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Dogtra JUST RIGHT + Robin Macfarlane 5-DVD Bundle 1-dog

Combines Robin's complete Ecollar Training video series with her signature JUST RIGHT remote trainer.

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Dogtra Small Belt Clip Robin MacFarlane E-Collar Training 5-Disc Set Dogtra Just Right System


  • Dogtra JUST RIGHT remote training collar
  • E-Collar Training with Robin MacFarlane 5-Disc DVD Set
  • Dogtra small belt clip


    Dogtra JUST RIGHT Remote Training Collar
    • Ultra-compact receiver collar
    • Enhanced 5/8" contact points
    • Low to medium power stimulation
    • Expandable to two dogs with an additional collar
    • Dog selector toggle switch
    • Combination boost buttons (Low Button + Medium Button = High Stim Level)
    • Selector / step STIM dial with defined clicks
    • 1/2 mile range
    • Continuous stimulation plus tone and non-stimulating vibration (pager)
    • Rechargeable, user-replaceable 2-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
    • Fully waterproof collar/receiver and transmitter
    • One-year warranty. See more Dogtra warranty information here.

    E-collar Training with Robin MacFarlane 5-disc DVD Set
    • Takes you step-by-step through the process, from starting the training and finding a level up and through working around distractions and being ready to go off-leash
    • Captures real-time footage of three dogs adopted from a shelter environment, starting from day one of introducing the e-collar and progressing to the point of off-leash control and working around real-world distractions
    • You will see real-time training sessions, not special editing or previously trained dogs
    • Designed specifically with the novice e-collar user in mind, but even experienced trainers will find a gem or two to add to their training toolbox
    • Robin's e-collar instructional materials are clear, concise, and never sacrifice the physical or emotional well-being of the dog
    • With this training, your dog will be calmer, more controlled, AND be able to experience the joys of off-leash freedom
    • Any dog owner interested in learning an easier way to communicate with their dog while gaining off-leash reliability will benefit from this video

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    Customer Reviews

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    By Glenn
    Southwest Pennsylvania
    Perfect Training Collar
    January 5, 2023
    First, Gun Dog Supply's shipping and customer service couldn't be better. The Dogtra Just Right collar has worked flawlessly and I am a completely satisfied customer.
    • Multiple stimulations/cues, each with its own button (tone, vibrate, and low, medium, and high stimulation buttons over 8 levels).
    • Easy, eyes off, one-handed operation.
    • 30 day, no questions asked return policy.
    • The only con to the Just Right controller is that the buttons could have some kind of raised area so that they would be easier to find with your finger - they shouldn't be smooth. Once you use it enough though, it's still very workable.
    By Samantha G.
    Very easy to use. It was the perfect upgrade!
    October 4, 2022
    I love how each setting has its own button. Super simple to use. I do wish the range was longer, but this dog doesn't work that far out so it works. I will be getting a second collar in the future!
    • Simple settings and has ability for 2 dogs with simple switches.
    • Short range
    By Tom
    Woodstock, AL
    A Blessing
    August 31, 2022
    I have an Anatolian Shepherd. These dogs are stubborn and hit or miss with commands. This collar has fixed any and all of those issues. I have been consistent with the tone prior to vibrate and vibrate prior to shock. I haven’t gotten passed level 3 and only had to do that a few times. He now does better just knowing the collar is on and when he gets a little unruly a simple tone does the trick. Vibrating the collar pulls his attention away from other animals if needed. The last time I had to use the level 3 zap is when I wasn’t paying attention and he got out of sight. A tone, a vibrate, and a quick zap… he was quickly located and came running back to stand beside me. It is nice knowing I won’t lose my dog and he is workable with my farm animals.
    • Fair price
    • Customer service
    • Quality build
    • First collar wouldn't hold a charge
    By Shannon
    Traverse City, MI
    Great Product at the right price
    August 18, 2021
    Our trainer recommended this e-collar for our mini aussiedoodle that has a little extra training needed. He is a very smart pup, knows 27 different commands and tricks, but we have a couple issues with obedience that we are working to sharpen up our skills on. Our trainer has been to the house to help guide us in the right direction for the use of the e-collar. The video included was helpful. We also received a 15 ft training lead to help get us started. We have already recommended the e-collar and Gun Dog Supply to several of our friends.
    • Easy to use! Easy to Train! We focus on training with the tone and pager option. Our little guy is very sensitive to the stimulation. We care about his comfort level. The buttons are easy to locate without looking at the remote.
    • Wish there was a low/high for the pager option. The setting is high for our little guy. We are using it only in emergency situation.
    By Thomas S.
    A Very Good Training Tool Package
    July 13, 2021
    Just brought our 5th GSP into our family. I had trained numbers 3 and 4 myself starting from puppies. The latest is a "started" dog that I will be finishing myself. My prior training e-collar had been retired in favor of a Garmin Alpha. The Alpha is an excellent hunting tool, but not ideal for training.

    While cruising the internet I found Steve''s video of the Just Right Package, the Dogtra unit and training video and training lead. I reviewed the video and picked up a couple pointers that I have introduced to my dog's program.

    I have been using the unit daily for four weeks. It is easy to use the collar is inobtrusive but powerful. The hand held is a convenient size. I have tested it to a range of about three hundred yards; it worked, hope not to test the range and further.
    • Convenient size. Controls easy to master and adjust stimulation levels in the field under training conditions.
    • The training video is very good for someone new to training.
    • Hand held could use a belt clip and/or lanyard attachment on bottom.
    By Tom B.
    MI Michigan
    Starting use
    December 22, 2022
    I have a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and bought this unit because the buying video recommended it for softer dogs and I'm very glad I did so far.

    It arrived well packaged and pretty quickly.

    She responds well to the tone.
    She has flinched at the low level to higher level, so i think that will work well.
    Haven't trimmed the collar down yet, I'll wait until I feel comfortable with the fit. My biggest concern is that I want her to want to wear it.

    I will likely have another review later after more use.
    • Easy to use.
    • Really like the low level shock and the light that lets you make sure it works.
    • Nothing so far.
    By Beth
    Ensenada Mexico
    December 14, 2022
    Easy to use and get started
    • Easy to use , functions are clear.
    By Ed
    New Dog & New Collar
    November 5, 2022
    Had used the TriTronics sport basic G3 (purchased from gunsight supply also) for many years with my other Vizslas but as they became accustomed to commands it was used less frequently and unfortunately old dogs don’t live on this earth forever. A new dog brings new challenges and this began search. Much to my surprise a replacement battery for that TriTronic model is impossible to locate. Thanks to Steve for great video review of this product and others for comparison. Multi levels of stimulation seemed an overkill but this dog responds very well in the low range of settings so ends up being a plus. Range seems comparable (1/2 mile) to that of TriTronics and the pager and vibration features are a nice addition. If there is a complaint it’s the stimulation buttons are on the side but for a $100 less than comparable Garmin model, I think I can get used to location.

    May get 5 stars after longer period of use.
    • Price
    • Easy of Use
    • Multiple levels of stimulation
    • Vibration and Pager functions
    • Good range
    • Almost too many buttons on the unit, but as it
    By Jaelee
    Game Changer
    November 3, 2022
    In just a week, our Golde Retriever's behavior has improved drasticly! No more shredding pillows and jumping up on the counters!

    Thank you Gun Dog Team!
    By Molly
    Harrison, AR
    Dogtra just right. Works great.
    August 17, 2022
    I was a little concerned when I got this collar, since I’m not familiar with the Dogtra brand. However I’ve been very happy with my purchase. The collar works great, it has an instant response, and my dog (a Belgian Malinois ) responds good on number 2. I haven’t used the vibrate or tone yet, but they seem good too. The remote is easy to use and seems to be solid and good quality. The only thing I find strange is the way you turn the collar on and off by connecting a red dot on each device. It works just fine just takes some getting used to. I’ve had it about 6 week and very happy. My hope is that it lasts me for several years.
    • Good quality, easy to use and works very well.
    • You can't turn the collar off without the remote.
    By Pam
    Columbus, Ohio
    Love it!
    July 20, 2022
    I mainly bought this for the vibration setting but when my Dalmation decides not to listen a very mild zap does the trick. Our blind silver lab is listening much better with just the vibration. These are family pets, recent rescues, and aside from a prey response to the cats (which we’re working on and they’re doing much better) they’re both completely settled in and doing remarkably well. The collars have helped along with the usual training methods and I’m very happy with the system. Thank you!!
    • Very adjustable
    • Very reliable
    • Well tolerated by dogs and handler
    • The collars frequently need to be reprogrammed after charging but that's quick and easy and I always check to make sure they're working before putting them on the dogs
    By Greg
    Best value e-collar
    July 5, 2022
    Great price on quality product
    • All 3 options; tone, vibe, stim at a good price. Lighter weight collar for puppies and smaller size dogs. 1/2 mile range in a lightweight/compact and simple to use e-collar. Perfect for training.
    • None
    By Denise
    Exactly what we were looking for.
    January 4, 2022
    This Dogtra Just Right training collar arrived sooner than expected and is exactly what I needed - communicates with my 8 month old English Setter even when he was not within my reach. There is a good variety of correction levels, although he hardly gets more than a tone or vibrate to remind him to listen. I did decide to order the belt clip after receiving this collar but it arrived in record time after ordering it. I had looked forward to the DVD but discovered we don't have a DVD player anymore. I watched the short preview online and it was really all I needed. We already had the basic training down.
    It's amazing the difference this collar has made. In 10 days' time we were out in the field, off leash, with great recall, and a near perfect off leash heel. Yay! (sorry, no photos out in the field)
    • Easy to use, good range of correction levels.
    • Doesn't come with a belt clip (can be ordered separately); DVD is not available to view online.
    By Carrie
    Wetumpka, Ala.
    Just Right Remote training collar
    December 30, 2021
    This is a great collar! My dog only needs the sound to be corrected. He is a very sensitive French Brittney. Thank you Gun Dog!
    • Sounds. Vibration. And seven levels.
    • None
    By Tom R.
    Costa Mesa, CA
    Tap tap tap
    December 9, 2021
    Definitely watch the included video first.

    We have two Golden Retrievers and the puppy has some bad habits I wanted to correct that when she does them, she is zoned out and not listening - jumping up on people and eating things no one should eat...

    Then I watched the video and upped my expectations to correcting those and making a better dog that healed and walked off-leash.

    Both the handheld and the collar are very well designed. Adjust the charge level from the handheld unit to start. The activate buttons have low, medium, and high working within that preset, which is very useful for our Golden Retriever. Battery life is beyond anything we have needed. There is a convenient toggle switch for DOG #2, which we aren't using now.
    • Value for the price.
    By Karen
    Power steering on steroids
    December 2, 2021
    Just upgraded to the Just Right Dogtra training collar from an old Tritronics Sport 50 for my 10 month old Fox Red Labrador. My dog is a power-house, extremely strong, and, thankfully, ready to learn. The remote is well laid out and has more buttons than the Sport 50 so took a little getting used to. My dog doesn't like the "Pager", "Tone" is ok, but, truly, the "LOW" Stim button is my go-to choice using variable #'s on the "Selector Dial" depending upon his level of distraction. Learning and understanding the proper use and philosophy behind these collars is extremely important!! I hope that users realize that there is a learning curve for the owner/handler as well as for the individual dog.
    Since I favor the "Stim" button(s), I would prefer to have those on the 'face' of the Transmitter, but, it's not a huge problem. Another thing that would be good option would be to have the lanyard be easy to disconnect. The lanyard is handy but gets in the way when actually holding the Transmitter in your hand. I do not think that wearing the Transmitter around the neck is a good practice.
    • Choices - Pager, Tone, 3 Stim levels coupled with the Selector Dial provide a great deal of options for (probably) every dog.
    • The design and layout of the Transmitter was, clearly, well thought out and I like the overall size as well. The buttons are easily accessible even with winter gloves on.
    • Charging - again, well designed and I love the Y setup on the charger (brilliant). The rubber protected ports are nice.
    • Collar - it is low profile and slightly more narrow than my old Sport 50. Thumbs up !!
    • Lanyard - I'd like it to come with a detachable clasp that's small & sturdy (I realize that I'm being pretty nit-picky on this). Not a big deal at all though.
    By Anonymous
    East TN
    Great collar
    November 9, 2021
    Great collar that I use for training as well as bird hunting on my German wired hair Griffon
    By Julia
    Lapeer, MI
    Easy to use
    October 18, 2021
    We bought this for our English Pointer puppy and it’s worked great! We like it so much we decided to get another one for our farm dog to help with training issues we have with her. Love everything about this collar. Easy to recharge, easy to use, fits in your back pocket or you can get a belt clip for it for $12.
    By Jackie
    Almont, Colorado
    My dog listens!
    September 1, 2021
    So easy to use. I have only shocked my dog once. He responds beautifully to the tone or vibrate. My daughter has an older version of the Dogtra Training Collar. She has had it for years and it works like new.
    • So easy to use
    • They send a training video on CD but who has a VCR anymore. It would be better if they sent a link to one of their training videos.
    By John
    Sisters, Oregon
    JUst Right is Just Right!
    July 30, 2021
    The Just Right dog collar I purchased for my 8 month old Lab is working well to assist in his training. The quality of the product is obvious upon inspection. Solid construction on both the receiver and the transmitter. The tone function has worked well in getting his attention and getting him to come. I use the vibrate to get him to "leave it" when he picks up something he shouldn't. I use the shock function minimally. In simple training sessions he did not react well to the shock. even at the low level recommeded in the included CD. The trainer in the CD recommends liberal use of the shock. Other training videos recommend minimal use of the shock. I definitely agree with the minimal use group and find the need for the shock for training mostly unnecesary.
    • Great collar, solid construction.
    • none
    By Raymond
    Dallas, TX
    Easy to use with 2 dogs
    June 30, 2021
    This is great and very easy to use with 2 labs
    • Easy to use
    • have not found one yet
    By Shannon
    Henderson, TN
    Love it!
    June 21, 2021
    This is the 2nd one of these we have purchased because they are so good! Our first one we have had for years and it still works great. We tried another, less expensive brand, but it was garbage and we returned it almost immediately and purchased another one of these.

    Be sure and watch the training video before using it! It is very helpful.

    Our dogs almost always only need a beep and they stop whatever they are doing wrong and obey. After a while, we hardly ever have to use it at all--and our dogs are Great Pyrenees, a VERY stubborn breed. Great training tool--highly recommend!
    • Strap to hang around your neck so you can take it with you and not have to hold it the entire time.
    • Loud beep
    • Strong vibration
    • Many static settings to fit any dog
    • If we forget to charge it one night, it will usually last the entire next day for us.
    • None
    By Christophe C.
    Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas
    Need a Unit for the Behavior Training Phase?
    June 20, 2021
    I train tactical dogs and pet dogs.

    For tactical dogs I use a variety of collars (etech 800s) and when we go long distance we use the big Garmins (Pro 550 Plus and the Trashbreaker).

    Our use is different than what you are probably thinking, btw.

    Nonetheless, I wanted a smaller, lighter non digital readout level unit for the close in behavior training. So, I selected this one off unit.

    This is a unique collar form Dogtra (as they say contracted only for Gun Dog Supply).
    • Stim starts out extremely low and the level jumps start out low.
    • I haven't used anything above a 3 medium as it really is a training collar--not a tactical collar.
    • I like (as we at Top-Dog K9 use vibrate and tone as signals) the dedicated tone and vibrate buttons..
    • I haven't used anything above a 3 medium as it really is a training collar--not a tactical collar.
    • Bottom Line: This unit is good for behavior training..
    • As others have mentioned, overall, the buttons are not user friendly.
    • Also it works better for right hand use than left hand use. .
    • Don't get this if you need a tactical collar--you need more range to punch through walls and trees.
    By Customer
    Great starter kit
    May 26, 2021
    Came already charged and ready to go
    Quality products and expert advice
    By Joe
    Tactile STIM dial an improvement over other Dogtra
    April 28, 2021
    I returned my 280C because I did not like the radio dial and LED display for the stim levels and the lack of a tone. The Dogtra Just Right is the same exact size receiver with the added benefit of no look adjustment on the transmitter. I give it a 4.5/5 stars because I agree with another commenter, I wish the buttons had a texture on them as they are very smooth and sometimes hard to feel.

    I use it on my 25lb 1 year old beagle and would recommend this product.
    • tactile stim dial
    • added tone/beep feature
    • lack of button texture on stim activation
    • no option to hang transmitter upside down via lanyard
    By Mike
    Lafayette La
    Great E Collar
    March 24, 2021
    E Collar works fine and was priced right but DVD that comes with collar never worked.
    • Light weight controller
    By Dean S.
    Duluth, GA
    Replacement/upgrade for our existing collar
    March 24, 2021
    We've had great success with our Dogtra collar for our golden doodle. However, after five years, our transmitter began to have issues, even with replacement of the batteries. So, looking for another, I found Gun Dog Supply. Their pricing was very good on an upgraded version of the transmitter with the collar included. And Gun Dog shipped more quickly than expected with us receiving our replacement just a few days after ordering. Overall, great service and a very good product!
    • Outstanding tool for assisting with our Bella's obedience
    • Only lasted five years (which is as much a pro in today's world of electronics)
    By Patrick
    Great Video and Product
    March 17, 2021
    I really enjoyed the video is quite helpful. So far the product feels like it is well-made and the good quality. I really enjoy versatility various options for training my dog
    By James
    North Central Washington
    Absolutely love this collar!
    February 17, 2021
    My large young dog ("Lada" a Anatolian/Pyrenees cross) was getting some bad habits (not coming on command and chasing trucks and deer) and I almost got to the point of considering finding a new home for her. This e-collar changed all that very quickly. After just one walk with it (and use of the electric shock function only a couple of times) she learned to stay close and come on command (with just the beep function). Now I rarely have to use even the vibration function, it's like her old habit was broken immediately. I absolutely LOVE this collar, and so does Lada (and as a plus it holds the charge for a couple of weeks of daily walks).
    • ease of use
    • holding of charge
    • reliability
    • cost
    • comfort
    • durability
    • none (other than the attachment point on the controller is on the wrong end, making the supplied lanyard too short)
    By Chuck
    very pleased
    January 25, 2021
    I have used this for almost 3 weeks on my 2 yr old lab. He has taken to it very well with happy and confident attitude. Take a look at Steve's video on this set up as he is right on in my experience to date, even to the 'back of hand test'. My lab is very attentive and biddable when not distracted, which unfortunately comes too easily. I find a 2 on the dial gets his attention when his focus is on training (I did not even notice), but quickly requires a 3 to 4 when distracted. It is sure nice to be able to move the power up a notch by feel only. I have not found a lot of use for the low, med, of both buttons to this point. I have noticed they work, but on the low level of 2 where I have been largely training to this point there is not enough of a difference to overcome a distraction, hence have needed to dial up and using low button only. I have not gone over a 4 low to this point, and moving to a 4 med or 4 high may indeed become significant attention getter. My pup has picked up fast n the tone as a recall, and I expect that'll be a great aid in the upland fields. Not sure I'll use the pager as it seems to confuse things for the dog right now. Bottom line is that the Dogtra Just Right has checked all the boxes for me so far. Also Kudo's to Steve's team for designng this product and for answering my questions when I called.
    • Basic collar that fits my needs
    • Quality
    • Battery life has been good
    • Value for $
    • Small case to keep things together would be nice, though would add to the cost.

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