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The Astro 320 Includes a Long-Range Antenna

Garmin has changed the range listing for this unit from seven miles to nine miles. That is 100% based on a new 13 inch flexible long-range antenna that is included with the unit. Current tests are showing that it will double the range of the standard antenna.

For example, most people in most terrains can get about 1 to 1 1/4 mile from the Astro handheld with the standard 5 inch antenna. This new antenna, which is almost triple the length of the regular, will get double the range in similar situations. If you're getting a mile with the regular antenna, you should get two miles with the new long range antenna.

We still have a lot of tests to do for range, and I'm not 100% sure where I stand on it. It's included in the price, so I think it's something that's reasonable and needed. Please note that you are not going to get more range than the 220, you just have another antenna option. We can't get 7 miles out of what we have now. We aren't going to get 9 miles from this unit.

The new flex antenna is a little long for me personally to carry for regular use, but I expect some folks will go to it as their normal antenna. The biggest advantage is that it's the only long range antenna on the market that won't break. All the others that we sell have to be handled with extreme caution. This one is super tough. It will take the abuse and keep on tracking. I expect that I'll continue to use the regular antenna unless I get into a situation where I need it. For a lot of the hound guys this will be a nice addition.