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Physical Changes to the Astro 320 Handheld

See the Garmin Astro 320 COMBO, Garmin Multi-Dog Systems, Extra T5 Collars, and the Garmin Astro 320 "Handheld Only".

The Astro 320 features a body type based on the Garmin 62ST, where the original 220 was based on the Garmin 60. The 320 will be a similar size and shape for Astro users. It has a fully rubberized outer coating with an over molding, making it a little easier to grip. The non rubber exterior is trimmed in orange in place of green on the original, which is nice in a hunting environment. It's also going to stand out a little bit better if you set it down somewhere or drop it in the grass.

Along with the over molding is an improvement in the rubber around the RF antenna. One of the problems with the 220 was that changing antennas on a regular basis would tear the rubber around the antenna. This fixes that issue.

The power button on the 320 is located on the right side of the handheld. I like this change since it is a more convenient location. The power button on the original 220 is in between the GPS antenna and the radio frequency antenna. It's a clumsy, hard to reach position.

The keypad design on the 320 has the exact same button set up as the original 220, but the buttons are raised slightly higher and they're square instead or rounded. The overall keypad is a little bit bigger, especially the arrow keys. Several of the lower buttons are also larger. This should help make the unit a little easier to operate when you are wearing gloves.

One of my favorite changes is the new location of the lanyard attachment. On the Astro 220, the lanyard attachment is on the left side toward the top. No matter how you wear it, the handheld faces away from you. When you grab it, you have to turn the unit back in the right direction to see the screen. The 320 lanyard attachment location is at the bottom of the unit. You are able to strap in and hold the unit facing down on your body. This way I can just pick it up and look at it with out having to turn it. When I am finished, I can let go of it and it goes right back into position.

The Lanyard attachment is also much wider than the original. This will open up some options on new attachments that will make the unit easier to carry and more secure.

Along with the new lanyard changes, the battery cap on the back of the 320 features the Garmin "backbone" design. It's designed to work with certain Garmin accessories that snap onto it. This will also open up a bunch of new ways to carry your handheld.