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Scott Nylon Dog Boots -- Set Of 4

By: Dennis Kelly From TX


Won't use them until next fall, but i figured I'd get them now, so I don't forget.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 25256
Reviewed: 2015-12-03

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Map Icon and Viewing Options on the Astro 320

  • NAME: Map Icon and Viewing Options on the Astro 320
  • SHORT-name:
  • abstract: -- This might be my favorite of the bunch. The biggest problem with the 220 map was that once a dog got a long way out, he would go off the screen. To find him on the map, you would have to use the page out button and you would have to press it over and over again until you found him. The new Map has the option of showing "off screen" dogs. When you activate this option, once a dog leaves the map screen you are on, a small tab appears that shows where the dog is in relation to your MAP screen. As you move the MAP around or as the dog changes locations, the tab moves with him. This tab will also show the same information setup that you have for the dogs on the screen. If you have name and distance turned on then they will show on the tab. If you have them turned off, then the tab will be blank, but will show the dog's color so you can tell which one it is. Another map view option is the Zoom Map to Dogs feature. When turned on, the unit periodically checks to see if any dogs are offscreen on the map. If so, the map will zoom out to a level where all the dogs are visible. You remain centered on the map. This feature will only result in a zoom out. If 'IN' or 'OUT' is pressed, there will be no checks for the next minute. If any of the arrow keys is pressed, panning mode is entered, and there will be no checks.

    What's really cool about all these new settings is that you can change them on the fly in the field

    . All of these settings can be changed from the Map Menu. If you want them, show them. If your screen is getting a little crowded, hide all the options. It's up to you how the screen is set up. If you want dog names, great, activate dog names. If you want distances, activate it. If you want to clear them off, clear them off. You can toggle back and forth between them all. It's flexible, it's easy and very intuitive. I'm pretty excited about that. It really makes the map much more versatile than what we have on the Astro 220.