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Garmin Alpha 100 + TT15 Collar GPS E-Collar

Track & train YOUR DOG on the same screen from a single handheld.

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Alpha 100 Handheld Alpha 100 Handheld Detail Alpha 100 Handheld Left Side Alpha 100 Handheld Right Side Alpha 100 Antenna Detail Alpha 100 Surround Detail Alpha 100 Handheld On/Off Button Alpha 100 Handheld Battery Detail Alpha 100 MicroSD Card Slot Alpha 100 USB Port Detail Alpha 100 Handheld on Charger Alpha 100 in Hand with Long Range Antenna Alpha 100 in Hand with Regular Antenna Alpha TT15 Collar Alpha TT15 Collar Detail Alpha TT15 Collar Probe Detail Alpha TT15 Collar On/Off Button Alpha TT15 Antenna Holder Detail Alpha TT15 GPS Antenna Detail Alpha TT15 Collar Locator Lights Alpha TT15 Collar Connector Detail Alpha TT15 Collar on Charging Cradle Alpha 100 Attaching Belt Clip Bracket and Belt Clip Alpha 100 Belt Clip Detail Alpha 100 Accessories Alpha Lanyard instructions

What's New in the Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo

  • Top mounted high sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver for increased signal reception
  • Non-stimulating Vibration
  • VIRB CONTROL on the TT15 collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)
  • Track Alpha TT15 and TT10 collars PLUS the new Astro T5 Collars (T5 collars must be set to Alpha mode and do not offer e-collar functions)
  • 1 year FREE subscription to BirdsEye satellite imagery
  • EMERGENCY ALERT lets you send your location and an emergency alert message to other Alpha users in the area

  • Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo

  • Read my full ALPHA Review
  • See more pictures

    The Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15 collar enhances the original Alpha tracking and training system with some new features:

  • Top mounted high sensitivity GPS / GLONASS Receiver for increased signal reception

    The TT 15 collars now have the ability to pick up both GPS and GLONASS satellites. GLONASS is the Russian version of USAs GPS satellites. What this means is that there are now more satellites that your system can pick up. This will get you better and faster reception. The DC 50 collars have had this feature for the last year and it works great.

  • Non-stimulating Vibration

    Add a new Non Stim communication to your training. The TT15 collars now have vibration along with tone. You can use Vibration to teach a silent recall or most any other command that you choose, or use it as a warning prior to stimulation.

  • Track Alpha TT15 and TT10 collars PLUS the new Astro T5 Collars

    The new Astro T5 and Alpha TT 15 collars have the ability to be tracked by either the Astro 430 handheld or the Alpha 100 handheld.

    This now lets Alpha users who need a system they can use in competitions legally run T5 tracking collars. Alpha users that do not need ALL of their collars to be training collars can add T5 collars to their Alpha system and use them to only track dogs.

  • VIRB Control on the TT15 Collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)

    Folks that want to film their dogs in action can add Garmin VIRB cameras and use the Alpha handheld to control some of the camera features.

  • 1 Year FREE Subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery

    Get a chance to try out the Birds Eye satellite imagery for free in your new Alpha handheld. This software gives you the ability to see your dog both on the standard topo map and also using satellite images. It adds a whole new dimension to seeing your dog.

  • EMERGENCY ALERT lets you send your location and an emergency alert message to other Alpha users in the area

    When Garmin bought Tri-tronics, we knew an all-in-one GPS / Ecollar system was coming, and the result was the Garmin ALPHA: A GPS tracking collar by Garmin with an E-Collar from Tri-Tronics.

    Track and train from a single screen. One handheld. One collar.

    The Garmin ALPHA improves upon the GPS features of the best-selling Garmin Astro and combines them with the functionality of the best Tri-tronics dog training collars.

    GPS Improvements include faster update rates, touch screen, longer battery life, rescue mode, "buddy" tracking, tracking up to 20 dogs, and my personal favorite - the direction option in the Compass screen.

    E-collar improvements give you the full functionality of a $500 remote trainer for only $250 more than the price of the Astro alone. You can either recreate your favorite Tri-tronics e-collar or build a custom set-up with the perfect stimulation types and settings for each one of your dogs.

    And there's a new user interface with the touch screen. Instead of using toggle switches to change dogs, and intensity dials to select stimulation levels, the touchscreen interface lets you customize your ALPHA collar as much or as little as you want.

    All-in-one, combination products tend to be the worst of both worlds. Seldom does combining two products into one lead to a piece of gear that's as good as either of the originals.

    Fortunately, the Garmin ALPHA is more than just a GPS and an e-collar stuck together.

    A lot of work went into designing the ALPHA resulting in an elegant system with very intuitive controls. The folks at Garmin were very responsive to our feedback in what we wanted in a COMBO system.

    The end result? Not only will consolidating GPS + dog training collars into a single system save time, space, and money -- the ALPHA will make hunting and running your dogs a lot more fun.

    I hope you enjoy this review. Please drop me a line with any questions or comments. -- Steve

  • Transcript from Steve's Video:

    This is the Garmin Alpha. The Garmin Alpha is a GPS e-collar combo system. Garmin took all the Tri-Tronics technology and incorporated it into their dog tracking systems. So now we have one system that can allow you to track your dog and use it as your remote trainer.

    Pretty sophisticated compared to anything we've seen before. From a GPS standpoint it is everything that the Astro is plus a little bit more. It comes with a 100K topo map built into it. It comes with a faster update rate. The Astro is a neat system, but it doesn't quite stand up to the changes that they've made with the Alpha.

    A big difference in the Alpha is that it is a touchscreen. So, very few remote controls. You have an on/off switch and then you have stim buttons for your e-collar. But the rest of the thing is touchscreen. So you just go through and pick the screens that you want. You can jump back between your map and your compass really fast.

    What's nice about the touchscreen on Garmin units is that they are glove friendly. Pretty much any set of gloves that I've been using we've been able to use the touchscreen without a problem.

    Same basic concept as far as operation. You have your collar. Picks up the signal from the satellites. And then it sends that signal back to the handheld. Now, the difference with the Alpha is because it is an e-collar you are also going to be sending signals from the handheld to the collar. So that allows some long-range communication between the two that we have not had before. You can make changes to the setup of the system while the dog is wearing the collar at a distance. That can come in real handy if you have to change identity codes. You can also change update rates.

    The e-collar on the Garmin Alpha is ad as advanced as anything Tri-Tronics has ever made. It's got up to 18 stim levels. It has continuous and momentary, plus it has tone. You can allow it to train up to 20 dogs from one handheld. It's got the light feature similar to the tracer lights. You can control it from the handheld and turn your lights on and off. You can make the flash or make them glow solid. It has short and long contact points.

    The e-collar on the Garmin Alpha is very sophisticated in that you can set different levels for different dogs. You can have different stimulation types for different dogs. You can have some dogs on momentary, some dogs on continuous. You can also change it on the fly. So if you need all sorts of types of stimulation for your dog, you can raise and lower the level, you can change it at the transmitter as needed.

    Three buttons across the top are what control the stimulation. You can either have it where it's one button per dog, so you can have three different buttons on the handheld and then you can scroll over to your next three if you are running six, nine, 12 dogs. You can move back and forth. If you are only running one dog then you can take each button and customize it for that particularly dog. You want to have a low level on one button, and then a medium level on the middle button, and then a higher level on your right button? Real simple to do. You can set it up to fit however you train your dog.

    This is the Alpha TT-10. It is a combination of several concepts that Garmin has developed over the years with the DC-20, DC-30, and DC-40 collars. Anyone that's had a DC-30 will notice that they've gone back to a top-mounted GPS receiver. We found that that works really well.

    The collar strap is not part of the unit in that it's more along the lines of a traditional Tri-Tronics design. It threads through the loops on the collar. And then we have a piece here that connects the GPS antenna. Collar slides through that. We've got 10 different colors so that you can identify collars differently. We change them out for you. It's really simple to move from collar to collar.

    You've got removable contact points. It comes with the regulars installed. We also have the long contact points.

    These are your light features across the front here. So when you are using your tracer light that's where the light comes off of.

    Very tough design. My favorite thing that they changed is the antenna. They went to a cable style antenna and these things are incredibly tough. We're a good six or eight months in now. I have yet to have one break. They are just really tough. A little bit longer, too, than what we've had before. We're getting some more range out of it.

    With the Garmin Alpha you have several different update rate choices. The update rate is the time in between radio signals that are sent from the collar to your handheld. A faster update rate will give you more information as to where your dog is and what he's doing, but it will also burn your battery up a little bit faster.

    I run my Alpha on a 2 1/2 second update rate, and typically I see about 24 hours of runtime. You also have the option of a five second, a 10 second, a 30 second, and a two minute update. What those updates they will do is they will lengthen the battery life of the collar but they will give you less information.

    I find most people prefer to have more information and charge their collar on a more regular basis. Every time I run my collar, the night I am through I charge it up to get a full charge for the next day.


    Multi-dog Collars / Systems:

    Read more about Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo

    Enjoy more relaxing and productive hunts.

    • Track and train your dog on the same screen from a single handheld unit.
    • One handheld + one collar = less clutter and things to charge.
    • Track your friends' handhelds.
    • Know when your dog is out of gun range.
    • Know when your dog is running too big BEFORE your dog gets too far out.
    • Know BEFORE your dog leaves the property OR gets too close to a highway.
    • Know when your dog is on point (Pointing Alerts)
    • Know when your dog has treed. (Treeing Alerts)

    E-Collars: What's in the Garmin ALPHA?

    You get a '$500 ecollar' for only $250 more than the Astro
    • Reinforce known commands. Stop problem behaviors / break trash.
    • Train ANY dog from the most stubborn to the most sensitive.
    • Rechargeable batteries that have a long run time and charge quickly
    • 3-buttons instantly selectable at the transmitter
    • 18 levels of continuous/momentary STIM
    • Audio Tone
    • : Non-stimulating Vibration
    • Expandable to 20 dogs.
    • A touch screen replaces multi-dog toggle switches and intensity dials --
    • Customizable -- set multiple specific stim types and levels for each dog
    • Access custom settings immediately, easier and faster than manual controls

    GPS: Garmin 5th generation collars pack in even MORE features:

    See where your dog is, what he's doing, what direction he's moving in...
    • Top mounted high sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver for increased signal reception
    • VIRB CONTROL on the TT15 collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)
    • COMPASS Screen shows you dogs, direction, distance, speed  
    • MAP Screen shows your dogs with a trail on the TOPO MAP  
    • Track up to 20 dogs/other ALPHA Handhelds
    • Track Alpha TT15 and TT10 collars PLUS the new Astro T5 Collars (T5 collars must be set to Alpha mode and do not offer e-collar functions)
    • Free, pre-loaded TOPO Map. Not just major roads and waterways, but smaller roads, creeks, and streams, too. ($100 value)
    • 1 year FREE subscription to BirdsEye satellite imagery
    • RESCUE MODE and Longer Battery Life means No More Lost Dogs
    • 2.5 Second Update Rate means: you'll know twice as fast when your dog is in birds or treed
    • EMERGENCY ALERT lets you send your dog's last known location and an emergency alert message to other Alpha users in the area

        Preset alert messages include:
        • Help
        • Are you OK?
        • I'm coming
        • Stay there
        • OK
        • Yes
        • No
        • Come here
        • Lost dog
        • Injured dog
        • Ending hunt
        • Go on without me
        • Headed your way
        • Caution: others nearby
        • Game spotted
        • Slow down
        • Speed up
        • Nice shot

    Not available to Canadian addresses. This product is approved for use in the US only. Collar to handheld radio communication may be disabled in Europe and other prohibited areas.

    Download Owner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo

    sizing-chartOwner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo

    Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo Transmitter (Remote)

      Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)

    Handheld GPS

    Contains top-notch features such as a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, long battery life, a bright sunlight readable color display and a rugged IPX7 waterproof exterior.

  • Touch-screen that's easy to use and works while wearing gloves
  • Bright orange tough handheld. Feels good in your hand.
  • Fully rubberized outer coating with an over molding
  • Improved lanyard attachment
  • Battery cap w/ Garmin "backbone" design
  • Includes additional 13" Long Range Flex Antenna - Double the range of the standard antenna

    ALPHA Handheld GPS Features

    The Garmin ALPHA now has 4 Gigabytes internal memory (3.5GB are used by TOPO maps) as well as a micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB class 10 or less) so you can add additional pre-programmed data cards with detailed maps, or add more memory by installing a blank MicroSD Card.
  • 3-axis compass
  • New Dog Set Up Menu / Universal dog settings including Update Rates and Dog types
  • Dog Alerts: Tone-only, Vibration-only or Tone and Vibration
  • GeoFence & Radius Alerts
  • Dog Trails: Choose from three views: Complete History, Partial History, or no Trail History
  • Map Screen option: Show / Hide Dog Status, Distance, Names, and Offscreen Dogs
  • Zoom to MAP DOGS - automatically have all dogs appear on our map screen -- no matter how far they are from you
  • Power Button control screen - including button lock feature
  • Wireless sharing of Dog info to other ALPHA handheld units
  • Bird's Eye View Satellite Imagery (1 year subscription included) - import satellite imagery or your own custom maps
  • Display Size: 1.53"W x 2.55"H (3" diagonal)

    Using a DC-50 tracking collar with the Alpha 100 handheld is possible, but can be a little tricky to configure.

    First, you must pair each DC-50 you want to track with an Astro 430 handheld in order to view the "track code" for each DC-50 collar (see screenshots below). Once you have each code, it can be shared or entered into your Alpha 100, allowing you to now track that DC-50 collar. Each DC-50 collar will have its own unique track code.

    Additional GPS Features

  • High Speed USB mini-B connector for data updates with a PC or Apple Macintosh
  • Rugged IPX7 waterproof standards
  • Quad helix GPS antenna
  • Removeable VHF antenna
  • Micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB class 10 or less) available for preprogrammed MapSource mapping detail such as US TOPO, Inland Lakes, BlueChart and City Navigator, or add more memory by installing a blank MicroSD Card.
  • Stores 1000 waypoints, 50 routes and 10,000 track points
  • Area calculation feature

    ALPHA Handheld Dimensions
  • Weight 8.8 oz.
  • Height 9.5 in. (standard antenna)
  • Height:18 in. (long-range antenna)
  • Width: 2.4 in.
  • Depth: 1.4 in.

  • Remote Training Collar Features

    E-collar Improvements -- give you the full functionality of a $500 remote trainer for only $250 more than the price of an Astro alone.

    You can recreate your favorite Tri-tronics e-collar or build a custom set-up with the perfect stimulation types and settings for each one of your dogs.

    The Garmin ALPHA system works really well as BOTH a training collar AND a hunting collar.
    • Train and track from one screen
    • Train up to 20 dogs per handheld
    • 3 physical buttons
    • Touchscreen controls
    • STIM levels, STIM type, Dog Selector
    • Adjust STIM from any screen

    • Audio Tone

    • Non-stimulating Vibration

    • 18 levels of Continuous STIM
    • 18 levels of Momentary STIM

    Stimulation Levels, Vibration and Tone

    ALPHA has the consistent stimulation levels that Tri-Tronics has used for years.

    Garmin has given us two different ways to select/label stimulation levels.

    TRADITIONAL STIM -- The first is called "Traditional" and matches the 6 levels Tri-Tronics now uses with each level having a low, medium and high for a total of 18 levels. This will allow folks to exactly match the stimulation setups of any of the Tri-Tronics collars.

    LINEAR STIM -- If you prefer a slightly faster way to raise and lower levels with the ALPHA, then I recommend the "Linear" stimulation setup. It gives you 18 levels that exactly matches the low, medium and high levels that TT uses in its Pro series collars.

    AUDIO TONE -- We also have the exact same tone so if you dog has been trained with it, there shouldn't be any issues. We are also pleased that the ALPHA tone is a good bit louder than we have seen from TT collars lately.

    VIBRATION -- Garmin has added Vibration as an additional non-stimulation option on the TT15 collar.

    Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo Collar

      Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)
    • Waterproof (to 1 ATM -- 10 meters) TT-15 Collar is an improved designed based on the popular TT-10 collar.
    • Plastic-coated nylon collar strap. Won't stink. Lasts longer.
    • Tough VHF antenna:
      • BRAIDED STEEL Collar Antenna
      • Takes all the abuse a hunting dog can give it in the rough terrain where you hunt.
    • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver
      • Gives better signal reception than GPS alone
    • Remote Activated LED light beacons
      • Better SAFETY at night near roads
    • USB port on collar
      • Easy software updates
      • Export additional GPS dog data
    • Collar Strap
      • User replaceable collar strap. Different colors for different dogs.
      • Fits neck sizes between 13" and 22"
      • K-9 metal collar buckle with metal keeper

      ALPHA TT15 Collar Dimensions
      • Weight: 10 oz. with collar strap and antenna
      • Height: 1.75 in.
      • Width: 3.5 in.
      • Depth: 1.85 in.
      • 1" wide collar strap

    Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo Comes With

    • Alpha 100 Handheld
    • User-replaceable Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in collar and handheld
    • Belt clip
    • USB cable
    • 5" standard and 13" long range handheld antennas
    • TT 15 GPS dog device
    • BRAIDED STEEL VHF 18 1/2" Standard Collar Antenna
    • BRAIDED STEEL VHF 22 1/2" Long Range Collar Antenna
    • AC adapter
    • Vehicle charger
    • Charging clip
    • Split adapter cable
    • Short and long contact point sets with wrench
    • Non-stim plug
    • Owner's manual
    • 1 year BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription
    • 1 year Garmin warranty

    Features of the Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo

      Download detailed GPS dog trail info

      See the ground that you and your dog actually cover in a day's hunt on a map. Use the Waypoints and Tracks and the Dog Tracks feature from the ALPHA Handheld you can download your days hunt into your PC using either MapSource or to see your hunt on a topo map or Google Earth.

      Use the Covey Counter to keep up with birds

      Mark the exact location of your coveys using a special waypoint feature. Place your coveys on a map and mark the time of day, elevation, number of birds in the covey and number of birds taken.

      Hunter-friendly Icons so you never get lost

      Mark and identify your truck, hunting lodge, food plots, cover, ATVs and other outdoor-related features with waypoint icons designed for hunting,

    Additional Uses

      While the Garmin ALPHA is designed for the hunting dog, many of our customers that don't hunt but enjoy spending time outdoors with their dogs and allowing them to run off leash will find the ALPHA incredibly useful.

      The Garmin ALPHA is perfect when your dog is not by your side. Hiking, camping, horseback riding or bike riding, the Garmin ALPHA will allow your dogs more freedom but allow you to keep a close eye on them and help you locate them if they get lost. Since the Garmin ALPHA serves as a full-featured handheld GPS unit, it will keep you from getting lost, too.

    Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo Batteries

      Collar Battery

    • Rechargeable and user replaceable Li-ion Battery
    • 24 to 48 hour run time depending on update rate

      Collar Battery Runtime:

      ~24 hours with 2.5 second update rate
      ~34 hours with 5 second update rate
      ~38.5 hours with 10 second update rate
      ~42.5 hours with 30 second update rate
      ~48 hours with 120 second update rate

      Charging Clip

    • Comes with a snap-on charging clip w/ dual lead charger
    • Charge a collar and handheld at the same time.
    • RED light = collar is charging.
    • GREEN light = when fully charged.

    • Handheld Battery

    • Rechargeable 3.7v Li-ion
    • Runtime: between 16-20 hours

    Garmin ALPHA 100 + TT15 Combo Range

      The Garmin ALPHA transmitter and receiver have a "line of sight" range of up to 9 miles using the included long-range antenna.

      The ALPHA communicates using a VHF radio signal between the Dog GPS collar and the Handheld GPS unit, so to get the full range out of a system there should be nothing between the transmitter and the receiver.

      Realistically, this isn't going to happen in most of the places that we spend time with our dogs, so the actual usable range will be MUCH less than 9 miles depending on hunting conditions, including weather, terrain, and the presence of cover.

    Garmin ALPHA GPS Maps

  • Includes free 100K TOPO map and 1 year subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery
  • Supports optional map data -- TOPO U.S. 24K, autorouting with City Navigator, and Garmin Custom Maps

  • Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan.
    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)
    Item # 6416

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    PLEASE ORDER YOURS NOW IF YOU NEED IT SOON. Supply chain issues are affecting almost every manufacturer. We will completely sell out of many items this season. Web site is updated at least twice daily on weekdays.

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    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    167 Reviews
    84% (141)
    12% (20)
    2% (4)
    1% (1)
    1% (1)
    98% Recommend this product (164 of 167 responses)
    By Trent
    Durham, NC
    Garmin Alpha 100
    September 20, 2021
    Good quality. Locates the satellites fast. I was concerned that the interface would be complicated, but after initial set up its not really any more difficult to use than the Pro550.

    My setter got away from me a couple of times which scared me to the point of getting the GPS collar. He's much happier now because I'm more comfortable letting him range without calling him back.
    By Luke
    Great product
    September 2, 2020
    This unit works great. Helps me keep my dogs away from the highway. Also dont have to worry about my coonhound coming back when hunting......always know where he is. Gundogsupply is a great company to work shipping!!!
    By Steven
    Impressed with the gps quality
    September 1, 2020
    Collar picks up quickly and updates often as dog is traveling. Great options for correction too with tone, vibrate, and stimulation.
    • Very responsive and great tracking.
    • Like the screen lock function.
    • Clip on remote is tough to use.
    • Would like the option to lock the correction function.
    Expert Review
    Garmin Alpha 100 tracking and training
    July 22, 2020
    I have used the Alpha 100 since it originally came out with the TT10 collar. This has been a top of the line GPS for myself and tracking my dogs. The built in ecollar has reduced the number of collars you have to put on your dog's neck and the number of handheld devices you must carry in the field. This is best best for trashbreaking and recall. I also use the handheld for every other type of hunting or outdoor adventure I may have.
    • large screen with multiple purpose functionality
    • not practical for every day obedience training.
    By Mick
    North Dakota
    Are You Tech Savy?
    December 3, 2021
    As with just about every feature-filled electronic device, it takes time to understand and learn how to operate the equipment. I haven’t ever read a technical manual geared toward the average person’s level of technological knowledge. This device is no different. It’s a complicated and powerful piece of equipment. It functions flawlessly and is the second Garmin product I’ve owned. Don’t hesitate to call Steve and his staff if you have any questions!
    By Greg
    Very capable, complex
    November 22, 2021
    Works great! With all the capability comes complexity. But once setup it works very well.
    • Very capable, lots of features, tracks dog well!
    • Have had some difficulty accessing some features quickly. Maybe will get easier as I become more familiar with menus.
    By Debbie
    Benson, AZ
    Works exactly as advertised
    October 31, 2021
    This is a great product for tracking my dog as well as communicating via tone, vibrate or stim if needed. The collar and hand held is easy to use.
    By John H.
    Garmin Alpha 100 for pointers
    October 31, 2021
    Purchased this product to for upland bird hunting in Woodcock and grouse cover in Vermont and New Hampshire with my Wire hair. Also for pheasant and quail hunting during the winter months in Oklahoma and Kansas.

    Takes away the worry of where my dog is in reference to roads . In new covers the map is most helpful in locating terrain and locating rivers for guiding best areas and routes to take while hunting.
    • Exceptional accuracy in heavy cover. Terrain and map visuals are outstanding. Directions for set up are clear and concise.
    • On point sound or vibrate indication is too brief. Does not always alert when I can see dog is on point. I still need to use beeper collar to indicate dog pointing.
    By Doug
    Lincoln Nebraska
    Alpha 100
    September 8, 2021
    Still learning how to use all aspects but so far the compass tracking is the most useful piece.
    • provides security on where your dog is.
    • somewhat difficult to learn all aspects.
    By Mark
    Northern Nevada
    I love it
    June 29, 2021
    I tossed around the idea of getting this for a few months before I actually did and even though the price tag stings at first, I’m really glad I made the leap. They connect quickly and easily without any issues and I love all the features of the handheld. Keeping training records of my dog are really easy. Time, distance and average speed are all quickly accessed. It’s great for seeing exactly how hard my pup is working and I get a much better feel for when to give her a rest day or two. Lots of options for stimulation level and it’s a snap to change on the fly. The pointing/treed alerts are great and have worked every time, I’m yet to get a false alert when she just pauses before getting back at it. Like all the alerts there is an option for beep, vibrate, both or off making it all truly customizable. The bag it comes with is excellent, it really shows Garmin was thinking ahead when they made it. Tons of storage for all the charging cords and dang near anything else I want. A towel, booties, dog first aid kit, water bottles, kibble/treats (in a container), harness and there’s still room for several other collars and handhelds. Genius. I have no regrets about this and would buy again in a heartbeat. And of course Gun Dog Supply ships out fast and customer service is above and beyond.
    • Lightweight
    • User friendly
    • Durable
    • Touch screen
    • Works as advertised
    • None so far
    By Fitz
    New England
    Remarkable device but
    June 22, 2021
    could be better.
    • It has enabled me to train too bright, active rescue bird dogs who had not been trained. Could not have done it without the Alpha 100 system. Thank you!
    • The charging plug is clumsy, partially blocked by the waterproofing cover, and easily broken. $200. Twice.
    • There is no way to attach a lanyard. The only attachments provided are on the battery cover, which is easily removed. You could come out of the brush with an $800 battery cover.
    By Steve
    VERY poorly designed and made. It is not durable
    June 6, 2021
    I've had the Alpha 100 for almost three years. The screen lasts about a year and then dies. After sending mine back to Garmin twice and PAYING them to replace it, the third one just died so the entire 3 dog system I have is now useless. Garmin does not stand behind their product and they've wasted more than $1000 of my money. Even when the system was functional it was horribly designed. The touch screen on any field unit is a horrible idea. The collars are also falling apart.
    By Todd
    Cody, Wyoming
    Great product and great seller
    February 13, 2021
    We received the product in a timely manner. We will continue to purchase products through Gun Dog Supply in the future. The product works as advertised and we are enjoying it. We have used it for pheasant hunting as well as hikes in off-leash areas. We love it.
    By Chet
    Toledo, OH
    Great Collar
    February 3, 2021
    Great tracking and training collar, very easy to get started on. I still am trying figure everything out with it mostly how to download the map so I can see ground my dog has covered.
    Merchant Response:Chet, Just give us a call at 1-800-624-6378 or email us at with any questions and one of our Product Specialists will be happy to help. Thanks, Ben
    • Very easy and simple to use and get started
    • Computer directions and downloading data is a little vague
    By Matt
    Its awesome!
    January 15, 2021
    Zero complaints with this system. I upgraded from a 220/DC30 system and haven’t regretted it. The biggest flaw with the system for me is it has made me a lazy hunter per say lol. I definitely don’t like hunting without it.
    By Kent B.
    Great Tracking and Training Collar
    January 11, 2021
    Very happy with my new Alpha 100 and tt15 combo. responds quickly to the dogs movements, easy to determine where he is, even in heavy cover.
    • Tracking
    • responsive
    • Price
    • Bulky
    • Collar battery needs more charging with the GPS in it
    By Gary
    Eagle, Idaho
    Set-Up Difficult
    December 26, 2020
    I think I will ultimately be happy with the Garmin Alpha 100/TT15, but not without a lot of initial grief. I've spent a couple of long evenings preparing the physical and electronic component features of the collar and transmitter, and two days in the field and 3-4 hours on YouTube trying to figure out the system. The instruction booklet is extremely difficult to read and is incomplete. The diagrams and print are very small and the labeling is imprecise. The booklet should have larger diagrams and detailed step-by-step instructions. The first day in the field, three of us struggled for an hour to get the transmitter to follow the dog collar. Then someone mistakenly entered a way point that linked to the transmitter. The transmitter was no longer following the dog. After hunting a corn field and risking losing my dog, I had to clear everything out and start all over. The second time hunting, the GPS linkage finally worked OK. I rigged up a lanyard to carry the transmitter around my neck. (The instructions said there is a lanyard connection, but no instructions. My previous e-collars contained a lanyard attached to the transmitter, the Garmin did not). Every time I let the transmitter hang on my neck, the touchscreen would inadvertently contact my call-whistle, or a button, or my shirt, or chest, and open another function. Sometimes it would open an entry screen and each touch would enter a different letter or character. Then, every time I tried to located the dog, I had to undo the inadvertent touchscreen entries. After returning home, and watching a YouTube troubleshooting video, I discovered how to lock the screen. Even after locking the screen, when there is an inadvertent touch, I still have to back out of the entry denial screen to locate the dog. These are significant distractions from hunting. It would be nice if the transmitter would just stay on the GPS compass locator when selected. As stated in the beginning, maybe when I get past the learning curve, I will be satisfied. Too early to tell.
    Merchant Response:Gary, If you have any questions about the set up or operation of your Garmin Alpha 100 w TT15 we have several product specialists who can help. Just give us a call at 1-800-624-6378. Thanks, Ben
    By Rick
    South Dakota
    Garmin Alpha 100 w/TT15
    December 24, 2020
    Great combination. I’m new to owning a hunting dog and first one I’ve ever trained. I’ve used the ecollar portion very little this far, but love looking at the tracks my dog takes and how he ends up hunting depending upon conditions. Waterproofness has been as advertised.
    • Quality
    • Ease of use
    • Durability
    • Garmin name
    • None
    By Chris
    December 19, 2020
    I am very happy with this purchase. I don't know if I really need this nice of a unit but I rather have and not need than need and not have. Have been on a few hints so far where my pup was on birds but I couldn't see him so the GPS which was my main reason for the purchase really came in handy. I have a pro 550 also which is also a good unit and also gets used mostly in places I'm really familiar with.
    • GPS, expandability
    • Wish it came with a lanyard. Not that big of a deal but when bust through brush I constantly check to make sure the handheld unit is still on my side.
    By Greg
    Seattle Washington
    Great when it works
    October 29, 2020
    I have used this system for the last five years hunting chukar with my GSP. I have exchanged the handheld unit once during this period when it broke and am now on my third collar for the dog after the two previous collars ceased functioning. Durable it is not. Reliability is also less than great- can’t count the times the handheld sounded the on point alert and indicated the dog was somewhere other than where I could see her. However like many other Garmin products I have purchased over the years when this system works as promised it is great and really indispensable for finding an on point dog in the sagebrush
    • Probably the best product available for what I need and Garmin is very responsive although the quality of the responses can vary depending on who you talk/type with
    • Collars prone to breakage and indicated direction to dog on point can be incorrect
    By tim
    Really great tool for tracking and training
    October 1, 2020
    Have not had the Garmin a super long time yet, but I am finding it to be a super tool for bird hunting in both conifers, aspen, and beach with Grouse and in lower growth for Pheasant. I would not use it as a daily training collar that you want to use on a regular daily basis.
    • For hunting, always know where your dog is, where he is heading, the speed he is going, the area he is tracking. Can do this with multiple dogs as well
    • Expensive, The normal collar is just livable for my 50 pound setter. It will fit smaller dogs, but I think the mini might be a better fit.
    By Jody W.
    Garmin Alpha 100 wTT15
    September 24, 2020
    I purchase my Alpha 100 with TT 15 and was pleased with the ease of initial set up and use. I will be using it this fall on my started pup this fall. I look forward to the peace of mind it will give me when I’m out in the woods, I will be able to know where my pup is at all times, and make minor corrections when necessary.
    By Don M.
    second unit
    September 17, 2020
    Over the years I have had numerous hunting dogs, all German Shorthairs. During that time I have also used different products to help in keeping track of the dogs in field, most were some kind of beeper collar.

    About three or four years back I decided to try the GPS style unit and glad I did. Although they're not perfect they sure make things a lot easier. Wish I had bought this back when I had three dogs in the field almost all the time.

    I'm not into all the high tech stuff available with the unit but it does what I need it for, keeping track of my pointer.
    By Kyle
    so far so good
    September 10, 2020
    nice unit, relatively easy to operate. Don't be too intimidated by the interface, it isn't that hard. I haven't used it for training yet but it will probably be adequate for a casual, every day handler.
    • Lot of nice features and it is awesome to be able to monitor where your dog is by using the GPS.
    • A lot of nice features! So that means there is a little bit of learning to do when using the unit.
    By Keith
    Upper Peninsula of Michigan
    Great Tracking Collar!
    September 3, 2020
    This a great tool for training and keeping track of your dog in the field. In my case, the north woods.
    Gun Dog Supply's typical great price and service sealed the deal.
    • It works great! The basic functions are easy to figure out and use. I sync'd it with my hunting buddy's Alpha 100. Should he or I ever lose a control unit, the other unit can help find it. Best of all we can keep track of each other if we're hunting in different parts of the woods.
    • There's so many features that it'll take some time to figure them all out. Some I probably won't use.
    By Larry
    Track and train
    September 3, 2020
    So far this unit is packed with great features not as intimidating as when first out of the box. Became easier to use as I played with it.
    • Plenty of informational videos explaining what I didn?t understand to help get me through some operations
    • No real good way to secure carrying the unit would prefer a metal belt clip than the back bone they have, a bit expensive to chance loosing it. I believe I solved the problem for my self.
    By Ham S.
    Burt Lake, MI
    Works as promised
    September 2, 2020
    This was my third Astro, the first one with the training feature in it. As always Garman products it was easy to set up, and works exactly as you expected to. A great product well serviced through Gun Dog Supply who were great to do business with.
    • Everything
    • None
    By Steve H.
    Review for Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)
    October 19, 2018
    I have had this system for about three months. Have used it in the field for training while trying to learn the various features before hunting season. I like the tracking feature using the compass. It has many bells and whistles that I doubt I will ever use, like finding nearby restaurants. I plan on downloading better maps before going to KS. It takes a bit of getting used to, especially changing the level of correction. The only negative I have experienced is the amount of time it takes to get the collar and handheld communicating with each other. I live around a lot of trees and it doesn't seem to work too well in the trees. But my hunting will be on the plains so expect it will do fine. I would recommend it for the tracking.

    By Samuel B.
    Review for Garmin Alpha 100 + TT15 COMBO 2-dog (GPS + E-Collar)
    October 19, 2018

    Works good

    By Lawrence R.
    Review for Garmin Alpha 100 with TT15 COMBO (1-dog GPS System)
    October 18, 2018
    I don't care for the long antennae. It seems like to takes a very long time to charge the transmitter.
    It came with a black collar instead of the orange collar I had to buy extra.


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