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Tracker Radio Collars REVIEW

Tracker Radio Collars REVIEW

by Steve Snell

  • Tracker Radio Systems are designed for folks that want to carry the receiver with them in the field.

  • Tracker collars come with a belt holster and measures 2" x 2 1/2" x 8 1/2" inside the holster with the antennas down.

    The Tracker receiver is very easy to carry with you. This makes it the perfect dog tracking system for bird hunters, rabbit hunters, coon hunters and hog hunters. It is also very nice for folks that have pets that tend to roam or go with you on hikes or camping.

  • I use my Tracker receiver. in the field when I am trying to locate a bird dog that has gone out of range. This saves an enormous amount of time since I do not have to go back to the truck to pick up my receiver to locate a missing dog.

  • Battery run time:
    The Intelo collar will last 250-300 hours of continuous run-time depending on the battery brand.

    The Strike with one battery will last 500 - 600 hours of continuous run-time depending on battery brand, with two 1/2 size last about 240 hours.

    The Supra Lite will last 850+ hours of continuous run-time. This was tested with the Supra lite not moving so it was in point mode the whole time so these times are minimums.

    Batteries will have longer run times if they are cycled as this allows for batteries to recover and this would allow for more on time than noted above. Battery life also depends on the brand and age of the battery.

  • All Tracker collars have user-replaceable batteries. The Supra Lite collars use one 3 volt lithium battery. The Strike collars use one 3.6 volt battery or 2 half-size 3.6 volt batteries. The Supra collars use two 3.6 volt batteries.

    Tracker Maxima

    The Maxima Receiver comes in 5 different versions, and all with the same size and range. The two differences are the number of radio bands that the receiver will track and how many dogs they will track.

    One advantage to the Maxima Receivers is that you can sent them back to the factory and have them upgraded if you find that you need to track more dogs in the future.

    The Maxima is also a great choice for folks that own older tracking collars from Tracker and other manufacturers. Since you can program the Maxima for any system (and band depending on model) it is easy to use with any brand of collar.

    • The Maxima DUO is a one band system that will track up to two different dogs.

    • The Maxima 1000/5 is a one band system that will track up to five different dogs.

    • The Maxima 1000/10 is a one band system that will track up to 10 different dogs.

    • The Maxima 2000/15 is a two band system that will track up to fifteen different dogs. You can track a total of 15 dogs on either band or any combination you prefer (say 7 on one band and 8 on the other.)

    • The Maxima 5000/25 is a five band system that will track 25 different dogs. You can track a total of 25 dogs on any band or any split combination you prefer (say 5 on each band for a total of 25)

    Tracker Classic

    The New Tracker Classic is a great choice for folks that only need to track one or two dogs at a time.

    The difference between a New Tracker Classic and a Maxima is that you can not program it for specific collars. It comes pre-programmed with either one band/frequency as a one dog unit or two band/frequencies as a two dog unit.

    The New Tracker Classic Receiver has the same range and features as the Maxima with a few minor changes. It has an LED bar readout instead of the LCD screen that the Maxima uses.