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ARCHIVE: Steve Snell's Tritronics G3 Field and Pro Review

Introducing the Tri-tronics G3 Field & Pro Collars

Howdy, this is Steve. Tri-tronics launched the next step in the evolution of tube-style transmitters with the release of the G3 collars, the third generation of the Field & Pro Series.

This second phase completes the G3 upgrade for the entire Tri-tronics product line. Tri-tronics has traditionally incorporated advances in electronics and improvements in materials technology into their collars and transmitters. The G3 line of collars is less about radical design changes and more about taking a good product and refining it. So what are the features of the new systems? 

G3 is all about the transmitter with:
  • a better, built-in transmitter antenna
  • a one-piece transmitter / battery pack
  • an improved transmitter stimulation dial
  • and a better-positioned accessory button

  • #1, You Get a Better Built-in, Transmitter Antenna

    "Built-in is better. The biggest advantage is that the new antenna can't come off. It's not removable, so you can't lose it.  Also, shorter antennas make the G3 tube transmitter easier to use in tight spaces. With G3 you get a smaller tube transmitter with no loss in range." 

    The Tri-tronics G3 Field and Pro Collars now have a built-in antenna, molded right into the Lexan transmitter body. The new antenna is shorter, thicker, and substantially tougher than anything we have had before from Tri-tronics which means these transmitters are smaller and more durable.

    The folks at Tri-tronics say this new antenna makes the range more consistent in tougher terrain which means you're more likely to get the maximum range when you're hunting in the hills or deep in flooded timber.

    The maximum range on G3 systems stays the same, but these new G3 transmitters are better at consistently throwing that signal farther in real-world situations. Tritronics lists the maximum range for the Field and Pro systems as one-mile and two-miles for the Trashbreaker collars.

    #2, You Get a One-piece Transmitter/Battery Pack

    "With the G3 tube-style transmitters, the transmitter battery pack is contained within the one-piece Lexan transmitter, so there's no way for the battery pack to come apart from the transmitter."

    The next thing that Tritronics changed on the tube-style transmitters is probably the most important to me. G3 transmitters still have a user-replaceable battery, but the battery pack is no longer a separate, removable piece. When you get ready to replace your battery, you actually have to unscrew a battery compartment and take the battery out. This isn't something you'll do often since you only change the battery every 3-5 years.

    #3, You Get an Improved Transmitter Stimulation Dial
    "Tritronics improved the ridges on the dial which makes operation easier in gloves and in wet, muddy, or sticky conditions. Tri-tronics has worked on those dials for a while, and the new dial design is a step up in style. "

    #4, You Get a Better-positioned Accessory Button
    "Moving the the Accessory Button to the transmitter faceplate above the Simulation Buttons makes the transmitter substantially easier to use with gloves. The new design also makes the transmitters work with almost any holster design."

    Finally, Tritronics increased the size of the transmitter faceplate and moved the Accessory Button above the Stimulation Buttons.  The Accessory Button has the same feel as the Stimulation Buttons, but it's smaller, so when you reach for it it's very obvious which button you are using. Note: Some G3 models don't have an Accessory Button, for example, the Classic 70 and Trashbreaker.

    TONE BUTTON -- On most units, the Accessory Button is also known as the Tone Button because when the stimulation dial is set to any level, pressing that button generates an audio tone / beeping sound on the collar / receiver on the dog's neck. TONE is just a non-stimulation way to communicate with your dog. Tone doesn't mean anything to your dog until you teach your dog to associate the tone with something. Some folks use TONE for a warning. Some folks use TONE as a silent command. Some folks use TONE as a praise sound.

    ACCESSORY BUTTON -- If your transmitter has an Accessory Button, set the Stimulation Dial to "A" (the accessory position) to control additional products like the accessory beeper or the new Tracer Light directly from your transmitter.

    Remote Control your Accessory Beeper -- We've used the Tri-tronics Accessory Beeper for years for with our bird dogs and for Upland hunting. The accessory beeper comes bundled with Upland collars, or you can add it to any of the Field and Pro collars.

    The beeper is a speaker horn attached to your collar strap that makes one sound when your dog is moving and makes another sound when your dog is still or on point. With the G3 models, you can activate the beeper remotely to locate your dog. You can't actually hear the beeper from a mile away, but you can turn it on and off from the full range of the system. Typically beeper range is anywhere from 100 yards to 400 yards, depending on your hearing and the wind, and when you've located your dog you can remotely cut the beeper off. Read more about the Tri-tronics Accessory Beeper here.

    Remote Control your Tracer Lights -- The Tritronics Tracer Light is a remote controlled light you add to Tritronics collars so you can see your dog at night. Turn the light on and off from your transmitter with the Accessory Button. The Tracer part fits on the receiver between the battery part and the electronics. Some folks say it looks like an Oreo cookie because the Tracer light is sandwiched between two parts of the Tritronics collar / receiver.

    The Tracer Light was originally designed for coon hunters because they run dogs at night. Duck hunters head out in the dark into the swamps to get to their duck blinds before first light, and a Tracer Light will help you keep up with your retriever. Pet owners will like the Tracer light, especially folks who walk their dogs at night, for added security and visibility.

    Is G3 for me?

    It depends. Some folks want the latest and the greatest. Also, if you have a five year-old collar and you are ready to upgrade, now is a great time to do it. Most folks who have a relatively new e-collar don't need to switch. For example, say you bought a G2 EXP six months ago. You're fine. I wouldn't buy a new one.

    In a nutshell, with G3 you're looking at an evolution, not a revolution in product design. Like I said before, G3 is all about the transmitter. With Tritronics G3, you get a better, built-in transmitter antenna, a one-piece transmitter / battery pack, an improved transmitter stimulation dial, and a better-positioned accessory button. -- STEVE

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