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Screens and Icons on the Astro 320

You have two choices of screens to look at the dog's location and you can move back and forth. The MAP SCREEN (first screen) shows your location, any "way points" (think truck, food plots, hunting lodge, blinds) and your dog's location, plus it shows your dogs "route." NOTE: If he likes to run in circles, you'll know it.

Since you already know where you are (at least let's hope you do) it's more important that you know the direction of your dog(s) and the distance, as well as what he is doing. The COMPASS SCREEN is the best way to keep up with a larger number of dogs because it shows your direction as well as a different color line for each dog showing direction, distance and status (running or on point).

You have two options on the Compass screen as to how you view the dogs. You can either see multiple dogs at one time (up to three) or you can tab back and forth to see them individually on the compass.