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DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Set

Our Best-Selling RRT Combo. Get your retriever excited about training.

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Retriev-R Trainer Dummy Launcher RRT White Dummy with Streamers RRT White Dummy with Streamers Bottom Detail RRT White Canvas Dummy .22 Blank Loads Cleaning Kit Dummy Launcher Kit Case RRT Manual Retriev-R-Trainer Launcher in Hand Retriev-R-Trainer Launcher in Hand

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Includes the Retriev-R-Trainer dummy launcher, a white RRT Canvas Dummy, a white Plastic Dummy, RRT cleaning kit, 100 rounds of medium power charges / dummy loads and RRT instructions -- all in a custom fitted carrying case. Recommended.

The Retriev-R-Trainer should only be used with dogs that have already been satisfactorily conditioned to gunfire. The use of "heavy" loads will shorten the useful life of the dummies. To prevent molding or premature deterioration, dry the canvas dummy thoroughly following retrieves in water. Increased distance can be obtained by using the plastic dummy and by varying the angle of fire.

For safety purposes, we recommend that you handle the Retriev-R-Trainer as you would a firearm.

NOTE: When training on water, make sure the launch tube in each dummy is dry before re-launching. If water is in the launch tube when the dummy is placed on the launcher, it can enter the firing port, drowning the load and causing a misfire. We recommend having multiple dummies available so the wet ones can dry between launches.

Retriev-R-Trainer Instructions

The Retriev-R-Trainer is a practical aid for training retrievers. Training dummies designed for the use with it can be power thrown two to three times farther than hand-thrown dummies. They are useful on land or water. Extra dummies can be used to throw doubles, triples, etc. The Retriev-R-Trainer uses blank power charges for throwing power. The accompanying report eliminates the need for a blank pistol.

Blank Power Charges:

Choose your power charge based on the distance you wish to throw the dummy. Use only those charges intended for the Retriev-R-Trainer:

  • Light Green Load -- Distance of approximately 150'
  • Medium Yellow Load -- Distance of approximately 175'
  • Heavy Red Load -- Distance of approximately 200'


    User must thoroughly clean the barrel, chamber, and hinge areas with a good gun cleaning solvent after each use. Failure to properly maintain the RRT Launcher may result in serious injury or death. You may purchase the RRT Cleaning Kit to simplify this process. A small amount of gun oil applied to the hinge area after cleaning will help to ensure smooth operation. Cleaning of the chamber can be enhanced by using a .22 caliber wire brush. Also, thoroughly clean and dry the inside of the dummy tube after each launch to be certain that, prior to each time you launch the dummy from your launcher, it is free of debris both internally and externally. Failure to properly maintain the aluminum insert tube in your dummy may result in serious injury or death. A rubber "O" Ring in a grove near the outer end of the barrel provides a seal for the release gases of the power charge. This "O" Ring will wear causing some of the gases to escape, thereby reducing the flight distance of the dummy. Apply a thin coat of Vaseline, or any other lubricant safe for use on rubber components, to prevent drying and cracking of the o-ring. Replacement "O" Rings are available separately.

    Preparation for Firing:

  • Place an RRT training dummy over the barrel and slide it down. The distance of the throw can be controlled by how far the dummy is placed down the barrel -- all the way for maximum distance, less for shorter throws.

  • Open the breech by pressing the thumb release/latch located in the middle of the launcher just above the handgrip. The launcher will now pivot open exposing the open chamber for receiving the blank power charge. Fully seat the charge in the chamber as you would a single shot rifle or shotgun.

  • Close the unit and press the thumb latch to insure that it is fully closed.


    Firmly grasp the launcher handle in one hand with the thumb latch oriented toward the shoulder of the holding arm. The heel of the holding hand should be facing the thumb latch and your fingers should be wrapped firmly around the grip. Your thumb will be closest to the Pull Knob. Bend the elbow slightly and position the launcher about waist high and one foot from your body. Aim about 45 from the horizontal off to your side toward the target area. Pull the firing knob back to its fully extended position and release it to launch.

    NOTE: NEVER DRY FIRE your Retriev-R-Trainer!

    Cautions and Warnings:

    Your RRT Launcher is not a firearm, but the same handling, care, and safety precautions must be exercised. Your Retriev-R-Trainer is provided with certain built-in safety features, but these are not substitutes for safe handling practices, which include the use of ear and eye protection as well as the use of heavy leather gloves.

  • Firing the dummy is equivalent to firing a six- to eight-ounce bullet. A heavy recoil and loud report should be expected, especially when using red power loads. ALWAYS use eye and ear protection and wear heavy leather gloves when firing.
  • Expect a loud report when the launcher is fired. Prolonged exposure to loud report may affect hearing to dogs and surrounding persons.
  • Never attempt to load your Retriev-R-Trainer with bullets or charges other than those recommended.
  • Always remove the training dummy from the barrel of the launcher before storage.
  • Before loading or firing, ALWAYS make sure the barrel and the metal insert in the dummy are free of obstructions.
  • The Retriev-R-Trainer is NOT A TOY! Do not allow children to play with or operate the unit.

  • DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Kit

    The RRT kit combines the original handheld dummy launcher with everything you need to get started, including 100 medium loads, a cleaning kit, and a handy case to carry it all around with you.

    Transcript from Steve's Video:

    The Retriev-R-Trainer comes in a deluxe kit. The deluxe kits include the handheld launcher, 100 of the medium power loads, a PVC plastic dummy, a canvas dummy with a red streamer, a pistol cleaning kit that's going to cover everything that you need to keep your Retriev-R-Trainer in good shape, plus a hard-shell carrying case.

    There's several different styles of dummies for the Retriev-R-Trainer. This is showing just two of them. This is your canvas dummy. So, as it's coming down you are going to get some movement. It's going to help the dog with marking.

    Then we've got the PVC dummies. We prefer these for water work. It's a little bit smaller and it's a plastic dummy. Red is similar to orange in that it's difficult for a dog to see. So you want to keep that in mind. These come in all sorts of different colors, all sorts of different styles. So if you are looking for some variation we've got it.

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    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    120 Reviews
    77% (92)
    16% (19)
    3% (4)
    3% (3)
    2% (2)
    97% Recommend this product (116 of 120 responses)
    By Joe
    Minooka Il
    RRT dummy launcher
    April 16, 2021
    Outstanding product made in the USA.
    Been waiting months to replace my old launcher that finally failed.
    Knew I wanted a RRT dummy launcher and during this pandemic it's been trying, finally able to seal the deal,.
    Quality dummy launcher built solid!
    Kudos to gundog supply,fast shipping and great service!
    Steve you have fantastic people working for you !
    • Built in the USA, quality 3 year warranty
    • None
    By Tim R.
    Craig, Colorado
    Does everything you would want
    April 9, 2024
    Very handy for retriever training. Carry case is convenient, but could be a little sturdier. I like that a cleaning kit is included. Overall, it does everything you need.
    • Simple to use
    • Ejects spent shell, I've had some that didn't, big pain prying them out.
    • Carry case, very handy
    • Carry case not very sturdy.
    By Jordan
    Perfect thing to get my dog used to gun sounds
    December 15, 2023
    Works great and my pointer loves it!
    By Leland K.
    Wise RIver, MT
    Just as Advertised
    September 30, 2023
    I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but all in good condition, instructions well documented. Dogs are excited about the dummies. Can't wait to get out with it an give the Griffs a workout
    By Nick
    A great tool
    September 24, 2023
    This has been a great tool, easy to use, reliable. It’s help my pup with not just her retrieving, but make sure she was comfortable with gun fire.
    • Simple, reliable, compact
    • Until your pup is fully trained to not leave on the shot, you really will need a friend with you.
    • I havent found a way to make sure she doesn;t break, and be the one firing it.
    By Alexander K.
    Mason TN
    good equipment
    July 6, 2023
    This Launcher arrives with clear instructions and is easy to use. Solid built and capable of heavy field use, have found this manufacturer to be very responsive to inquiries,

    • easy to use.
    • none
    By Mark A.
    Des Allemands
    Great Quality
    June 7, 2023
    This product is made extremely well and really helped my dog get over the loud sounds of gun shots while rewarding him with a retrieve. My dog gets excited everytime I pull the launcher out now
    By Mark
    Retrieve R Trainer
    May 23, 2023
    Not as user friendly as old model. Grip is rough and if you don’t invert your hand to hold it, you can cause injury.
    • Firing mechanism
    • Grip
    By Alex G.
    Great Dummy Launcher
    May 20, 2023
    This has been a great tool we’ve added to our tool bag. We use green loads and it sends the bumpers very good! Only reason I didn’t give it 5 Stars is because when you shoot it a couple times you will definitely feel in in your hand…
    • Works great!
    • Slips through hand a little when shooting it and after a couple times you will feel it in your wrist
    By C H.
    Works good
    March 1, 2023
    Did have an issue with shipping but customer service was spot on and shipped another right away to avoid a delay. Like the response. Product works well.
    By Andy
    N/E Ohio
    Retriev-R-Trainer Launcher
    November 11, 2022
    This works very well, I really like the re-designed latch for loading and un-loading the blanks, easy to use I am well pleased
    • Love the new re-designed latch, easy to use either by hand or with the shoulder stock. Yes I recommend this product
    • None
    By Sam
    Lexington, Ky
    Retriever training alone
    July 5, 2022
    I can throw a dummy about 30 yards , which is not nearly far enough to train a gun dog . The Retriev R Trainer allows me to launch a dummy 150 yards . My personal rule of thumb , is you need to train at twice the distance you plan your dog to work in a real hunting environment . Your product allows me to be effective by myself .
    I find your product as a “ must have “
    • Well built , reliable , simple to use
    • Ships without a shoulder mount handle . Without that addition it is almost impossible to use without injury to your wrist . It should not be sold without this add on .
    By Galen
    Review for BASIC Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    July 13, 2021
    I bought to add another to my Versa Launcher and these work great. Makes training alone much better.
    By Mike
    January 2, 2021
    I bought the Retrev-R-Trainer , because in the past I've also owned the other brands along side the Retrev-R-Trainer. They simply didn't hold up . This was a replacement for my old one which was Forty years old & it went though 1000's of rounds. I never worried about it blowing apart like one of the other brands did in my hand. thank goodness no damage.
    • Great piece of equipment well machined. Never worried about it coming apart.
    By Stewart
    Dummy launcher
    December 20, 2020
    Works great so far.
    By Rick
    Walla Walla WA
    Dummy Launcher
    November 29, 2020
    Great product works as advertised!
    The service from Gun Dog supply was outstanding.
    By Mike
    Nice product. Does what you need it to do.
    September 14, 2020
    I bought this dummy launcher in the spring and am just getting around to using it with my young dog.
    Everything you need is in the kit, I added only the lower powered, "green loads" to the purchase.
    The launcher will send the dummies about 30-35 yards with the green loads, and the dummy 1/2 way inserted. With the dummy fully seated it's probably going about 50 yards. The manual that comes with it does explain how to adjust, shorten, the range, by not fully inserting the launcher into the dummy.
    The yellow loads will send the dummy probably 75+ yards, but that's out of shotgun range on upland birds in New England. It's still fun though.
    Once the dog gets more used to it, we may use the yellow loads for water work.
    • Small, light weight, easy to use and control. Not much recoil at all.
    • None. It works just they way it is advertised.
    By Customer
    Thicker projectile rod makes dummies not go as far
    September 3, 2020
    The launcher's projectile rod is much thicker than my previous one. It makes the dummies a lot harder to put on, thus making the dummies not launch as far because of the friction.

    Merchant Response:We had the manufacturer reach out to the customer to check on this one. He just needed to put a little oil on the O-Ring, now the dummy slides on perfectly.
    By David B.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    August 22, 2016
    Great tool for working on steady to shot and getting the dogs tracking airborne dummies for long distance
    By Brian C.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    July 1, 2016
    Very easy to use and no kick.
    By B W.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    July 1, 2016
    I purchased one of these units many years ago, and it was perfect. This unit seems cheaply made. Plus the yellow loads are too much. I'm not hunting on the moon you know. The unit should be shipped with the green rounds.
    By Jill
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    June 30, 2016
    Zeke loves the dummy launcher, both on the lake and in the field. A great product!
    By Eli A.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    June 18, 2016
    The launcher is the first one I bought. It is easy to use, and my puppy really likes it. Keeps her on her toes. It is a bit louder than I thought. The kit is great. Has everything you need to get started.
    By Joe
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    June 13, 2016
    I've only shot about six or eight rounds through it but so far it's perfect.
    By Philip D.
    Review for BASIC Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    June 2, 2016
    Surprised by the loud report with the medium load. Also amazed by the distance of the launch.
    By S H.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    May 11, 2016
    Launcher works great but dummies take a beating. Plastic dummy came apart after only a few launches.
    By Garrett R.
    Review for BASIC Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    April 15, 2016
    It works real good on training, just sometimes the shells gets stuck. But other than that, it works like a charm!!
    By Lori S.
    Review for Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher (only)
    April 1, 2016
    Great product! Helps in ramping up the training process. Thumbs up.
    By TED M.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    March 16, 2016
    My dog loves this thing. She has been gun shy but is getting over it.
    By Austin H.
    Review for DELUXE Retriev-R-Trainer Dummy Launcher Kit
    March 10, 2016
    Thoroughly impressed with how much my dog loves this launcher. Anytime I pull it out for him, he goes wild.
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