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Marshall Radio Telemetry PowerMax Hound Tracking Collar - ORANGE



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Any number (frequency) is available from 216.000 through 217.999.

Although it's small in weight and size, the Marshall Radio PowerMax is a very long range-collar. It's machined out of a solid block of aircraft aluminum for ruggedness. And instead of using those expensive, foreign-made and hard to find expensive green and white batteries, it uses common AA batteries available anywhere.

All PowerMax Hound collars come with simple magnetic on/off switch, a blinking green light that tells you it's running which switches to red when it's time to change the batteries. All collars come with a 'treed switch' as well as "Down-dog Mode" where the signal slows down if your dog is motionless for 5 minutes.

Designed for the serious and demanding hunter, this hound collar runs for months of normal use on regular AA batteries. This means you can get your batteries anywhere and they don't cost $8 to $12 each! Collars run in long-range tracking mode for 500 hours on new set of batteries.

A small green LED flashes during normal use, and switches to red when only 5 days of battery life are left. Machined casing with triple sealed waterproof construction designed to withstand years of heavy use. Magnetic switch does not need the magnet strapped to the collar but only requires a tap to turn on and a tap to turn off. Made in the USA.

Please use the "Comments" blank on the order form to let us know if there is a specific frequency / band you need or if there is a frequency we should avoid.

  • Specs at a Glance
  • Size: 2.5" L x 1.3" W x 1" H
  • Weight (including collar strap): 7.7 oz. (218 g)
  • Battery Life: 500 hours continuous (approx.)
  • Running Mode: 55 pulses per minute, pulse width of 40 ms
  • Treed Mode: 110 pulses per minute when running, pulse width of 40 ms
  • Remountable to an Existing Collar
  • Uses 2 AA Alkaline or Lithium batteries
  • Field Replaceable Antenna
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent Durability
  • Overview

  • This high power tracking collar is designed to give the best range of any hound collar available while being in a very rugged yet lightweight package; and it does it while using standard AA batteries! The PowerMax's case was engineered using aerospace grade aluminum to give the strongest housing possible. The transmitter is completely water tight, the battery compartment is sealed with a rubber o-ring while the circuitry is double sealed with a special die-electric silicone to prevent water from ever touching the circuit board. It also incorporates an innovative On/Off magnetic switch that allows you to leave the collar on the dog when not in use, as well as two LEDs on the side of the transmitter that let you know when it's running, and when it is time to change the batteries.

  • Battery

  • The PowerMax uses 2 standard 1.5 Volt, AA batteries readily available just about anywhere. We recommend using a good, name brand battery like Energizer or Duracell. Caution: Do not use the 3.6 Volt Lithium batteries (green and white). This will run the collar at 7.2 Volts, which can damage the circuitry and void the warranty. Also, do not use rechargeable (NiCad) batteries in the PowerMax collar, they will not provide good performance.

    The batteries are located under the battery lid (marked with the frequency of the transmitter) and are accessed be removing the two 4-40 Allen bolts using a 3/32 Allen wrench (included). Insert the batteries with careful note as to their polarity. The correct polarity is marked on each side of the case. One battery will be positive end up, one will be positive end down. When re-installing the battery lid, be sure to hold down the lid tightly all the way closed, while tightening the screws. It's important that the lid is not allowed to loosen slightly and break electrical contact as it is being screwed down. If the batteries make and break contact during installation (the LEDs will light, then stop, then light again) there is a possibility that the magnetic switch will not work properly. If this occurs, remove the battery lid for a period of 5 seconds, then re-install.

  • Battery Life

  • The collar will transmit for about three weeks of continuous use. When the battery starts getting low, the red LED on the collar will begin to flash. This means that it is time to change the batteries. The transmitter should run for another 3-5 days after the red LED starts to blink. The PowerMax collar uses a special low voltage sensor to determine when it is time to change the batteries, so even if you install a set of used batteries by mistake, the red LED will flash, letting you know that the batteries are low.

    Note: There is a slight drain on the battery even when it is not transmitting. We recommend not leaving the battery in the transmitter more than six months. If it is left in the transmitter for more than six months, the red light will blink giving you a warning.

  • On/Off Switch

  • The Marshall key chain magnet is used to turn the PowerMax collar on and off. Simply tap the side of the collar, marked with a magnet symbol, with the magnet. When the transmitter turns on, it will send out three rapid pulses along with 3 alternating blinks of the red and green LEDs and then return to the steady pulse rate of normal operation. Tap it again to turn it off. If you hold the magnet against the transmitter for too long, it will transmit continuously until you remove the magnet. Practice giving it just a quick tap to turn it off. Unlike most collars on the market, you do not leave the magnet under the collar to keep the transmitter off, just a simple swipe of the key chain magnet will do this.

    Caution: Do not store the magnet near your transmitters. If the magnet is near the transmitter it could run continuously, draining the battery quickly.

    Hint: If you lose the magnet in the field, you can still turn on the transmitter manually by taking the batteries out and re-inserting them. The transmitter will turn on as soon as you insert a battery. Also, any strong magnet will work to turn the collar on and off if you loose your Marshall key chain magnet.

    Note: The Magnetic switch is a "fail-safe" design, meaning, if it did fail for any reason, it will never turn "Off" the transmitter but instead, it will always leave it "On."

  • Activity Modes

  • The PowerMax collar uses a sophisticated activity switch to determine the current state of the dog. Modes for the PowerMax transmitter:

    Running: When the dog is walking briskly or running, the collar should send out a regular paced signal (roughly one pulse every 1.2 seconds)

    Treed: When the dog has treed or is upright, the transmitter will send out a fast paced signal (more than one pulse very second)

    Rest: When the dog is at rest for a period of 5 minutes or more, the transmitter will send out a slow paced signal (1 pulse every 2 seconds).

  • PowerMax Range

  • The PowerMax tracking collar was designed to be the most powerful transmitter on the market. It should provide up to twice the range of most competitive high output models under most hunting conditions. To achieve this level of power, the PowerMax utilizes the latest electronics and a very efficient antenna design. The antenna is made of high strength industrial stainless steel cable and is very tough. In the event that the antenna becomes damaged, a replacement antenna may be installed in the field.

    If you want to compare the PowerMax with another transmitter, you must test them at the same time. The easiest way to do this is to hang the PowerMax and the collar you are comparing on a fence rail or level tree branch and do a drive off test. It is important that both collars be at the same height off of the ground, and that the antennas on both collars are facing vertically. A quick test can be done a short distance away judging the relative signal strengths on your receiver, but the best test is to drive off until you loose the first collar completely, then check the signal of your Marshall PowerMax collar. As you are testing, be sure to rotate the yagi antenna on your receiver to the vertical position matching that of the collar's antenna to find the best signal strength for each collar.

    Remember that tests done in different places will always give different results. Even testing at different times of day can give different results. This is why you must always compare two transmitters by testing them together at the same time in the same place and at the same height off the ground.

  • Using the Receiver

  • The signal from the PowerMax collar is strongest if the receiver antenna is lined up in the same orientation as the PowerMax's antenna. Since the collar's orientation on the dog and the terrain can change, always try rotating your yagi from horizontal to vertical to attain the best signal possible.

    Like any transmitter, the range of the PowerMax varies with the terrain. Tests have shown its range in our deserts of the western United States to be anywhere from 50 to 100 miles, depending on the height of the transmitter, the height of the receiver, and the type of terrain and obstructions. Whatever range you get, you can be sure that the PowerMax gives you the best signal you can possibly get under those specific conditions.

  • Warranty

  • Marshall Radio Telemetry warrants that the POWERMAX HOUND COLLAR will be free from defects of workmanship and materials for TWO YEARS from date of purchase. If you have a defective transmitter, please contact Marshall Radio Telemetry or return it to your distributor and we will repair or replace it and return it free of charge. However, we will not be responsible for damage from misuse, normal damage incurred during use, and damage due to wear and tear. Under no circumstances will Marshall Radio be responsible for damages or loss beyond the value of the transmitter itself, including the loss of a dog or lost time.

    Country of Origin: Made in USA.

    Download Owner's Manual for PowerMax Hound Tracking Collar

  • Owner's Manual for PowerMax Hound Tracking Collar

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    Marshall Radio Telemetry PowerMax Hound Tracking Additional Collar / Extra Transmitter - ORANGE
    Item # 2302

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