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Garmin Delta XC Remote Training Collar

"Highly recommended! Perfect for 95% of Dog Owners." -- Steve

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Garmin Delta XC

Gun Dog Supply EXCLUSIVE

One hour of BASIC OBEDIENCE training
from Pro Trainer Robin MacFarlane.

Delta XC is "Best bang for the buck."

The Garmin Delta XC is one of our NEW best-sellers because this is perfect for 95% of folks looking for a dog training collar, and at a great price point.


  • Extremely well made. Tri-tronics reliability with Garmin's sense of design. Garmin's first remote training system after purchasing Tri-Tronics gets some feature changes that fix a few issues that folks had with the original.

  • The Delta XC line adds both long and short contact points, a new stimulation pattern, options to bypass unused multidog features and rapid stimulation level changes if needed.

  • Features BOTH tone AND vibration. You can use tone as a warning or recall. Vibration works well for silent commands, and with older deaf or hard of hearing dogs.

  • Small collar/receiver comfortably fits a wide range of dogs from 8 lb. all the way up to 120 lb. dogs.

  • Small transmitter. Fits nicely in your hand.

  • Half-mile range works for most folks.

  • Garmin Delta XC features 18 levels of STIM which means you can hone in and fine tune the correction level that your dog responds to. Works for even the most sensitive dogs.

  • Multiple modes which means you can customize the button set-up to your preference of training style.

  • Expands up to 3-dogs. Add additional DELTA XC collars at any time.

  • Each dog has an independent STIM level, which makes fast corrections easier.

    All in all, the DELTA XC is a great system.

    See the DELTA SPORT XC if you need a system with a BARK COLLAR built right in with 36 different STIM levels.

    Bird dog folks should also take a look at the Garmin/Tri-tronics DELTA UPLAND XC which has a remote location BEEPER and a BARK COLLAR.

    I really like the changes that Garmin has made in the DELTA XC line. They have taken one of our best selling collars and made it even better.

  • Steve training ROXY with a Garmin Delta XC.

    What's New

  • Rapidly increase or decrease the stimulation level: Rapidly increase or decrease the stimulation level using the new side button feature. Just press and hold to increase multiple levels.

  • Set the number of dogs on your system: The Delta XC Series gives you the option of having a one dog unit, a two dog unit or a three dog unit. If you are not running multiple dogs, you can remove this option and only have the dogs on the handheld that you actually have. You can always add the second and third dog options back to the handheld if you add additional dogs down the road.

  • Long and short contact points: The original Delta collars came with short probes installed that were not removable or replaceable with long probes. The Delta XC comes with regular (short) probes installed but long probes are also included and can easily be swapped. These are the same probes used on the Gramin PRO units.

  • New stimulation pattern: The original Delta units had a stimulation pattern that didn’t match anything that Tri-Tronics had used before. It was much lower on the top end and we ran across a number of dogs that it didn’t work with in high drive situations. To fix this issue, Garmin has made the DELTA XC stimulation pattern match the one in the Garmin PRO systems. Don’t take this to mean that this is a substantially "hotter" collar and it might be too strong for your dog. The low end is still very low, and the middle numbers are also the same. The top end is now what we expect out of a Tri-Tronics system and I don’t expect to see any issues with dogs blowing off the stimulation.

  • Modified side collar loops for a better fit: The Delta XC Series has slightly modified collar strap loops that allow the receiver to fit better on dogs with larger necks. These modified loops allow the collar to open wider and place the contact points in a better position on the neck compared to the original Delta collar.


    Garmin Delta XC Overview:

      The Garmin Delta XC remote training collar is both simple and effective using proven Tri-Tronics technology. It features a simple, push-button design with an easy-to-read LCD display so you can correct your dog instantly, for a stronger connection between behavior and training.

    Gun Dog Supply Exclusive: One Hour BASIC OBEDIENCE Ecollar Training DVD

      Garmin Delta XC Remote Training Collar $40 Value -- You get this FOR A PENNY when you buy this ecollar.

      We are proud to announce that Professional Dog Trainer Robin MacFarlane is working with us! We just wrapped another video shoot, and are launching her latest DVD.

      PREVIEW: Watch a 10-minute Preview here...

      What's interesting about these videos is that Robin has never worked with these dogs before, and several younger dogs have never been trained on an ecollar.

      First, Robin walks you through the basic obedience commands showing what proper form looks like.

      Next, Robin shows how she introduces the ecollar to two of Steve's puppies, Jack & Tilly, and shows you how to find the right STIM level to communicate with your dog.

      She then turns that into a lesson for your dog to recognize that STIM means pay attention to your handler and expands that into a basic recall.

      Additional segments include teaching RECALL, PLACE, SIT, and HEEL.

      Exclusively available at Gun Dog Supply.

    Read more about Garmin Delta XC

      Garmin Delta XC Remote Training CollarThe Garmin / Tri-tronics Delta XC remote dog training system gives you more control with more simplicity and a 1/2 mile range. The handheld controller features a 3-button design with improved false-correction prevention (dog select lock) and an easy-to-read LCD display. The receiver collar features both long and short interchangeable contact points. Choose from 18 levels of continuous stimulation and 18 levels of momentary stimulation plus tone and vibration with 3 possible button configurations. Can be expanded up to 3 dogs with additional collars.

    Download Owner's Manual for Garmin Delta XC

    sizing-chartOwner's Manual for Garmin Delta XC

    Garmin Delta XC Transmitter (Remote)

      Garmin Delta XC Remote Training Collar
    • 1/2 mile range
    • Expandable up to 3 dogs (with purchase of additional collars)
    • Remembers each individual dog's training settings when using with multiple dogs
    • 3 training configurations
    • Waterproof (IPX7 rating)
    • Ergonomic design
    • Quick charge Li-Ion batteries that are also user replaceable (3-5 year lifespan with proper care)
    • LED display lets you see stimulation settings quickly and easily
    • 18 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation
    • Non-stimulating tone and vibration functions
    • Weighs 3.7 ounces
    • Dimensions: 2" W x 5 3/8" H with antenna
    • Operating Temperature Range: -4 to 140 degrees F (-20 to 60 degrees C)
    • Change what each of the 3 transmitter buttons does by selecting a different "configuration" (see chart below)

    • DELTA XC Stimulation Button Configurations

      Button 1
      Button 2
      Button 3

    Garmin Delta XC Collar

      Garmin Delta XC Remote Training Collar
    • 3/4" black collar strap
    • Interchangeable short and long contact probes
    • Internal antenna system
    • Plastic molded case built to withstand all kinds of training and hunting conditions
    • Waterproof per IPX7 rating collar/receiver (perfect for retriever training)
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are user-replaceable, heavy duty, and last 3-5 years with proper care
    • Built-in LED is a battery charge indicator and test light
    • Weight: 2.4 oz
    • Receiver Dimensions: 1 1/8" H x 2 1/4" W x 1 3/8" D
    • Collar Strap Dimensions: 3/4" x 27"
    • Fits up to a 24" neck

    Garmin Delta XC Comes With

    • Handheld waterproof transmitter (IPX7 rating)
    • Waterproof dog device receiver collar with black 3/4" adjustable strap (IPX7 rating)
    • Short contact probes
    • Long contact probes
    • Contact probe wrench
    • Charging clip
    • USB cable
    • Splitter cable
    • AC adapter
    • Lanyard
    • Owner's manual
    • Optional Robin MacFarlane's Basic Obedience Ecollar Training DVD
    • Optional Long Line / Checkcord (color may vary)

    Features of the Garmin Delta XC

    • 1/2 mile range
    • 18 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation
    • Non-stimulating tone and vibration modes
    • 3 training configurations
    • Expandable up to 3 dogs (with purchase of additional collars)
    • Interchangeable long and short stainless steel contact points for all breeds, all coat lengths
    • Waterproof transmitter and dog device (IPX7)
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in both the handheld and dog devices with approx. 60-hour run time
    • 3/4 inch collar strap
    • One year warranty

    Garmin Delta XC Batteries

    • Lithium Ion batteries
    • Two hour rapid charge system for the transmitter and collar
    • User-replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar and transmitter

    Stimulation from the Garmin Delta XC

    • The Delta XC has multiple intensity levels, which allows you to choose the stimulation that is best for your dog
    • Intensity levels can be quickly adjusted, meaning you can instantly adjust intensity whenever distractions increase
    • Teach yardwork/obedience and enforce known commands with lower levels of stimulation
    • Use higher levels to stop unwanted chasing or to overcome strong distractions
    • 18 levels of continuous or momentary stimulation, plus non-stimulating tone and vibration functions

    Garmin Delta XC Range

      Up to 1/2 mile range which is ample for off leash dog training or for hunting with medium range field dogs. Actual range depends on training conditions, including weather, terrain, presence of cover, etc.

    Country of Origin: Made in Taiwan.
    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

    Garmin Delta XC Remote Training Collar
    Item # 6787


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    PLEASE ORDER YOURS NOW IF YOU NEED IT SOON. Supply chain issues are affecting almost every manufacturer. We will completely sell out of many items this season. Web site is updated at least twice daily on weekdays.

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    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    268 Reviews
    80% (214)
    15% (41)
    4% (10)
    0% (1)
    1% (2)
    99% Recommend this product (264 of 268 responses)
    Expert Review
    Drew Blackwell
    Product Specialist
    Mathiston, MS
    Great for Basic Training!
    July 22, 2020
    This is a very versatile e-collar. Great for basic training. It's really nice that you can change the button settings to different commands to suit your needs. Also with two or three dogs on the transmitter you can save the stim levels for each dog so you don't have to adjust the level when you toggle between dogs. Also great range. 1/2 mile.
    Very affordable. Able to save stim levels between dogs If you are use to a traditional transmitter set up, it might take a little getting use to.
    By Kim F.
    Myrtle Beach, SC
    Garmin Delta XC Remote Collar
    October 18, 2022
    Gun Dog Supply company is a great company. I ordered a Garmin Delta XC remote collar as the one I had needed replacing. My order came very fast! However, I was missing the extenders and i really need them bc i have a very fluffy husky. So I emailed them and they shipped them out, no cost! I was elated to say the least. I appreciate when a company goes above and beyond like that as I will be a repeat customer. The Garmin Delta XC is a great tool to use in proper training. It also came with a training cd and although ive used ecollars before, its good to have for beginners so that the dog is positively trained using an ecollar. Thank you Gun Dog Supply! Here's to happy training. Kim F
    Fast shipping and no cost replacement. None!
    By Jeff
    Easy to set up an opperate
    September 15, 2022
    I needed a more reliable collar for the woods this year. I decided to go with this model for the price point and options that is has. So far it is working as expected and dog is responding well. Cant wait to get out and hunt a bit and do some more exploring. Love being able to let my dog run free and not worry about him not coming back to me on command.
    Easy to understand and set up. None so far.
    By Mark
    Houston Texas
    Happy customer
    April 2, 2022
    I purchased this item a couple weeks ago for my one and a half year old Mastador. He hadn’t had much training in the past. I like to take him and my other dogs to the YMCA to run off leash. He is a little agressive towards other dogs and will run towards people also. I wanted for him to come to me off leash when commanded, which he wouldn’t do very often. Started working him with the e-collar and in a couple weeks saw amazing results. He now comes to me off lead, with gives me peace of mind. Me and Duke are very pleased with this product, without it I don’t think he would be able to run free.
    By Mary
    Indianapolis, IN
    My dog is so happy
    February 10, 2022
    This is our second collar of this type. I have a little rescue that arrived 3 years ago with a "fright flight" and nose to the ground feature. I never thought I'd see the day she'd walk off lead with our standard poodle. Before purchasing our collar we began experimenting with our existing collar. She understands electric fence collars so immediately she understood she had boundaries. Well that made training really easy. Needless to say she stayed near by, ran with her sister and it they are having a blast, getting more exercise, more stimulation and I am loving my freedom to walk without her looping around us with her leash. She is more confident, looks to us for direction and even resists greeting other dogs. We bought a second one rather than just the collar because there's always two of us and we wanted to freedom to correct not only individually but at the same time if necessary. The Garmin Delta XC is super easy to use and we love the long lasting battery.
    Easy to use Lot's of options for correction Long lasting battery Ability to use for multiple dogs
    By Dan
    Troy Ohio
    Easy to operate
    January 3, 2021
    I had an issue with my male.. just one session and was able to correct his issue... I would buy this unit again.
    As well I found is easy to operate, and was able to change setting very quickly.
    Gun dog supply is the place to buy as well. They are friendly and can answer your questions.

    Highly recommend this product!

    See above. It was easy to use and to setup. Light weight and worked perfectly.. best unit I've ever used None
    By Norm
    Houston, TX
    Trying Collar On Sale
    January 5, 2023
    This item went on sale because it is a discontinued item. Though price was appealing, it is a fully functional collar adequate for all my single dog training. I would not invest in multiple collars for this unit. Would not recommend it for the professional dog trainer.
    The instructions for this unit were terrible: Inadequate and Incomplete.
    Called Paul in Technical Support and he was well versed on the Product; totally familiar with the problems Customers were having with it. Got me straightened right out. Unit functions properly as designed. Five Star on GDS Technical Support. Set up instructions are inadequate; incomplete and in error.
    By Dlab
    Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Great reliable product!
    December 28, 2022
    I had been using the older model since about 2006. The power button on the hand held unit finally broke the rubber seal from pressing it on/off twice a day for over 16 years. It still worked and the collar devices still held their recharges about 10 hours. When my young setter got into a skunk I could not get the smell out of the well-worn collar strap so it was a good reason to buy new. I bought the extra dog collar which came in blue. After the initial charge both the hand held and the dog collar units are going strong, over 20 hours of run time so far. The half mile range is plenty for my upland hunting and exercise on 30 acres twice daily. By the way, the original dog devices have each survived 8-10 de-skunking with Baking soda, peroxide and dog shampoo so I will keeping them if I want to expand to three dogs.
    The durability described in my review is outstanding. The weather resistant hand held unit has improved programming. It is quicker to switch between two dogs instead of having to cycle through the unused color like the old model. If you just have one dog device paired it will not advance beyond the black solo dog display. And it turns on almost instantly yet requires 5-second hold to power off to prevent accidental shut off. Additionally, I was confident Steve and crew made sure my two collar purchase had the blue collar to be different from the black that came with the main package. When I looked at these on Amazon it showed the second collar option also but you could not tell if you were selecting another black or orange or blue. With Gun Dog Supply know I was getting the different colors in the shipment. A minor complaint might be having to trim a collar for a smaller dog leaves a bit of a frayed edge even when I tried melting with a flame. 18 stimulation intensities should be plenty for most dogs. My Vizsla is fine with less just a beep or #8 for trash breaking. But, my English setter takes a constant #17 before she seems to respond, even with the collar tight and long probes installed.
    By Robert
    Functions Well
    December 28, 2022
    I purchased a second Garmin Delta XC training collar, a dog sitter lost the first one, and I have been very satisfied with these collars. Well done Garmin.
    By John S.
    Riverton Wyoming
    Collar is a nice up grade.
    December 7, 2022
    Nice training collar. The collar worked as promised. Shipping from Gun Dog was quick, and reviews were spot on.
    Lite and water prof. None
    By Doc C.
    South Alabama
    Simple to Use
    November 9, 2022
    I have come more complicated training collars, but the Garmin Delta XC is fine for basic obedience; yard training, etc. Quick and easy to use, tone is nice, Works fine; easy to charge, easy to vary levels, etc. Worth the money.
    Easy to use None
    By Jason B.
    Algona, iowa
    Great collar!
    November 1, 2022
    Great product recommended to me by the breeder I purchased my dog from. I also would recommend to everyone.
    Easy to use, tone and vibrate functions are very effective. None yet.
    By Brandon
    Great product
    October 15, 2022
    This Garmin Delta XC Remote Training Collar is an easy to use and well built device. Simplistic but very versatile. Love using it and trust it to work every time I turn it on
    Ease of use Compact Durable
    By Judy J.
    Raleigh, NC
    This has made all the difference!
    September 18, 2022
    I bought this collar because my pup is headstrong and I was having difficulty training him. He was always pulling on the leash (to the point I thought there would be rotator cuff surgery in my future), jumping on people, etc. He knew what a collar is from wearing a bark collar, which looks just like the training collar. I bought this particular colllar because it is a Steve’s Pick. My pup has responded VERY well to wearing this collar, no longer pulls at his leash, and is incredibly responsive when I say no. I have it set T-V-M, and have only had to use the V very occasionally. This collar has made a HUGE difference in my interactions with my dog! Thanks, Steve, for the expert recommendation!
    Easy to adjust Gentle- but QUICK- in diverting dog's attention Light weight- does not seem to be heavy on the dog?s neck Rapid results I haven't really found any yet
    By Kelly
    Second purchase
    September 9, 2022
    I purchased the same collar several years ago, love the way it works and how long it has lasted. We have a new puppy and were happy to see this collar is still available. Great product, great price.
    Durable Waterproof Ease of use Cost None
    By Todd
    Dalton Ga
    July 5, 2022
    Very satisfied with the product
    By Jason
    Caddo Mills, TX
    Excellent in dog training
    May 18, 2022
    Love this product. My pit bull used to pull on the leash, now she heels. She would take off and not come to me when called, she does now with my voice or when she hears the tone on the collar. Other dogs bark as we walk, she now pay no attention to them. Very well behaved.
    Light weight. Easy to use. Quality made product. I don't have any cons. It's a proper price for the device.
    By LC
    exactly what I needed
    April 26, 2022
    My dog is a year old and fairly well trained using only positive feedback. However, while off leash in the woods daily, she has started chasing deer and been gone for 10 to 15 minutes, making me panic. Using the supplied training methods I almost immediately have her responding and returning right away using just the "beep" or "buzz" only, allowing her to still run free! Waterproof too which allows her to walk thru the streams.
    Beep, Buzz or shock (now politically known as e-stim), choices of level of stimulation, waterproof. Hate the plastic collar it comes with. I replaced it with a fabric type collar with quick fastener.
    By Doug T.
    Mt. Airy, Georgia
    Delta XC
    February 8, 2022
    Really good collar, especially for the price. Simple to operate. Perfect for use in the field.
    By Dave
    Bigfork, Montana
    Great outfit and great product
    February 4, 2022
    The Garmin training collar has turned out to be an excellent tool to control our dog, a rescue Aussie Shepard/colllie mix who loves to run. Having no experience with a collar, I spent time watching the CD, which was super helpful. I've used the process that they teach and in a week our dog responds to come and is being trained to understand the place command. I couldn't find the long probes for the collar or the tool but with a simple call to Gun Dog Supply, they said they would send the times at no cost to me.
    Gun Dog Supply is small enough to make personal contact very easy, which is a relief from dealing with larger outfits through voice recognition. None
    By Jim
    New Cumberland, PA
    not made in China
    January 28, 2022
    Don't particularly care for the digital display (need glasses to see it). Should have belt clip instead of wrist strap. Do like the charging system (similar to the one on my Garmin tracking collar).
    see above see above
    By John L.
    Finlayson Mn
    Need more juice!
    January 27, 2022
    My dog was responsive to the Tone and Vibration mode, but when I was trying to find the correct stimulation setting there was no response at all. Tried it on my leg at the highest level and was tolerable for me. He likes to chase pretty much everything and gets very focused so we need a little stronger stimulation.
    Nothing stands out to me. Can't charge both collar and transmitter at same time unless you have an adapter which isn't included. Also prefer the snap type fastener with a nylon collar instead of the metal , hole and prong type . Ya can get a better fit I think.
    By Brenda
    Excellent collar
    November 13, 2021
    I was initially against getting a collar as I was concerned about being cruel but I have a dog that I needed to get her barking under control. I went with this e-collar rather than a bark collar so I can control the corrections as sometimes it's ok for her to bark. I tried the stimulation on myself so I know I'm not being cruel at the setting that I use. Now just simply having the collar on her makes a difference.

    The battery lasts a long time and recharges easily and quickly. It shows you when it needs charging.

    The remote is easy to use and a nice size. This was a very good purchase.
    By Kristen
    Coleman, WI
    Great E-collar
    November 9, 2021
    We were recommended to buy a better e-collar for training our pup and was told about the Garmin Delta xc by our trainer and to also purchase it from Gun Dog Supply. It’s easy to use, comes with two size lengths of tips on the collar, we were told to use the longer ones with our Springer’s longer hair. She is responding well to the collar and we are very happy with our purchase.
    Remote is nice size and easy to use with the buttons and the lcd screen is easy to read.
    By Edward F.
    Ennis Texas
    Outstanding collar to buy!!
    November 4, 2021
    Collar comes paired up to the controller. All I had to do was charge up and put the collar on the dog. This is the second one I have bought. I now have the second collar of the same type for two different hunting dogs.
    Easy to use, paired up to the controller prior to delivery. Hadn't found one yet.
    By Michael g.
    Works great simple to use.
    November 2, 2021
    No real problem. Power button sticks a little.
    Works as advertised Power button sticks
    By Dustin D.
    Schofield, WI
    Great product
    October 27, 2021
    I have had sport dog collars for the past 15 years and have recently purchased the Garmin XC remote collar for my GSP. The range is awesome, much better than previous collars. We have not had to use any electric stimulation on her because the tone and vibration modes have been so effective. Great product Garmin!
    Range, easy to use controls, battery life indicator on handheld. Charging the collar with the clip is a little wonky but effective
    By Tom
    Northwest Montana
    Garmin Delta XC
    October 27, 2021
    Easy to use. This is a simple e-collar. Perfect for using with my Springers. It allows me to vibrate first and only stimulate if there is continued non compliance.
    The ability to easily switch between vibration or tone and stimulation Really none
    By Phyllis
    North Brookfield, Massachusetts
    Great Product
    September 8, 2021
    This is the second Garmin / tri tronic training collar I have purchased. The first one, after 10 years, was chews up by one of our dogs! I would recommend this collar for any companion dog. I do a lot of off leash hiking and this collar makes the hike pleasurable for the human & dogs.
    Multiple dogs for one remote and water proof. It only works if the human remembers to turn it on!
    By J K.
    Belton, SC
    Three years and I've never got the Garmin Delta XC to work.
    September 6, 2021
    The pairing instructions mention the beeps. I've never heard them. That may be why my system has never worked.
    The pairing instructions all so describe pushing on 'C', but never define which button is C.

    This system has lots of features, but if it never works, it is of no use.

    I'm ready to go to a different seller, and different brand.
    Hard, or impossible to set up to get it working, so I find NO "Pros". It doesn't work for me. The icons on the face apparently indicate the side buttons to use. But, they also line up with the front buttons. It is hard to throw this much money in the trash, but after calling in three times, and it still doesn't work, trash it is.

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