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Dog List

The third selection is "Dog List." The Dog list shows all of the dog profiles that you have running on active collars. The Dog List allows you the option of "Suspending" a dog and it is where you can also change the order that dogs are listed on the tracking screen.

Suspending a dog removes him from the tracking and training screen. You would want to "Suspend" a dog if you were running multiple dogs at one time and then decided to only run one or two dogs after that. Normally I run two pointing dogs on a round, but sometimes I'll run a third. After I move back from three dogs to two, Suspending the third dog allows me the option of keeping him in my system but it will not track him while he is in the truck.

To "Suspend" a dog from the Tracking and Training screen, highlight the dog's name and move the arrow key to the right. A pop up window will appear that has the dog's name and the word "suspend."

The dog will immediately be removed from both screens and his name will be "grayed out" in the Dog List. To start tracking him again, simply highlight his name in the Dog List and select the arrow key to the right. A pop up window will appear that has the dog's name and the word "resume." This will return your dog back to the active tracking and training list.

Changing the order that the dogs are listed in both the Tracking and Training screens is very important when you are running more than two dogs and extremely important once you add your fourth dog to the system. In the Tracking screen, you can see all the dogs on the screen, but it only lists 3 dogs at one time. To see the listing for dogs 4 - 12, you use the arrow key on the front of the transmitter to move down the dog list. Being able to change the order of the dogs is very important since you will want to group your dogs based on how they run together and which dogs are more likely to need to be corrected together or at the same time.

When I have 4 dogs running at the same time, I want them listed in the order of most likely to be corrected to least likely to be corrected since dog 4 will not be on the screen at the same time as dogs 1 - 3. Changing the order on the tracking screen also changes the order on the training screen.

To Change the order of the dogs, highlight "SET ORDER" and press the arrow key to the right. This moves you to the "Set Order" screen. Highlight the name of the dog that you want to move and press the arrow key to the right. An "up / down" arrow key will appear to the right of the dogs name. Use the up and down arrow key to change the location of the dog. Once you have him where you want him in the list, select the left arrow key.

Selecting the left arrow will return you to the "Dog List" screen. To change the order of the other dogs, you must highlight "Set Order" and repeat the process.