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Steve Says:

Want a matching lead or leash?
We have three sizes to choose from:

2 foot tufflex lead
4.5 foot tufflex leash
6 foot tufflex leash

Transcript from Steve's Video:

We're looking at our TufFlex collars. We're going to show you three different kinds of collars that we have.

This is probably the most common collar that we sell. It's called the Standard. It looks a lot like a man's belt. Pretty simple design, D-ring, collar goes through.

We have a similar product, but this is a center ring. Has the same buckle, same D, but you've got your safety center ring here in the middle. A lot of folks like this because they've got a D to attach their leash to, but they've also got a center ring if they want access to that. So, pretty popular, especially for folks that are going to have their dogs on a leash or on a chain at any point.

The collar that I use the most is the D-end collar. Occasionally we'll get folks that will get these and they are a little confused about them because they expect the D to be in a different spot. But it's called a D-end for a reason. The D is on the end. So when you are putting the collar in you go through the D first and then you go through the buckle.

What this does is it puts more material between the D. So you've got this to pull on right in here, but you've also got this additional piece, and it takes pressure off of the D. So this is the strongest of the collars that we sell. The majority of my dogs wear D-end collars.

This is TufFlex. Real popular material that we sell for folks that like the look and feel of leather but don't want the hassle of having to care for leather. What's great about TufFlex, it is a synthetic material. It's over a piece of nylon. And it looks and feels like leather. But the advantage is it doesn't pick up smells. It's great in the water. You just don't have to care for it in the way you have to care for leather. They are going to hold up for you for a long time. Really nice collar. Very popular.

"The TufFlex collars don't absorb odors like plastic, don't absorb moisture like leather, don't stretch much like leather, don't stiffen much in the cold, and don't crack."

By: Bob Bixler

Hunts. Family pet.
Over the years I've tried all types of collar materials. This is the only one I like. Plastic ones wear out eventually and must be thrown away if they roll in a dead skunk or similar, because the odor molecules seem to absorb into the plastic. The TufFlex collars don't absorb odors like plastic, don't absorb moisture like leather, don't stretch much like leather, don't stiffen much in the cold, and don't crack. I'm particular about most things, and this is one of the few products I have no suggestions for improvement.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 3135
Reviewed: 2012-08-12
Featured Review
Customer Review #31717

By: Jeffrey Taylor From FL

Family pet.
Great collar for a strong gal. It looks good too. It is flexible and doesn't seem to bother Bailey at all. I highly recommend it.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 31717
Reviewed: 2016-10-07
Customer Review #29101

By: Jennifer Draggoo From IN

Family pet.
My dog has been wearing about a month and collar doesn't smell. She hasn't been swimming yet so I am hopeful it is truly waterproof. The collar looks great and is very good quality.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 29101
Reviewed: 2016-04-27
Customer Review #27578

By: Wesley Allen From CA

I would rate it higher if I could. Great collar, perfect for the beach/lakes/rivers/hunting/mud. I have a GSP that loves the water and all things dirty and smelly. This collar is perfect for him and exceeded my expectations. Great quality, great look/feel and most importantly great functionality. Highly recommend.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 27578
Reviewed: 2016-02-27
Customer Review #25684

By: Paul Valle From OR

Family pet.
Looks great and couldn't be happier.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 25684
Reviewed: 2015-12-20
Customer Review #21464


2 Labs,1 Wirehair. Hunts.
Great collars and easy to keep clean.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 21464
Reviewed: 2015-06-08
"Perfect on my tie-out chain"

By: Mary McNeese From NM

Hunts. Competes.
Perfect on my tie-out chain, as they are waterproof and tough.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 16288
Reviewed: 2014-12-04
"This collar is great so far."

By: John Kitto From La

Hunts. Family pet.
This collar is great so far. I've only had it for a couple weeks, but my lab gets in the pond 3 or 4 times a day in the summer, and the collar still looks good as new. I really like the look and feel of the collar. I've even surprised a few buddies by telling them it wasn't leather. This is my second time using Gun Dog Supply, and both times I have received excellent service.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 12276
Reviewed: 2014-07-24
Customer Review #30743

By: Russell Downs From GA

Hunts. Family pet.
Great product. Very durable!

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 30743
Reviewed: 2016-07-21
Customer Review #27261

By: Joseph Warren From

I have had several different styles of collars in the past. None of them held up under the genius escape artist I call Pepper. So far this collar is holding. I don't expect it to wear out for a long time. Thanks for providing a strong secure safe collar for her.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 27261
Reviewed: 2016-02-15
Customer Review #26740

By: Larry DePaul From WA

Hunts. Family pet. Competes.
I bought the collar on a recommendation from a training partner. It's a well built collar with solid hardware. I got the blaze orange for better visibility in the field, and so far the color is steadfast. My dog, Jasmine, has had it in the field, the mud, and the water, and it looks great!. I haven't even had to clean it! The free name plate really seals the deal.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 26740
Reviewed: 2016-01-26
Customer Review #24243

By: Joseph Hanby From AZ

Hunts. Family pet.
Not only do we love this collar, but Rosie our boxer lab mix loves it as well. She looks so much better now that she has one of these new collars.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 24243
Reviewed: 2015-10-22
Customer Review #22950

By: From

Great quality collars. They look great too.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 22950
Reviewed: 2015-08-18
Customer Review #20460

By: Carl Prater From TX

Hunts. Family pet.
Haven't had it long, but I like the look and feel.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 20460
Reviewed: 2015-04-26
"This collar way exceeded my expectations."

By: Steve Lohse From MT

Hunts. Family pet.
This collar way exceeded my expectations. It works and looks great. I love the name plate.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 18392
Reviewed: 2015-02-05

By: Becky Philpot From PA

Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Hunts. Family pet. Competes.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 15851
Reviewed: 2014-11-22
"Great quality"

By: Lauren McMurrin From CA

Family pet.
Great quality. Very sharp looking. Incredible customer service. I have received compliments and recommended them your way. I was recently at Huntington Dog Beach with Shelby. I noticed another dog wearing one of your similar collars for the first time. His owner told me that he also received several compliments. I will definitely buy from you in the future.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 11829
Reviewed: 2014-06-27
Customer Review #9112

By: Brandon Walravenfrom AR

Hunts. Family pet.
Really has a leather like texture as described collar fits, and I like the tag being riveted to collar.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 9112
Reviewed: 2014-03-15
Customer Review #8687

By: Michael From MD

German Shorthair Pointer. Hunts. Family pet.
The orange color is nice and bright. Sturdy, seems comfortable for the dog. Time will tell how it compares to leather for durability, but I do like the added visibility for the dog.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 8687
Reviewed: 2014-03-01
"Quality materials and construction"

By: Bruce Hoodfrom ON

Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Hunts. Family pet. Competes.
Quality materials and construction. The brass plate with contact information is a real plus.

Product Rating: 5 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 5170
Reviewed: 2013-11-07
Customer Review #23692

By: Mike Stolhand From OK

Hunts. Competes.
So far it's good. It's really not 1 inch wide, but it is wider than the 3/4 inch.

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 23692
Reviewed: 2015-09-23
"These are great!"

By: LabMom

Family pet.
We got 2 of these collars for our labs. They love to play fight and were tearing up their webbed collars. These are great! They are very tough and easy to clean. We love the bright orange color, but wish there were more girly color options. We were most excited about the name plate being on the collar. We get tired of the constant jingling noise made by a name tag and a rabies tag banging together. Unfortunately, the D-end on this collar is too close to the buckle, and they jingle! Also, the D is a little small, making it hard to get your fingers under to hook a leash. All in all, we like the collars. The name plate looks nice, and the dogs seem comfortable. The orange looks great on our Chocolate! We will keep these collars for backup and likely order other styles of the TufFlex. And thanks to Gun Dog Supply for quick shipping!

Product Rating: 4 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 8151
Reviewed: 2014-02-11
Customer Review #19348

By: Earle Holley From SC

Hunts. Family pet.
There was nothing to hold the excess collar, so it just flapped all around. I had to rig something up by punching an additional hole and using a small nut and bolt. Second thing is I wish the D ring was just a tad bit farther away from the buckle to prevent it from digging. I wrapped the D ring in electrical tape and that seemed to fix the problem. Just wanted to provide my feedback, Other than that collar looks great and I look forward to have one that does not stink from swimming all the time.

Product Rating: 3 out of 5-stars.
Review ID: 19348
Reviewed: 2015-03-12

PINK K-9 Komfort 1 in. TufFlex Dee-End Collar



ID Plate Line 1:
ID Plate Line 2:
ID Plate Line 3:
ID Plate Line 4:



Usually ships the same business day
Code: 3825-PK
Temporarily sold out of "17NS| Fits 14-18 in. Neck". Expected to be back in stock by mid-January, 2019.
No risk to you. Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed with our 30 Day "No Questions" Money Back Guarantee. Hassle-free returns & exchanges.

Video of PINK K-9 Komfort 1 in. TufFlex Dee-End Collar

Dee-end collar is made from TufFlex, which is virtually indestructible and maintenance free. TufFlex cleans up with a damp sponge, resists mildew and bacteria and therefore is odor-resistant. This vinyl-coated webbing also keeps its flexibility in cold weather. Rivets are in line, not side by side, for increased durability. Rust resistant nickel-plated hardware consists of roller buckle, Dee-end and square keeper. Welded hardware. All K-9 Komfort products are proudly made in the USA.


  • Made from soft, textured PVC reinforced with nylon webbing
  • Look & feel of leather
  • Maintenance free
  • Cleans up in seconds
  • Waterproof
  • Resists mildew & bacteria
  • Remains soft & flexible to -20 degrees F
  • Odor resistant


    These are NECK SIZE COLLARS which means the dog's measured neck size IS the collar size.

    Measure Your Dog's Neck to ensure a proper fit.

    • Use a measuring tape, cloth tape, or a piece of string (and measure the string).
    • Measure your dog's neck where you want the collar to rest on the neck AND at the appropriate tightness.
    • Once you have a measurement, refer to the Guide below to find the appropriate size.
    • The neck size (NS) represents the measurement from the center of the buckle to the second adjustment hole.
    • You can adjust 1-inch longer or 3-inches shorter. Keep in mind that using the shorter adjustment holes will leave more collar strap extending past the buckle.

    Click for larger image.

    FREE Brass ID Name Plate

    When you order this collar, you get a FREE 2.75" x .75" 3 or 4 line machine-stamped brass I.D. plate which we attach to your collar using rivets.

    D-End Collar ID Plate Placement:

    Enter your contact information in the blanks above.

    • List multiple phone numbers
    • Add name, city, state, and address if you have room
    • Tags fit up to 4 lines of information.
      • 20 characters on top line.
      • 18 characters on the middle two lines (because of rivet placement).
      • 20 characters on bottom line.
    • NAMEPLATES can use these characters: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 / - . , ' & @ $ # ( ) : ! " _ * + =
    • Here's more on what info to put on your dog's ID plates

    Country of Origin: Made in USA.

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    K-9 Komfort
    State of California Residents:

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - BRASS ID PLATE ONLY.

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