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Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO

Track and train up to 21 dogs from your smartphone with no cell data required!


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Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO Overview:

    Smartphone NOT included.

    Don't need e-collar functionality? Check out the Pathfinder TRX.

    The Dogtra Pathfinder brings GPS and e-collar technology to your smartphone, giving you a new and responsive way to track and train your dogs!

    Two-year limited lifetime warranty

Multi-dog Collars / Systems:

Read more about Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO

    Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBOThe Pathfinder works without using cellular data -- just download the free maps and operate your smartphone in offline map mode. Unlike other GPS e-collars, there are no extra navigation packages to purchase.

    You have access to Google Maps with satellite and terrain views with the ability to track up to 21 dogs or hunters, share locations, playback data and create customizable Geo-Fence alerts. With a fast two-second update rate and zoom capability, the Dogtra Pathfinder provides excellent live-action detail and accuracy when you're in the field.

    System Specifications:

  • GPS Connector weight: approx. 4.3 oz.
  • Collar weight with Transceiver: approx. 10 oz.
  • Collar length without Transceiver: 30"
  • Collar length with Transceiver: 28"

    Not available to Canadian addresses. This product is approved for use in the US only.

Download Owner's Manual for Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO

sizing-chartOwner's Manual for Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO Transmitter (Remote)

    Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO

    GPS "Connector"

    • Includes belt clip and lanyard for carrying options
    • Connects to smartphone via Bluetooth with max range of 33 ft.
    • Once connected no further button pushing required
    • Fully waterproof
    • Rapid charge lithium polymer battery

    Pathfinder App

    • Control all tracking and e-collar functions from your smartphone
    • No cellular data required to use
    • Compatible with iOS 8.1 and up and Android 4.3 and up
    • Expandable to 21 dogs
    • Compatible with both Pathfinder and Pathfinder TRX
    • Detailed satellite and terrain views by Google Maps along with offline map mode
    • Two-second update rate for greater tracking accuracy
    • Map zoom capability for superior tracking detail
    • Dog icons indicate when your dog is on-point, treed or running
    • Custom alerts for dog actions using pop ups, sound and vibration
    • Tracking Only competition modes with verifiable data
    • Geo-Fence and alert options let you customize boundaries and receive notifications
    • History playback on your smartphone and computer
    • Easy location sharing for dogs and dog owners
    • 100 levels of Momentary (Nick) and Constant stimulation
    • Non-stimulating tone
    • Need to update your app?

    Pathfinder Screenshots

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO Collar

    Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO
  • 1" orange collar strap fits a 13-23" neck
  • Fully waterproof
  • Low to high power stimulation
  • 100 levels of stimulation
  • Rapid charge Lithium Polymer battery
  • Rechargeable with user replaceable batteries
  • Secure contact point covers for competition use
  • Transceiver dimensions: 3 1/2" x 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"
  • Collar strap dimensions: 1" x 30"

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO Comes With

  • Waterproof GPS "Connector"
  • Waterproof transceiver attached to user replaceable orange 1" collar strap
  • Battery charger
  • Splitter cable
  • Test light
  • Owner's manual
  • Metal belt clip with screws
  • Probe extenders
  • Non-stimulating probe covers
  • Probe wrench
  • Hardshell case
  • Lanyard

Features of the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO

  • Smartphone GPS tracking and training
  • Full e-collar functions including nick/constant stimulation and tone
  • Detailed satellite and terrain views by Google Maps along with offline map mode
  • Two-second update rate for greater tracking accuracy
  • Map zoom capability for superior tracking detail
  • Tracking Only competition modes with verifiable data and secure contact point covers
  • Geo-Fence and alert options let you customize boundaries and receive notifications
  • Easy location sharing for dogs and dog owners
  • Expandable to 21 additional Dogtra GPS Collars and Pathfinder users
  • History playback on your smartphone and computer
  • 9-mile line-of-sight range to cover your most active running dogs
  • Fully waterproof
  • Long-lasting rapid charge lithium polymer batteries
  • Dog icons indicate when your dog is on-point, treed or running
  • Custom alerts for dog actions using pop-ups, sound and vibration
  • 100 stimulation levels for every type of dog training situation

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO Batteries

  • Lithium Polymer batteries
  • User replaceable
  • 2-hour rapid charge
  • Comes with a splitter cable and charger allowing you to charge both collar and handheld at the same time

Stimulation from the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO

  • 100 levels of stimulation adjustable on your smartphone
  • Level up and down buttons plus slider control
  • Momentary "nick" mode
  • Constant mode
  • Non-stimulating tone feature

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + Ecollar COMBO Range

    The Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Connector has a "line of sight" range of up to 9 miles. Realistically, this isn't going to happen in most of the places that we spend time with our dogs, so the actual usable range will be MUCH less than 9 miles depending on hunting conditions, including weather, terrain, and the presence of cover.

Country of Origin: Made in Korea.
CA Residents: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO
Item # 8262

Usually ships next business day.Free Shipping (US only)

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Customer Reviews

16 Reviews
56% (9)
25% (4)
6% (1)
0% (0)
13% (2)
81% Recommend this product (13 of 16 responses)
By Ron
Lakewood, CO
Great training and tracking tool
December 29, 2020
I have a yellow lab who was a lab rescue and has only one eye. We rescued her when a she was about 7 months old and is almost 2 years old now. I decided to train her for upland bird hunting. I have a training collar which I used but the range was limited. Every now and then my dog would run off so I was looking for an ecollar to help with training and tracking. I was more concerned with her welfare than the training part. The Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + e collar combo has worked great! I always know where my dog is, what direction and what distance. I can send a tone to her at long ranges as well. She has responded well to the collar and rarely runs off any more but always responds to the tone when used. I haven’t tested the full range of the combo but have seen it work at 250+ yards. The batteries for both the receiver and e collar last a long time. I hunted all day and they still had 75% power. I would recommend this product!
  • Easy to use
  • Long range
  • Batteries
  • No subscription required
  • Need to use mobile phone
By Glen
Reading, PA
Dogtra Pathfinder Mini
July 6, 2021
I’ve been using the collar for 2 months now and feel like I know enough to write an honest review. I have used at least 3 other electronic collars in the last 20 years so I am familiar with the training and use of them.

I have been using this on a 2 year Brittany who has a tendency to roam. Before this collar, it was a constant battle to keep tabs on him. Now it’s just a matter of referring the map and taking corrective action when required.

A note about the size of the collars. I first ordered the standard size collar and it was to big for our dog. He is about 35 pounds and I was not able to tighten the collar before running out of holes on the collar or running into the antenna housing. I returned it and ordered the mini which fits great. Side note: Gun Dog Supply was great in handling this exchange and getting us a new collar ASAP.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the collar and would recommend it.
  • Easy to use and setup on iPhone. The app works well and is easy to use.
  • Good range but that range depends on terrain and atmospheric conditions. The collar will lose contact with the transmitter in under a mile if the dog is on the other side of a large hill. Luckily with the tracking information, you can see the last direction of the dog and get to higher ground and reacquire the signal.
  • I like that the Dogtra has a tone option versus the vibrate mode on other collars. The tone seems to get the attention of our dog better than the vibration, especially if he is on the run.
  • The compass function has come in useful when he was caught in some brush and I had to track him through the woods to free him. I just followed the arrow on the compass and it led me directly to him.
  • Having the use of Google maps is great. You can use the standard view or the satellite view. The standard view shows our property lines and has been useful for training the dog to stay on the property. I have not used the geo-fence setting so I cannot comment on that.
  • Being able to record the dogs track through the day will be very interesting during the upcoming bird season. It will be interesting to see how many miles we walk during a day of hunting or hiking. Just tracking the dog on our property, he can cover over 20 miles on a full weekend day.
  • Dogtra customer service was very friendly and helpful when I called to get some clarification on the use of the collar. The instructions can be a bit vague in certain areas.
  • The collar and transmitter can take up to 10 minutes to connect when first turned on. I don't know why this is but it can be frustration waiting for them to pair, especially when our dog super hyper and is ready to go out.
  • Using the phone to use the correction functions can be a pain but I?ve learned to live with it. When using the collar, I turn off the password setting of the phone so that it opens more quickly. I think the maps on the phone outweigh the correction button usage issues in my opinion. Our dogs were previously trained on a standard electronic collar so the correction features is not used very often when using the collar.
  • The on/off button of the collar both turns the collar on and sets the collar to pairing mode. If you hold the button down too long, it enters pairing mode instead of just turning on. Then you have to go through the pairing procedure which can be a pain when you were not planning on do it. Again, this is something you can live with once you get used to it.
  • The app could use some upgrades to make it a little better. The e-Collar tab could have the correction buttons downsized which would allow for more map area on the screen or they could add small correction buttons on the map screen. Either option would allow better map tracking which is what I look at most of the time. Since this is just a software update to the app, Dogtra should be able to make such a change easily.
  • When you first enter to the E-Collar screen, the correction button defaults to a constant stimulation instead of the nick stimulation. I think it should be the other way around but that is just my opinion. There is an option to lock the correction buttons which is nice.
By Eric
Pine City, MN
Dogtra Pathfinder
April 30, 2021
I’ve been using this tracking, e-collar for a couple of weeks now. The product works great. What I don’t like and why it didn’t get 5 stars is all e-collar controls are activated through the app on your phone. Before I purchased I assumed the phone was used for the tracking only and the e-collar features would be activated by the controller. The controller is just a communication device from the collar to your phone. In my opinion, it’s not convenient to hold your phone while training or working your dog. And to have to do this in the cold and rain is very inconvenient if not impossible. I should have done more digging on its operation before purchasing.
  • Tracks well, geo fence works.
  • All operations are communicated through your phone app, which is not convenient on many occasions.
By Jennifer W.
Works for what I need it for
April 4, 2021
I have been using this on my free roaming farm dog who tends to wonder off. I got this for the comfort of knowing where she is and be able to call her from wherever. This system has a lot of flaws as posted in previous comments. You have to make sure everything is charged including your phone. And it is a pain to have to pull out your phone everytime. However it works for my needs and the fact that I have full control instead of worrying if it's going to work or not is perfect. I would recommend this to anyone who hunts or owns a large peice of land and want to give their dog more freedom to move.
  • Works great to keep track and control of your dog in large areas
  • Inconvenience of connecter and only being able to use your phone as the control system.
By Mark
returning for a different product option -- GPS fails to stay connected
March 22, 2021
I wanted to use this as additional training and tracking collar for a new rescue dog, instead of changing to a whole new # 4 # dog training system as we already have the Garmin delta sport xc dog, which btw, has worked flawlessly for 15 years (for 3 dogs)

As I am returning the unit after only 2 weeks, I cannot comment about the training function as I did not use the unit long enough to be able to use the product as a trainer, though if I did, i clearly miscalculated the hassle that would have occurred to 1) carry the connector 2) carry the phone, 3) open the app and 4) the impact on phone battery life if used as a real time trainer

The reason for my review, and my return is 1) the GPS connection repeatedly was lost and 2) the collar battery life is insufficient

1) the collar battery life only lasted 8-10 hours, rarely 12 hours, certainly not longer. most days it was dead by the time I returned home from work

2) the GPS disconnecting renders the unit useless. I even tried reconnecting ##each## morning for 2-3 days, only as as trial as I would never have continued that procedure long term, and that did not even circumvent the GPS signal being lost.

The Geo Fencing worked great -- when the unit was connected -- but as that was the primary purpose for the purchase, the inconsistent GPS connection is a deal breaker

  • when the GPS connection worked, Geo fencing was great
  • 1) the GPS connection repeatedly was lost and 2) the collar battery life is insufficient
By Bobby R.
Globe Arizona
Great product
January 21, 2021
Great for 1 or 2 dogs
  • Affordable and does the job
  • Drains phone battery quickly and have to pull phone out all the time to use it where a handheld would be easier
By Kyle
Northern Nevada
Chukar game changer
January 15, 2021
For any chukar hunter who has been frustrated with losing sight of your pointing dog in the mountains, this device takes the hunt to a new level. I no longer need to keep in sight of my wire hair, and this gives her more freedom to roam. The best feature is when my personal smartphone alerts me, by saying, "Ruby is pointing." It then points me in her direction and tells me how far away she is on point. I simply can't imagine hunting chukar without it. Pairing with my phone was simple. No need for a separate receiver, like he competitor's models.
Princeton, NJ
Hate this collar
December 26, 2020
Do NOT buy this collar. It is such a pain to use.

I ordered it because I liked the cell phone operation idea and the geofencing option. The cell phone requirement is a disaster. First, you still have to carry the handheld/belt clip receiver even though all the functions work through the phone app. Second, If you need to use it, you have to unlock your phone, go to the app, open it, and navigate to the e-collar or map. If you leave it open, you have to lock it so you don't accidentally use the stimulation. If you want to take a photo or video or send a text, you have to leave the application and navigate back to it. Also, if you are wearing gloves or carrying anything, you have to fumble even more. IT is sooooo cumbersome.

The geofencing option seemed useful, but I was hoping I could find a collar with an automatic beep or vibration if the dog leaves the perimeter. This one only sends you a notification that your dog has exited.

I am returning it and buying a Garmin.

On a more positive note, this website is great and all purchases and communications have gone smoothly.
  • Very annoying to use.
By Kevin
Lakewood, Illinois
Very pleased
December 18, 2020
Very please and an amazing web site with videos to help you when deciding what collar would work best for you.
By Clifford M.
Niagara Falls NY
Instant Peace of Mind
October 23, 2020
I Bought this item for my GSP and GWP because we've been hunting in thick cover and I kept losing track of them out they pointed out got out of earshot. Paid extra for two day shipping and it came on time. Packaging was slick and the carry car was nice and solid. The only complaint on the box is that it doesn't hold the second collar unit conveniently. The collars feel solid and secure. The covers for the charging ports are a little loose and may cause a water issue later but so far they have worked okay even when the dogs went swimming.
I've hunted with these several times and longest eat 4.5 hours with extra battery left over. I charged them before each time i went out. Charging time is a stated in the instructions. Initially pairing the units took a few minutes at home. Once at the hunting site, I bring the collars outside and they fire up and are ready to go in about 30 seconds. It was easy to personalize the collars to each dog by color code and name. The unit tracked the dogs accurately all day with no issues. It even notified me when the dogs pointed. Thanks Dogtra and Gun Dog Supply. Five stars for everyone.
  • Lives up to all advertised claims so far.
  • Carrying case doesn't hasn't spot for second collar.
  • Maybe make a case that accommodates and sell separately?
  • Charging port covers are a little loose in the charging ports of all units. Not sure if this will be an issue or if the unit is sealed inside the port.
By GreggCT
Generally works extremely well
October 15, 2020
In general I like the Pathfinder very much and would definitely buy it again. But that doesn't mean there are no issues. First, as mentioned by others, the time it takes to pair can be extremely frustrating. After a year I'm still not sure of the correct sequence. Often times I end up pressing the Connect button, which generally works. If I was buying again I would purchase the smaller version. This one is a little large for a Brittany. While I love the smart phone connection rather than a dedicated unit, I really wish there was an Apple Watch app for tone and correction. I realize that only works in a case like mine with only 1 dog but it would;d be VERY convenient. You could also do the same thing with a button on the GPS connector, but again it would only work for 1 dog.
So it works well and also very important the price is very reasonable since it uses the smart phone. I probably wouldn't have bough one for the price of a dedicated unit.

So would I buy it again? Absolutely, just the smaller version.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Doesn't require a dedicated receiving unit
  • Slow to connect
  • weight
By Terry
Great geofence containment system for farm dogs
October 2, 2020
I am extremely pleased with the Dogtra Pathfinder GPS and e-collar system. We have a stubborn runner of a dog, and over 180 acres of farmland where underground fencing would be too labor intensive and expensive. This collar has been an ideal way for us to let our farm dog have freedom to run on the farm while preventing him from leaving the property. Note that the collar does not automatically alert the dog when they exit the geofence area, you do that from your phone. For this reason, during the training period we are not allowing our dog loose when we’re away from home. When we are home, he has free reign of the farm and we have peace of mind knowing where he is at all times. I have had no issues with delays in alerts as one reviewer noted. I highly recommend the system!
  • Great pairing with your cell phone
  • Extensive range
  • Reliable signal
  • Freedom and safety for farm dogs
  • Peace of mind for owners
  • It would be better for our purposes if the system could be set up to give an automatic tone alert to the dog when they exit the geofence area. We didn?t find any system with this much range that could do that.
By Nick
Review for Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO
December 17, 2018
I give this collar and tracking system a 2.5 rating because it will track my dog, but there are a things I don't like about it. The biggest thing that bothers me is the amount of time it takes for the collar to pair to the tracking system. I usually have to wait several minutes for the collar to pair up. It is very frustrating, especially if I don't turn it on until I'm ready to hunt. To get around this, I try to turn the collar, antenna, and phone on 15 minutes before I turn my dog loose. Not the end of the world, but annoying. This wastes battery (the batteries on the collar and antenna are very good, so it's not a critical problem). 15 minutes before turning the dog loose, I'm often still driving, so if I turn it on while driving, the total distance the history shows for my dog running will be inaccurate, potentially by miles. Again, not a critical fault, but I like to review this info after the hunts, and I would prefer it be accurate. Also, sometimes the system is very inaccurate. I can't tell if the issue is caused by sitting on my four wheeler while trying to use it, because this is when I have the most issues, but sometimes it works fine while sitting on my four wheeler. Example, at some point during my last hunt, the direction indicating North and the arrow indicating my dog's location got stuck. No matter which direction I faced, the North indicator pointed straight ahead of me, and the dog indicator showed left, which would be West according to the screen. Nothing changed as I rotated 360 degrees. All of this with the fastest refresh rate. I walked away from the four-wheeler for a few minutes and cycled between the different display options on the device, a few minutes later it started working again. After that, I was able to sit on the four-wheeler and had no issues (this problem could be a big deal if it persists). I use this system paired with cell phone that exceeds all the requirements specified by Dogtra. Overall, this product will track, tone, and shock your dog, so it works, but I wish I had spent the extra money and bought the Garmin system. I did not use this product much within the allowable trial period or I would've returned it and bought the Garmin.
By Eric R.
Review for Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO
October 12, 2018
Works as advertised. Only trick is unlocking your phone when accessing the app in the field.

By Thomas B.
Review for Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO
October 12, 2018
Haven't used much yet.

By Cody W.
Review for Dogtra Pathfinder GPS + E-Collar COMBO
October 11, 2018

I love this thing. It adds a little peice of mind while in the woods and at home.

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