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The sixth selection on the main menu is "Settings." The Settings menu is where you make the majority of the choices about your collars and your handheld options.

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General is the first choice. It includes settings for:
  • Track and Train - allows your TEK system to be both a GPS Tracking system and a Remote Training collar
  • Stim Levels - lets you to set the number of Stimulation levels your TEK remote training collar uses from 2 to 99
  • Stim Tracking - allows you the option of being able to correct your dog from the Tracking Screen
  • Stim Buttons - set up the listing of Stim choices automatically applied to any new collar you add to your system
  • Action - tell the handheld if your dogs are Pointing dogs or Treeing dogs
  • Alert - choose the way the handheld tells you that your dog has gone on point or has treed
  • Set Name - allows you the option of naming your handheld
  • Mag Dec Angle - lets you set the magnetic declination angle

  • buy discount  Communication


    The Communication menu allows you to change the User ID, GPS channel, and E-Collar channel of your system if needed. The User ID is a unique identifier used by the Handheld Device and shared with the GPS Collar with E-Collar Module. The GPS-channel is the radio channel used for communication between the GPS Collar and the Handheld Device, while the E-Collar channel is the radio channel used for communication between the E-Collar Module and the Handheld Device.

    buy discount  My Collars

    My Collars

    The "My Collars" screen is where you assign your collars with a matching color. You will also use this screen to "pair" the collar to the matching color. You will also activate the Ecollar portion if you have the Ecollar / tracking combination collars. You also use this section to "share" a collar. Sharing a collar is when you want to track someone else's collar on your handheld.

    buy discount  My Dogs

    My Dogs

    The My Dogs section allows you to make an independent custom profile for each of your dogs. This option allows you to have different settings for each dog with different stimulation types, levels, tone, vibration, and preset levels. You can also pick between the low, medium and high stim collar options for dogs that have totally different sensitivity.

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    Units allows you the option of seeing your dog's distance in yards or meters. You can also change the TIME read out on the UNITS screen from 12 hour to 24 hour or Military time.

    buy discount  Set Time

    Set Time

    Select the words "Set Time" to enter the current local time.

    buy discount  Display


    The display menu allows you to change your screen power saver settings.

    buy discount  Vehicle Mode

    Vehicle Mode

    The Vehicle mode option should be used when you are using your handheld to track your dogs while driving in a vehicle. Using vehicle mode disables the internal compass and allows your Handheld Device to rely on GPS for heading and bearing information. This allows your Handheld Device to provide stable readings and not be affected by the metal structure and magnetic fields within your vehicle.

    buy discount  Reset All

    Reset All

    The Reset all button will return ALL of your handheld settings back to the original factory set up.