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This is the Avery boater's vest. It's a neoprene dog vest that's designed to get your dog into a boat. It has handles so that you can reach down and pick him up and pull him over the side of the boat if you are hunting out of a boat. It works great as a neoprene vest just if you're not in a boat. But that's one of the features of it.

Neoprene vests to me are really important for retrievers for a couple of reasons. Originally, they were designed to maintain body heat. And that's a key factor. You want to make sure that you get it fit correctly so that it's snug on the dog. You don't want it to affect his ability to run, but you want it where it's tight enough to his body so that it helps maintain his body heat. That's one of the reasons that I like them.

The main reason that I like them is for protection. A lot of times you are sending a dog into an area, and if you have a hard driving dog and he doesn't know exactly what's in the water in front of him, this is going to help protect him some from sticks and stumps. It's going to keep him from getting abrasions and that type of thing. So I'm a big fan of it from that standpoint, from chest protection. That's one of the reasons that we like to use it.

It's got the handles. It's got some D-rings. The way these D-rings are set up is that they're sewn throughout the body so that you can actually connect a leash to that if you need to.

Opens up. It's got a zipper inside it. Let your dog put his front feet through it. You go over the back of it and then zip it back up. Do not make the mistake of putting this on your dog on opening day. If he hasn't had some time to get used to it and hasn't had a chance to swim in it a little bit, it can be one of those things that throws him just a little bit. A lot of folks like to wait until the last second to do this sort of thing and there's just really no value in that.

So get it on him. Make sure it fits him correctly. On the legs you have what are called bar tacks. You've got your regular seem and then you've got your bar tacks in between. What you can do is you can cut down on these bar tacks to open the vest up some if you need to, to increase his movement.

Very important that you measure your dog before you order a vest. A lot of folks go, "Well, I've got a big dog. I'll order this size vest. Or I think he's this size." Or they'll call us and say, "Hey. I've got a medium sized Lab," which I don't know to this day what that means.

So measure your dog. You've got three different measurements. The most important one is his chest. We need to know a good chest measurement because that's where it's going to fit. The neck measurement is a little different in that, unlike a collar, it doesn't ride up high on the neck. It rides a little bit lower. So you've got to go with a lower neck measurement. But, still, the chest measurement is the one that makes the biggest key. You can trim some on the neck if you need to. As a general rule, if you get the chest right everything else is going to fit good.

"I have used mine now for two years with little damage."

By: Lance at GDS

Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. I recommend this vest. The 5mm neoprene holds up great. I have used mine now for two years with little damage.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 11118
Reviewed: 2014-05-27
Customer Review #3105

By: Jr

labador retreiver. Hunts. great products , one stop shop

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 3105
Reviewed: 2012-06-25
Customer Review #4180

By: Duane S Wiseley

Labradore Retriver. Hunts. The handholds are strong enough to pick up my 60lb lab with one hand. Easy zip and Velcro closure. Built to last several seasons.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 4180
Reviewed: 2013-10-22
Customer Review #4687

By: JJfrom UT

Labrador. Hunts. Very good quality dog vest. Highly recommended.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 4687
Reviewed: 2013-10-31
Customer Review #4865

By: Gregory Graham From TX

Yellow Lab. Hunts. Helps keep my lab warm while hunting and hides some of his light color.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 4865
Reviewed: 2013-11-01
Customer Review #5726

By: Daniel Blair From AR

Really good vest! It's built to get on and off easily. Sturdy construction.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 5726
Reviewed: 2013-11-25
Customer Review #5312

By: Josh Herzing From TX

Hunts. Great vest for my 1 year old male lab that is very white. Helps hide him and keep him warm, the handle is a plus for getting him in the boat.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 5312
Reviewed: 2013-11-12
Customer Review #5274

By: JR From TX

Boykin. Hunts. Seems to be well made & works as designed...

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 5274
Reviewed: 2013-11-12
Customer Review #6046

By: Shawn Cathey

lab. Hunts. Family pet. He has been in some really cold water and his core body area stays warm and dry...Highly recommend.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 6046
Reviewed: 2013-12-03
Customer Review #6932

By: James Maddox From OR

Hunts. Family pet. So far excels over my first vest. Rip stop really works, and I like the handles, particularly since my dogs are smaller. Barbwire doesn't seem to affect it as bad. I would recommend this vest to anyone who has hard charging dogs.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 6932
Reviewed: 2014-01-01
Customer Review #6852

By: Alan Mellott From OR

Hunts. Small ESS- Runt in litter from last year. 22 lbs - Vest had to be trimmed in several points. We duck hunt in really cold water. Lots of fences to go thru. Vest is doing very well . She waits to be picked up on fences she can't get through. Vest allows this with hand holds.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 6852
Reviewed: 2013-12-30
Customer Review #10186

By: Pavel Spitsyn From FL

Family pet. Bought this to protect dog from burs as we very often walking in mountains, and the dog has a long fur. As we have normally high temperature, looks like it would be too warm for dog. Considering to do some small ventilation halls. Overall quality is really good.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 10186
Reviewed: 2014-04-25
Customer Review #3026

By: David Daugherty

German Shorthaired Pointer. Hunts. Family pet. The construction and materials quality is very high. The fit is way off for a German Shorthair, however. Both the neck and stomache section had way too much material. I guess they made it for a dog much less trim than the average GSP. Unless it fits well it won't do much good. I took mine to a local alterations shop and for $20 they did a nice job making it fit my dog perfectly (I expected to need to do this before buying). Once fitted, the vest works extremely well. I highly recommend this vest, but plan on getting it customized by your local seamstress.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 3026
Reviewed: 2012-03-15
Customer Review #4135

By: BIg Joe Laratro

Solid performance. Use it every time it's cold.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 4135
Reviewed: 2013-10-21
Customer Review #6013

By: From PA

lab pit mix. Family pet. Its good product built well.only problem i had was the fit was a little big did the measuring she was 1 inch bigger everywhere than the lg so got the xl but its to big should have got the lg

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 6013
Reviewed: 2013-12-02
Customer Review #5966

By: Chris Platt From NJ

Goldendoodle. Family pet. Competes. I really liked the quality of this product and hopefully what it would be used for. But it did not fit. It was perfect/ tight around the chest, but that was about all. The arm holes were way off. it was really short in length and it became too big as it went down her back. And the neck was way too big. It would have prevented her from swimming because the neck was so big it would have taken in water. I really liked that product but I think because of the abnormal shape of my dog it didn't work out and i just sent it back to be returned. Thanks Chris

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 5966
Reviewed: 2013-12-01
Customer Review #6014

By: Craig Simpson

lab. Hunts. Dont be fooled by the fancy video. The product is a rip off. First, the chart for measurements is off. always go one size up. I made the adjustments with cutting the seams and it was still not good enough. My dog got rash burns. The hair wore off of her under legs.

The material is not pliable enough for a good zipped fit. It kept her warm, if I could ever get the zipper to engage.

The zipper is terrible quality. It would rarely engage and the material was not pliable enough for me to get it to engage. It was a real pain. If it did engage, the material still caused rash burns on my dog and bare spots on her fur.I wish I could get my money back. I should have saved my receipt.

The Hodgman brand works better and is easier on the wallet.Overall, poor design and material.

Product Rating: 1 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 6014
Reviewed: 2013-12-02
Customer Review #3312

By: Stephen W Kendall

Labrador Retriever. Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Family pet. Competes. I have an 80 pound Labrador Retriever male, slender, only 23 months old, is lean muscled up but not a huge dog. This vest, a 3XL, the largest Avery makes, was no where near a proper fit for this dog. Way too small, could not even get the zipper to zip from the front I had to press the ends together so hard. Am returning it to gundog supply and asking for a refund.

Product Rating: 1 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 3312
Reviewed: 2013-02-26

Avery Buck Brush Boater Dog Vest for Duck Hunting

Buck Brush camo pattern on 5mm neoprene.

Avery Buck Brush Boater's Dog Parka VestAvery Buck Brush Boater Dog Vest for Duck Hunting


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    Video of Avery Buck Brush Boater's Dog Parka Vest

    Add $3.00 for XX-Large or XXX-Large.

    The Boater's Dog Parka by Avery is the result of years of experience making dog vests and listening to suggestions from thousands of waterfowl hunters.


  • 5mm neoprene
  • Buck Brush camo
  • Sewn-in webbing harness
  • Grab handles
  • D-rings
  • Tough DuraStretch outer fabric
  • #10 molded zipper & cold weather pull tab
  • 1" Velcro for torso adjustability
  • Neoprene zipper protector
  • Tapered cut for maximum body coverage
  • Double bar tacked seams
  • Glued & stitched just like waders
  • 7 sizes to fit any dog

    Sizing and Measuring Your Dog:
  • Measure your dog's neck and chest using a soft measuring tape.
  • Pull the measuring tape snug but not too tight when measuring.
  • Match the chest measurement first as it is most important for your dog's comfort.

    X-Small -- 15" neck, 22" chest
    Small -- 15" neck, 24" chest
    Medium -- 17" neck, 26" chest
    Large -- 18" neck, 28" chest
    X-Large -- 19" neck, 31" chest
    XX-Large -- 20" neck, 33" chest
    XXX-Large -- 21" neck, 35" chest

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