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Garmin ALPHA 10 Handheld Only

Which dog, which way, and how far -- no clutter,†just the tracking info you need†where and when you need it.

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Alpha 10 Front Alpha 10 Back Alpha 10 Left Side Alpha 10 Right Side Alpha 10 Screen Detail Alpha 10 in hand Alpha 10 Right Side Button Detail Alpha 10 Power Button Detail Alpha 10 Toggle Button Detail Alpha 10 Back with Loop and Carabiner Alpha 10 Back Screw Alpha 10 Belt Clip Alpha 10 Charge Port Alpha 10 on Charger Alpha 10 Accessories Alpha 10 Manual Alpha 10 Box Alpha 10 Scaled Alpha 10 Screenshot Menu Alpha 10 Screenshot Dog Tracking Alpha 10 Screenshot Truck Marker Alpha 10 Screenshot Treed Alpha 10 Screenshot Messages Alpha 10 Screenshot Training Modes Alpha 10 Screenshot Add Device Alpha 10 Screenshot Add Dog

  • Compact design with at-a-glance, multi-GNSS tracking and configurable training
  • Add Garmin†TT15†or†TT15 MINI†collars†(available separately) and†track and train up to 20 dogs
  • Store custom training settings for each dog with 18 levels of continuous or†momentary STIM plus tone and vibration
  • Up to 9 mile "line of sight" range
  • Up to a 2.5-second update rate
  • Meets tough IPX7 waterproof standards
  • Connect to your Garmin DriveTrack 71 to view your dogís location on a map
  • Sync with the Garmin Explore smart device app to view dog tracking data, hunt replay, and more
  • Compatible with Garmin Fenix and Instinct GPS watches for quick tracking updates on your wrist
  • Up to 20 hour battery life (will vary depending on usage)
  • Don't need remote training? Pair your Alpha 10 with†T5†or†T5 MINI†collars for tracking-only use
  • Emergency Alert lets you send your dog's last known location and an alert message to other Alpha users in the area

      Preset alert messages include:
      • Help
      • Are you OK?
      • I'm coming
      • Stay there
      • OK
      • Yes
      • No
      • Come here
      • Lost dog
      • Injured dog
      • Ending hunt
      • Go on without me
      • Headed your way
      • Caution: others nearby
      • Game spotted
      • Slow down
      • Speed up
      • Nice shot

  • Alpha 10 Handheld Comes with:
    • Alpha 10 compact tracking/training handheld
    • Spine mount
    • Carabiner clip
    • Carabiner loop
    • Extra screw with wrench kit
    • Belt clip
    • Micro USB cable
    • Owner's manual

    Alpha 10 Handheld Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 2.3" x 4.8" x 1.1" with antenna
    • Weight: 5.6 oz.

    Garmin ALPHA 10 Handheld Only

    The Garmin Alpha 10 is the newest handheld in the line of Garmin Alpha track and train systems. It works with regular and MINI TT15s, TT10s, and T5s (tracking only).

    What's unique about the Alpha 10 is its small size.

    It is substantially smaller than the other handhelds on the market, weighing in at only 5.6 ounces and 2.6Ē tall. This could be a lot more comfortable for you to carry around in your hand, but whether this device is right or not for you depends on what you need, so read on.

    What I like about this unit is that it will track up to 20 collars and handhelds, much like the Alpha 100 or the Alpha 200.

    The tracking is similar to what you get from the PRO 550 PLUS. It is a directional only tracker, so when you're looking for a dog it will have an arrow showing the direction and distance the dog is from you.

    The other great thing about the Alpha 10 is that it has the ability to track and message other Alpha handhelds, so you can sync it up with your 100 or 200 handhelds and send messages back and forth, and track each othersí locations.

    The Alpha 10 has a lot of information packed into a small screen.

    Overall, the Alpha 10 has a pretty simple interface. The toggle takes a little bit of getting used to, but the more I used it, the more I enjoyed it.

    I found that it has a lot of information packed into a small screen and it fits in well with what I need in a lot of situations. As tracking units go, this is a really great handheld.

    Where I think most folks are going to really appreciate the Alpha 10 is when using it in a vehicle.

    I connect my Alpha 10 to a long-range antenna and use it along with a Garmin DriveTrack as a dedicated secondary unit that never leaves my truck. That way when I track dogs on foot I don't have to unscrew or unhook anything.

    Since the Alpha 10 does not have mapping built-in, another option is to sync it with the Garmin Explorer app on your mobile phone. If you want a larger screen than the DriveTrack or a less expensive option, you can get a tablet and download the Garmin Explorer app there, too.

    The Alpha 10 is a track and train unit but has limited training functionality.

    The Alpha 10 has stimulation, tone, and vibration capabilities, but it is limited in that you have only one button with a toggle switch to raise and lower stimulation. The feedback we have been getting from customers is that this configuration isnít particularly easy to use, the side-button in particular.

    Basically, this is a good unit if you donít have to use stimulation much, but it does not have the training functionality that the other Alpha handhelds have.

    In my opinion, of the Garmin tracking/training units available, the PRO 550 PLUS offers the best e-collar functionality, followed by the Alpha 200, the Alpha 100, and then the Alpha 10.

    Comparing them side-by-side:

    ALPHA 10 vs. the PRO 550 PLUS
    • The ALPHA 10 has an at-a-glance tracking display, similar to the PRO 550 PLUS
    • The ALPHA 10 has the advantages of communicating with and tracking other handhelds, tracking more dogs, and the ability to mark your truck
    • The ALPHA 10 does not have the remote training capabilities and versatility that you get with the PRO 550 PLUS
    • Overall, the ALPHA 10 outperforms the PRO 550 PLUS in tracking/GPS, but it is not as user-friendly or versatile as a training collar

    ALPHA 10 vs. the ALPHA 200i / ALPHA 200
    • The ALPHA 10 is a good bit smaller
    • The ALPHA 10 is cheaper
    • The ALPHA 10 can track the same number of devices, but without built-in mapping functionality
    • The ALPHA 10 can communicate with and track other handhelds but lacks the ALPHA 200iís InReach capabilities
    • The ALPHA 10 has stim, vibration, and tone, but not the multi-button control and versatility you get with the ALPHA 200i / 200
    • The ALPHA 10 does not have a touchscreen
    • Overall, the ALPHA 10 is considerably smaller and cheaper but comes with sacrifices in GPS tracking features as well as remote training functionality and versatility

    ALPHA 10 vs. the ALPHA 100
    • The ALPHA 10 is a good bit smaller
    • The ALPHA 10 is cheaper
    • The ALPHA 10 can communicate with and track other handhelds
    • The ALPHA 10 can track the same number of devices, but without built-in mapping functionality
    • The ALPHA 10 has stim, vibration, and tone, but not the multi-button control you get with the ALPHA 100
    • The ALPHA 10 does not have a touchscreen
    • Overall, the ALPHA 10 is smaller and cheaper but comes with sacrifices in GPS tracking features as well as remote training functionality and versatility

    ALPHA 10 vs. the ASTRO 430
    • The ALPHA 10 is smaller
    • The ALPHA 10 is a little cheaper
    • The ALPHA 10 has the advantages of communicating with and tracking other handhelds
    • The ALPHA 10 has remote training functions including stim, vibration, and tone where the ASTRO 430 is tracking only
    • The ALPHA 10 does not have built-in mapping functionality
    • Overall, the ASTRO 430 provides greater GPS/tracking functionality, but the ALPHA 10 adds remote training functions and smaller size

    To learn more about the ALPHA 10, watch my video that walks you through all the details, including system anatomy and setup.

    Download Owner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 10 Handheld Only

    owners-manualOwner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 10 Handheld Only

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    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    16 Reviews
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    31% (5)
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    100% Recommend this product (16 of 16 responses)
    By Milo
    Central Illinois
    Satisfied with the Alpha 10
    January 21, 2023
    Like the simply features of the Alpha 10, the toggle is very sensitive and the training collar button is hard to operate with gloves. Otherwise I like the all in one features with training and gps collar. The size of the handheld transmitter is great.
    • All in one and size is great.
    • Toggle is sensitive and training button is hard to feel with gloves.
    By Melissa M.
    Grafton, MA
    Garmin Alpha10 and TT15X
    March 10, 2022
    This is a great product - I was a little unsure if I wanted the bigger system with maps or just the tracking arrow and distance, as with the alpha10, but I decided to go with the smaller system - and can use it with the Garmin app on my phone if I want more information. I have 2 male GSPs - just about a year old - whom I bring in the woods every morning. One is a runner, and disappears pretty regularly on me, which is why I got the system in the first place. The Alph10/TT15X system has given me my enjoyable morning walks and piece of mind back - I can see where my sinning dog is and give a gentle stimulus to remind him that he needs to come back. I don't stand in the middle of the wilderness yelling or whistling for him anymore. He has become more responsive and less likely to roam too far.
    • Easy to use, very long battery life (well over a week, out in the woods with dogs for about 1-2 hours a day), never loses the signal. Expensive, but worth the money. I would not bother with the more expensive versions that show maps on the screen - too much information and you can get that information for free with a Garmin App on your phone.
    • You need to be happy with the stimulus level you've chosen, as it is cumbersome to change on the fly.
    By Greg
    Wayland, MI
    Works great after software update
    February 14, 2023
    Initially could not get controller and collar to pair. Was told to update collar software, but was missing cable to connect from collar cable to USB. I bought my own and then tried updating collar with Garmin Express but it didn’t work. Then tried updating the controller which did work allowing the two to pair.

    Now that it’s working, I couldn’t be happier with it. Works as advertised.
    By Charles
    San Antonio, Texas
    Only Used Once
    February 1, 2023
    Have only used it once, but seems to work well. Impressed with the battery life. No longer worrying about keeping extra batteries handy
    • Battery life
    • None
    By James
    Pontotoc, MS
    Works Great
    December 21, 2022
    Small, lightweight and after playing with it for a few minutes I was ready to go hunting. It does everything that the more expensive units can do. Download the Garmin Explore app and you can watch everything you dogs are doing.
    • Simple, easy to set up and due to its size, you never know its in your pocket
    • Training button is a little small and stiff but it just takes a little time to get the feel of it
    By Rob
    Charleston, SC
    A great new addition to the field kit
    December 14, 2022
    I just received the Aplha 10 and TT15x collar combination before my last hunt and put it immediate into use. Setup was incredibly easy. The Alpha 10 paired quickly with both my existing TT15 and the new TT15x collars. I have been using a Garmin 550+ handheld for the past three seasons and love that unit as well. If your dog(s) need training/stimulation the 550+ is probably the better unit to use. Since I was hunting my 4 year-old LLewelyn Setter, training/stimulation is not much of a need.

    Comparisons between the 550+ and the Alpha 10 - I love the unit's larger direction display, which is much easier on older eyes. The Alpha 10 is a much smaller unit and easily fit into the shoulder pouch on my vest, keeping it within easy access but out of the way when shouldering a shotgun to the other side. Both the 550+ and Alpha 10 synced well with Garmin's Explorer app, but it is slightly easier to start and stop a hunt tracking with the Alpha 10. There is a little more information on the collar available in the Alpha 10's screen, such as collar battery strength, which I much appreciate.

    Overall, I really like the Alpha 10. The three main things I need in a tracking collar right now in order of importance are direction and distance to my pups, battery strength of the unit and collars, and a stimulation option for the rare correction need. The Alpha 10 checks all those boxes.

    As for the new TT15x collar - I need to perform some side-by-side testing, but it does appear to be slightly more accurate than my older TT15 collar. The software updates were easy enough to do thru Garmin Express, not that the WebUpdater approach was that difficult. Though, I do like having all my Garmin updates (550+, Alpha10, Fenix) in a single software location.

    One more note on the customer service from Gun Dog Supply ... It was, as usual, simply amazing ... My wife actually ordered this unit as a gift for me and the pup. She initially forgot to order the TT15x collar with a blue strap (almost everything for this pup is blue). Hours after she placed the order, she called to adjust the order. In her words = "the woman who answered the phone could not have been nicer!"
    • + Smaller than the 550+
    • + Bigger directional display
    • + Location accuracy
    • + Unit and Collar battery strength
    • - Changing stimulation levels is not as quick as the 550+
    • - Easy to toggle the thumb switch when taking the unit in and out of a vest pocket/pouch
    By Bryan
    Alpha 10
    November 22, 2022
    I would like everyone to know that purchasing from Outdoor Dog Supply , was a wonderful experience, fast shipment !! I'm so pleased with it , anything from Garmin has been a pleasure to purchase , watch the video Steve has on it . It can't be explained any simpler.
    • I hunt bird dogs and it the best !!
    • It's not a 100 or a 200 , but with phone app it can be seen as either . Nothing to complain about .
    By Nick F.
    Kansas City MO
    Great E-Collar & Tracking System
    November 4, 2022
    So far, so good. Garmin makes top notch products. Had to exchange the TT15X for the TT15 Mini. Gun Dog Supply made the exchange easy.

    Great company. Great support. My go to site for all things sport dog related.
    By Teri
    Great small handheld
    October 7, 2022
    I got the Alpha 10 to be a compact handheld for my Garmin collars and it has been working like a dream with my 5 dogs in the field.
    • Great size and reception
    • None to say so far
    By Griffguy
    Garmin Alpha 10+
    September 10, 2022
    Well constructed product.
    • Great range
    • Not easy to set up the hunt. You must be very careful to make sure the unit is off . Mine went dead on me
    By Richard
    Fits my needs
    July 24, 2022
    As Steve's video review says, the Alpha 10 is not for everybody. But it fits my needs perfectly. My dog is already collar conditioned and doesn't need a lot of correction, so I didn't need a training collar. He responds to vibrate as a whoa command and tone as a recall, so I leave the setting on one of those and hitting the button gives me the desired response. Scrolling through multiple settings or working multiple dogs would be a drawback for this unit, I think.
    The tracking screen on the unit is fairly rudimentary- direction and distance to your dog, other devices, or your truck. But, when paired with my cell phone via Bluetooth and using the Garmin Explore app with downloaded maps, I get better mapping capability and dog location than with the more expensive units. It means having to have the Alpha 10 and my phone with me during a hunt, but that's not a concern for me. Plus, it doesn't require cell service.
    The TT15 collar works well for my Braque Francais. He is nearly 50 pounds, but his neck at the base of his head is only 14", and 16" at his shoulder, so a smaller pointer. So far, range has not been an issue, although I've only tested to about 1/2 mile.
    There are better training collars, and more advanced tracking units with better features. But for the right application, this combo is a great value.
    • Price and value in the right application
    • Compact size
    • Adequate range
    • Gun Dog Supply customer service. I called and asked a lot of questions before making the purchase. I explained my needs and received honest feedback on the pros and cons of many units. There was no effort to upsell me. The unit was backordered when I placed my order, but I received it before expected.
    • Not the best for collar conditioning a new dog
    • Not the most features in a tracking unit
    • Takes some familiarity to get comfortable switching settings and between dogs
    • Enclosed user manual. Watch some videos.
    By David
    Nampa, Idaho
    Ideal for Chukar hunting
    March 5, 2022
    This is perfect for birdhunting in big country with a trained dog. I used Astros in the past but too many features made it harder to use. Seeing the direction and distance of the dog is all I need for tracking. Marking the truck is a big plus and why I chose this over the 550 plus. I do not use this for training but do need stimulation and randge for the occasional deer/antelope chase. The only thing I would change would be to add a range alert feature. If I need that and other mapping features I can also carry my Astro 430 which can read the TT15X collar.
    • Light and small. Easy to use. Good range Great for upland bird hunting.
    • Battery stopped taking a charge and had to return it to Garmin for a replacement.
    • Using with Garmin Explore was too confusing.
    By Pete
    Simple, but not Garmin's best engineering
    November 4, 2021
    The upside is that the battery lasts a long time and they've dropped all the bells and whistles from the 100 and 200, so it's much simpler. Eliminating the touch screen also prevents the annoying moment when you look down during a hunt and realize you're 4-screens deep into a place you don't care about or don't want to be

    The downside is that it seems to have been designed by someone who hasn't hunted with it-- (see cons, below)

    To be clear: my frustrations are with Garmin, not Gun Dog Supply! I'm grateful to GDS that it was even available-- these are not easy to find these days and I needed mine quickly when my Alpha 100 stopped charging (after just 2 years).

    Bottom line is that I'm keeping it, but there's room for improvement!
    • Long battery life.
    • Fast Charging.
    • Compact size.
    • Biggest flaw is the Training button, which 1) is hard to find by feel and/or without having to look, 2) is difficult to engage with gloves on, and 3) doesn't have any "action" like a click or vibration to let the user know it's been engaged.
    • The small size also means that using the buttons is cramped. Engaging the training button requires squeezing from the other side, which often causes inadvertent pressing of the Menu Button. This is true whether it's held in the right or left hand, and it's especially bad if you have large hands and/or fat fingers.
    • A post-production workaround might be a latex protective "skin" that could add a bump to the training button, so that it's more easily found and engaged without looking and with gloves on.
    • Like most Garmin products, the menus are not too intuitive-- likely b/c they're designed by engineers rather that dog trainers and handlers. E.g.: Engaging the Stim/Tone/Vibe from the little joystick would be helpful.
    • Last, a bottom mount for a lanyard would be helpful. I like to have the unit clipped on my belt, but also tethered with a shock cord, which is possible with the 100, but the belt clip attachment makes that impossible with this unit, so the shock cord and/or carabiner get all messed up in the belt clip. A simple bottom attachment would be another big help.
    • I would recommend this to a friend, but not without some warnings!
    By Chris N.
    Works great.
    October 6, 2021
    Once I got the collars synched, it worked as advertised.
    By Luke
    Perfect Combination
    September 16, 2021
    The Alpha 10 is exactly what I've been looking for in a handheld track/train. It's simple, it tells you where your dogs are, it alerts you when they're on point, and it gives you the ability to correct with tone/vibrate/ continuous and momentary stimulation. It is more of a "tracking" device than a "training" device, but it does give you the ability to do both. Pairing the Alpha 10 (and appropriate collars) with the Garmin Explore app (on your smartphone) gives you real-time and useful data on topographical or aerial imagery maps that can be reviewed in the field or after the hunt. The Garmin Explore app can be used with or without cell service, as long as the appropriate maps are downloaded beforehand. All of this, in a small and light package, makes the Alpha 10 perfect for my needs.
    • Simple
    • Versatile
    • Pairs with Garmin Explore app
    • Small & Light
    • "Training" button can be difficult to quickly find in the field
    • Included carabiner is not ideal - it should be attached at the bottom of the device, not at the top.
    By John
    Clarksville Va
    Fast service and functional controller
    September 16, 2021
    Received the unit two days after ordering! It is a simple device easy to set up and the screen is easily seen in the sun. I like the compass and time showing right above the dog data. The tone and vibrate function setting and menu are easily accessible. I run three dogs and the screen shows their distance and direction. The toggle is rapid and the stimulation button convenient to press.
    • Small and easy to use device that functions as intended. I manage my pointers more easily than with the Alpha 100 while hunting.
    • Simple to set up and has what you need work your dogs in the field.
    • Been using the alpha 10 for a week so have not found fault with it as yet.

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