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DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System

Everything you need to get started -- control up to 16 launchers from one remote transmitter!

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BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher Open BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher Closed BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher Receiver BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher Beeper BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher Transmitter BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher Transmitter in Hand BL Locking System

The DT Systems Natural Flush Remote Bird Launcher has several features that have never been combined plus a loading system that makes it easy to use. Includes remote launcher, receiver and transmitter.


  • Add up to 16 additional self programmable launchers (Quail or Pheasant) to the remote transmitter
  • "Easy-Load" trap door making bird loading or unloading quick and easy
  • "Quiet-Release" system to prevent "spooking" your dog
  • High quality nets and springs for effective launching
  • Large scent holes
  • 700 yard range
  • Beeper locater on launcher for ease of use
  • Push button on-off switch on launcher
  • Uses standard 9-volt batteries (not included)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1 year manufacturer warranty

    Launcher Box Dimensions: 9 1/2"L x 5"H x 4 3/4"W

    Loading and Unloading birds for training your pointing/flushing dog has been made simple with the revolutionary "Natural Flush Bird Launcher." The DT Systems "easy-load" trap door allows you to set the launcher, lock it in place and then load the bird. This exclusive feature lowers the chance of losing the bird while trying to put him in the launcher and locking the springs. It also makes it very easy to load multiple birds in the same launcher to give more of a "covey rise" effect.

    The DT Systems launcher has a "Quiet Release" system to keep from "spooking" your dog. You still get a very strong launch but little sound and virtually no movement of the launchers placement.

    The DT Launchers also have a safety lock feature for use after the springs are set. This allows you to lock the springs, set the safety, load the bird and then carry the unit into the field without concern of the launcher going off in transit. After you have placed the launcher in the location, remove the safety lock and arm the remote release. Your bird launcher is now ready to use.

    Large Scent Holes in the DT bird launcher permit good air flow so dogs have the advantage of plenty of scent to help them locate the bird.

    The Remote Natural Flush Bird Launcher allows you to control up to 16 self-programmable Bird Launchers from up to 700 yards away.

    A beeper attached to the remote launcher allows for quick and easy location with a touch of a button from your transmitter. This is a very handy feature when you are working with several bird launchers in a large area. At the end of your training session, you can activate the beeper locator to go back and pick up your launchers. DT has a battery saver feature that shuts down the system after it has launched the bird, but the remote beepers will work even when the launcher is shut off.

    Note: We do not recommend the use of ANY spring loaded "catapult" type launchers in introducing pups to birds. You are better off to use planted birds when you are introducing young dogs to birds. Launchers are best suited for dogs that have been introduced to birds and are very interested in them.

    We also recommend that all dogs be on a check cord or otherwise under complete control when using spring-loaded "catapult" type launchers.

    Flushing birds with remote "catapult" type launchers is likely the closest thing to training on wild birds. Better yet, you can control the location of the birds and when they will flush with remote launchers. When steadying a pointing dog to wing and shot, using two or more launchers at the same location can help maintain the dog's interest and intensity after the initial flush. An occasional second and third delayed flush will help the dog anticipate additional flushes on all points and, therefore, help maintain its interest and its intensity longer. Additional launchers can also be used for the delayed second and third flushes.

    BL509 Remote Quail Launcher

    Transcript from Steve's Video:

    Today we're going to look at the DT Systems BL-509 bird launchers. Bird launchers are mainly used by upland folks. There are some applications for retrievers but it's mainly an upland product. The idea behind a bird launcher is that it allows you to plant a training bird. Typically, it's going to be a quail or a pigeon. They have a larger size unit for pheasants, but most folks are using pigeons and then occasionally using quail.

    The smaller model is designed for that type of bird. A little small for a chucker. If you are using chuckers I'd go with a bigger model. But for most of us it's pigeons and quail.

    This is the model that's designed for that. The idea behind it is that you are going to be able to plant a bird. He's going to stay there. Can't go anywhere. When you get ready to launch him he's coming off the ground whether he wants to or not. So it's a really important tool in training pointing dog. It allows you a lot of control over what's going on.

    You do need to be careful with them, especially with a younger dog. I don't like to use them with a dog until we've had some bird introductions and they are comfortable with birds. And then when you use them in the field, you want to make sure you know exactly where it is and that you have the timing down on releasing your bird, because the last thing you want to happen is for this to go off in the face of a young dog and scare him. That's the thing that we're trying to avoid the most.

    One of the things I like about the DT is it's very quiet. We'll talk about that in a second. What you have here is a transmitter. This remote control will handle up to 16 launchers. Not really typical for most of us. Three or four is going to be the most that you need. Three for most people is going to be perfect.

    Hold down your on button. Turn it on. You have a beeper locator. The beeper locator is designed to help you pick up the unit after you are through. Back in the day before they had this, you would set your launchers up. You'd work your dogs. And then you'd come back to pick them up and, occasionally, you wouldn't be able to find them. Once or twice I even had to go back to the truck and get a dog and have him come out and find them for me.

    So, beeper locator is kind of handy. And even after you trigger the launcher, the beeper stays on so that once you are picking them up in the field, real easy to find.

    To load, you have a couple of different ways. We're going to use this dummy as an example. You can take your bird, put him in on the top. Close down. And then set your launcher. Now we are ready to go. It's armed.

    DT's have a feature, though, that no other bird launcher has. They have this little trap door on the side here. So, if you want to, you can set your launcher and then you can load it from the side. Some folks have trouble loading birds from the top and they will lose birds occasionally. And so, the little trap door is a good thing for folks.

    You've also got a safety pin here. If you want to load it at your vehicle and then carry it out into the field loaded, you can do that. No fear of it going off while you're just walking out in the field. You want to make sure that you remove the safety pin. It will not fire with the safety pin in.

    Once it's set up in the field, you set your transmitter to the correct level and launch. Not really designed for indoor use, but you get the idea.

    One thing that you'll notice on that launch is that the unit was quiet and it did not jump. Older systems and poorly made systems have a tendency to move a lot. The reason that the DT does not move so much is because of the base. It's hard to show in a video, but you've got a lot of metal right here. And the idea behind that is to keep it in place. It makes it a little bit of a heavier launcher compared to some of them out there, but it's quiet and it doesn't jump. And so, that's a good thing.

    This has been a really popular launcher. They work well. They hold up great. DT has done a really nice job on them and we've had a lot of luck with them. It's my favorite of what we sell. It just does really well. It's a neat system. For birddog folks it is a great training tool.

    Download Owner's Manual for BL509 Remote Quail Launcher

    owners-manualOwner's Manual for BL509 Remote Quail Launcher

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    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    32 Reviews
    69% (22)
    13% (4)
    9% (3)
    3% (1)
    6% (2)
    88% Recommend this product (28 of 32 responses)
    By Daniel
    April 25, 2023
    I bought this launcher to complement my two older DT launchers and my "tired" transmitter. Shipping from Gundog Supply was super quick, the price was the best I have found, and setup of the new transmitter was a snap.

    The units operate quietly partially due to the heavier weight of the unit. I find the side loading door to be very helpful when quickly stuffing in a replacement bird while training. I've owned these for years and am a big fan!
    • Easy transmitter/launcher programming.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Long-term reliability.
    • Quick in-field reloading with the side loading door.
    By Adam
    Game changer
    March 21, 2023
    Working well so far (for the few times i’ve used it). I gave my pup his first hunting season to have fun, but it was time to start tightening up. The ability to remote launch when he starts creeping has started to steady his points a lot. Easy set up and operation. Beeper function is load!
    By Mad D.
    Quiet launchers do make a difference
    September 14, 2022
    Started noticing my young GSPs flinching from noise of my old Innotek bird launchers. Bought 2 DT Systems Quiet launchers. Wow! Really are quiet! Dogs didn’t react to birds until they saw them flying overhead. Must have for working with young dogs
    • Much more realistic bird flight. No flinching from mechanism?s noise or visually seeing launchers jump. DT Systems launcher is weighted down and launchers stay put. Location beeper sure helps locate launcher. Safety pin sure helps prevent accidental launchers
    • None
    By Mark S.
    pittsburgh, pa
    Great Launcher
    July 20, 2022
    I really like this launcher (I have 2). It has some nice features. Older generation launches seemed to catapult the bird so it seemed like an abrupt, unnatural flush. They were also noisy and these 2 could issues could be alarming to a dog (esp a young dog) that might be close to the launcher - these problems are minimal with this unit - even my 5 month old dog does not react when I launch birds with these.
    They are a good investment and worth the money.
    • Soft launch - realistic - launches bird like a natural flush
    • It's pretty quiet
    • Dependable
    • Beeper - helps locate trap, if needed
    • Gun Dog Supply - Fast, dependable service, shipping!
    • Difficult for me to figure out whether it is on and ready to launch and I often find that it's still on the net day - shortening the battery life.
    By Adam
    Kernville, CA
    Great Launchers
    July 18, 2021
    Purchased this item to continue training my GSP after he has been started by a trainer. The launchers work great. They say this size is for quail and pigeons but I’ve used them with chukar the last couple of weeks. The chukar are still young but I think they’re close to fully grown and they fit in this launcher with room to spare.
    • The trap door for loading birds.
    • Fairly quiet and does not spook dog.
    • I wouldn't say it's a con necessarily but if you're new to using bird launchers you'll have to remember to hit the reset button when loading birds after the first ones have been launched.
    By Customer
    Robert Mickley
    Pray you never need parts
    June 25, 2021
    I bought 3 of these in May of 2020. Last week one of them quit responding to the remote.

    Replaced the battery, no go.

    Tried reprogramming it to another position on the remote and the receiver still wouldn't respond

    Programmed another receiver to the same number as the failed one and the remote worked.

    Took it apart and pulled the servo and put it in another receiver. The servo works. That leaves the circuit board. DT Sytems will NOT sell me a circuit board. They want me to ship them the whole unit along with the remote so "they " can fix it. I don't need them to fix it, I just need parts.

    I will never buy another DT system product ever again. In hindsight, I wish I had bought the Dogtra system.
    • Unlike other launchers, you have to remember to push the power button every time you load it.
    • The safety pin is held on with a cheap chain.
    • Not rechargeable, takes batteries.
    • One of my 3 units failed after less than 20 uses
    • DT Systems won't sell you parts so you can fix it yourself.
    By chad v.
    Sioux Falls SD
    509 bird launcher
    March 17, 2021
    I hesitated to buy this product because of the cost but am glad I did now. My dog is now pointing at distance instead of rushing in and me screaming WHOA every bird. Im sure it will last many dogs and I like that you can add units down the road.
    • ability to launch from distance
    • price
    By Norm K.
    Reed City, MI
    Simply and effective
    December 20, 2020
    This setup works great. Lots of adjustments and easy to use.
    By Jeff
    Nice launcher
    November 24, 2020
    Very easy to set up and use right out of the box. Perfect size for a pigeon. Very quick and quiet release. Looks to be a very solid build as well.
    By don
    asheville NC
    cannt bet the price
    September 20, 2020
    Not only is it a great and easy to use training component . I found you need more than one .The DT System takes out the transmeter and its cost off your second unit.(More money for the shootgun fund)
    • easy to use
    • you have to turn off and on to rest unit
    By Pete
    Tri-Cities, TN
    nice but overpriced
    September 13, 2020
    sturdily built and made in USA -- I've used it for about a dozen launches so far using quail and small bumpers with feathers attached to train my young golden retriever.

    launches quail about 3 - 4 feet in the air -- that's OK in short grass but not so much in tall weeds
    doesn't have any sounds to attract the dog's attention -- unlike the beep or quack produced by another brand
    Overpriced -- I don't know what it costs to manufacture the launcher and remote control but $330+ seems too much for a selling price especially for an amateur handler like me.
    By Charles F.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    October 19, 2018
    Works as designed. Launched Chukar out of it with better training results for the dogs.

    By Boyd F.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    October 18, 2018
    It works perfectly! My GSP is learning more and more every time I use it.

    By Dale L.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    August 1, 2016
    Great service, very prompt. My only dislike was with the instructions. It would have been helpful if they referenced the nearly invisible zip-tie that kept the unit from opening :)
    By Josh B.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    July 14, 2016
    Best way to train on my own. I can control when the bird flies and mimic a natural flush. Priceless for training.
    By Troy
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    May 8, 2016
    Great launcher but second time out already lost the safety pin - metal pin unscrewed from plastic holder.
    By Tom P.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    January 17, 2016
    Excellent launcher. Will buy more! And will buy from Gun Dog Supply. Great company. 10 stars!
    By Tracy T.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    October 29, 2015
    Great units. Easy to use, and well constructed.
    By Rachel B.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    October 10, 2015
    Works great and is simple.
    By Robert C.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    September 23, 2015
    Nice and quiet, very well made and easy to load birds into because of the door on rear of the unit.
    By William B.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    September 17, 2015
    Only shoots the bird in the air about 3 feet. I was disappointed about that. Otherwise, it works well.
    By Tom B.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    May 20, 2015
    Missing screws to attach receiver / please send
    By Stephen C.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    December 29, 2014
    Bought as a gift, so I do not have direct experience.
    By Alan K.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    June 29, 2014
    Tried the DT BL 509 the day after it arrived. Worked as advertised. The video that Steve put together was excellent, and that was really all I needed to try this launcher out. The trap door for adding or removing a bird is definitely the way to go. The launcher is quiet and did an great job of launching my volunteer into flight. The beeper is also a great option to have. During this training session the field grass was already waist high in some places, and it made finding the launcher a snap. Would highly recommend this Launcher.
    By Steven O.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    June 11, 2014
    Works great. Quiet. Like the side door for loading birds.
    By Ronald P.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    December 3, 2013
    These work great with one exception. I bought these (actually 3 of them) with the idea of using them with quail, pigeon, and chukar to train my pointing dogs. They seem small for anything but quail, but I am going to test them on chukar this weekend and report back. If there is a bigger size, I would recommend it. I would also recommend securing the safety pins better since I have already lost one of mine in the field since the attached chain is not that durable. Otherwise, the technology and the performance is great!
    By Barry R.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    October 25, 2013
    Great service from GDS and great product so far. Product is expensive for an average Joe like me.
    By Bill P.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    March 14, 2013
    I have had my DT systems remote bird launcher for a few years and have had the transmitter fail twice requiring me to purchase a second one for $110. Rest of the time it has worked fairly well
    By Fred S.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    April 7, 2012
    The back off of the transmitter fell off and got lost. It doesn't set half the time.
    By Rick B.
    Review for DT Systems BL 509 Remote Quail Launcher System
    April 5, 2012
    Awefull in cold weather due to slow release or none at all. Have 4 that I just replaced with Dogtra model, and these work great, even at great distance(+300yards). The DT brand is worthless at this distance. On another note, the DT weighs about twice what the Dogtra does.

    Country of Origin: Made in South Korea.
    CA Residents: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including 1,3-butadiene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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