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Garmin TT15X Add-On GPS Tracking + Training Collar for ALPHA / PRO 550+

  • Longer run times -- up to 80 hours of battery life!
  • Easier software updates with Garmin Express
  • Also compatible with ASTRO 430 handhelds (tracking only)
  • See how to match collars to your Garmin PRO 550 PLUS system

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    Alpha TT15X Collar DetailAlpha TT15X Collar Probe DetailsAlpha TT15X Collar On/Off ButtonAlpha TT15X Antenna Holder DetailAlpha TT15X GPS Antenna DetailAlpha TT15X Collar Locator LightsAlpha TT15X Collar Connector DetailAlpha TT15X Collar on Charging CradleAlpha TT15X AccessoriesAlpha TT15X Box Detail

    Please note that current Alpha 100 handheld users will require a software update to use the TT15X GPS collar. Click here to learn how to update your software for free.

    TT15X Collar Features:

  • Up to 80 hours of battery life
  • Update your device via Garmin Express software
  • Remotely activated Sleep Mode further extends battery life (only with Alpha handhelds)
  • Waterproof (1 ATM -- 10 meters)
  • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / GLONASS receiver gives better signal reception than GPS alone
  • VIRB control on the collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)
  • Non-stimulating vibration function
  • Non-stimulating tone function
  • Remotely activated LED light beacons for low light conditions
  • User-replaceable 1" collar strap fits neck sizes between 13" and 22"
  • Braided steel collar antenna takes all the abuse a hunting dog can give it
  • USB port on collar for software updates and exporting additional GPS dog data
  • 18 levels of both continuous and momentary stimulation

  • TT15X Specifications:

  • Weight: 10 oz. with collar strap and antenna
  • Height: 1.75 in.
  • Width: 3.5 in.
  • Depth: 1.85 in.

  • TT15X Collar Compatibility:

  • ALPHA 200i / 200 / 100 / 10
  • PRO 550 PLUS
  • ASTRO 430 (tracking function only with Astro and collar must be in Astro mode)
  • NOT compatible with Astro 320 or 220 handhelds

  • TT15X Comes With:

  • 22 1/2" steel braided antenna (installed on collar)
  • 18 1/2" steel braided antenna
  • AC charging adapter
  • Car charging adapter
  • Charging cable with integrated charging clip
  • Short and long contact point sets with wrench
  • Probe cover for tracking-only use

  • Not available to Canadian addresses. This product is approved for use in the US only. Collar to handheld radio communication may be disabled in Europe and other prohibited areas.

    How to Match Collars to Your PRO 550 PLUS System

    Please read all steps before starting.

    1. Charge the new receiver for two hours and install the desired color collar strap.

    2. Turn on the handheld device.

    3. Select a color with the toggle switch. The dog collar device will be assigned to this color.

    4. Turn the intensity dial to N.

    5. Press the green tone button.

    6. Press the top training button.

    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to select auto, tree, or point for the type of dog wearing the collar.

    8. The handheld device is now ready to pair. You can cancel pairing by pressing the green tone button.

    9. If the dog collar device is on, turn it off.

    10. Hold the power button on the dog collar device until it emits two series of beeps (about 2 seconds), and then release the power button. The status LED will start to rapidly flash green. You can now pair the dog collar device with the handheld device.

    11. The handheld device will vibrate and a check mark will appear on the screen when the devices have paired successfully.

    NOTE: GPS signals must be established on both devices before the handheld device displays the dog collar device battery status, distance, and direction.

    Garmin TT15X ALPHA / PRO 550+ Add-on Collar

    Steve Says:

    The Garmin "X" Collars

    The TT15X is a track and train collar while the T5X is tracking only. Both collars are compatible with the Astro 430, all four Alpha handhelds, and the PRO 550 Plus. They can be tracked from multiple handhelds at the same time and can be run at the same time as TT10, TT15, and T5 collars.

    Please note that Garmin's "X" collars are NOT compatible with the Astro 320 or 220.

    The "X" collars have the same physical design as Garmin's regular size collars, but with several upgraded features:

  • Longer Battery Life -- up to 80 hours of run time using the 2.5 second update rate
  • Garmin Express Update Option -- you can update your "X" collar's software with Garmin Express
  • Sleep Mode -- you can put your "X" collar into sleep mode using Alpha handhelds, extending battery life even longer
  • Collar "About" Screen -- on Alpha 200i and 200 handhelds you can check your "X" collar's software version

  • Extended Battery Life

    The biggest improvement on these collars is longer battery life.

    Every time we talk with Garmin, battery life is a topic. With the "X" collars they have drastically increased battery life and added options to stretch it out even longer if needed.

    We are seeing between 60 and 80 hours of run time off a single charge with a 2.5-second update rate. Setting your collar on a 5 or 10-second update rate will push it past 80 hours, and a 2-minute update rate will give you over 130 hours.

    This will be especially helpful for folks with big running dogs or in lost dog situations. An "X" collar set in Rescue Mode drops down to a 2-minute update rate when the battery reaches less than 25% capacity, giving you the maximum possible time to locate a lost dog. More battery life = more time.

    There are few things more useless than a tracking collar with a dead battery.

    Keep in mind that this extended battery life option doesn't change my take on charging your collars.

    I still recommend that you charge them after every use.

    I want you to have the maximum battery life available if you need it. The only way to make that happen is to charge your system before each use. Also, keep in mind there has not been a change in the handheld batteries, so you will still need to charge them pretty much every night anyway.

    Updating Your Collars with Garmin Express

    With the "X" collars, you can now update both your collars and your handheld with Garmin Express.

    This eliminates the need to have multiple programs installed to keep your system up-to-date. I prefer Garmin Express for several reasons, but not being able to update everything from one program has been a hassle. Now every new dog tracking product can be updated using Garmin Express.

    Sleep Mode

    The "X" collars have a Sleep Mode option just like the Garmin MINI collars.

    Sleep Mode allows you the option of using your Alpha handheld to shut off both radios in the collar (GPS and handheld communication), significantly extending battery life. The collar searches every few seconds for a turn-on signal. Once you give the signal from your handheld, the radios turn back on and the collar returns to normal communication mode.

    Note that you must be within range to activate the collar.

    This is a specialized feature that really isn't going to be used by most of our customers. It's designed for situations where either you can't get to a dog in time to pick him up and are forced to leave him out overnight, or you are intentionally leaving him out and want to preserve battery life.

    We have a few folks that like to leave their collars on their dogs all day while hunting, even when moving around in their vehicle, and Sleep Mode lets them conserve run time. I'm not sure if it's still necessary with the longer battery life, but the option is there.

    Folks with livestock protection dogs will like the Sleep Mode feature. It will give you extra-long battery life while still keeping up with the location of your dogs.

    "About" Screen

    The "X" collars give you the ability to view your collar software data on your Alpha 200i or Alpha 200 handheld.

    This means you can check the software version from your handheld without the use of a computer. Not a giant deal, but it's a feature that we had back in the Astro 320 / 220 days, and it's nice to see its return.

    I'm extremely pleased with these new collars.

    We always want more range, longer battery life, and more durability from our tracking collars.

    While we only get one of the big three updated here, it's an important update -- perhaps the most important -- and it will make finding lost dogs easier.

    Transcript from Steve's Video

    So this is the GARMIN TT15X. If you're familiar with the TT collars, it looks exactly like the current version of the TT15. The X collars have three major differences. The first difference is gonna be battery life. And that's the most important difference here. The battery life on this collar is substantially better than what we have in the TT15s right now, and it blows the TT15 MINIs out of the water.

    In a two and a half second update rate, you're looking at between 60 and 80 hours of run time off of a single charge. The variance in there is gonna depend on a couple of things. Whether you run your lights, how much you're stimming the dog. Depends on what you're doing.

    There's a difference too, between straight run time, and then you turn it on and turn it off, you'll get some differences there. But it's substantially longer than what we've had before, and that's a big deal, especially in a lost dog situation. The other. Two things. One of them's a giant deal. One of 'em is one of those things where it just depends on what you do.

    The next big deal is that you can update the TT15X collars through Garmin Express. Prior to the 15X collars, you had to use Web Updater to update your collars. And so now everything that Garmin has on the market can be updated through Garmin Express. So that's handy, cuts down on the number of programs you have to have.

    And then the last new thing is that the 15X has the sleep mode function for the collars, which we've had that in the MINI 15s, but we have not had that in the regular 15s. So the 15X has sleep mode. For most people that is not a big deal. But for folks that have dogs that are, that are out a long time and they're either intentionally not recovering them at the end of the day, or they can't get to them at the end of the day and they need to be able to leave them out overnight, the sleep mode option allows you to power down the collar so that it's no longer using its radio functions. And then when you return to the area all you have to do is go back into it and wake the collar up.

    When you're looking at the collar, you go into your menu and right here, we have adjust sleep mode. And so you select that and then you are gonna go, I'm gonna put this collar to sleep. And so if you watch it, it's going to shut down. Okay. So basically it is lost all communication with the collar and it, that way, your, your battery's just not being used hardly at all.

    And what the collar's gonna be doing is that it is going to wake up and look for a wake signal. And so what's happening is there's a rotation. And what it's doing is instead of constantly broadcasting and pulling GPS signals, it's waiting to wake up for a radio signal. So when you get back in the area, you want to turn it back on, you go back into your menu and you adjust collar sleep mode, and we're going to wake and now it's gonna take a second for it to update.

    There you go. And you'll notice that the GPS has not quite come on yet, takes a second for it to pick back up. But basically that allows you to power down the radio signals on the collar so that it's no longer doing GPS or MURS communication. And that's going to drastically improve your battery life.

    Download Owner's Manual for Garmin TT15X ALPHA / PRO 550+ Add-on Collar

    owners-manualOwner's Manual for Garmin TT15X ALPHA / PRO 550+ Add-on Collar

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    Customer Reviews

    8 Reviews
    88% (7)
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    13% (1)
    88% Recommend this product (7 of 8 responses)
    By Thad
    A must have
    March 11, 2023
    If you have a pointing dog that runs big and is willing to dive into heavy brush then the Garmin collar is a must have. Knowing when the dog is on point and where to find it is worth the purchase price alone, but add in the accompanying data provided plus the other features make this a home run.
    • All in one training collar and tracker. Long range capability and long battery life. Run multiple dogs off one receiver. Easy to sync an additional collar. Garmin quality.
    • The purchase price stings a little, but you get a lot for the money.
    By Robert
    Ready for another one!
    December 10, 2023
    This was a replacement collar for a Garmin TT15 that turned into a brick with a solid red light. This collar will no longer receive GPS communication but at least the training button functions still work. I won't buy a third Garmin collar.
    • Theoretically this could be updated on a Mac
    • Updates are cumbersome
    • Not reliable
    • Seems to last a year and fails
    By Chris
    Seamless ordering as usual for Gun dog supply. it was simple to add a collar to the remote
    May 20, 2023
    I always use GDS........great processing
    By Thomas S.
    Awesome product Awesome price Great customer service.
    March 2, 2023
    A+++ service
    By Dan
    Excellent product with excellent service
    February 8, 2023
    I received the product promptly and it works beautifully. My older hand held needed to be upgraded to work with this collar and Gun Dog Supply had the links and instructions needed to upgrade right on the purchase page and that too worked perfectly.

    Great experience with a great product.
    By Matthew W.
    Texarkana Texas
    December 2, 2022
    Great training collar with GPS. Use every time we go to the woods and daily for training.
    • GPS and training capability in one collar
    • None
    By RedSprings
    Central Illinois
    Great Collars and Great Company
    September 29, 2022
    Needed replacement of my Garmin TT15 's that gave up ( after years of service) right before big upland hunting trip ( no time to get units refurbished but probably will as backup units...Garmin very helpful as well). Gun dog staff answered all questions precisely and professionally...much appreciated. Collars came in on time and have worked flawlessly on multiple days in good and not so good conditions... they seem like winners..... very satisfied.

    Gun Dog is my go to place for multiple select items... I recommend to others and think they are about as good as it gets for advice and products.
    • Great products
    • Very helpful staff
    • None
    By Michael
    Southern Iowa
    Second Dog Collar for Alpha Pro 550
    March 6, 2022
    This is my second collar for my Garmin PRO 550 PLUS. I purchased the Garmin PRO 550 PLUS Training + TT15 GPS Tracking Collar three years ago after watching Steve's video review. I have used the system for both upland and waterfowl hunting. The collar withstood just about every environment and never failed. I finally decided to purchase the second collar, TT15. One for my setter and one for my lab. I trusted Steve's recommendation and it proved to be accurate and helpful. The new collar synchronized with my PRO 550 Plus seamlessly. I would advise anyone looking for a training and tracking collar system to listen to Steve's reviews on each option and follow his recommendation for the type of use you plan on for your dogs.
    • The collar works accurately in all environments.
    • It does not inhibit the dogs at all.
    • It pairs to the Garmin PRO 550 Plus effortlessly.
    • It is pricey.
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