Once the Pet Top drinking device is on the bottle and set to the proper opening, we recommend turning the bottle upside-down to a position that's as vertical as possible. Depending on your height and the height of your pet, you may need to angle it slightly for comfort. If you get drips through the middle, you're likely squeezing or holding the bottle sideways--just tilt it more upside-down and roll the ball once to reset if necessary.

    Q: What's the best way to get the right water flow for my pet?
    A: The recommended way is to start with the smallest opening (i.e. very little water flow), let your pet try it, and increase the opening gradually until your pet seems content, i.e. able to get water out but not too fast. If your pet seems like it's getting too much water too fast (excessive drips, coughing), you'll need to turn the upper cap clockwise to reduce the water flow. Once you've found the optimal flow, make a note of the position of the indicator markings on the upper cap (small bars which are rounded on the top and increase in height as you go around the cap) in relation to the reference marker on the base (a rectangular bar) and use that to help you set the opening in the future.

    Q: How do I get my pet to try it the first time?
    A: Once set to the proper opening, turn the bottle upside-down and roll the ball to let your pet know water is there. Most pets take to the intuitive design right away, especially if thirsty. If necessary, place a little peanut butter or another treat on the rim around the ball to get them to lick and release water.

    Q: What size dogs can use the Pet Top device?
    A: We have successfully tested the Pet Top Portable Drinking Device with dogs as small as chihuahas and terriers of a few pounds to dogs as large as 200+ pound Mastiffs and Great Danes. Chances are your dog is covered!

    Q: Can I use the Pet Top Portable Drinking Device for pets other than dogs?
    A: Yes! Cats, and even parrots, goats, pigs and horses can use it! Please feel free to let us know which of your pets benefit from the Pet Top device.

    Q: How do I know my pet's getting water while using the Pet Top device?
    A: While your pet is drinking, you should occasionally see bubbles floating up through the water in the bottle. Of course, the level of water in the bottle should gradually go down!

    Q: The Pet Top device doesn't fit the bottle I'm using. What's up?
    A: Between both the Pet Top Portable Drinking Device for Pets and Short-Neck Adapter they fit about 90% of the water bottles in use, the most common standard bottle necks. Unfortunately, there are still some bottles out there with necks that have different threads and/or diameters and/or other dimensions that are not compatible with the Pet Top device. We recommend you check out our list of compatible water bottles--we're pretty sure you can find one of them near you.

    Q: I am using one of the compatible water bottles, but the Pet Top device doesn't have a tight seal with the bottle neck. What am I doing wrong?
    A: You may be overtightening the Pet Top device onto the bottle. While the bottle neck is standard, the bottle's security strip collar--the piece remaining around the bottle neck after you remove the sealed bottle cap--might vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The collar may be a little thinner, allowing the Pet Top device to be tightened just a bit too far, resulting in a less-than tight seal. In that situation, avoid overtightening the the Pet Top device onto the bottle. One way to check for a tight seal is to close the upper cap of the Pet Top device so it seals the ball, and then as you're almost done tightening the Pet Top device onto the bottle, lightly squeeze the bottle to test for a tight seal.

    Q: Can I drink from the same bottle after my pet has used it?
    A: As the ball moves, the water does mix. If you'd like to drink from the same bottle, we recommend you drink your half first, then put on the Pet Top device for your pet!

    Q: There are drips occasionally while it's in use or when I'm moving the bottle upside-down or right-side up. Is this normal?
    A: Yes. The Pet Top Portable Drinking Device for Pets does an excellent job of saving water and reducing mess, while allowing your pet to drink comfortably. But there will be occasional drips here and there--but we think it's much better than using a squirt bottle, or clumsy tray or bowl! If there is a lot of water dripping while in use, please make sure that the opening is not too large for your pet.

    Instructions | Cleaning | Tips | Compatible Bottles List | Manufacturer FAQ

  • Country of Origin: Made in USA.

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