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Next on the main menu is "Status." The Status screen is where you can check the ID numbers on each of your dogs, their last Communication with the handheld, GPS signal strength, GPS update rate time and the battery life of each collar.

The Status screen shows you the name of your handheld transceiver and the handheld's ID Number. It also lists the name of each active dog. To see the status of each individual dog, highlight the name of the dog and use the right arrow key to select it. This will move you to the Status screen for the individual dog. From this screen you can see the Dog's Name, the dog's individual collar ID number, Battery Bar charge indicator, Last Communication time with the handheld, and GPS Signal Strength and GPS Update Rate.

The Collar ID number is important when you want to allow other folks to track your dog from their handheld. You must tell them the collar ID so they can add it when they set the collar up to track.

The Battery Bar charge indicator is a 4 bar battery strength gauge. It shows how much of a charge you have left on the GPS collar battery. Please note that this is the GPS collar battery only. The battery bar does not have any information on the amount of charge on the Ecollar battery.

The LAST COMM: number, or Last Communication, is the amount of time between signals from the collar updating the GPS location of the collar. We call this the Update Rate. The TEK GPS collar has three update rates. It starts at 2.5 seconds. After it runs for around 10 hours, the update rate slows to 10 seconds. After 5 more hours, the update rate slows to 25 seconds.

The GPS Update Rate is listed directly below the LAST COMM. The Update Rate is listed as 3 seconds (but its really 2.5 seconds). When it moves to 10 seconds the Update rate is listed as 3 x 4 (the math is actually 2.5 x 4 which equals 10 seconds.) When it moves to 25 seconds the Update rate is listed as 3 x 10 (the math is actually 2.5 x 10 which equals 25 seconds.)

The GPS Signal Strength is shown as a 4 bar graph. This bar shows that the collar is receiving a signal from the GPS satellites and the reception strength of that signal. If a collar does not have a GPS signal this graph will be blank.