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LARGE Bizzy Beds® Dog Bed with Zipper -- True Timber HTC Camo / Brown Two-Tone

  • Approx. Dimensions: LARGE 32" x 40" x 7"
  • Zipper Cover = so easy to clean
  • Includes FREE Place training DVD!

  • $84.99


    Usually ships the next business day.
    Code: 8822-HBB
    No risk to you. Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed with our 30 Day "No Questions" Money Back Guarantee. Hassle-free returns & exchanges.

    FREE Teaching the Place Command DVD Bizzy Beds HTC Camo Back Detail Bizzy Beds Handle Detail Bizzy Beds Center Square Detail Bizzy Beds Zipper Detail Water Beading on True Timber HTC Camo

    Dogs are den animals and naturally have the instinct to dig a burrow. This is why they circle and scratch before lying down. Bizzy Pet Beds have a unique design that mimics the natural shape of the entrance to a burrow.

  • Zipper allows for cover removal
  • "Natural Dog Den" design caters to your dog's natural burrowing instincts
  • Durable heavy-weight 1000 D Polyester fabric / Brown #12 Canvas
  • Shredded foam filling instead of polyfill
  • Approx. Dimensions: 32" x 40" x 7"

    BIZZY BEDS are designed the same way dogs naturally make their nests. The "Natural Dog Den" design caters to your dog's natural burrowing instincts.

  • BIZZY BEDS are made by hand in the USA
  • BIZZY BEDS are made from durable high-quality materials that are easy to clean
  • BIZZY BEDS come with our 100% money back guarantee -- if your dog doesn't absolutely love it we'll take it back

    YOUR DOG WILL LOVE HIS DOG BED. Order yours today.

    Wrinkles enjoys her Large Bizzy Bed

    Dog beds are great for inside dogs for two reasons:


      It's important for a dog's security to feel that they have their own place -- a spot they don't have to share with other dogs. Dogs really enjoy spending time in their BIZZY beds. That's important for inside dogs because they are going to spend a LOT of time there.

      Their spot needs to be comfortable:
      • a PLACE they enjoy
      • a PLACE for them to relax
      • a PLACE they can go when they want
      • a PLACE for when they're inside not interacting with you


      YOU need a spot where you can put your dog that's out of the way WHEN HE'S BOTHERING YOU. A PLACE you can send him to his bed where he will STAY until you release him.

    So how do you do this?

    Our "TEACHING THE PLACE COMMAND" training video comes FREE with every BIZZY BED.

    Professional Dog Trainer ROBIN MACFARLANE teaches you how to train your dog to PLACE -- to go to a defined spot and keep all four paws there until you release him and give him permission to leave.

    With this one command, you solve the PROBLEM of your dog being underfoot while you are:
  • Trying to have dinner
  • Working in the kitchen
  • Hosting company
  • Meeting someone at the door

    This video will teach you how to send your dog to his place and have him STAY there until you release him.

    Dixie enjoys her X-Large Bizzy Bed

    Bizzy Bed Design

    Dogs are den animals and naturally have the instinct to dig a burrow. This is why they circle and scratch before laying down. Bizzy Pet Beds have a unique design that mimics the natural shape of the entrance to a burrow.

    How Bizzy Beds are Made

    BIZZY BEDS are made by hand in the United States from furniture quality materials so they are both DURABLE and EASY TO CLEAN.

    The outside material is heavy-weight furniture fabric.

    Seams are sewn using a SERGER which has five threads per needle so they are INCREDIBLY strong.

    The interior is filled with shredded foam which means the bed is comfortable for your dog AND will maintain its shape for years and not flatten out.

    Steve's setter Cowboy enjoys his large Bizzy Bed

    Bizzy Beds Come in Two Styles -- REGULAR BEDS and ZIPPER BEDS

  • REGULAR BEDS are one solid piece, completely sewn with no exterior cover
  • ZIPPER BEDS have a removable cover

    • Remove and wash JUST the exterior cover
    • Great for cleaning larger beds more easily
    • The interior of a zipper bed is made with a washable black backing

    What Size Do I Need?

    It depends on both your available space AND the size of your dog.

    Make sure that it's big enough for your dog. A slightly larger size gives your dog plenty of room to move around.
  • SMALL beds are for dogs from 5-15 lbs.
  • MEDIUM beds are for dogs 10-40 lbs.
  • LARGE beds are for dogs 25-50 lbs.
  • X-LARGE beds are for dogs 40-75 lbs.
  • JUMBO beds are for dogs 60-125 lbs.

    Steve holds the JUMBO Bizzy Bed

    Bizzy Beds are BIG!

    ...AND shipping can be expensive, especially the larger sizes.

    To save you money we vacuum seal your bed into a bag and compress the foam. This makes a much smaller package and saves money on shipping, which means you pay less!

    When Your Bed Arrives

  • Carefully open up the vacuum-sealed bag (no sharp objects!)
  • Take out your BIZZY BED and flatten as much as possible
  • Give it 24 to 48 hours to fully decompress and return to normal size
  • Fluff to evenly distribute the foam

    Bizzy Beds are Easy to Clean

    We recommend hand washing whenever possible. Be sure to test all soaps and cleaners on a small inconspicuous spot prior to cleaning large areas!

  • Remove pet hair and fuzz with a lint brush or tape
  • If your bed gets stained:
      • Use water and mild laundry or dish soap.
      • Dab the stain with soapy water using a clean cloth (avoid scrubbing).
      • Remove excess soapy water using a clean wet cloth and pat dry.
  • For heavier stains a pet-friendly upholstery cleaner can be used.
  • For light soil wipe with a clean damp cloth.
  • For heavily soiled beds:
      • Remove the cover (on beds with a zipper).
      • Wash cover with laundry detergent, dish soap, or your dog's non-medicated shampoo in the bathtub or with a hose.
      • Squeeze out the excess water, then air dry.
  • If the interior cushion needs cleaning:
      • Wash with laundry detergent, dish soap, or your dog's non-medicated shampoo in the bathtub or with a hose.
      • Squeeze out the excess water, then air dry.
      • Once the shredded foam dries, you may need to fluff your bed to redistribute the foam.
      • Beds with solid interiors may be pressed flat or rolled up to remove excess water before air-drying.
    Your Bizzy Beds cover may be machine washed on the gentle cycle in a high-capacity washing machine WITHOUT an agitator. DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR WASHER. Consult your individual washing machines instructions for load limits. Alternatively, you could take it to a laundromat or hand wash as described above. We DO NOT recommend machine washing the interior cushion.

    Download Care Instructions for Bizzy Beds

    Care Instructions for Bizzy Beds

  • Country of Origin: Made in USA.

    LARGE Bizzy Beds® Dog Bed with Zipper -- True Timber HTC Camo / Brown Two-Tone
    Item # 8822-HBB

    Usually ships the next business day.

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    Bizzy Pet Beds

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    79 Reviews
    94% (74)
    4% (3)
    0% (0)
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    1% (1)
    100% Recommend this product (79 of 79 responses)
    Expert Review
    Steve Snell
    owner, Gun Dog Supply
    Mathiston, MS
    July 17, 2020
    We have so much nice fabric in small lots when we buy overstock, and it's not enough to make a regularly stocked product, so someone came up with cool idea to do MYSTERY BEDS!
    ProsA killer deal on an American-made dog bed! Your dog doesn't care what color it is!"
    ConsYou just can't pick the color!
    Expert Review
    Drew Blackwell
    Product Specialist
    Mathiston, MS
    Holds up!
    July 23, 2020
    I bought this bed for Wrinkles a little over a year ago. It's still in great shape! She sleeps on it every night. I wash the cover about once a month. Holds up!
    ProsRemovable cover makes it easy to clean.
    By Jim
    Ocala, FL
    Fits Outback Perfect
    October 2, 2020
    We have had an extra large bed for them in my office for years. It still looks great.

    Belly Button and Dighetti Giles Ready to go.

    Sure would like to see how one of the brown camp beds look....I'll send pictures...
    By Cheryl
    Very Nice Bed
    October 1, 2020
    Love the concept of this bed, burrowing. The bed is high quality fabric and construction. Very reasonable price and arrived quickly. My dogs are always laying on slate and not big fans of beds. However, they are using this bed. Catch them in it often. Ordered the xl in Granite for Golden. Nice color as fur isn’t so visible. Only wished I had ordered the Jumbo instead. At this price point will order a Jumbo soon.
    ProsPrice Quality Quick arrival
    By Jim
    Washington, PA
    Tough and comfortable
    September 18, 2020
    I bought this for my lab puppy. Hayz is 16 wks. old so, he is doing the usual puppy stuff with whatever he can get his teeth on. This dog bed is made with a thick and strong-feeling fabric but it is surprisingly soft. There is a fabric loop on one side that he loves to chew on and, so far, it shows no signs of being chewed. The cushion weight is on the heavy side so, he can’t drag it around easily or give it head shakes like the cheap one I used previously (he uses it for a toy, now).
    ProsDurable Comfortable
    By Bernie
    Ephrata WA
    Durable and comfy
    September 18, 2020
    This one I placed in my car. Very durable material. Cover can be removed for cleaning.. My boxer likes to paw and knead a bed into shape so she can nestle in. Her nails are hard on bed. She doesn't do that with this. The construction gives the bed a nest shape. Thick so she is comfortable on long rides.
    ProsThick and comfortable. Natural nest shape. Highly recommend this
    By Ledford
    Ringgold, ga
    Our Gsps love their bed!!
    September 13, 2020
    I could not be more happy with the bed!! My dogs love laying on it! And it holds all 3!!
    By Kim
    Albany, New York
    Great dog bed
    September 10, 2020
    My 9 year old dog finds these beds very comfortable. He usually shreds his beds within hours or days, but I’ve had two of these for months and he only chewed a little corner off each one.
    ProsVery thick cushions
    By Bruce P.
    So Happy With This Bed!
    September 9, 2020
    We've gone through a lot of dog beds, either because one of our dogs chews them to bits, and sometimes because our dogs just don't like them. After speaking with Customer Service, I ordered one. So far, this Bizzy Bed is a huge hit!! Our Golden/Shepherd chewer has not made any attempts to chew it. We ordered a large mystery bed and ended up getting the color I would have ordered, which was a very nice surprise. Because we wanted to make sure our dogs would like this bed, we ordered only one. As soon as I am done writing this review, I am going to order another one so each of our dogs will have their own.
    ProsOur dogs LOVE to curl up in this bed. Durable but soft fabric. Cover zips off for easy cleaning, and is machine washable.
    By Stephen
    Great bed!
    September 7, 2020
    Our toller took to the bed right away. Durable construction.
    By Steve C.
    Best Bed Ever
    September 5, 2020
    My 1+ year old lab Hank, finally got his "Big Boy" bed. When GDS had a sale on these Bizzy Beds, I knew it was time for an upgrade. Labs are famous chewer's and he destroyed a few of his cheapo beds in no time. I looked at quite a few of the competitors beds and couldn't pull the trigger on them. This bed is well made, easy to clean and is one of his favorite places to hang out and sleep. He is 88 pounds and the XL bed works well for him. I also couldn't have received a better color (mystery bed) for my yellow buddy.
    ProsDurable fabric Easy to clean Multiple sizes to choose from Looks good Dog loves it
    By Noland
    Duluth, Minnesota
    Perfect bed for my GSP
    September 5, 2020
    I love the durability of the bizzy bed. My pup has only had one accident on it (upset stomach) and it was so easy to clean. The part he loves is the cushioning, it never gets any flat spots like other dog beds.
    By Jetta
    Best toy to best bed
    September 4, 2020
    I opted for the mystery bed color, figured I could cover it if it turned out to be bright pink - but the color was perfect. My Welshie thought it (at first) was the best toy ever - had a handle to tug on, corners to chew, then she tried to go under it, such fun. It was 'boring' to lay on top, but way more comfortable than folded up fleece :) !
    ProsFluffed up out of the box like instructions said it would, DVD to help learn 'place' - but haven't watched it yet... Check the size and be sure have room for it :). The large fits the Welshie well.
    By Larry
    South River, NJ
    Great Bed
    September 4, 2020
    Large size was perfect for Comet my 47 lb llewellin setter.
    ProsDurable, easy to clean
    By Marsha
    Williiamsport, PA
    A gun dog's best rest
    September 3, 2020
    Great quality and ample size allows my lab to stretch out, curl up, or simply flop for a nap. He definitely knows its all his. The padding is excellent. The quality of the materials and workmanship are top notch.
    ProsEasy to clean Easy to handle Dog loves it Ample space Flexible for dog's level of exhaustion Be sure to measure for the space it's going to fit in (definitely true to size)
    By Clayton
    New Mexico
    Bizzy bed XL
    September 3, 2020
    Great for multiple dogs. Also is great to snuggle with the dogs on the bed. Instead of getting kicked onto the couch I go to the bizzy bed.
    By Dean
    Northern California
    Bizzy Bed Review
    September 3, 2020
    Our five pointing dogs love their Bizzy Beds. These beds hold up better than any dog bed we have purchased. The beds are easy to wash & keep clean. Wish we had tried these beds sooner.
    ProsDogs love the beds Tough Easy to clean & wash
    By Steve
    Bismarck, ND
    Finally a dog bed worth the money
    September 3, 2020
    Last dog bed you’ll buy. Made with quality materials, this is one dog bed that gets used. Nice to have a “place” where your dog feels comfortable. After a training, I don’t worry about a damp dog using it. Cleans up easy. Liked my first one so much I bought bought another for the hunting cabin. Congrats to Gundog for a great cause.
    ProsQuality materials, solid construction, great design. Returned my first one for a larger size. Gunfdogs staff was very accommodating. Absolutely no hassle.
    ConsMake sure you buy a big enough size. Needed to return a large for an extra large size. For comparison the attach pic is of Louter Creeks Ring of Fire, Standard Poodle, weights about #54.
    By Kelly J.
    BEST bed ever!
    September 3, 2020
    We got our pup her first Bizzy Bed and it is hands down her favorite of all time. She loves curling up in the center of it and getting cozy. I would highly recommend this well made, durable, and comfortable bed for any pups who love lounging!
    ProsReasonably priced Comfortable Doesn't lose shape Durable Well made Good size
    By Wendy O.
    Kenilworth, NJ
    My Dog Loves this Bed !!!!!
    September 3, 2020
    From the moment we unpacked this bed our dog Buddy climbed on and laid down. We had to coax him off to take it upstairs to our bedroom. He stays on it the entire night every night. He will even go upstairs during the day to nap on it. Best bed ever.
    ProsEasy to clean, heavy duty & love that we can flip it over, both sides are the same comfortable bed.
    By Tony
    Leonard, Michigan
    Rosie loves it!!
    September 2, 2020
    Bed is very durable and easy to remove/replace cover for washing.
    ProsDurable, comfortable, easy to clean and a fair price.
    ConsNothing I can think of.
    By Amber
    Springfield, MO
    Very durable, perfect size.
    September 2, 2020
    A lot better than the beds I bought from wal mart. Fits my 65lb lab perfectly. Very easy to clean as the cover comes off to throw in the wash. Ended up making a frame for it so my dog is off the ground. When we get another pup we will buy again. We did the mystery bed and we got the brown cover.
    By Jay
    An awesome bed for your large breed
    September 2, 2020
    I bought it for my silver lab who likes to dig at his bed. That said this is the toughest bed you can get for your 4 legged family member.
    ProsTough and comfortable
    ConsHeavy if that is actually a con...speaks to me as a result of quality
    By Dean
    ventura county
    Best Dog Bed for Cats, Too
    September 2, 2020
    Our Doberman loves to his Bizzy Bed...when the cats aren't using it. :
    ProsLarge size with firm stuffing.
    By Hoyt
    Bizzy Bed
    September 2, 2020
    Duke loves his Bizzy Bed!
    By Mal
    North Carolina
    Dogs Love Them!
    September 2, 2020
    Our dogs love these beds, and they are by far the most durable dog beds we have ever had! We have three and they always look brand new after washing the covers.
    By Customer
    great bed
    September 2, 2020
    my third bed for the spoiled 2 year old...this one he loves; almost more than the sofa. easy to clean the mountains of hair and crumbs accumulated. was way bigger than expected; but my fault for not measuring..but bigger the better i suppose. for a picky beast that is used to the sofa, this bed is a delight!
    By spc7669
    Super nice bed!
    September 2, 2020
    Bought this for my GSP. My wife’s cocker spaniel won’t stay off it. Very well made bed.
    ProsTough, well made, and the dogs love it.
    By Dane
    South Carolina
    Great bed!
    September 2, 2020
    This thing is awesome. The pup loves it, it's durable, easy to move around, and big enough for her to stretch out on.
    By Phil
    Concord, MA
    Really nice quality - my dogs love it
    September 2, 2020
    My black lab really enjoys this bed. Although it's not 100% impervious to direct chewing, as you can see by the small hole near her front left paw, it is very well constructed. I would highly recommend this bed.
    ProsGreat design and construction
    ConsNot 100% bulletproof

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