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Perfect Start / Perfect Finish is over six and a half hours of footage that comes in a part 1 - Perfect Start and a Part two - Perfect Finish.

It covers everything you need to do to finish a pointing dog, with one exception. The only thing it is missing the "trained retrieve."

PS/PF is great for beginners because it shows multiple dogs at the beginning of their training. You get to see them begin and see how they react to situations multiple times. You can watch the same dog get introduced to pigeons and see how he reacts. Then you get to see him the second time he sees a bird and the third.

It's a pretty neat idea. It's also very obvious that these dogs are not trained "movie stars." They make mistakes and have bad reactions to things the first time they see them. Just like you will with your dog.

It's our first recommendation in the line of pointing dog DVDs that we sell.

Transcript from Steve's Video:

This is one of our bestselling birddog training video sets. "Perfect Start, Perfect Finish". It's 6 ½ hours of footage. It's a very expensive set, but you get a lot for the money.

My favorite thing about it is that unlike some of the 30 minute videos that we sell, this gives you a much more realistic idea of the time it takes to train a dog.

One of the things about this video is that they start with dogs and they work them through, and you get a chance to see a dog the first time he sees a pigeon, and you get to see his reaction. And they come back and they show him the second time and the third time.

And so you get a little more realistic take on what's going to happen when you train your dog.

When you look at the price tag on these, please understand that you are talking about 6 ½ hours of video. It covers a lot of things. You get to see a lot of dogs. And it's a very complete system.

I've been real pleased with them. It's one of our bestselling videos. With the exception of the trained retrieve, it covers pretty much everything you are going to need in getting a pointing dog going. And it takes them all the way through the process, and it shows a lot of dogs and gives you just a lot of information.

So if you are looking for a really complete set, this is a good way to go. "Perfect Start, Perfect Finish". We have satisfaction guaranteed on it. if you are not happy with it I want it back. It's one of my favorites and I think it's something that will help you get your dog to that point that you are trying to reach.

"They teach you what to do from having your puppy in the beginning all the way to the end."

By: Cody Sims From TX

English springer spaniel. Great DVD set, easy to understand for a beginner like myself. They teach you what to do from having your puppy in the beginning all the way to the end.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 8869
Reviewed: 2014-03-07
Featured Review
"So far I have learned a ton of things just from the first disc"

By: Charity Mayfield From UT

Hunts. I'm so glad I got this set. So far I have learned a ton of things just from the first disc that will help me. When I ordered the set it came quickly :)

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 10150
Reviewed: 2014-04-22
Customer Review #12913

By: Kevin Stirling From CO

Hunts. I have only viewed the perfect start since my pup is only 14 weeks old. However, I really like the tips and the fact that they work dogs that are not trained dogs yet. Some of the dogs in the video are very shy and they show you how to work them through their shyness. One training book I own says that some dogs are not trainable and these videos show that with patience and hard work all dogs are trainable.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 12913
Reviewed: 2014-08-17
Customer Review #11436

By: Fred Hunkeler From ON

Hunts. Family pet. The video content is 100%. I have done a lot of reading, and watching the video shows that keeping things simple and using the dog's natural ability and instincts is the way to go. It gives a clearer picture than just books alone can do. As far as the video goes, an overdub on the sound to remove the wind noise would make it better. I'm not sure if the numbers showing the run time are from my DVD player, but I didn't seem to get rid of them. They sometimes interfered with some of the written pop up comments.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 11436
Reviewed: 2014-06-09
Customer Review #14155

By: Reid Badeau From WI

Lewellen Setter. Hunts. I have not finished viewing the materials. So far I am pleased.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 14155
Reviewed: 2014-09-30

The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5 Disc DVD Set

"It's our first recommendation in the line of pointing dog DVDs that we sell." -Steve Snell

The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5 Disc DVD SetThe Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5 Disc DVD Set

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    Video of The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5 Disc DVD Set

    These videos feature Jon and Cindy Hann, owners and operators of one of the most successful pointing dog training facilities in the United States. They are trainers of numerous Champions competing in all breeds and disciplines of the field trial world: Amateur, Open, Walking, and Horseback. Jon and Cindy are also trainers of countless hunting companions from all over America.

    "Tired of whoa posts and barrels? Tired of videos showing already trained dogs in "mock" training situations? Tired of videos that only show the select best dogs? In this video, we don't pick 'em, we just train 'em!" -- Jon Hann

    "The Perfect Start" video teaches with in-depth explanation and live training examples of all key points of starting your bird dog. Understand how your dog learns, teach here, heel and whoa, and evaluate your dog's natural abilities. Understand why your dog does the things he does and how this affects training. Use the introduction to birds, backing and guns. Learn how to enhance natural pointing instincts, and encourage the natural retrieving abilities in your dog. This video also shows the proper use of the electronic collar.

    "The Perfect Start" - 2 DVDs - 158 minutes including:

    Opening to the Perfect Start
    Head Tucking Birds
    First Time Out
    First Retrieves
    Introduction to Birds
    Using Bird Releasers
    Electronic Collar Introduction
    The Here Command
    The Here Command and the Electronic Collar
    Gun Introduction
    Teaching Heel
    Teaching Whoa
    Whoa and the Electronic Collar
    Introducing Backing

    "The Perfect Finish" expands the basics you learned in "The Perfect Start" in an easy to understand and implement video. It is a common sense approach which works with soft dogs, tough dogs, and all those in between. It shows you how to implement the e-collar, and demonstrates, in detail, Jon and Cindy's humane training and finishing methods. We do not recommend using the "The Perfect Finish" without first completing The Perfect Start."

    "The Perfect Finish" - 3 DVDs - 377 minutes including:

    Whoa in the Field
    Whoa with Birds
    Whoa and the Bird Release
    Steady to Wing? or Wing and Shot?
    Adding the Blank Gun
    Steady to Shot and the Falling Bird
    Shooting the First Bird
    Stop to Flush
    Backing with Another Dog
    Closing Segments

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