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"Good information. Just what I was looking for."

By: Dane Smith From PA

Good information. Just what I was looking for.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
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Reviewed: 2014-06-06
"This book was a gift to my daughter. I can only assume that she's very satisfied."

By: Susan Hammerich From FL

Owns 2 dogs. Hunts.
This book was a gift to my daughter. She requested this book. She's a breeder and has ordered other items from you. I can only assume that she's very satisfied. She mentioned that you were very prompt in your shipping.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
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Reviewed: 2015-01-01
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The Gundog Veterinary Bible by Harvey Carruthers

The Gundog Veterinary Bible by Harvey Carruthers
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The Gundog Veterinary Bible back cover

Copyright 2009, 288 pages, hardcover, spiral bound, color photos and illustrations

Practical advice on how to handle more than 180 first-aid situations involving dogs (for every dog owner) and how to perform basic veterinary care without a specialized kit.

The Gundog Veterinary Bible by Harvey Carruthers is a guide to health care issues and common emergencies. Written to be easy to understand, The Gundog Veterinary Bible uses straightforward advice to highlight what should be done in emergencies and how to go about it. Topics covered include heavy bleeding, broken legs, snake bites, and consumption of poisonous plants. Carruthers shows the dog owner how to improvise and presents the latest veterinary advice in a practical, ready-to-use manner.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    1. Preparation
    2. Contents of a first aid kit
  • Chapter 1: Gundog First Aid
    1. Emergency Procedures
      1. Resuscitation
      2. How to stop heavy bleeding
      3. Road traffic accident
      4. Head injury
      5. Heat stroke
      6. Hypothermia
      7. Collapsed dog
      8. Blue-green algae poisoning
      9. Electrocution
      10. Broken leg
      11. Choking dog
      12. Fitting dog
      13. Hunting dog hypoglycemia
      14. Thorn in eye
      15. Emergency restraint
      16. How to transport an injured dog
    2. First Aid Treatments
      1. Making your dog vomit
      2. Removing a fish hook
      3. How to treat burns
      4. How to treat vomiting and diarrhea
      5. Removing a foreign body from a foot pad
      6. Eye emergencies
      7. Is my bitch about to whelp?
    3. Wound Care
      1. Cleaning wounds
      2. Applying a tourniquet
      3. Dressing a chest wound
      4. Dressing a foot wound
      5. Dressing a head wound
      6. Dressing a leg wound
      7. Dressing a tail wound
      8. Dressing a belly wound
  • Chapter 2: External Injuries
    1. Gunshot Wounds
    2. Nose Bleed
    3. Chest Injuries
    4. Dog Bites
    5. Fall from Height
    6. Foot Wounds
    7. Skin Wounds
    8. Impaled by Stick
  • Chapter 3: Internal Problems
    1. Road traffic accident -- internal injuries
    2. Why does my dog collapse?
    3. Bones and Joints
      1. Broken bones
      2. Hip dusplasia
      3. Cruciate ligament injury
      4. Back pain and disc disease
    4. Stomach and Intestines
      1. Bloat
      2. Overeating and scavenging
      3. Foreign body in the intestines
    5. Nervous System
      1. Vestibular disease (sudden onset vertigo)
      2. Tetanus or 'lockjaw'
      3. Paralyzed dog
      4. Fits
    6. Urine
      1. Unable to urinate
      2. Leptospira infection
    7. Skin
      1. Allergies
      2. Grass awns
  • Chapter 4: Poisoning
    1. General treatment for poisoning
    2. Chemicals and drugs
      1. Amitraz
      2. Antifreeze
      3. Arsenic
      4. Fertilizer
      5. Human medications poisonous to dogs
      6. Lead
      7. Metaldehyde -- slug and snail bait
      8. Organophosphates
      9. Paraquat
      10. Petrochemical-based products
      11. Rodent bait -- general principles
      12. Rodent bait -- anticlotting
      13. Rodent bait -- strychnine
      14. Rodent bait -- Vitamin D
      15. Spot-on treatments
      16. Zinc
    3. Plants and foods
      1. Poisonous plants -- stomach and intestines
      2. Poisonous plants -- nervous system
      3. Poisonous plants -- circulation
      4. Poisonous plants -- house plants
      5. Poisonous foods
    4. Insects and Snakes
      1. Wasp stings
      2. Bee stings
      3. Adders in the UK
      4. Snake bites -- Coral snakes
      5. Snake bites -- Pit vipers
  • Chapter 5: Signs of Health
    1. Routine health checks
    2. Normal vital signs
    3. Taking a dog's temperature
    4. How to take a pulse
    5. Monitoring your dog's heart
    6. Checking the gums
    7. Checking hydration
    8. Checking lymph nodes
    9. The mouth
  • Chapter 6: Preventative Health Care
    1. Parasites
      1. Should I treat for fleas?
      2. Should I use a spot-on?
      3. Should I deworm my dog?
      4. Treating for tapeworm, hookworm and French heartworm
      5. Heartworm
      6. Treating for roundworms
    2. Vaccination
      1. Should I vaccinate my dog?
      2. Annual booster
    3. Breeding
      1. Should I castrate my dog?
      2. Is there an alternative to castration?
      3. Should I spay my bitch?
      4. Is there an alternative to spaying?
      5. DNA testing
    4. Preventing illness
      1. Can I dock my dog's tail?
      2. Should I remove my dog's dew claws?
    5. Identification
      1. Microchipping
      2. Tattooing
    6. Food and Water
      1. Obesity in dogs
      2. Feeding puppies
      3. How do I get my reluctant dog to eat
      4. How much should my dog drink?
    7. Lumps and Bumps
      1. Tumors -- general
      2. Mast cell tumors
  • Chapter 7: Daily Care
    1. Daily Care
      1. Cleaning ears
      2. Emptying anal glands
      3. Eye care
      4. How to clip nails
      5. Flea check
    2. Dental Care
      1. Caring for broken teeth
      2. How to brush teeth
    3. Veterinary care
      1. Giving medication by mouth
      2. Care before surgery
      3. Care after surgery
      4. How should I care for a surgical drain?
      5. How to give a subcutaneous injection
      6. Keeping dressings dry
    4. Practical help
      1. Putting on an Elizabethan collar
      2. Removing a tick
      3. Applying a muzzle
    5. Older dogs
      1. Caring for older dogs
      2. Senility
  • Chapter 8: Human and Animal Health
    1. Rabies
    2. What is the Animal Welfare Act?
    3. What is the PETS scheme?
    4. Zoonoses: dogs and humans
  • Appendices
    1. Poisonous plants
    2. When NOT to make your dog vomit
    3. Safe home medication and toxic medication
  • Index

  • Country of Origin: Made in UK.

    buy discount  The Gundog Veterinary Bible back cover
    The Gundog Veterinary Bible back cover

    The Gundog Veterinary Bible by Harvey Carruthers
    Item # 4432
    List: $28.95
    Order Yours: $23.95

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