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The new Garmin T5 tracking collar replaces the DC 50 and adds a few new features to help you keep up with your dog:

  • LED Beacon Lights for added visibility in low-light conditions

    Like the Garmin ALPHA, the T5 now has beacon lights that help you see your dog while he is running at night. These lights also help other folks and oncoming traffic see your dog.

    Please note that these lights must be turned on while the T5 collar is close to the handheld.

    The Astro 320 can NOT turn the Astro T5 collar lights on at any distance away from the hand held.

  • Track Astro T5 and DC series collars PLUS the new ALPHA TT15 Collars

    The New Astro T5 and Alpha TT 15 collars have the ability to be tracked by either the Astro 320 handheld or the Alpha 100 handheld.

    Please note that these collars can NOT be tracked by Alpha and Astro handhelds at the same time.

    T5 and TT15 collars are either in Astro mode (tracking only) or Alpha Mode (Track and Train for TT15, Tracking Only for T5).

    This now lets Alpha users who need a system they can use in competitions legally run T5 tracking collars. Also, folks that buy the Astro 320 with T5 collars can continue to use the T5 collars in the future if they ever switch over to the Alpha handheld.

  • Orange Top Mounted GPS Receiver

    To make it easy to tell which collar you are running (T5 vs. TT15), the T5 has an orange top mounted GPS receiver. The TT15, TT10 and the DC 50 all have black GPS receivers.


    The Garmin Astro system consists of two components: a Handheld GPS unit (Garmin Astro 320) which looks like a walkie-talkie and a Dog GPS unit (Astro-T-5).
  • These two GPS units communicate via radio signals.

  • The Dog GPS computes its location from the GPS satellites, detects whether your dog is moving or on point, and sends that info to your Handheld GPS every 5 seconds.

  • The Handheld GPS then plots the exact location of your dog on a map screen, shows distance, and whether your dog is moving or on point.

  • On your Handheld GPS, the MAP SCREEN shows your location, your dog's location, and the path that your dog has hunted.

    Alternately, view your dog(s) on the COMPASS SCREEN which shows your location, your dog's distance and direction.

    The COMPASS SCREEN is perfect for running multiple dogs. Add up to 10 dogs to one Handheld GPS system.

    All you need are extra T5 DOG GPS collars.

    Customer Review #25896

    By: Kyle Stringer From MS


    Has done everything I expected and then some.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 25896
    Reviewed: 2015-12-27
    Customer Review #25607

    By: BarbH From MN

    Owns 2 dogs. Family pet.

    So far, so good (after 1 month). Seems more robust and reliable than the competition, which I've struggled with for a few years. I use the system daily, year round, so will see how it performs after more time and winter weather has passed.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 25607
    Reviewed: 2015-12-17
    Customer Review #24912

    By: Carlyne From HI

    Weimaraner. Hunts.

    Terrific System. User Friendly. Great Service from Gun Dog Supply.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 24912
    Reviewed: 2015-11-18
    Customer Review #22814

    By: Thomas LOWE From MT

    Owns 2 dogs. Hunts. Family pet.

    It would be great if/when Garmin combines their Rino GPS radio with their gps e/training collar.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 22814
    Reviewed: 2015-08-13
    Customer Review #21315

    By: James Reardon From IL

    Owns 2 dogs. Hunts.

    My dogs sometimes wander, and I live in the country. With the Astro 320 you can keep tabs on disappearing dogs and locate them quickly. Seems to work well so far. If you want to keep track of your dogs and don't want to spend all day looking for them, then I recommend the Astro 320.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 21315
    Reviewed: 2015-06-02
    "It's great."

    By: Luis Geigel From NY

    Hunts. Family pet. Competes.

    It's great. I'm able to keep track of my dog when he out of eyesight. It's a peace of mind. While doing a Hunt Test, my boy went around a bend, and he was out of sight for a few seconds. I just looked at my Astro 320 and knew he was 60 yards out on Point.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 20628
    Reviewed: 2015-05-03
    "Happy with my purchase and Gun Dog Supply!"

    By: Sandra Lumley From MO

    Owns 2 dogs. Hunts.

    So far the Astro 320 has worked out just fine. Happy with my purchase and Gun Dog Supply!

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 20347
    Reviewed: 2015-04-21
    "it worked great"

    By: From Jeff

    Family pet.

    I'm still learning about it, but it worked great. She jumped a deer, and it was awesome to know where she was. She went 3/4 mile from me before turning back. It still worries me, but it tracked her perfect, and I could head in the correct direction to get her back. It was a relief to see the yardage getting closer as she worked her way back to my yelling for her, and then to see her track and everywhere she went. I put two bells on the coller so deer can hear her coming and leave before she sees them (I hope). First time ever tracking her it was worth the money to me just to know where she was, and I could go get her if I had to.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 20066
    Reviewed: 2015-04-09
    Customer Review #20140

    By: Tracy Durham From TX


    Gus will be used for tracking wounded deer. It's out of season now, so have just used it around the house. Seems to work very well, especially with the Birdseye satellite images, which was easy to download on the handheld.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 20140
    Reviewed: 2015-04-13
    "My son really loves this unit and was surprised that he could operate it so easily."

    By: Cheryl Baker From OK


    My son really loves this unit and was surprised that he could operate it so easily. We need some chip to put in it? Some kind of map...Please let us know what we need...Thanks

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 19423
    Reviewed: 2015-03-14
    "This is an excellent system."

    By: Michael Smith From MS


    This is an excellent system. I highly recommend.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 18603
    Reviewed: 2015-02-12
    Customer Review #19119

    By: Kody Killian


    I really like my Garmin Astro 320, and it goes great with the T5 collar and helps me find my dog better.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 19119
    Reviewed: 2015-03-04
    "Even better than we thought and better than all my friends' gps!"

    By: Ashley Garner From MS


    Even better than we thought and better than all my friends' gps!

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 17103
    Reviewed: 2014-12-29
    "Best product on the market!"

    By: Chris Turner From TN


    Best product on the market!

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 16073
    Reviewed: 2014-11-29
    Customer Review #16684

    By: George Linley From FL


    The T-5 COLLAR is same as DC- 50. No improved performance or range

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 16684
    Reviewed: 2014-12-15
    "The system works great, even in deep woods, and is built very solidly."

    By: Steven Peyster From MA

    Family pet.

    I use the T5 collar and Astro 320 handset combo just to keep track of my very active dog, so that I can let her run free in remote areas and be able to find her when I need to. The system works great, even in deep woods, and is built very solidly. The lights on the collar are extremely effective for visually tracking the dog in the dark.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 13876
    Reviewed: 2014-09-19
    "Much better performance than my 220 system."

    By: From VT

    English Setter. Owns 13 dogs. Hunts. Competes.

    Much better performance than my 220 system.

    Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 13135
    Reviewed: 2014-08-25
    Customer Review #24052

    By: Joey Bridges From FL


    Need a bigger screen.

    Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 24052
    Reviewed: 2015-10-14
    Customer Review #26443

    By: Eric Werry From OH


    If it came with the topo map, I would give it 5 stars.

    Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
    Review ID: 26443
    Reviewed: 2016-01-13

    Garmin Astro 320 + T5 Collar COMBO

    Get your Astro 320 with the ALL NEW T5 GPS Tracking Collar

    Steve Snell's favorite picks for dog training gear

    IN STOCK and Ready to Ship!
    No sales tax. Free Shipping (US48)
    Code: 6436

    Astro 320 Handheld Astro 320 Back View of Handheld Astro 320 Button Detail Astro 320 Battery Compartment Astro 320 Power Button Astro 320 Antenna Detail Astro 320 with Long Range Antenna Astro 320 Antenna Surround Detail Astro 320 USB Port Astro 320 MicroSD Slot Astro 320 in Hand with Long Range Antenna Astro 320 in Hand with Regular Antenna Astro 320 Belt Clip Astro 320 Attaching Belt Clip Bracket and Belt Clip Astro 320 Belt Clip Detail Astro 320 Scaled Astro T5 Collar Astro T5 Side Detail Astro T5 Power Switch Astro T5 Charger Clip Connector Astro T5 Collar Locator Lights Astro T5 GPS Antenna Detail Astro T5 Accessories Astro T5 with Charging Clip Astro T5 on Charging Clip 1 Astro T5 on Charging Clip 2 Astro T5 Charging Indicator Astro T5 Whip Antenna Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Beagle Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Beagle Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Beagle Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Hound Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Hound Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Hound Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Hound Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Hound Garmin Astro T5 Collar on a Hound

    Video of Garmin Astro 320 with T5 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)

    What's New in the Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo

  • Track Astro T5 and DC series collars PLUS the new ALPHA TT15 Collars (TT15 collars must be set to Astro mode and do not offer e-collar functions)
  • LED Beacon Lights on the collar for added visibility in low-light conditions
  • Orange Top Mounted GPS Receiver to make it easy to differentiate T5 collars from other models

  • Multi-dog Collars / Systems:

    Read more about Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo

      The Garmin Astro 320 with the new T5 GPS collar lets you track up to 10 dogs with a range of up to 9 miles with its top-mounted GPS/GLONASS receiver. Plus, the T5 collar housing is specially designed to keep the flexible braided steel VHF antenna upright for maximum reception. It's tough enough to run wherever your dog runs!

      The 320 handheld gives you enhanced map drawing capabilities, Birdseye Satellite Imagery compatibility, and a 3-axis electronic compass on a 2.6" color screen that is easy to read in all light conditions.

      The Garmin Astro is perfect when your dog is not by your side. Hiking, camping, horseback riding or bike riding, the Garmin Astro will allow your dogs more freedom but allow you to keep a close eye on them and help you locate them if they get lost. Since the Garmin Astro 320 serves as a full-featured handheld GPS unit, it will keep you from getting lost, too.

      Not available to Canadian addresses. This product is approved for use in the US only. Collar to handheld radio communication may be disabled in Europe and other prohibited areas.

      FREE! Owner's Manual Download
      Garmin Astro T5 Owner's Manual, downloadable in .pdf format.
      Click here to read the Garmin Astro T5 Owner's Manual.

    Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo Transmitter (Remote)

      Garmin Astro 320 with T5 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)The Garmin Astro 320 handheld contains top-notch features such as a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, long battery life, a bright sunlight readable color display and a rugged IPX7 waterproof exterior.

      This unit also offers automatic routing with turn-by-turn directions.

      The Garmin Astro 320 has 1.7 Gigabytes internal memory as well as a micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB class 10 or less) so you can add pre-programmed data cards with detailed maps such as TOPO, Inland Lakes, BlueChart and City Navigator.

      Handheld Features:

    • Barometric altimeter and 3-axis electronic compass
    • Scratch resistant lens on the 2.6" color 65.1K TFT display with backlit display and keypad
    • Resolution: 240 x 160 pixels
    • Weight: 6.50 ounces without batteries
    • Battery life: 20+ hours using 2 AA batteries (not included)
    • High Speed USB mini-B connector for data updates with a PC or Apple Macintosh
    • Rugged IPX7 waterproof standards
    • Quad helix GPS antenna
    • Removeable VHF antenna
    • Micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB class 10 or less) available for preprogrammed MapSource mapping detail such as US TOPO, Inland Lakes, BlueChart and City Navigator
    • Stores 1000 waypoints, 50 routes and 10,000 track points
    • Area calculation feature
    • Built-in auto routing basemap
    • Also compatible with Garmin Alpha TT15 collars (tracking function only)

      Garmin GPS units are waterproof in accordance with IEC 529 IPX7. An IPX7 designation means the GPS case can withstand accidental immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

    Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo Collar

      Garmin Astro 320 with T5 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)The T-5 relays the dog's position to the handler's Astro 320 with location updates as often as every five seconds. You can track up to 10 dogs on a single system. Add additional T5s as needed.

      The T5 is a GPS TRACKING collar only -- no remote dog training collar features. The T5 can be used alongside DC-20, DC-30, DC-40, and DC-50 tracking collars. The T5 is also compatible with the Alpha 100 (tracking only). The T5 is NOT compatible with the Astro 220 handheld.

      The T5 comes standard with an orange collar strap. We offer the multi-dog units all with different color straps, and we sell individual T5's in 10 different colors: Orange, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, or Violet.

      Collar Features:

    • Beacon Lights for added visibility in low-light conditions
    • Compatible with both the Astro 320 and Alpha 100 (tracking function only)
    • Top-mounted GPS/GLONASS collar antenna gives you better, faster GPS tracking with increased sensitivity
    • Rugged braided-steel VHF antenna can take all the abuse a hunting dog can give it in rough terrain
    • Includes both standard 18 1/2" and long range 22 1/2" VHF collar antennas -- perfect for big running hounds
    • 24-48 hour run times depending on update rate
    • Battery life indicator so you know when you need to recharge your collar
    • 4 hour collar charge time
    • One piece charging unit means one less thing to lose
    • Waterproof to 1 ATM (10 meters)
    • USB Port allows easy software updates -- just plug your collar into your computer
    • Export additional GPS dog data directly from your collar to your computer
    • Live laptop tracking with BaseStation -- bigger screen makes tracking easier
    • Rescue Mode kicks in at 25% to save battery life
    • Feed-through collar strap design works with any 1" collar strap -- no screws, bolts, or plates needed
    • Plastic-coated nylon "Glo" collar strap lasts longer than regular nylon or leather and won't stink
    • User replaceable collar strap -- different colors for different dogs
    • Fits neck sizes between 13" and 22"
    • Solid K-9 metal collar buckle with metal keeper

      Astro T5 Collar Dimensions:

    • Weight: 9.3 oz with collar strap and antenna
    • Height: 1.75 inches
    • Width: 3.5 inches
    • Depth: 1.85 inches
    • 1" wide collar strap

      Astro T5 Collar Compatibility:

    • Compatible with Astro 320 and Alpha 100 handheld receivers (tracking function only with Alpha)
    • Can run on the same system with DC 20, DC 30, DC 40, and DC 50 collars
    • NOT compatible with Astro 220 Handheld

    Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo Comes With:

    • Garmin Astro 320 handheld
    • Belt clip
    • USB cable
    • 5" standard and 13" long range handheld antennas
    • T 5 GPS collar transmitter
    • User-replaceable Li-Ion collar battery (rechargeable)
    • User replaceable orange collar strap
    • BRAIDED STEEL VHF 18 1/2" Standard Collar Antenna
    • BRAIDED STEEL VHF 22 1/2" Long Range Collar Antenna
    • AC adapter
    • Vehicle collar charger
    • Charging clip
    • Owner's manual
    • 1 year Garmin warranty

    Features of the Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo

    • LED Beacon Lights -- Beacon lights are built into the T5 Astro collar for low light conditions or night use. Visible up to 100 yards.

    • Cross Compatibility -- The T5 tracking collar is compatible both with the Astro 320 AND the Alpha 100. Note that the T5 will only have tracking capability when used with the Alpha, and the T5 cannot be tracked simultaneously by both an Astro 320 and an Alpha 100 (you must set it to one compatibility mode or the other). You can also track Alpha TT15 GPS collars with your Astro 320 handheld, although you won't be able to activate the remote training functions.

    • GPS and GLONASS Tracking -- The Astro T5 collar utilizes both GPS and GLONASS satellites for increased sensitivity. Its top-mounted antenna gives you improved signal reception, and the antenna's orange color makes it easy to distinguish during competitions that don't allow stimulation, tone or vibration.

    • AKC Competition Approved -- The AKC Performance Events Department has approved the Garmin T5 collar for use in pointing breed field trials and hunting tests.

    • Regular AND Long-Range Antennas Included -- You get both regular and long range antennas both for your Astro 320 handheld AND your T5 GPS collar. That's 4 antennas altogether! Configure your system to meet your specific needs.

    • Rescue Mode -- When the battery on a tracking collar dies, finding a missing a dog gets a lot more difficult. When the collar battery drops to 25% life, RESCUE MODE changes the update rate to a 2-minute ping to extend battery life which gives you the maximum amount of hours to find a lost dog. Rescue mode is not the default setting. You have to turn it on under SETTINGS. I can't think of a good reason NOT to run your collar in rescue mode because there's no downside to using it.

    • Multi-Dog Tracking -- Track up to 10 dogs with additional Garmin T5 collars. Tracking range is up to 9 miles, delivering location data as often as every 5 seconds.

    • Preloaded Mapping -- The Astro comes preloaded with a worldwide basemap. You can use the MicroSD slot to add TOPO U.S. 24K, 100K, City Navigator, and more (each available separately).

    • Live Laptop Tracking using BaseStation -- Using BaseStation, you can take your handheld while you're tracking dogs and plug it into your computer, letting you view your dogs on your laptop's screen. HOW TO: First download Garmin's Base Station Software. Then plug your handheld into your computer's USB port to see the Tracking screen on your computer. We've got guys that are working out of vehicles and they are tired of looking at a small screen all the time. They want to set up a computer in their vehicle and be able to view the tracking. You still use a handheld to track, but view your dogs on your laptop screen instead of a small handheld. Garmin says it'll track on the computer "real-time," but it's the same update rate that you have on your system -- 5, 10, 30, or 120 seconds between updates.

    • Downloads -- Using the Waypoints and Tracks and the Dog Tracks feature from the Astro Handheld you can download your days hunt into your PC using either MapSource or to see your hunt on a topo map or Google Earth. This allows you to see the ground that you and your dog actually cover in a days hunt on a map.

    • Covey Counter -- The Garmin Astro also allows you to mark the exact location of your coveys using a special waypoint feature. This will allow you to place your coveys on a map and mark the time of day, elevation, number of birds in the covey and number of birds taken from a covey.

    • Icons -- Astro also comes with waypoint icons designed for hunting, letting you mark and identify additional waypoints such as your truck, hunting lodge, food plots, cover, ATVs and other outdoor-related features.

    • Additional Uses -- While the Garmin Astro is designed for the hunting dog, many of our customers that don't hunt but enjoy spending time outdoors with their dogs and allowing them to run off leash will find the Astro incredibly useful.

    Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo Batteries

      The Astro Handheld unit uses AA batteries (not included). Average run time is 25+ hours.

      The T5 collar features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that gives a 24-48 hour run time depending on selected update rate.

      Collar Battery Run Time Chart

      • 25 hours with 5 second update rate
      • 35 hours with 10 second update rate
      • 40 hours with 30 second update rate
      • 52 hours with 120 second update rate

      It's really tricky to give exact run times on the Garmin Astro T5 because there are so many variables. Collar battery run time is most affected by update rate and whether or not you use the Beacon Lights.

    Garmin ASTRO + T5 Combo Range

      The Garmin Astro transmitter and receiver have a "line of sight" range of up to 9 miles using the included long-range antenna.

      The Astro communicates using a VHF radio signal between the Dog GPS collar and the Handheld GPS unit, so to get the full range out of a system there should be nothing between the transmitter and the receiver.

      Realistically, this isn't going to happen in most of the places that we spend time with our dogs, so the actual usable range will be MUCH less than 9 miles depending on hunting conditions, including weather, terrain, and the presence of cover.

    Garmin Astro 320 with T5 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)
    Item # 6436

    IN STOCK and Ready to Ship!
    No sales tax. Free Shipping (US48)

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