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BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer

It's HOT! Make sure your dog has fresh drinking water!

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Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer Valve Detail Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer Connector Hose Nelson Automatic Waterer Hardware

Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer provides a constant supply of fresh clean water
  • Eliminates the hassles of manually watering your dogs.
  • High grade 304 stainless steel is virtually indestructible.
  • Float and valve assembly is fully protected by guard.
  • Mounts on wall or kennel pole.
  • You can mount the reversible valve assembly on the left or right side of the waterer for easy connection to a faucet.

Man's Best Friend Deserves The Best!
  • The Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer is the waterer that's never empty!
  • Float actuated valve automatically replenishes the water as dogs drink.
  • The Nelson Automatic Waterer is built to last a lifetime.
  • The Nelson Waterer surfaces won't chip, crack or rust.
The Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer is easy to install.
  • Equipped with stainless steel wall mounting plate with pre-drilled holes.
  • The drinking bowl is quickly removable from its wall or pole mount for thorough cleaning and sterilizing.
  • Includes both kennel fence pole mounting brackets and wall mounting brackets.
  • Kennel mounting hardware includes one kennel mounting bracket and two 1 1/2" bolts w/ nuts
  • Also includes 12" supply hose.
Nelson Waterer Model 1200 complies with USDA standards and U.S. Government approved non-siphoning design. U.S. Patent No. 5,566,539

Also check out the matching Nelson Stainless Steel Feed Pan.

Exterior dimensions: 10"L x 8"W x 4"H
Reservoir space: 6"L x 7"W x 4"H
Capacity: approx. 3.5 quarts

Attaches to a standard outdoor spigot. If you need a longer hose, a standard garden hose will work, or you have a problem with your dog chewing the hose, try a metal washing machine line with a female to male adapter. This should be available at your local home improvement store.

Made by Nelson MFG -- Always Fresh Clean Water -- Automatic Horse, Livestock and Pet Waterers.

Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer

Steve Says:

We sell a lot of the Nelson Automatic Dog Waterers. It's a very popular product for us even though it's a little on the expensive side. Nelson is the high-end of the dog waterers.

The low end of the waterers that we sell are plastic, and I am never a big fan of a plastic bowl for a dog. It is just something to chew on. That is one of the things you have got to look at and decide, "I have a chewer or I don't have a chewer." You don't have to worry about your dog chewing on the Nelson 1200 because it's built out of stainless steel.

The Nelson Automatic waterers require you to have a water connection that is close to where you mount it.

Here's how it works: As the dog drinks the water down, the float drops to a certain level and it automatically refills. It's pretty neat.

The biggest fear that I have with this type of product is that it doesn't eliminate the need for keeping an eye on your dog. I wouldn't recommend leaving for two weeks and leaving it hooked up in case something happened. Although you don't have to worry about your dog's water getting low, it's always a good idea to check your dog on a daily basis to make sure everything is in working order and your dog is properly hydrated. A dog cannot go long without water in the summer time before getting heat stroke or dying.

The other thing you have got to watch on automatic dog waterers is cleaning them. Depending on where you place your waterer, you are going to get some algae. If it is in the sun at all you are going to get fast algae build up. If you keep it out of the sun and clean it once a week, most folks ought to be in good shape. Bleach kills algae probably faster than anything, but you can kill it with soap too. It's not a big deal.

We have very, very few returns on the Nelson 1200 because they are nice, stout products.

Download Owner's Manual for Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer

owners-manualOwner's Manual for Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer

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Customer Reviews

Review Summary
168 Reviews
85% (142)
11% (19)
3% (5)
1% (1)
1% (1)
99% Recommend this product (166 of 168 responses)
By Skip
Sulphur Springs, Texas
My Dogs Haven't Been Happier
April 22, 2021
I’ve always balked at spend this much money for an automatic water bowl. We’ve used everything from constantly refilling bowls to finally installing an automatic watered from a different manufacturer. That old unit worked well until the stoppers on the float wouldn’t work and then I would have a mini flood in the yard. It also was made of painted steel which constantly would turn green with algae, but hey it was better than filling bowls constantly.
When the automatic algae bowl started leaking I said I’m going to get the Nelson 1200. When I first saw the box I thought, “man this is a small bowl”. But after installing it and seeing how deep it is, I love it and I know my dogs love it. Almost a month, no floods and no algae! And when it comes time to clean it, slide the release and take the bowl inside the house for cleaning, I think you can even run it trough the dish washer. It ain’t cheap but as my Daddy said, buy one cry once.
  • No algae so far. (But easy to removal the bowl to clean)
  • High quality product, especially the float compared to similar products.
  • Easy installation, but remember to get lag/toggle bolts or anchors.
  • Not a con but the provided hose is only 12" long. So you must install relatively close to your spigot or buy a longer hose.
By Becky
Northern Utah
Great solution to water dish problem
December 21, 2020
My dog had a terrible habit of spilling her water and then playing with the bucket. This water bowl system fixed the problem. Because it is winter, I don’t have it hooked up to the hose, but I am excited to use that feature once we get warm weather again. If you don’t want the automatic water feature, you could just purchase the dog dish version and be fine. The bowl unfastens easily (but remains secure while being used). The photo show how I attached it to my run.
  • Less than on Amazon. Fast shipping.
By Harv
Maysville, KY
Solid product!
June 7, 2023
I was worried this product might be a little over-complicated, but I was wrong. The instructions are great, and the product assembles quickly and works well. I have seen other similar products that are less expensive, but I highly doubt they are as robust and well-made as this one. Each component is solid and I have no doubt it will stand up the elements and repeated use.
  • - robust components
  • - easy installation
  • - quick shipping
  • - my dogs love it
  • - price
By Bill K.
South Carolina
Great addition
April 23, 2023
Great addition to the outdoor section for all of our dogs. Keep them well hydrated and keeps the bowl full of cool refreshing water for them.
By Sunny
Pans will rust
January 19, 2023
So in the last 3 years I've ordered 7 of these from gun dog supply. I love the concept of them. easy to use & clean. but they all have RUST in the bottom of the pans. some worse then others, some aren't bad but they still are RUSTY! But its the point that I paid a lot of money for these and they have RUST. I joined a kennel group on Facebook and people are talking about these and the RUST! so its a common problem.others have said in this group that they were sent new pans and the problem reoccurs.this group is all across the US. So I just ordered a new one and we will see if they have figured the problem out or not. if I could attach more pics of the issue I would. The picture I attached was the very waterer I installed.
  • Great concept
  • love the idea of these waterers.
  • easy to use
  • The pans rust
By David
Eureka California
Installed easy
July 21, 2022
Should come with lag bolts for mounting for the price but was easy to get with trip to hardware store
  • Easy setup, solid construction
  • Wish the bowl was bigger to hold more water and was a bit pricey over others
By Happy M.
Cherry Valley, Ca
You get what you pay for
June 8, 2022
I’ve had similar products that failed spectacularly. This one never disappoints. The quality material, craftsmanship, and design provide a solid product. No leaking, the valve works properly, and it is simple to clean! No more stress that my dogs won’t have water and no more wasteful leaks! Thank you, Gun Dog Supply.
By Anonymous
The best
August 6, 2021
This is the best automatic water dispenser, now all you need is to make one for food and it has to be metal. Why? Because we the people want it. Now go and make it, so you can make more money. Believe me, we want it. A gravity fed kibble dispenser made out of the same metal that can be securely mounted on a wall or fence. You can thank me later.
By Phil
Tucson AZ
After 10 years still working great.
July 22, 2021
I was hesitant to spend $150+ about 10 years ago when I purchased this watered. I must say it’s money well spent. I had Mount plastic ones in the past and they never held up, dogs chewed them and were difficult to clean. The only thing I have had to do was replace the float once and that was only about $10.
Once a week I quickly remove the bowl and throw it in the dishwasher along with 5 stainless steel food bowls.
If you want to buy a water that will be trouble free and last a lifetime you can’t go wrong with the Nelson 1200.
Why leave feedback after 10 years, because it’s rare you purchase an item that actually performs and exceeds you expectations.
Phil in Tucson.
By Jeff
A Must Have Dog Bowl!
May 11, 2021
Excellent Quality!
Easy to install.
I have two GSP and this watering system is perfect!
Only regret is I wished I would have bought it sooner.
By Mike
Fruita, Colorado
May 4, 2021
Received and after a easy install the waterer is working well. I thought at first that the bowl was on the small side - but after installing and filling with water - perfect size.
  • self serve waterer for the dogs - easy detachment of the bowl to clean - floating device works well
  • Can't think of any concerns at this time
By Terry T.
Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer
April 25, 2021
Great looking product , Very well built , fast del.
  • All stainless except for float
  • Assembly arrived with a uncomplete part , contacted Gun Dog Supply and was sent a new part. Awesome !!!
By Jason
Smaller than expected, but works well
April 16, 2021
The one I previously had was REALLY small for three 45lb+, very active pitbulls. This is larger, easy to install and flotation device works, so no worry of wasting water
  • Easy install
  • Pricey
By Melisa
Orange County, CA
Worth the money!
March 18, 2021
This was the perfect water bowl to put outside for our dog. I used to have a large plastic waterer. We’d fill it and it would provide water for about 5 days, but it was a pain to fill (you’d fill it and then have to lift it and turn it over to place on the bowl), a pain to clean (the opening was very small and there were ridges in the plastic that we could never really scrub) and there was so much water in it that would inevitably get warm. With this new automatic waterer, the container is super easy to remove and clean and the dish is small enough that it gets fresh water more often. Very happy with this purchase.
  • Easy to clean. A good size.
  • None that I've noticed so far.
By James N.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
October 19, 2018
Watered has worked great, stainless supply line has deterred my lab puppies from chewing it.

By Gottabebigdogs
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
October 11, 2018
Outstanding virtually all stainless steel construction (exception: brass fittings, valve float is sturdy plastic). Superb design---bowl slides off, can be cleaned by fingers in the small stream coming from an open valve that rests in the bowl, bowl slides back on, valve continues to fill the bowl, no need to turn off water or bring bowl somewhere to clean. Sturdy, very quiet, the dogs took to it IMMEDIATELY....we call it their fountain. Well worth the money---and I read reviews on many as I shopped around, before choosing this fountain. We now have four of them. Happy dogs!
By Craig D.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
November 1, 2016
This is a quality product. Easy to install.
By Karen C.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
October 3, 2016
I have others of this product from Gun Dog and love it. We just extened our puppy kennel and needed another one. Lasts forever and no problems with it.
By Michael H.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
August 28, 2016
Works great!
By Ellen O.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
July 22, 2016
I had one of these before and was thrilled to find them again on this site for a great price. These are the best automatic waterers you can own. Easy to install and easy to keep clean, best part, made in the US!
By Robert T.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
July 19, 2016
Works well. I added a drain to it for easier cleaning.
By Sherri H.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
July 19, 2016
I love the automatic waterer. It's so hot, and I don't have to worry about my dog running out of water.
By William S.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
July 13, 2016
Works really well. Only improvement is add bolts to secure to wall as well as pole. Make hose six inches longer. Great product.
By Daniel W.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
June 27, 2016
Easy install, simple to cleaning, quality made. Best thing I have bought in a while.
By Karen W.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
May 31, 2016
Our dogs kept chewing up any bowl we attached to the outside wall. Because this water bowl is metal and all the hardware is metal, they don't even try to chew on it or pull it off of the outside wall where it is attached.
By Nathaniel W.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
May 26, 2016
Well designed, easy to put together, and works fine. I am very pleased with it.
By Mark D.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
May 25, 2016
Good product! Works well and was easy to assemble! Bolts were too short to mount to my kennel pole but that's an easy fix!
By Cathy L.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
May 25, 2016
We just finished our dog run and put this automatic dog water bowl in.. Love it!! And so do the dogs. No mess in the house anymore, always fresh and my silly pup can still shove his face down in the bowl happily. I no longer have to lay 3 beach towels out and constantly wipe the wood floors! Everyone's happy!
By Craig W.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
May 22, 2016
It should include lag bolts for attaching to a wall or wood post. The pole mount is limited and difficult to attach.
By Robert S.
Review for BESTSELLER: Nelson Automatic Dog Waterer 1200
May 7, 2016
Sturdy, as advertised. Easy to install.
CA Residents: WARNING: This product contains nickel, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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