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The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set

"Covers pretty much everything you are going to need in getting a pointing dog going." -- Steve Snell

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Perfect Start DVD back Perfect Finish DVD back

Approx. 8 hours, 55 minutes total runtime

These videos feature Jon and Cindy Hann, owners and operators of one of the most successful pointing dog training facilities in the United States. They are trainers of numerous champions competing in all breeds and disciplines of the field trial world: Amateur, Open, Walking, and Horseback. Jon and Cindy are also trainers of countless hunting companions from all over America.

"Tired of whoa posts and barrels? Tired of videos showing already trained dogs in "mock" training situations? Tired of videos that only show the select best dogs? In this video, we don't pick 'em, we just train 'em!" -- Jon Hann

"The Perfect Start" video teaches with in-depth explanation and live training examples of all key points of starting your bird dog. Understand how your dog learns, teach here, heel, and whoa, and evaluate your dog's natural abilities. Understand why your dog does the things he does and how this affects training. Use the introduction to birds, backing, and guns. Learn how to enhance natural pointing instincts, and encourage the natural retrieving abilities of your dog. This video also shows the proper use of the electronic collar.

"The Perfect Finish" expands the basics you learned in "The Perfect Start" in an easy-to-understand and implement video. It is a common-sense approach that works with soft dogs, tough dogs, and all those in between. It shows you how to implement the e-collar, and demonstrates, in detail, Jon and Cindy's humane training and finishing methods. We do not recommend using "The Perfect Finish" without first completing The Perfect Start."

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"The Perfect Start", approx. 2 hours, 38 minutes runtime

Disc 1 Chapters:
  1. Intro
  2. Equipment and the Things You'll Need
  3. Taking the Dog to the Field
  4. Intro to Birds
  5. Bird Releases
  6. How to Use Bird Releases
Disc 2 Chapters:
  1. The Electronic Collar and "HERE"
  2. The "HERE" Command
  3. Finishing the Play Retrieve
  4. Proper Introduction to the Gun
  5. Teaching "HEEL"
  6. Starting on Backing

"The Perfect Finish", approx. 6 hours, 17 minutes total runtime

Disc 1 Chapters:
  1. Intro
  2. Whoa in the Field
  3. Whoa with Birds
Disc 2 Chapter:
  1. Whoa and the Bird Release
Disc 3 Chapters:
  1. Steady to Wing? Or Wing and Shot?
  2. Adding a Blank Gun
  3. Steady to Shot & Falling Bird
  4. Shooting the First Bird
  5. Stop to Flush
  6. Backing with Another Dog
  7. Closing Segments

Hann: Perfect Start / Perfect Finish DVD Set

Of all the pointing dog videos we sell, the Perfect Start / Perfect Finish series is our top recommendation.

Even though these videos may be showing some age when it comes to production quality (they were originally released in 1999-2000), the content is still as fresh and relevant as it was when they were new.

PS/PF is great for beginners because it shows multiple dogs at the beginning of their training. You get to see them begin and see how they react to situations multiple times. You can watch the same dog get introduced to pigeons and see how he reacts. Then you get to see him the second time he sees a bird and the third.

It's a pretty neat idea. It's also very obvious that these dogs are not trained "movie stars." They make mistakes and have bad reactions to things the first time they see them, just like you will with your dog.

They cover everything you need to do to finish a pointing dog with one exception -- the "trained retrieve."

Transcript from Steve's Video:

This is one of our bestselling birddog training video sets. "Perfect Start, Perfect Finish". It's 6 1/2 hours of footage. It's a very expensive set, but you get a lot for the money.

My favorite thing about it is that unlike some of the 30-minute videos that we sell, this gives you a much more realistic idea of the time it takes to train a dog.

One of the things about this video is that they start with dogs and they work them through, and you get a chance to see a dog the first time he sees a pigeon, and you get to see his reaction. And they come back and they show him the second time and the third time.

And so you get a little more realistic take on what's going to happen when you train your dog.

When you look at the price tag on these, please understand that you are talking about 6 ½ hours of video. It covers a lot of things. You get to see a lot of dogs. And it's a very complete system.

I've been real pleased with them. It's one of our bestselling videos. With the exception of the trained retrieve, it covers pretty much everything you are going to need in getting a pointing dog going. And it takes them all the way through the process, and it shows a lot of dogs and gives you just a lot of information.

So if you are looking for a really complete set, this is a good way to go. "Perfect Start, Perfect Finish". We have a satisfaction guaranteed on it. if you are not happy with it I want it back. It's one of my favorites and I think it's something that will help you get your dog to that point that you are trying to reach.

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Customer Reviews

40 Reviews
65% (26)
25% (10)
10% (4)
0% (0)
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98% Recommend this product (39 of 40 responses)
By Charles T.
Front Royal Virginia
Outstanding Videos
April 8, 2021
Easy to follow, knowledgeable content. Easy to relate to, great range of dog personalities, bought these videos for new pup, but can use on our older dog as well.
  • Easy to follow and understand, quality and info good. Great service from Steve Snell and staff/Gun Dog Supply.
By Mike
Grand Rapids, MI
Great product
March 7, 2024
Videos are fantastic. Easy to understand. The videos show how easy it can be to get a pointing dog steady to wind and shot. All training is positive reinforcement with very little pressure.

Fast shipping.
  • Audio was great. You can tell the conditions are windy and there is no wind sound in the audio!!!
  • Video is also very good quality.
  • All aspects are explained clearly and then shown how it works. All dogs are learning the process during the filming. The dogs are not already trained. You can see them progress as the training progresses.
By Nicholas M.
New Jersey
great video
March 11, 2022
I am 77 years old. Since young age I have hunting dogs which either tried to train by myself or send them out for professional training. I have watch a lot of trainers training my dogs and I also have watch a lot of dog training videos done by some very well known dog trainers. In my opinion Jon Hann's videos "The perfect Start and The perfect finished" are one of the best in the market. Jon approaches the dogs with calm and patience. His deep knowledge and style makes the dog owner to feel secure that his dog will be treated with kindness, understanding and that his dog will receive the training that needs to become a great dog. Presently I own six pointing dogs. It is unfortunate that I live 800 miles away from his training facility and my dogs cannot receive Jon's training wisdom.
  • Jon will demonstrate how his technique will bring a young dog to his full hunting abilities and potentials.
  • Poor sound. Also the average dog owner will need a lot of birds to duplicate Jon's training approach
By J A.
Houston, Texas
Perfection Kennel DVD's
November 29, 2021
You want a linear progression to train your pup, this is as good of a series as you will find. Production low, but information, techniques, scenarios, and examples (on real dogs learning) is as good as you can find anywhere.

If you are handling, training, hunting or even thinking about handling, training or hunting behind your dog, this is a must have in your training gear.
  • lots of examples with multiple dogs to show what to expect (actual learning, not trained dogs demonstrating)
  • how to make timely corrections
  • linear progress in training sequence
  • production value
By Brad E.
Garwin, IA
Perfect training video set
August 26, 2021
I received these in good condition. The information in these videos was very informative. I appreciate how Jon Hann handles the dogs. He knows how they learn and Taylor’s the training session to each dog. I also appreciate that he takes an untrained dog and you follow them through the steps in training. He does this with multiple dogs giving you a real life look at different temperament dogs. The only complaint I have is the quality of the video but it is nothing really to complain about. It is shot some time ago with less superior equipment. It doesn’t take away from the information content at all. My dogs enjoyed watching it. Lol
  • Information content superb
  • Video quality.
By Dane
Good information
August 5, 2021
This set included multiple CDs all have a lot of really good information on them video and editing quality is a little low but keeping in mind that most of the filming is done out in the field and not in a studio completely understandable.

Would recommend to anyone interested in training their dog
By Lynn
Akron Ohio
So you think you know about training dogs
July 6, 2021
This training film it’s so different and so far ahead of anything else I have seen it is very easy to understand. Showing you how a dog reacts to the training and then following that dog through its training and seeing two or three other dogs and their reactions and their progress , Of all the money that I’ve spent on dog training this is the best value for the money I highly recommend it.
By Michigan S.
Great so far
March 18, 2021
As others have commented, the production quality was somewhat dated. The audio has a bit
of wind interferance, and the video is grainy. Also, one of the disks came loose
in delivery, and there was some scratching on it. I noticed other reviewers encountered the scratching too.

That said, the actual training material has been good so far. Yes, the DVDs are "expensive," but not if you are able to apply the material to your pup's education. It's a bargain considering the alternative of paying someone else to do it for you. I've found there is no "one" way of educating yourself on dog training: you have to keep studying the subject using as many reliable sources as you can find.
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Addresses dealing with dogs of various temperaments
  • Audio and visual quality need updating
By Birdman
South Jersey
Dog training
March 17, 2021
Excellent information and proven results trainer
By Artin
October 13, 2020
I was fairly excited about this purchase. I was really disappointed in the video quality of the dvd's which made them difficult for me to watch. For $150.00 I think that the quality should have been much better. It felt like I was watching an old VHS tape. I'm new to the gun dog world and seeing other videos I thought I would be getting something more up to date for the price. I cannot give the content any ratings as I don't have the expertise of a pro trainer. I gave it a 3 star rating because at the very least I picked up a couple of pointers.
By Matt
Montpelier, Idaho
Poor Packaging
August 6, 2020
I purchased three sets of DVDs, The Perfect Start, The Perfect Finish and The Perfect Retrieve. All three of the sets had damaged cases on the DVDs. All three sets had DVDs loose in the cases. The case of the perfect start had come open in the shipping box and one of the disks was severely scratched.
I would give Gundog Supply 5 stars for the way they handled the problem. The damaged set was replaced the same day I contacted them.

Merchant Response:Thanks for the feedback. I checked and Mekenzi replaced the Perfect Start on 7/30. We'll make sure we pack these better in the future, and check existing copies so other folks don't have the same issue. Sorry for the trouble! --ROB SNELL
  • Great customer service from Gundog Supply
  • Poor packaging
By Ryan J.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
October 18, 2018
By Roger K.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
November 5, 2016
We are working on the perfect start. Things are going well. Looking forward to the perfect finish.
By Jessica R.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
April 1, 2016
It has good information but it's all recorded as a home video. Bad picture quality and looks like it was made back in the 80s. Wasn't impressed for how expensive it is, really needs to be updated.
By Don F.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
March 15, 2016
Excellent information. Older footage but the content is still relevant. Not a series where you bring a puppy home for immediate training. Easy to follow and easy to use directions.
By Jason C.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
March 14, 2016
Simplest videos with the greatest results. I recommend these DVDs to beginner trainers and even trainers that have been doing it for years. Best out there by far.
By Jeffrey B.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
February 29, 2016
So far the content of the DVD's has been good. I was introduced to bird dog training via the George Hickox method and still prefer some of his puppy introduction to birds and guns methods. However; the Hann's do a much better job at filling in a lot of the blanks and questions a new trainer will have. They seem to do a good job at giving a lot of information. My biggest issue with these DVD's, and the reason I gave them a good rating, is the overall video quality. These are fairly recently made videos within the last decade as they reference valid websites in them, but the video quality of these seems to be recorded on a 1980's circa VHS home camcorder. For the money I spent on these I really was hoping for some better video quality. Is that a deal breaker for me, and would I discourage someone from buying these because of that? NO - the info is good and useful. I am just a very visual learner as much as I am a listener and the video quality of these is very sub-par for the price I paid. Thankfully they are using external body attached microphones, the saving grace of these films, so you can clearly hear them explain what is going on and what you should be doing. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and that people have taken the time to put so much time and attention into a training DVD so that those of us who don't have the time, or can't afford the training boot camps, or professional trainers can still produce and have good hunting dogs.
By Kent P.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
February 26, 2016
Very informative.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
January 11, 2016
Very easy to follow training method. Remi is just 8 weeks old, but have already watched 1st 1/2 of the Perfect Start. Will keep ya'll posted.
By Craig R.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
January 7, 2016
I thought it was a very good dvd set. The quality was outdated, but the lessons and techniques were clear
and straight forward. A good set for the DIY trainer.
By Derek A.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
December 23, 2015
These dvds are great for training a bird dog. They start with teaching commands and continue with how to introduce birds and keep it fun. I can't wait till my pup is a little older to get started.
By Diane B.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
November 30, 2015
Very good information. Going to his Clinic is even better. The technical quality of the video could be better, but the information is excellent.
By William T.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
August 25, 2015
Pricey - but worth it! I've trained two GSPs prior to my current pup, but I'm still learning. Improved my pup's fetch a lot. That's worth the price in itself. Very good step by step instructions. Highly recommended!
By Adam U.
Canal Fulton Ohio
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
August 24, 2015
While I had some reservations about these videos, I took Steve's recommendation and purchased them. After the first 30 mins I can say my doubts were gone. This is a terrific series of DVD's. The methods used are straightforward and demonstrated in real time with dogs of many ages, temperaments and breeds. You get see how to respond to dogs in a calm and even manner when things don't go as you planned, which is lacking in other videos and hard to envision in many books. These DVD's, while 6 hrs in duration, are easy to watch and are somewhat addictive because they address almost all questions you may have while working with your dogs. Very informative! Thank you for the great recommendation.
By Kenneth H.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
August 22, 2015
Very helpful. I have always bought a dog that has been fully trained. I am enjoying using the DVD as we learn together.
By Jared F.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
June 18, 2015
It is good and to the point. Could stand to be updated.
By Jaime
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
April 20, 2015
Excellent videos. Great for helping to train your hunting companion, straight forward and very informative.
By Evan D.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
April 11, 2015
Low production (old recording) but great content. Snapped around training with live pigeons only.
By Scott J.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
April 9, 2015
For us, this video series is the best that we have run across. The temperament displayed and the terminology used is excellent. By temperament, I mean that they enjoy working with the dogs and it truly comes off that way. They are relaxed, show patience, and yet display a loving firmness. My son is undertaking his first puppy. I wanted this to be the model for all of this dogs work. I have worked with GSPs, Brittanys, Lab, Vizslas, and now a Small Munsterlander. This series is by far the best approach for dogs who are to be companions and not hunt club kennel dogs. I feel that this approach insures within the dog a level of willingness to hunt for the hunter and enhances their desire to associate hunting with fun rather than a job. I have had dogs they were trained to be methodical robots who followed every command as trained. Very good dogs, but all personality was wiped away. In our circumstance we wanted a dog that trusted and loved us obediently while hunting efficiently. This series enhances all of this better than any other training program I have ever used. I am very grateful for it.
By Summer B.
Review for The Perfect Start / Perfect Finish 5-Disc DVD Set
March 9, 2015
Easy to understand. Teaches how to work with and make it fun.

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