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Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535

It is very LOUD to dogs but very QUIET to people.

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Whistle Closed Whistle Chain and Ring Detail Whistle Ends Detail Whistle Box

When you blow the Silent Dog Whistle from Acme, you can hear the air going through the whistle yourself, but other than that it is practically inaudible to most humans. The pitch is adjustable and instructions on training a dog with it are included.

Click here to hear this whistle.

This is the improved, high-quality modern version of the original Acme Silent Dog Whistle invented in 1935. According to the manufacturer, this silent dog training whistle is effective up to 2 miles depending on the wind, weather, terrain, etc.

Manufacturer's Instructions:

The ACME "Silent" Dog Whistle is precision-engineered to produce a range of fundamental frequencies between 5,400 Hz and 12,800 Hz. Although at this level the whistle is insignificant to human hearing, a dog, whose ears are far more sensitive to high frequencies, will instantly become more alert to the sound of this whistle than to any other, even one of louder and lower pitch.


This whistle is effective up to two miles, subject to weather conditions, and the abilities of the dog and trainer.

Determination of Note:

Always use the same note for the same command.

Adjustable Sleeve:

Screws in to raise and out to lower the frequency.

Stop Screw:

Tighten to lock selected frequency.

Pitch Register:

It is recommended that graduation #2 be used for close work, and #3 and #4 for distance.

How to Commence:

Keep your commands as short and simple as possible. Dogs' hearing is of a very wonderful nature, so much that they can hear sounds quite inaudible to the human ear. Their sense of smell is also particularly keen and acute, and the most vital of their senses. It is also believed that they can reason, although this is not recognized in a general way, and more attention is being given now to this important subject than ever before. In the following instructions, where the human voice is mentioned, the silent whistle, with a predetermined pitch already set, can be substituted for the verbal command. Your dog will readily distinguish between long, short and multiple whistle commands. This will be particularly appropriate when working over distance.

Commence training the dog not later than six months of age - five months is a good time to start. They are full of pep and vigor then and with just that frolic of energetic puppyhood which makes training them so interesting. The following words of command fully explain themselves and should be used when training your companion: Sit, or Sit Down, Come, Come Here, Lie, Lie Down, Heel, Heel Up, Seek, Go Back, Go Round, Stop, Car, Danger, Don't Go, Fetch. Always use identically the same word or words for a given command this is important as it is less confusing to the dog.

The Three Axioms:

The three axioms in training are kindness, perseverance, and patience. Make it a steadfast rule never to lose your temper - endeavor to keep in mind that the dog must first understand in his own mind what it is that you require of him before he can begin to accomplish it. Do not hurry his lessons, complete one lesson before commencing another, and never beat or thrash him. Endeavor to get him to have implicit faith and trust in you; on no occasion forget to reward him for obedience. Show him by example and repetition what you require of him, and after he understands one or two lessons, he will quickly respond to succeeding ones, and then your worst trouble will be over.

Sit (Sit Down):

Press the dog's haunches into a sitting position, using the word Sit and move backward a few paces. If he rises put him back to his original position, and reward him with a tit-bit when he sits a short time. Gradually increase the time of sitting until he becomes obedient to the command.

Come (Come Here):

Give the command Come and reward him. Repeat until he becomes proficient. This is one of the easiest lessons to teach him.

Lie (Lie Down):

Press the dog gently but firmly into a prone position, making sure that his forepaws are drawn outwards, and at the same time using the word Down, withdraw the hands, and if he endeavors to rise up repeat the operation, continually using the word Down until he remains, then reward him and use such words as Good Dog, Clever Dog. Do not continue this lesson too long to commence with, and never longer than fifteen minutes. Puppies tire quickly without variety.

Heel (Heel Up):

Firstly keep a few tit-bits in your left hand jacket pocket. Call the dog by his name or use one blast of a whistle or both - the call and then the whistle immediately after. Reward him on your left-hand side with your left hand, the idea being to have him at your left heel, thus leaving your right hand free. Never on any occasion thrash the dog for disobeying this command, otherwise, he will associate the thrashing with coming to heel.


Procure a hard rubber ball of a size suitable for the dog to carry and throw it out a short distance into growing grass where the ball will be hidden. Keep the dog by your side until you give the command Seek. Allow the dog to nose about for the ball, but don't move from your position yourself. Shortly the dog will find the ball which he will immediately start to play with or carry to his kennel. Now you must give the command to Come and gently take the ball from him. Never permit him to go off with the ball, but to deliver it into your hand without dropping it. The first time he does this reward him well. Further, he must not be allowed to seek the ball until you give him the command to do so. When he has become an expert at seeking, order him to Sit and hide the ball a short distance away (never allow him to leave his position) and give him the command to Seek. Should he appear at a loss to understand what is required, proceed to look for the ball yourself, using the word Seek occasionally. After a few lessons, he will quickly deduce what you desire of him. When teaching this lesson do not use sticks or hard substances, as these invariably result in making the dog hard-mouthed, a condition carefully to be avoided. Never allow the dog to go after or carry stones if you wish him to have good teeth.

Go Back:

Secure the dog's attention by showing him the ball and place it where he can see it; walk away from it, with the dog at your heel, say a distance of fifteen yards; stop and face the way you came using the command Go Back. At first, he will fail to understand the order, so commence to go back slowly yourself always speaking the words Go Back. When you arrive at the place where you left the ball, pick it up and show it to the dog, replace it and again walk forward. Repeat until the dog goes back by himself to where the ball lies, allow him to bring the ball to you and reward him well. After he has learned this lesson thoroughly, the same procedure may be taught him to Go Round, the only difference being that he goes round in a half-circle, now of the right and now on the left.


This next lesson requires a check cord: Throw the ball out and thereafter give the word to Seek. As he goes off, and when about half-way to the object, give the command Stop in a sharp and firm voice - halting him at that distance by means of the check cord; then order him to Lie Down, retrieve the ball yourself, and repeat the procedure until the dog stops at the word of command. This lesson requires considerable repetition and frequent rewards.


Toss the ball a short distance keeping the dog at your side until you give the command Fetch, Fetch It. Do not leave your position, but have the dog bring the ball right up to your hand. When he does so reward him well. (See lesson explaining Seek).


Car Danger:

Have the dog accompany you for a walk along a road where vehicles pass not too frequently, keeping him at your left heel. If he attempts to run after a car stop him abruptly by means of the check cord, using the word Danger. Repeat until he keeps by your side without checking.

Don't Go:

This is a very useful command, and a lesson generally learned without difficulty. Have a friend call the dog to him, and as he starts to walk or run towards him, give the command Don't Go, giving him a tit-bit. Should the dog persist in going towards the friend, bring him back to his original position, and repeat the lesson until the dog refuses to move from your side, notwithstanding frequent coaxing and tempting.

Acme Silent Dog Whistle

Looking for a lanyard to go with your whistle? Check out all of our lanyards here.

This whistle is a "silent whistle". It is used to give commands to dogs over distance just as any other whistle is used. It is called a "silent whistle" because it operates on a frequency above that of the average person's hearing. Most people will hear a faint sound. In other words it is very LOUD to dogs but very QUIET to people.

It is not a "silencer" and does nothing to make a dog stop barking nor will it repel an aggressive dog.

Transcript from Steve's Video:

This is the Acme silent dog whistle. We sell a bunch of them. I think the majority of people that buy them are trying to do something that they won't do. So I may be talking you out of buying it, but that's OK.

A silent dog whistle will not make a dog stop barking. It will not do it. I don't care what you've read on the internet. It won't do it. So if you have a neighbor's dog that's barking, don't buy this thinking that it's going to stop them from barking, because it's not. That's not what it's designed to do.

Silent dog whistles work off a really high frequency and dogs can hear them. But it's just like any other whistle. We occasionally have someone who will buy it and go, "Well my dog didn't respond to it." Well, silent whistles don't make dogs do things. You have to train them what the whistle means the same way you would any other command.

And so, it's important that you understand what this will not do. It's not magic or anything along those lines.

The other thing about a silent dog whistle is they're not totally silent. You are going to hear a couple of things even when it's tuned down. The biggest thing you're going to hear is the air blowing through it. that's something I like to point out to folks. But it is quiet. And you have the ability to tune it depending on what frequency you want simply by twisting it.

What I like about silent dog whistles is that they carry a long way. So, for somebody that's looking to use a whistle in a neighborhood and doesn't want to bother the rest of their neighbors, they are looking to have something that doesn't bother your ears, that's a real big key factor in it.

It's a very popular product. It's really well made. Acme does a really nice job with their whistles. But it's important to understand what it will and will not do. Just like anything else, it's a cue. You have to teach the dog what it means. We've got some information on our website about how to go about doing that.

But it's not a magical device. And it's not something that's going to make your dog respond if he doesn't understand what it means. Just like every other whistle that we sell, you've got to stop and actually teach the dog what it means, which is not a complicated process. But the Acme silent whistle is a well-made device and we really like them. But it's not some sort of magical thing.

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Customer Reviews

Review Summary
78 Reviews
76% (59)
10% (8)
8% (6)
5% (4)
1% (1)
92% Recommend this product (72 of 78 responses)
By Thomas
West Hills California
Really works at long distance
March 18, 2021
I use this whistle because my GSPs seem to respond much better than to other whistles I have tried. When my dogs are out at one or two hundred yards they respond and I don’t put up with the uncomfortably loud sound necessary with other whistles.
  • Above
  • The cap gets in the way. I simply remove it.
By Bill
New York
Acme Whistle
February 7, 2024
Made well...Easy to set up!
Lenexa, KS
works perfectly
January 8, 2024
I was so happy to find that the first time I blew this whistle my dogs came running to check it out. It was so easy to continue their interest when I used their favorite treat to reward and train them to come running when I blow the whistle. The goal is to get them to me when we're ready to leave the huge dog park.
By Martin
North Carolina
Results for the Acme Silent Dog Whistle exceeded my expectations.
January 8, 2024
My dog is 4 years old. I changed from an Acme Thunderer to the Acme Silent Dog Whistle hoping she would respond. She became tuned in instantly and I would say that her recall is now instantaneous. That silent whistle is truly sensational.
By Mike
Gaithersburg MD
Quality made but far from silent to humans
May 16, 2023
Easy to emit a tone, but indoors people can hear the whistle between floors of the home. Not a deal breaker and the first time my dog heard it he jumped from a sleep barking as if the UPS truck was coming up to the door. I am using it for recall when I do not have an e-collar and hope to transition to use it with the collar to signal him to change directions. I wanted a whistle that is adjustable and unique from others in the field. This will do the trick.
  • easy of use and qualit
By Andrea
Los Angeles CA
Doesn’t work for me
May 2, 2023
Looks like this whistle is well made, it just doesn’t work for me. It is not silent. Dogs don’t seem to respond to it. It was pretty expensive.
  • Doesn
By Sally
Excellent whistle
April 21, 2023
Not the cheap unit seen all over Amazon. This is a well manufactured whistle that's easy to use.
  • Fully adjustable whistle sounding.
By Curt
Nipomo, California
So far the best "silent" whistle I've ever owned
March 22, 2022
I've used silent whistles for my dogs for decades now and, although I've never owned one that I'd complain about, this one is by far the best.
  • 1) It's got an easy tuning process that you can positively lock at your desired setting by tightening the set screw once you've made your pitch adjustment.
  • 2) It has an all metal sheath/protector that has a good solid attachment to the whistle, (vs. the plastic ones that wear out over time). I've lost 2 whistles due to them falling out of the plastic sheath.
  • 3) It has a heavier chain "lanyard" for the cap than any I've owned in the past.
  • 4) It's louder. I can't hear them but my wife can. As soon as I got it I checked it out and she came running 😂 to tell me it was extremely loud and "don't blow it in the house again". She's never done that with any of my other whistles.
  • It cost a little more than some whistles but it's definitely a quality product.
By June M.
Excellent until it stopped
October 28, 2021
I like the quiet whistle and my rottie responds to it very well... until it stopped working. I've cleaned it and soaked it (in case any air passages are blocked) but it still won't work. Considering the cost... what else can I do to get it working again?
  • Clear concise sound, effective at a distance without being too loud.
  • A lttle difficult to be precise on varying pitches. Stopped working and unable to fix so far.
By John
Dog whistle
October 26, 2021
I think the whistle works well. It sure is good quality.
  • It is made of quality materials. I ordered it online and it arrived promptly.
  • Have not found any yet.
By Jimmy T.
Imperial Beach CA
October 13, 2021
Works well…. My dog responds to it very well. I bought 2 and gave one to a friend.
By Jack S.
Honesty is the best polacy ! Good on yah !
October 12, 2021
Honesty is the best polacy ! Good on yah !
  • Truth
  • None
By Tom T.
Madison Wisconsin
Capable and compact with good range
July 2, 2021
So far so good. Not too obnoxious and gives me range for my GSP to cue off of. Needed to attach a proper lanyard though.
  • Size, pitch and range
  • Need lanyard or another mechanism to carry if you have other tools in your hand or a gun.
By Kathy R.
Great training and recall whistle in windy conditions
June 28, 2021
This whistle replaces my orange school yard type whistle which can blow a humans ears out. I love that the dogs instantly respond to it and even I can hear most of the frequencies without hurting my ears. Now we move on to using the same commands from the loud whistle to this quiet version.
  • Sturdy metal and cover
  • None
By Joan M.
Ridgefield, washington
Silent whistle
May 26, 2021
I have not been able to have my dog hear the silent whistle when he is loudly barking at the delivery people

Merchant Response:Joan, I'm sorry to hear that. If you have not already you will need to teach your dog the whistle means to be quiet. It's important to understand what the silent whistle will and will not do. Just like anything else, it's a cue. You have to teach the dog what it means. We've got some information on our website about how to go about doing that. Thanks, Ben
By Sara
Brighton, CO
Great Whistle!
May 7, 2021
I bought this for training our dog and it works great. I had originally purchased a cheaper one, but our dog barely acknowledged it. This one gets his attention every time!
It’s very well made and worth the extra expense.
By Customer
Silent whistle
April 22, 2021
Solid, easy to set
By Ron F.
Lincoln Ks
very satisfied
March 18, 2021
Really good experience with this product. The puppy hears this whistle and it diverts his attention to me from even the most distractive activities. It has helped me with training him to respond to commands.
  • Very well constructed. Should last a life-time.
  • A little hard to pull apart to remove the protective cap.
By Joanna
It works
January 23, 2021
This is the first dog whistle that works. Quality construction.
  • Nicely made.
  • Adjustable
  • None
By Jan
Cincinnati, Ohio
A quality dog whistle
January 14, 2021
This was exactly what I was looking for. I have Malamutes - obedience is at best a negotiated experience with this breed. I have a pair of littermates which is an even greater challenge because they are bonded as tightly to each other as to their human pack. They’re really good outside the fence as long as they are harnessed and on leads, but if they slip their leads, off they run with ears tightly closed to any and all words that come out of our mouths. My son was shopping in Cabela’s one day, saw a dog whistle, and thought that would be worth trying out. We tried getting them to come using three blasts of the whistle followed by a treat when they showed up and it worked beautifully. Then the whistle rolled off the table and got sucked into the vacuum. It wasn’t the greatest whistle and didn’t adjust for squat, so I went hunting for a good, durable whistle that I could adjust to the perfect frequency for our two wooly adventurers. This whistle is perfect. It’s one of the only ones I’ve tried that goes high enough to be pretty much silent - the frequency that catches my dogs’ attention best. I like the cover which, contrary to many reviews I’ve seen, is easy to pull off and put on. It’s also really solid which just adds to its feel and durability. The dogs actually got hold of it once and took it out to the yard. All it needed was a quick wipe down and it was good as new (they had already eaten up two other whistles that were plastic and one that was metal but not sturdy). They can be outside enjoying the yard, upstairs snooping in wastebaskets, or even all the way up in the attic snoozing in a sunny window, but, when I give three blasts on the whistle, they come running. We’ve got them pretty consistent within back yard and home and are going to move to dog park training. Hoping that gets consistent enough that we can attempt free walking outside the house so that we can count on them stopping and returning if they slip away from us. Anyway, I’m really happy with this whistle - solid, adjustable, consistent (not all whistles are), and can be attached to a lanyard to wear around your neck with outside.
  • Durable construction
  • Truly adjustable
  • Easy to clean
  • Chain between cap and whistle a little bit short - makes it a bit harder to get the cap off but not a deal breaker
By Karen
I really like this whistle!
December 20, 2020
I really like this Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535. I like the fact, too, that it has its own cover. I am training my sometimes stubborn 9-month old German Shorthaired Pointer to come to this whistle. My GSP reacts and comes!
By Rick
Somerset KY
Silent Whistle
September 2, 2020
Product was quality, and just what it said it was .Had a little trouble with screw for tone adjustment but all around good product. I just made the wrong choice for my dog, she doesn't like it. I have been using a whistle with a pea and wanted something without. Will try another style.
  • Well constructed, quality materials.
  • Heavy to hold in your mouth, dog seemed irritated by sound and didn't associate pleasure or fun with training.
By Rick T.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 18, 2018

My shorthair pointer responds way better to this whistle then any other I have used. Even in the wind or long distance she hears it and responds to it. Very good results.

By Linda W.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 18, 2018
This a terrific dog whistle! Adjustable pitch and excellent range makes it useful every time I take my two rowdy young dogs to the 10-acre woods in our favorite dog park. It even worked at a distance calling them back from chasing deer, which is very impressive.

By Dennis G.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 14, 2018
I like it but it's not foolproof. Sometimes it takes the dog a while to respond.

By Donal A.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
October 11, 2018
Works like a charm without disturbing my neighbors.
She comes when called and obeys other commands,
after having been trained to the commands, of course.
she actually seems to respond to the higher pitch better
than the regular whistle.

By Chris M.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
August 14, 2016
My Dog responds perfectly to this whistle. I am happy with it. This my third replacement. I am having this one engraved so if found, it can be returned.
By Kristine S.
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
July 18, 2016
Very pleased with both whistles I ordered. Would recommend them.
By Oldsnake
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
May 17, 2016
The whistle works wonderfully well, but the secret is Steve's instruction for training dog and owner how to use it. It is not magic but if you do what Steve says, it works.
By Oldsnake
Review for Acme Silent Dog Whistle - #535
May 17, 2016
The whistle works wonderfully well, but the secret is Steve's instruction for training dog and owner how to use it. It is not magic, but if you do what Steve says, it works.

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