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E-COLLAR TRAINING with Robin MacFarlane

  • Over 5 HOURS of Obedience Training!
  • Includes BONUS Basic Obedience Video ($40 value)
  • Available in your choice of Streaming or DVD

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    Do you have an e-collar for your dog but you've been afraid to use it? Stop worrying and start training! This 5-disc set will take you step-by-step through the process, from starting the training and finding a level up and through working around distractions and being ready to go off-leash!

    Three dogs of varying personalities were adopted from a shelter environment and trained daily over the course of 3-weeks. This video series captures the real-time footage starting from day one of introducing the e-collar and progresses to the point of off-leash control and working around real world distractions. Robin takes you step-by-step through the process of laying a foundation, solving common problems, working through distractions and graduating to off-leash freedom. The systematic approach and detailed instruction is designed specifically with the novice e-collar user in mind, but even experienced trainers will find a gem or two to add to their training toolbox!

    Each of the dogs in this video series, Grace, Brandi and Bonnie, started training within 72 hours of being adopted from a shelter environment. What you will see are real-time training sessions, not special editing or previously trained dogs. Viewers will be watching dogs with different temperaments being worked through challenges toward the goal of off-leash control and a greatly improved relationship with their handler.

    This video series takes a systematic approach to e-collar use from introduction to off-leash control. Robin's e-collar instructional materials are clear, concise and never sacrifice the physical or emotional well-being of the dog. With this training, your dog will be calmer, more controlled AND be able to experience the joys of off-leash freedom!

    Disc 1: Overview

  • Purpose of These Videos
  • Video Overview
  • When Do I Start Training?
  • When Do I Start Using My E-Collar?

    Disc 1: Before You Start the Training

  • Becoming Comfortable with Your Remote
  • Rhythm: Learning the Cadence of STIM
  • Training Your Dog with Tone and Vibration
  • Turning Feeding Time into Training Time
  • Difference Between Confusion and Disobedience
  • Managing Stress
  • Time to Digest
  • Your Dog's Personality

    Disc 2: Getting Started and Building a Foundation

  • STIM Icons and Finding a Level
  • Getting Started -- Grace
  • Getting Started -- Bonnie
  • Getting Started -- Brandi
  • Helping Your Dog
  • Building Recall -- Bonnie
  • Building Recall -- Brandi
  • Building Recall -- Grace
  • When Do I Start Using Verbal Commands?
  • Place Command
  • Introducing Place -- Grace

    Disc 3: Manners and Problem Solving

  • Stopping Jumping Up -- Grace
  • Taking Treats Politely -- Bonnie
  • Momentary Stimulation vs. Continuous Stimulation
  • Teaching Leave It -- Grace
  • Teaching Wait -- Bonnie

    Disc 3: What To Teach Next

  • Shaping Sit -- Bonnie
  • E-Collar Sit -- Grace
  • Shaping Down -- Bonnie
  • E-Collar Down -- Brandi
  • Starting Heel -- Brandi
  • Starting Heel -- Grace
  • Short Line Heel -- Brandi
  • Heel Adding Turns and Figure 8's

    Disc 4: Proofing the Training

  • Putting It All Together -- Brandi
  • Finding the Right Level of Stim
  • Proofing Place with Distractions -- Grace
  • Proofing Place -- Bonnie
  • Working Around Distractions -- Grace
  • Working Around Distractions -- Brandi
  • Working with Two Dogs -- Grace And Brandi

    Disc 4: Including Some Fun

  • Adding Play
  • Playing Tug -- Brandi
  • Playing Tug -- Having Fun and Being Safe
  • How Much Should You Practice? -- Brandi

    Disc 5: Ready to Go Off-Leash

  • Body Language -- Grace
  • Off Leash Transition -- Grace
  • Physical and Mental Outlets for Your Dog
  • Drop Leash Transition -- Brandi
  • Proofing Recall -- Brandi
  • Proofing Recall -- Bonnie
  • When Do I Stop Using the E-Collar?
  • Grand Finale

    If you've longed to be able to trust your dog off-leash but dont have the confidence to start training with an e-collar, this video series is for you! Any dog owner that is interested in learning an easier way to communicate with their dog while gaining off-leash reliability will benefit from this video series.

  • MacFarlane: E-Collar Training

    Making a dog training video can be a complicated process. Having the dogs that you need at the correct level of training when you are ready to shoot the video is the hard part. If you are going to show the actual training, then you need to film the dogs when the training is happening. Most videos don't do this. They film dogs after the training is complete. You end up with a product that shows the trained dog instead of the training process. It's not what the customer wants to see and it does not give a true picture of the process, warts and all.

    We did not want to do that with this project. We wanted several dogs that had zero training so we could show you how fast you could take them through the process, from the introduction of the e-collar to off-leash control in real-time. Robin's idea was to take three dogs from shelter backgrounds and put manners on them as fast as possible. She also wanted to film the entire process. Grace, Brandi and Bonnie each came with their own particular issues as you will see in the early sessions. For the next three weeks, we filmed the entire training process of each dog's training, and show you every step along the way.

    There are many ways to train dogs and many different ways to use the remote training collar. Robin's training methods are easy to understand for the dog and the trainer.

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    By K M.
    Exceptional Videos
    April 24, 2022
    I received my streaming access link to "E-COLLAR TRAINING with Robin MacFarlane."

    I watched the entire program and now feel confident enough to use an e-collar for my dog's training.

    Your HD streaming videos are exceptional. Your expert real-time commentary, overlaying Cue/Command, and active STIM button on your screen are valuable.

    Your decision to use three untrained dogs with different temperaments was brilliant.

    It allows one to witness the natural progression of learning and observe how every dog is unique and may require that you adapt your training while also revealing the value of an e-collar.
    By Marie
    Clinton, Connecticut
    Great comprehensive e-collar training
    December 14, 2021
    We have a 10 month springer spaniel who I want to train on the e-collar. Robin’s comprehensive training guide is perfect. I purchased the collar but found myself struggling to find a step-by-step guide. The internet is filled by snippets of training but nothing comprehensive until by chance I landed on Robin’s site. Not only does she instruct how to use the e-collar she also gives great advice and tips on how best to succeed with your particular dog in mind. To me, this training DVD set has been invaluable as I continue to train with my springer.
    Marie Morch
    By Doc
    Hartford, Wisconsin
    E-Collar Training is Worth the Price
    December 21, 2020
    This is a well done series and made me much more comfortable using the E-Collar for Training. With its proper use dogs and man can be constant companions and team mates.
    • Well done progressive series. I am no longer scared to use tthe his tool to get the results i want. I have a GSP who now is my partner both on and off the fields.
    • I did not want it to end. I was enjoying it so much and learning a lot.
    By John
    December 14, 2022
    Well worth the price. It has given me the confidence to use the e-collar for effective training.
    By Dave
    Excellent Intro to E-collar Training
    February 11, 2022
    I've been training hunting dogs with an e-collar for about 15 years. My grown daughter became interested in using an e-collar to train her high-maintenance dog at the suggestion of a pro-trainer (much to my surprise), but was concerned about using it incorrectly. Since I am unable to personally help her due to physical separation, I bought this set of videos in the hope that they would put her on the right course. But, just to make sure, I reviewed them first. I was very pleased to see that everything I told her (and cautioned her about) was addressed in the video and then some. So, I forwarded them to her and would highly recommend this set to anyone new to e-collar training who wants to ensure they do it right.
    • Viewer gets to see the techniques applied to multiple different dogs (every dog is different) with "no prior training."
    • Lots of little pointers and cautions are addressed throughout the video, but you have to be listening closely or you could miss them. I picked up on them due to my past experience, but I could easily see how a newbie could miss them if not paying close attention. It would be nice if they were highlighted somehow.
    By Elden
    Northwest Illinios
    Very good product
    January 29, 2022
    Robin uses great detail explaining and visual. Sarets out 1st day were the dog has no training and progresses all the way to where the dog knows what he is doing. Helps the dog to become a problem solver.
    By Rock
    Woodstown NJ
    Excellent videos
    September 27, 2021
    We’ll done
    Easy to follow
    Nicely explained
    Can’t believe how intently the dog was watching it
    • Broken up into lessons
    • Tips on reading the dogs
    • Understanding the behavior
    By Debbie
    Sandy, UT
    Very helpful videos
    July 8, 2021
    I had purchased an e-collar for my puppy and was making some progress, but was nervous to continue since I had only watched youtube videos and read two books. These videos gave me the confidence I needed to continue training my puppy. She is an 11 month old mini golden doodle. She is great in the house, but even with continuous training, I was having trouble with her constantly pulling on her leash. Her recall also was not very good, mostly because it's hard when you don't have a helper. She has made great strides in her training since I watched these videos. She comes when called and has also improved considerably with her heeling. She loves to go to a school or park and run around without a leash. I would recommend these videos to anyone nervous about training their puppy or dog with an e-collar. I wish I had done it sooner and saved my shoulder and lessened my stress.
    • Concise training with dogs that had not been trained before. Real life training!! Robin knows what she is doing.
    By Steve
    Williamsburg, VA
    Clear and Well Done
    March 18, 2021
    This should be a mandatory purchase with the purchase of an e-collar. Clear and concise. Just about everything you need to know to get started is presented. I watched all of the topics straight through twice before I took the e-collar(s) out fo the box. The only issue I have is the actual DVDs had issues in the player (PS4) but luckily I purchased the streaming version as well. An odd suggestion I have to add another "volume" is how to use the e-collar to help form wanted behavior with two sibling dogs and their unique circumstances (domination, playing vs rough-housing, separation anxiety, etc.).
    • Clear
    • Concise
    • Covers many potential circumstances you might face
    • Professional
    • Loved the on-screen visuals that showed when pressure was being applied
    • DVDs skipped or weren't able to play a number of topics
    By Lisa P.
    Dubuque, IA
    Very Helpful Video Series
    September 24, 2020
    I live near Dubuque, where Robin McFarlane is located, and met with her for about half an hour soon after adopting a 5-month-old cockapoo (my first dog as an adult). Everything that I had read about cockapoos suggested "no harsh training," but I had heard good things about That's My Dog (her training facility) from other dog owners and wanted my dog to be off-leash, and so decided to learn more about her approach. These videos were much less expensive than private lessons and so I bought them in case I needed them. I started out with just using a tone collar and my dog (who has separation anxiety and basically adores me) was pretty responsive to just that for a long time, as long as I consistently rewarded him with treats. When he got close to 18 months, though, he entered a disobedient phase where he started to think that he could just run up and play with any other dog that he saw (once running across a street), and then would just suffer the consequences of my being unhappy later. So I finally watched all these videos and then used the shock stimulus at the lowest level that he would respond to (between 8-12 on the smallest Educator collar), as Robin suggested in the videos, continuing to use many more treats and praise than shocks. After just a couple of hours, he became more obedient than ever, and seemed to love me even more (probably because I was no longer scolding him for misbehaving), and did not seem unhappy at all. Since then, he has been basically totally responsive to me when I have called him (via tone or voice), and quicker to sit when I ask, and in general a little more respectful, and just as loving and happy, with my almost never needing to use the shock function again. I don't think that I would have been nearly as effective or confident at using the collar if I hadn't watched this particular video series, which I found to be considerably more helpful than the shorter videos that Robin has put together. So I would highly recommend this purchase to other nervous collar users. Thanks to Gun Dog Supply for producing the series!

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