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VetChoice Dog Kennel Platforms

A clean, durable surface for any dog living area indoors or out!

VetChoice Dog Kennel Platforms

Ships factory direct. Usually ships in 4-5 business days.

VetChoice Platforms are a clean, durable surface for any dog living area indoors or out! Each Interlocking section measures 23 1/8 in. x 23 1/8 in. x 1 in. The weight limit for each platform is 1000 lbs.

Vet Choice Platform Details:
  • Safe: Surface is designed to resist chewing and digging which protects pets and family.
  • Expandable: Expand your dog surface to any size using our unique interlocking system.
  • Comfortable: Insulate your dogs from cold surfaces that may aggravate arthritis and age-related aches.
  • Sanitary: They are made from non-porous plastic for easy cleanup with grooves that carry waste away from your pet!
  • Durable:Tough panels will stand up to regular family pet play and thorough cleanings.
  • Versatile: Great for child play areas, camping decks, moisture-resistant storage and more!

  • Assembly: Pet Life Platforms are modularly designed to fit within most standard kennels with little or no effort. Platforms can also be easily trimmed to fit custom areas and non-standard kennel sizes. To downsize simply cut the panel along the grooves between sections using a small handsaw.

    Pet Life Platforms are assembled using the unique and innovative cap-and-plug interlocks, which allow the Platform area to be expanded in any direction. The interlocks are designed not to interfere with the cleaning and draining effects of the grooves.

    The interlock caps (small tabs that extend just beyond the edge of the Platform on two sides)can be permanently removed for a clean "finished" look when the Platform area is fitted to your satisfaction.

    To join two or more Platform sections in a more permanent fashion (for easy handling of multiple sections) each Platform allows for a mechanical fastener to be applied through the countersunk pilot holes located in each cap and plug interlock. Simply fasten sections together with a metal or plastic screw.

    Cleaning: The Pet Life Platform's integrated grooves facilitate the removal of waste material from the kennel area when cleaning. These grooves also serve to carry waste away from your pet's living surface, providing a cleaner and physically healthier environment.

    Pet Life Platforms are constructed from a non-porous plastic material that will prevent the accumulation and growth of mold, mildew or insects. Your Platforms can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and will not be damaged by bio-waste removers or common household cleansers.