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Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar

"I have used every version of this product since Tri-Tronics came out with it in 1998. So far, this is my favorite of the bunch." -- STEVE

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Upland G3 Beeper Top ViewUpland G3 Beeper DetailUpland G3 Beeper On/Off SwitchGarmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar Box

NOTE: This Garmin beeper uses a 3/4" strap (included) and will NOT fit a 1" strap. The older Tri-Tronics G3 Upland beeper uses a 1" strap.

The waterproof Garmin Upland Beeper is for bird hunters who want a convenient, inexpensive way to know where their dogs are and what they are doing, whether they're in heavy cover or rolling terrain. The Upland Beeper has some unique advantages over other models on the market.

Remote Operation -- The Garmin Upland Beeper can be used alone or added as an accessory to the Garmin PRO 550 (NOT compatible with the Garmin PRO 550 PLUS), as well as older Tri-Tronics G3 and G2 Field and Pro collars (requires use of included 3/4" collar strap). It can be turned on or off and the locate feature can be activated remotely from your transmitter by setting the toggle on "A" on the Garmin PRO 550, or by turning the rotary dial to the "A" position on G3 and G2 Tri-Tronics transmitters.

Multiple Combinations of Hunt and Point Sounds -- Choose from 4 hunt sounds (including silent) and 2 point sounds (including hawk scream) for a total of 8 possible combinations.

Instant Locate -- Just press the beeper control button on the Delta Upland or the accessory button on the PRO 550 with the toggle set on "A" to trigger the locate feature or to activate/deactivate the beeper (depending upon how long you depress the button).

No Extra Box Underneath Your Dog's Neck -- Everything, including the replaceable CR123A lithium battery, is contained in one small compartment that rests on top of the neck and slides onto the 3/4-inch wide collar strap that is included.

One-button External Setting -- All beeper functions are controlled by one button on the top of the beeper, including power and setting hunt and point modes. Change the beeper mode with the beeper still attached to your dog's collar strap!

No Wires to Break between the Beeper and Electronic Collar -- The Upland Beeper is an independent unit. It's easy to attach, easy to use, and easy to remove when you don't need it.

If you plan to use the Garmin Upland Beeper without a remote collar, you will need a counterweight to keep it on the back of your dog's neck. The Garmin Upland Beeper can also be used with any other brand of electronic collar that doesn't already have a beeper.


  • 3/4" collar strap included
  • Waterproof
  • Weighs less than 3 oz.
  • Audible range of over 1/4 mile
  • Sound safely directed away from your dog's ears
  • Lower octave tone is easier to hear for more experienced upland hunters
  • Choose from 8 different preset Hunt Mode and Point Mode combinations
  • Beeper position is completely adjustable -- unit fits both larger and smaller breeds
  • Easy to use one button operation
  • Red and green mode indicator LEDs
  • Includes supplemental manual
  • No risk 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • Garmin 3/4" Upland Beeper

    Steve Says:

    I have used every version of this product since Tri-Tronics first came out with it in 1998. So far, this is my favorite of the bunch. Add it to your Garmin PRO 550 and transform it into a versatile Remote Beeper Trainer combo, or replace a lost or damaged beeper on your Garmin Delta Upland XC.

    Beeper collars are for use with pointing dogs. The Accessory Beeper is an independent speaker horn that attaches to the remote training collar strap. The Accessory Beeper uses a motion sensor to tell you what your dog is doing. You will be able to tell if your dog is running on standing on point.

    The "A" on the toggle feature on the PRO 550 allows you to turn the beeper on and off from the handheld transmitter. You can also remotely operate the locate feature to help you locate your dog.

    Download Owner's Manual for Garmin 3/4" Upland Beeper

    owners-manualOwner's Manual for Garmin 3/4" Upland Beeper

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    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    23 Reviews
    43% (10)
    22% (5)
    22% (5)
    9% (2)
    4% (1)
    78% Recommend this product (18 of 23 responses)
    By MARK
    May 20, 2021
    Great product for upland hunters! I hunt multiple dogs, and being able to customize the tone on each collar let's me know which dog is where.
    • Customizable tone. Water resistant. Easy on/off switch. Hunter orange color.
    By pete
    SportDog SD Beeper Collar
    December 15, 2023
    The Garmin beeper collar was on back order so I switched my purchase [with the assistance of the Gun Dog Team] to the SportDog SD Beeper collar.

    I used this collar independently with a Garmin Sport Pro collar system - Garmin does not sync with it.

    This is a good beeper collar that will allow the hunter to monitor his gun dog is thick environments i.e. Grouse hunting.

    Literature says if you are using an e-collar and plan to place this collar on the same 3/4" collar, you should counter balance the beeper [e-collar below and beeper above]. I found by setting up the collar using the prescribed method [and not choking the dog] the collar would rotate and the beeper would be facing the ground - reducing capability.

    With the above issue [rotating collar] and the loud beeper noise close to my WPG ears, I thought I'd try fastening the beeper to the top of his vest strap. This provided me with (1) I did not have to keep adjusting the rotating collar (2) it positioned the collar farther away from his ears (3) speaker remained top center near the front shoulders allowing excellent sound penetration in the field.

    • Easy to set-up and operate with multiple sounds and time pauses.
    • Battery life on a single charge is very good - easily last days on a single charge.
    • If hunting in the snow and your gun dog likes to roll in the snow - monitor the speaker area as it will become impacted with snow and reduce volume.
    • On / Off button can be difficult to operate with gloves. Maybe gen2 could have a larger button
    By Paul
    Randolph, New York
    So much better than a bell!
    October 28, 2022
    Was having a difficult time hearing the bell and decided to go with a beeper. So far it has held up and worked great for me.
    By Fred
    Central Wisconsin
    Durable but not user friendly
    September 29, 2021
    Delivery of this product was prompt. The product itself is not as user-friendly as I would have expected. Also the point mode doesn't always work, even with me holding product it seems to sometimes be stuck in hunt mode. I've had to put device on the ground to make it go to point mode?
    • Looks durable. Sound really carries.
    • Not as user-friendly as described. Difficult with turning off once on.a volume control would be great for staring young dogs
    By Customer
    Garmin beeper
    January 7, 2021
    The beeper is fine except for the on/ off switch. Very difficult for me to activate the button
    By Kenneth M.
    delivery to late!
    January 7, 2021
    Well I ordered this beeper in October after the same type of beeper(make and model the same)stopped working just after the warranty was up. I needed one during the hunting season but they were back ordered until January when it was delivered. So I haven't used it yet but can count on this product giving me 2-3 months of good use and then it will fail again. Wish I could give this product a better review but it is what it is.This is in no way Gun dog supply's fault. The blame goes to Garmin only.

    By Jeff
    December 19, 2020
    I would prefer it was able to go on a 1” collar. It’s loud and it works but the cost and not being rechargeable no remote either. Makes this something that should be cheaper. Rather then more expensive
    By Jim D.
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Awesome beeper collar
    December 18, 2020
    Awesome beeper collar. Very loud providing accurate dog location in thick cover and rough terrain. Have heard it out to 300 yards in Arizona washes and canyons. It supplements the Garmin GPS system nicely. Additionally, the hawk screech when on point, helps hold the bird tight allowing the hunter time to get to the dog. Great Product. I run one on each of my dogs with different beeping modes.
    • Multiple beeping modes allowing to identify different dogs.
    • Hawk scream helps hold birds tight during points
    • Alpha 100 does not control on-off control
    By john d.
    upland beeper
    October 17, 2020
    Good quality some what easy to set just starting to use it this season
    By Marv
    Upper Peninsula, Michigan
    Garmin Upland review
    October 16, 2020
    Part way into my second season with this beeper. On our older Sport Dog deluxe, the volume got really low and eventually the dog broke both plastic collar tabs off while running in thick cover. Bought this to replace it and I’m not real happy with it. I run an Alpha 100 TT-15 collar so it doesn’t fit on that. The training collar would provide a good counterbalance to keep the beeper positioned on top of the dog’s neck. So I run this on a separate 3/4 inch collar with his bell on the other end. It always ends up sideways or upside down after about 5 minutes or less, then stops working or works intermittently and needs to be reset. When it is positioned correctly, sometimes it works and it starts beeping (I run it point only) right away. But other times it seems like it takes a while. The gasket around the battery tube broke and so replacing the battery is a bit of a chore to get it put back together. Finally, programming it isn’t too user friendly.
    • Good volume
    • See review
    By Mark
    Conflicted on the Garmin beeper
    October 16, 2020
    I have two issues with the beeper. The first being that without a counter balance on the collar the beeper doesn't stay in the proper position on the dogs neck. The second is that the beeper will intermittently shut off. When that happens I have no idea where my dog is. I replaced a previous Garmin for the same reason. The manual says that happens when the battery is low, but it happened the first time I used the new collar. It hasn't happened since and I use the beeper on an e-collar that keeps it in the right postion on the dog.
    By Joseph W.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    August 17, 2016
    When it works, it's great. But in real life situations, it just isn't practical. NEEDS to be on top of the neck to work. With a TIGHT collar I can keep it positioned correctly for about 5 minutes of field work. Then I have to call her back and reset it. Should have saved the $119 and bought a GPS unit. Too late to return it.
    By Eric W.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    February 10, 2016
    Works great, much lighter than my other beeper. My Brittany is petite so this beeper with 3/4 inch collar works/fits her neck because she also wears a GARMIN/Tritronics GPS COLLAR. ALPHA100. Aloha from Hawaii!!!!
    By Bill H.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    January 15, 2016
    I usually have to exercise my dog at night during the winter. I have a light on her , but the beeper makes it so much easier to locate her. Perfect for hunting in tall grass.
    By Gerald Z.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    December 16, 2015
    Setting up the tones for two units, so I know where each dog is when roaming and which dog is on point took me longer than I thought it should. Collars are nice and loud. Negative is the beeper is suppose to ride on the back of the neck, however, with no counter weight it works its way to the throat. I have to make up something to hold it in the correct position.
    By Richard J.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    December 14, 2015
    Sometimes I wonder who the engineers are that create these things. It’s a fine beeper if you're from the younger generation and play video games! And don’t mind standing around for five minutes and pushing its button watching lights flash just to program it! Then you really need to pay attention to the light when you turn it on and off, or you will have to reprogram it. I would have sent it back if It wasn’t the middle of hunting season! What ever happened to the on and off switch! I wouldn’t buy another one!
    By Johnnie W.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    December 12, 2015
    I can keep track of both the dog's at the same time by having one dog on 2 beeps and the other on the 3 beep setting.
    By John V.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    November 1, 2015
    Great sound. My old ears can hear it well. One issue: the slot for the collar slot is made for a 3/4 inch collar. Need 1 inch!
    By Rod S.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    March 5, 2015
    Way too loud.
    By Michael S.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    February 12, 2015
    A little hard to program.
    By Vic B.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    January 19, 2015
    Beeper works great! I wish they would continued to use the Tritronics 3/4" collar strap.
    By Danny P.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    November 19, 2014
    Works perfect! I couldn't be happier!!
    By Richard L.
    Review for Garmin Upland Accessory Beeper Collar
    September 22, 2014
    Well made (as I would expect from Garmin) with easy, intuitive button-programming. One negative is the smaller collar size. Won't fit on a standard Tri-Tronics e-collar without some modification.
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