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Evan Graham's Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy Video

  • Includes a total of 6 videos for over 6 hours of footage!
  • Available in your choice of Streaming or DVD

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    Smartwork Puppy Program Smartwork Obedience Smartwork Basic Handling Smartwork Water Force & Swim-By SmartFetch

    The Smartwork System Basics Set featuring Evan Graham includes a total of 6 videos:

  • Smartwork Puppy Program
  • Smartwork Obedience
  • Smartwork Basic Handling
  • Smartwork Water Force & Swim-By
  • SmartFetch Discs 1 & 2

  • Smartwork Puppy Program Chapters:

    Evan Graham's Smartwork Puppy Program is designed to properly see you and your pup through the critical first six months of life: marking, socializing, obedience and much more, including all the tips, techniques, and tricks of raising and conditioning your puppy to prepare him for his formal training.

    1. Start
    2. Introduction
    3. Socialization and Beyond
    4. General Guidelines
    5. General Field Protocols
    6. Beware of Excesses
    7. My Puppy Program
    8. 7-10 Weeks Old
    9. 10-12 Weeks Old
    10. 12-20 Weeks Old
    11. 20-24 Weeks Old
    12. How To: Tasks & Skills
    13. Operant Conditioning
    14. How it Works
    15. "Here"
    16. "Sit"
    17. "Down"
    18. "Kennel"
    19. "Fetch" Game
    20. E-collar Conditioning to "Here"

    Smartwork Obedience:

    Smartwork Obedience is a hands-on guide to formalizing obedience commands for working retrievers. It features step-by-step instruction with detailed video illustration of forcing techniques. It also covers fundamental obedience commands, including e-collar conditioning to here, de-bolt, heel, sit, kennel, etc.

    1. Opening
    2. Introduction
    3. Principles
    4. Formalizing "Here"
    5. Session 1 Begins
    6. E-Collar Begins
    7. Pressure Conditioning
    8. Restraint
    9. Ending the Session
    10. Follow-Up Sessions
    11. Pre-Basic Pups
    12. "Heel" & "Sit"
    13. Square "Sit"
    14. "Kennel"
    15. "Kennel" Progression
    16. Commands working Together
    17. De-Bolt
    18. Work Smart Finale

    Smartwork Basic Handling:

    Step-by-step instructions and problem-solving for all basic handling drills. This course includes troubleshooting for problems common to dogs going through T work, all in complete detail.

  • 3-handed casting
  • Mini-T
  • Single T
  • Double T

  • Chapters:
    1. Introduction
    2. Prerequisites
    3. 3-Handed Casting
    4. E-Collar Conditioning to "Sit"
    5. Follow-up Sessions
    6. Transition to Mini-T
    7. Follow up to Mini-T
    8. Forcing on Casts
    9. Drill Essentials
    10. Words of Caution
    11. T Objectives
    12. Running Single-T
    13. En route Force
    14. Identify and Force on Casts
    15. Beginning the Running of the Single-T
    16. "Here" as a Cast
    17. The Power of Double-T
    18. Running Double-T
    19. Troubleshooting T's
    20. Bugging
    21. No-go
    22. Popping
    23. Closing Comments

    Smartwork Water Force & Swim-by:

    Water Force is the compulsion and influence that causes the dog to enter the water. Water Force is the final phase of force fetch. Evan treats water force as a component of force fetch because water force training comes closer to that description. No matter how much your dog appears to love water, unless retrieving in water becomes a structured function, a lot of things can happen that impede efficient retrieving. Water forcing clears the air about typical problems dogs usually tend to run into and provides a terrific co-benefit: They end up with an even better attitude about water than they began with!

    Swim-By is the controlled return of your retriever in water, during which the handler requires the dog to take a "more-water" return to enforce water/shoreline discipline. The dogs trained on this video are at the level of training where water force and swim-by would normally be taught.

    1. Start
    2. Prerequesites
    3. Mentorship
    4. Warm Up & Start Session
    5. A Snag!
    6. Rope-a-dope!
    7. Follow Up & Review
    8. Pressure Commentary
    9. Swim-by
    10. Identifying Piles
    11. Treading Water
    12. More Than One Way!
    13. Put it Together
    14. Non-acceptance
    15. How Do I Know When I'm Done?
    16. Ready to Move on?

    SmartFetch Chapters: (2 discs)

    The entire Smartwork force fetching system from "Hold" through force to pile!

    The SmartFetch videos are a complete video guide on how to correctly Force Fetch your hunting dog from start to finish. Force fetch is more than just one thing. It is a definable process with clear goals. But, within the process are several steps or phases.

    Mouth habits include such important items as fetching on command, even when your dog may be distracted, moody or any number of things that might interfere with compliance. Sure, you may get away for years without having such problems, but being smart and being lucky is not the same thing. Force fetch gives you a tool to handle this when it comes up, plus some insurance that it is less likely to come up because of this training.

    Disc 1 Chapters:
    1. Start
    2. Introduction
    3. Opening
    4. Flow Chart
      1. "Hold" using Paint Roller
      2. Walking Hold
      3. Ear Pinch "Fetch"
      4. Stick "Fetch"
      5. E-Collar Condition to "Fetch"
      6. Walking "Fetch"
      7. "Fetch - No - Fetch"
      8. Mini-Pile
      9. Force to Pile
      10. Finish forcing Process with Water Force (see WaterForce video)
    5. Schedules and Marking
    6. Objectives
    7. Bonus Material
    8. Logical Progression
    9. Obedience
    10. "Hold"
    11. Acceptance vs Avoidance
    12. The Puzzle!
    13. Our Idea!
    14. Walking Hold
    15. "Fetch"
    16. Fetch Objects
    17. Tables?
    18. Ear Pinch
    19. Turning Off Pressure
    20. Clamming
    21. Forcing Progression
    22. Conducting Sessions / "Hold"
    23. Transition to Ear Pinch
    24. Transition Review
    25. Roller to Bumper
    Disc 2 Chapters:
    1. Going Down
    2. E-collar Condition to "Fetch"
    3. Stick Fetch
    4. Fetch-no-Fetch
    5. Force to Pile
    6. From Mini-Pile to 9-Bumpers
    7. Vital Details
    8. Pattern Blinds
    9. Bonus Material Details
    10. Forcing on Birds
    11. Finale
    Smartwork is a system I developed over 30 years and is presented in a multimedia format to provide the premier learning tool for aspiring trainers. The three books, Smartwork for Retrievers Volume I: Basics and Transition; Smartwork Volume II: Secrets of the Pros; and SmartFetch constitute the full system.

    However, to allow ease of learning and a fuller understanding of the material, we provide a growing collection of video modules of the system. Each video module offers the most detailed and graphically illustrated explanation of the steps of development for your retriever available anywhere! We include all the sequential steps and tips you'll need to do your own training with your dog and develop him or her to the highest level you desire.

    In addition, in future video productions we will be presenting even more instruction beyond that which is contained in our books. Handling, marking, practical hunting applications, and competition-based instruction are all proposed for future productions.

    The cost of each item has been kept at an affordable level to allow you to expand your library of information at your own pace while giving you the information you need to enjoy the pride of having done it yourself! This will continue to be our commitment to you.

    NOTE: Because it is important to me that my system is presented as it is intended to be used, we shoot all our own video and do all our own editing and video production. No non-dog trainers participate in this process, and that has allowed each presentation to be geared toward the trainer exclusively. No aspect of our information has been watered down, modified, or omitted because of production concerns. Every effort has been made to assure that this program is enjoyable to watch while sparing no effort to provide extensively detailed instruction.

    --Evan Graham

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    Customer Reviews

    14 Reviews
    57% (8)
    21% (3)
    14% (2)
    7% (1)
    0% (0)
    86% Recommend this product (12 of 14 responses)
    By Coy T.
    Breaux Bridge La
    Very good starting point
    August 10, 2022
    You can tell by picture quality it is an old series but it still works. I’ve personally watched the first 4 dvd’s several times and have been successful doing the drills with my dogs
    • Easy to understand and follow since they are using age appropriate dog for each step
    • That it's a DVD, I would prefer that it be a log in set up so I can watch it on the phone or computer
    By Splinter
    Mediocre demonstrations
    June 8, 2021
    Evan Graham's reputation speaks for itself. However, they state that they did their own video taping and it shows. I do not believe his expertise and knowledge is being adequately portrayed in these videos. His expertise is training not making videos. They should hire a professional so his methods are professionally captured. I am not questioning his expertise or his methods, I am just disappointed in the cds.
    • a lot of good content
    • Poorly demonstrated
    • Poor capturing of action on the videos
    By George B.
    Great Program, But Poor Production Quality - Sticking To His Books
    October 1, 2020
    I won't pretend to have watched the whole program, because I didn't want to return every DVD in opened condition. I got as far as the Puppy Program, and that was enough. Poor video quality, poor audio, and no subtitles available. Evan Grahams' reputation as a trainer precedes him, but if he wanted to charge a premium price for his DVD's, he should have stepped up and hired a professional video production crew, as well as taken some voice coaching. This was unbearable to watch.
    • See above
    • See above
    By Tyler K.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    June 8, 2015
    The only complaint I have is that it seems the material is all over the place and doesn't really seem to go from start to finish. Overall it's a great start. It has a lot of good tricks I didn't know, and so far seems to be working good. Thanks Gun Dog
    By Andy P.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    June 4, 2015
    Great videos and great service through
    By Junior
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    December 8, 2014
    The DVD's are easy to understand with a lot of good info.
    By Nicholas F.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    June 28, 2014
    I haven't gotten to the more advanced discs yet, but the puppy & obedience discs are very easy to follow and very inclusive. Another great product from Evan and GDS! Thanks!
    By Roma E.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    January 2, 2014
    I gave this as a gift to our son & family. They got a British Lab puppy for Christmas & my son requested your DVD for a gift. The plan is to train her for duck hunting. Sorry I am unable to tell you more than that.
    By Jerry O.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    September 8, 2011
    Another excellent product from Evan Graham!! Highly recommend!!!
    By CLAY M.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    September 2, 2011
    Good material. Basic obedience is not covered in great depth, but force fetch is clearly explained. I am following the program step by step and I see great results.
    By Brad S.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    September 2, 2011
    I like Evans material because it easy to follow and he explains the details that you miss in alot of others material
    By Bob O.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    September 2, 2011
    Your service was great, and I appreciate the e-mails even though I don't purchase as often as I would like.

    The Evan Graham DVD if you've seen it looks like a 12 year old filmed it. I was disappointed in the quality of film and the lack of enthusiasm. I've watched several different dog training DVDs that are almost worn out because I liked watching them so much, but not this one.

    Wish I had tried the Lardy DVD- live and learn. I'll keep in touch though, I'm working on a duck/ dog website I would appreciate your opinion on in the next month or two. Thanks have a good weekend
    By Chris L.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    September 2, 2011
    Very pleasant order- shipped quick and was in excellent condition just as described on the website. The DVD's are great! they take you step by step through training and they start with puppies that have no previous training so you get a feel for what actual training is like.
    By Ryan D.
    Review for Evan Grahams Smartwork System Basics Set with Bonus Puppy DVD
    September 2, 2011
    great set of videos and evan lays out the progression for your dog very well

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