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Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo

  • Longer run times -- up to 80 hours of collar battery life!
  • Improved ECOLLAR with 3 side buttons
  • "Touchscreen-free" option w/ customizable top buttons
  • Free GDS multi-color collars on multi-dog systems
  • 16 GB of internal memory -- 4X the memory that was in the Alpha 100
  • Larger 3.5" sunlight-readable touchscreen display

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    Alpha 200 Handheld Alpha 200 Handheld Detail Alpha 200 Handheld Left Side Detail Alpha 200 Handheld Right Side Detail Alpha 200 Antenna Detail Alpha 200 Handheld On/Off Button Detail Alpha 200 Handheld Battery Detail Alpha 200 MicroSD Card Slot Detail Alpha 200 USB Port Detail Alpha 200 Handheld on Charger Alpha 200 in Hand Alpha 200 Bottom Detail Alpha 200 VHF Antenna Removed Detail Alpha 200 Clip Detail TT15X Collar TT15X Collar Detail TT15X Collar Probe Detail TT15X Collar On/Off Button Detail TT15X Antenna Holder Detail TT15X GPS Antenna Detail TT15X Collar Locator Lights Detail TT15X Collar Connector Detail TT15X Collar on Charging Cradle Detail Alpha 200 Accessories Alpha 200 on Charger Detail Alpha 200 Lanyard Instructions TT15X Multi Dog Collar Colors TT15X Multi Dog Collars

    What's New in the Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

  • Up to 80 hours of collar battery life
  • Remotely activated collar Sleep Mode further extends battery life (only with Alpha handhelds)
  • Update your dog device via Garmin Express software
  • Larger 3.5" sunlight-readable touchscreen display
  • Three side buttons for even more versatility
  • 16 GB of internal memory -- 4X the memory that was in the Alpha 100
  • Compass Pro View lets you see the direction and distance to your truck and your friends' Alpha handhelds on the Compass Screen
  • Preloaded TopoActive maps
  • Directly download BirdsEye satellite imagery to your Alpha
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Hunt Metrics data shows each dog's hunting patterns and behaviors so you can keep them healthy and safe
  • Compatible with the Garmin Explore app and website for managing tracks, routes, and waypoints, as well as reviewing statistics from the field

  • Hunt More Productively, Efficiently, and Safely:

    • Track and train your dog with just one handheld on just one screen
    • One less system to keep charged and carry around
    • One less collar to weigh your dog down
    • Quick-charge batteries with a long run time mean more hunting, more training, and less charging
    • Track your friends' Alpha handhelds in the field
    • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / Galileo receiver for increased signal reception
    • Rescue Mode preserves battery life so you can find lost dogs
    • Emergency Alert lets you send your dog's last known location and an alert message to other Alpha users in the area

    Know Where Your Dog Is, Where He's Heading, and What He's Doing:

    • Track up to 20 dogs or other Alpha handhelds
    • The Compass Screen shows your dogs' direction, distance, and speed
    • The Map Screen lets you see your dogs' trails on the TOPO map
      • See if your dog is approaching a highway or property line
      • See if your dog is out of gun range
      • See if your dog is running too big BEFORE he gets too far out
    • 2.5 second dog status update rate
    • Know when your dog is on point or has treed with Pointing and Treeing Alerts
    • Preloaded TopoActive map features not just major highways and waterways but smaller roads, creeks, and streams
    • Includes Birdseye Direct (no annual subscription required)

    Training with the Alpha 200:

    • Customizable buttons plus touchscreen controls for maximum versatility
    • Create your own configuration with specific stimulation types and settings for each dog
    • Access your custom settings immediately -- easier and faster than setting manual controls
    • Use to train the most stubborn to the most sensitive dogs
    • Reinforce known commands and stop problem behaviors / break trash
    • 18 levels of continuous and momentary STIM
    • Non-stimulating vibration and tone functions
    • Expandable to 20 dogs with additional collars

    • Not available to Canadian addresses. This product is approved for use in the US only. Collar-to-handheld radio communication may be disabled in Europe and other prohibited areas.

      Download Owner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

      owners-manualOwner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

      Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo Transmitter (Remote)

        Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo

      Handheld GPS Features

      • Large 3.5" (diagonal) sunlight-readable touchscreen that works when wearing gloves
      • Sleek, streamlined design is less bulky
      • Fully rubberized outer coating with an over molding
      • Meets tough IPX7 waterproof standards
      • Quad helix GPS / Galileo antenna for improved signal reception
      • Removable VHF antenna
      • Barometric altimeter
      • 3-axis compass
      • 16 GB internal memory
      • Micro SD card slot (max. 32 GB class 10 or less) for preprogrammed MapSource mapping detail such as US TOPO, Inland Lakes, BlueChart and City Navigator, or add more memory by installing a blank MicroSD Card
      • Garmin "backbone" accessory mount plus lanyard attachment point
      • Power Button Control Screen includes button lock feature
      • Micro-USB port for data updates via PC or Mac
      • See ambient temperature data by adding the Garmin Tempe (available separately)
      • Backward compatible so it will work with your existing collars and other Alpha compatible devices
      • Transfer location data between compatible Garmin devices

      Alpha Handheld Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 2.7" x 6.4" x 1.3" with antenna
      • Weight: 9.9 oz.

      Dog Tracking Features

      • Preloaded TopoActive maps
      • Map Screen Options let you show or hide Dog Status, Distance, Names, and Offscreen Dogs
      • Zoom to Map Dogs: automatically see all dogs on your map screen no matter how far they are from you
      • Dog Trails: choose from Complete History, Partial History, or No Trail History
      • Dog Set Up Menu with universal dog settings including Update Rates and Dog Types
      • Dog Alerts: choose tone-only, vibration-only, or tone and vibration
      • Hunt Metrics: shows each dog's hunting patterns and behaviors so you can keep them healthy and safe
      • Directly download BirdsEye satellite imagery to your handheld
      • Save up to 1,000 waypoints, 50 routes, and 10,000 track points
      • Compatible with the Garmin Explore app and website for managing tracks, routes, and waypoints, as well as reviewing statistics from the field
      • GeoFence and Radius alerts
      • Area calculation feature
      • VIRB Control on the TT15X collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)
      • Emergency Alert lets you send your dog's last known location and an alert message to other Alpha users in the area

          Preset alert messages include:
          • Help
          • Are you OK?
          • I'm coming
          • Stay there
          • OK
          • Yes
          • No
          • Come here
          • Lost dog
          • Injured dog
          • Ending hunt
          • Go on without me
          • Headed your way
          • Caution: others nearby
          • Game spotted
          • Slow down
          • Speed up
          • Nice shot

      Remote Training Collar Features

      • Customizable settings let you create your own personal configuration with ideal stimulation types and settings for each dog
      • 3 front + 3 side buttons and touchscreen controls
      • Train and track up to 20 dogs from one screen
      • Adjust stimulation levels from any screen
      • 18 levels of continuous STIM
      • 18 levels of momentary STIM
      • Non-stimulating vibration and tone options
      • Choose from two stimulation configurations:
        • Traditional STIM -- 6 levels with each level having a low, medium, and high for a total of 18 levels, replicating the classic Tri-Tronics stimulation setup
        • Linear STIM -- 18 levels that exactly match the low, medium, and high levels used in Garmin / Tri-tronics PRO series collars for those who prefer a slightly faster way to raise and lower levels

      Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo Collar

        Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X GPS Dog Tracking E-Collar Combo
      • Up to 80 hours of battery life
      • Update your device via Garmin Express software
      • Remotely activated Sleep Mode further extends battery life (only with Alpha handhelds)
      • Waterproof (1 ATM -- 10 meters)
      • Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS / Galileo receiver gives better signal reception than GPS alone
      • VIRB control on the collar lets you start or stop VIRB video recording with the Alpha handheld (VIRB camera not included)
      • Non-stimulating vibration function
      • Non-stimulating tone function
      • Remotely activated LED light beacons for low light conditions
      • User-replaceable 1" collar strap fits neck sizes between 13" and 22"
      • Braided steel collar antenna takes all the abuse a hunting dog can give it
      • USB port on collar for software updates and exporting additional GPS dog data
      • 18 levels of both continuous and momentary stimulation

      TT15X Collar Specifications:
      • Dimensions: 1.75" H x 3.5" W x 1.85" D
      • Weight: 10 oz. with collar strap and antenna

      Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo Comes With

      • Alpha 200 handheld with TopoActive Map
      • TT 15X GPS dog device
      • User-replaceable Li-ion rechargeable batteries in collar and handheld
      • Belt clip
      • AC adapter
      • Charging cable
      • Micro-USB cable
      • Short and long contact point sets with wrench
      • 5" handheld antenna
      • Braided-steel collar antenna
      • Owner's manual
      • Birdseye Direct (no annual subscription required)
      • 1-year Garmin warranty
      • Up to 20 user-replaceable 1" collar straps (depending on number of collars purchased)

        # of CollarsIncluded Collar Strap Colors
        2Red & Black
        3Red, Black, & Orange
        4Red, Black, Orange, & Blue
        5Red, Black, Orange, Blue, & Green
        6Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, & Yellow
        7Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, & White
        8Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, & Silver
        9Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, & Pink
        10Red, Black,, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        11Red (x2), Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        12Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        13Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue, Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        14Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green, Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        15Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow, White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        16Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White, Silver, Pink, & Violet
        17Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver, Pink, & Violet
        18Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver (x2), Pink, & Violet
        19Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver (x2), Pink (x2), & Violet
        20Red (x2), Black (x2), Orange (x2), Blue (x2), Green (x2), Yellow (x2), White (x2), Silver (x2), Pink (x2), & Violet (x2)

      Features of the Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

        Download Detailed GPS Dog Trail Info

        Map the area you and your dog covered during the day's hunt on your computer using the Waypoints and Tracks and Dog Tracks features on the Alpha Handheld. Download your hunt using either MapSource or and see your hunt on a TOPO map or Google Earth.

        Avoid Getting Lost with Hunter-Friendly Icons

        Mark and label your vehicle, UTVs, blinds, hunting lodge, food plots, and other outdoor features with waypoint icons specially designed for hunting.

        Keep Up with Birds Using the Covey Counter

        Mark the exact location of your coveys on the map with this special waypoint feature and record the time of day, elevation, number of birds in the covey, and number of birds taken.

      Additional Uses

        Although the Garmin Alpha was originally designed for hunting dogs, many of our non-hunting customers have found that the Alpha is perfect for spending time outdoors with their dogs and allowing them to run off-leash. Whether hiking, camping, biking, or horseback riding, the Garmin Alpha gives your dogs more freedom while letting you keep a close eye on them and find them if they get lost. Since the Garmin Alpha is also a full-featured GPS, it will help keep you from getting lost as well!

      Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo Batteries

      • Li-ion batteries in both handheld and collar
      • Less than 6-hour charge time
      • Handheld and collar batteries both user-replaceable
      • Snap-on charging clip for no exposed charging jacks

        Handheld Battery Runtime:

        ~16-20 hours

        Collar Battery Runtimes:

        ~60-80 hours depending on update rate

      Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo Range

        The Garmin Alpha handheld and collar have a "line of sight" range of up to 9 miles.

        The Alpha handheld and dog GPS collar communicate using a VHF radio signal. To get the maximum range out of the system there needs to be nothing obstructing this signal.

        Realistically, this won't happen in most places we spend time with our dogs, so the actual usable range will be MUCH less than 9 miles depending on hunting/training conditions, weather, terrain, presence of cover, etc.

      Garmin Alpha GPS Maps

    • Includes free Garmin TopoActive map and Birdseye Direct (no annual subscription required)
    • Supports optional map data including TOPO U.S. 24K, autorouting with City Navigator, and Garmin Custom Maps

    • Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

      Garmin "X" Series Collars

      The TT15X is a track and train collar while the T5X is tracking only. Both collars are compatible with the Astro 430, all four Alpha handhelds, and the PRO 550 Plus. They can be tracked from multiple handhelds at the same time and can be run at the same time as TT10, TT15, and T5 collars.

      Please note that Garmin's "X" collars are NOT compatible with the Astro 320 or 220.

      The "X" collars have the same physical design as Garmin's regular size collars, but with several upgraded features:

    • Longer Battery Life -- up to 80 hours of run time using the 2.5 second update rate
    • Garmin Express Update Option -- you can update your "X" collar's software with Garmin Express
    • Sleep Mode -- you can put your "X" collar into sleep mode using Alpha handhelds, extending battery life even longer
    • Collar "About" Screen -- on Alpha 200i and 200 handhelds you can check your "X" collar's software version

    • Extended Battery Life

      The biggest improvement on these collars is longer battery life.

      Every time we talk with Garmin, battery life is a topic. With the "X" collars they have drastically increased battery life and added options to stretch it out even longer if needed.

      We are seeing between 60 and 80 hours of run time off a single charge with a 2.5-second update rate. Setting your collar on a 5 or 10-second update rate will push it past 80 hours, and a 2-minute update rate will give you over 130 hours.

      This will be especially helpful for folks with big running dogs or in lost dog situations. An "X" collar set in Rescue Mode drops down to a 2-minute update rate when the battery reaches less than 25% capacity, giving you the maximum possible time to locate a lost dog. More battery life = more time.

      There are few things more useless than a tracking collar with a dead battery.

      Keep in mind that this extended battery life option doesn't change my take on charging your collars.

      I still recommend that you charge them after every use.

      I want you to have the maximum battery life available if you need it. The only way to make that happen is to charge your system before each use. Also, keep in mind there has not been a change in the handheld batteries, so you will still need to charge them pretty much every night anyway.

      Updating Your Collars with Garmin Express

      With the "X" collars, you can now update both your collars and your handheld with Garmin Express.

      This eliminates the need to have multiple programs installed to keep your system up-to-date. I prefer Garmin Express for several reasons, but not being able to update everything from one program has been a hassle. Now every new dog tracking product can be updated using Garmin Express.

      Sleep Mode

      The "X" collars have a Sleep Mode option just like the Garmin MINI collars.

      Sleep Mode allows you the option of using your Alpha handheld to shut off both radios in the collar (GPS and handheld communication), significantly extending battery life. The collar searches every few seconds for a turn-on signal. Once you give the signal from your handheld, the radios turn back on and the collar returns to normal communication mode.

      Note that you must be within range to activate the collar.

      This is a specialized feature that really isn't going to be used by most of our customers. It's designed for situations where either you can't get to a dog in time to pick him up and are forced to leave him out overnight, or you are intentionally leaving him out and want to preserve battery life.

      We have a few folks that like to leave their collars on their dogs all day while hunting, even when moving around in their vehicle, and Sleep Mode lets them conserve run time. I'm not sure if it's still necessary with the longer battery life, but the option is there.

      Folks with livestock protection dogs will like the Sleep Mode feature. It will give you extra-long battery life while still keeping up with the location of your dogs.

      "About" Screen

      The "X" collars give you the ability to view your collar software data on your Alpha 200i or Alpha 200 handheld.

      This means you can check the software version from your handheld without the use of a computer. Not a giant deal, but it's a feature that we had back in the Astro 320 / 220 days, and it's nice to see its return.

      I'm extremely pleased with these new collars.

      We always want more range, longer battery life, and more durability from our tracking collars.

      While we only get one of the big three updated here, it's an important update -- perhaps the most important -- and it will make finding lost dogs easier.

      Transcript from Steve's Video

      So this is the GARMIN TT15X. If you're familiar with the TT collars, it looks exactly like the current version of the TT15. The X collars have three major differences. The first difference is gonna be battery life. And that's the most important difference here. The battery life on this collar is substantially better than what we have in the TT15s right now, and it blows the TT15 MINIs out of the water.

      In a two and a half second update rate, you're looking at between 60 and 80 hours of run time off of a single charge. The variance in there is gonna depend on a couple of things. Whether you run your lights, how much you're stimming the dog. Depends on what you're doing.

      There's a difference too, between straight run time, and then you turn it on and turn it off, you'll get some differences there. But it's substantially longer than what we've had before, and that's a big deal, especially in a lost dog situation. The other. Two things. One of them's a giant deal. One of 'em is one of those things where it just depends on what you do.

      The next big deal is that you can update the TT15X collars through Garmin Express. Prior to the 15X collars, you had to use Web Updater to update your collars. And so now everything that Garmin has on the market can be updated through Garmin Express. So that's handy, cuts down on the number of programs you have to have.

      And then the last new thing is that the 15X has the sleep mode function for the collars, which we've had that in the MINI 15s, but we have not had that in the regular 15s. So the 15X has sleep mode. For most people that is not a big deal. But for folks that have dogs that are, that are out a long time and they're either intentionally not recovering them at the end of the day, or they can't get to them at the end of the day and they need to be able to leave them out overnight, the sleep mode option allows you to power down the collar so that it's no longer using its radio functions. And then when you return to the area all you have to do is go back into it and wake the collar up.

      When you're looking at the collar, you go into your menu and right here, we have adjust sleep mode. And so you select that and then you are gonna go, I'm gonna put this collar to sleep. And so if you watch it, it's going to shut down. Okay. So basically it is lost all communication with the collar and it, that way, your, your battery's just not being used hardly at all.

      And what the collar's gonna be doing is that it is going to wake up and look for a wake signal. And so what's happening is there's a rotation. And what it's doing is instead of constantly broadcasting and pulling GPS signals, it's waiting to wake up for a radio signal. So when you get back in the area, you want to turn it back on, you go back into your menu and you adjust collar sleep mode, and we're going to wake and now it's gonna take a second for it to update.

      There you go. And you'll notice that the GPS has not quite come on yet, takes a second for it to pick back up. But basically that allows you to power down the radio signals on the collar so that it's no longer doing GPS or MURS communication. And that's going to drastically improve your battery life.

      Garmin ALPHA 200 Handheld

      Garmin listened to your user feedback:
    • Simplify to only screens you use
    • Declutter screens to only show info YOU care about
    • ProView Compass shows multiple dogs on one compass screen
    • WIFI means automatic updates and easy birdseye install

      The NEW Garmin Alpha 200 takes everything we love about the Alpha 100 and squeezes it into a sleeker package with even more features.

      All the way back in 2012, Garmin gave us the best-selling Garmin Alpha 100: the first-ever Garmin GPS tracking collar combined with a Tri-Tronics remote trainer. For the first time, you could track and train your dog using one handheld and one collar with the added versatility of a touchscreen.

      Now after all these years, Garmin gives us their second-generation Alpha handheld: the 200.

    • Bigger Screen: The Alpha 200 features a larger 3.5" touchscreen compared to the Alpha 100's 3" screen, giving you more detail and better control.

    • Three Side Buttons: In addition to the three front buttons carried over from the original Alpha 100, the new Alpha 200 adds three side buttons for improved usability.

    • More Internal Memory: The Alpha 200 has 16 GB of internal memory. That's FOUR TIMES MORE than what was in the original Alpha 100. More memory means more detailed maps, more dog data, and more functionality.

    • Compass Pro View: In addition to your dogs, you can now see the direction and distance to your truck and your friends' Alpha handhelds on the Compass Screen.

      Some other cool new features of the Alpha 200 include:

    • Preloaded TopoActive Maps
    • Directly download BirdsEye satellite imagery to your Alpha
    • Barometric Altimeter
    • Hunt Metrics Data shows each dog's hunting patterns and behaviors so you can keep them healthy and safe
    • Compatible with the Garmin Explore App and Website for managing tracks, routes, and waypoints, as well as reviewing statistics from the field

    • Accessories for your Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

      best selling dog training supplies
       shop Garmin TT15X Add-On GPS Collar for ALPHA / PRO 550+
      best selling dog training supplies
       shop Garmin T5X GPS Add-On Collar for ASTRO
       shop Garmin DriveTrack 71 LMT-S GPS Navigator
      Garmin TT15X ALPHA / PRO 550+ Add-on Collar
      8 Reviews
      Garmin T5X ASTRO 430 Add-on Collar
      4 Reviews
      Garmin DriveTrack 71 LMT-S
      5 Reviews

       shop Garmin Tempe Wireless External Temperature Sensor
       shop Garmin Alpha Li-ion Handheld Replacement Battery
       shop Garmin Li-ion Battery Pack for TT15X / TT15 / T5X / T5
      Garmin Tempe External Temperature Sensor
      2 Reviews
      Garmin Alpha Handheld Battery
      20 Reviews
      TT15/T5 Li-ion Battery
      9 Reviews

       shop Garmin High Speed Vehicle Multi-Charger
       shop Garmin Alpha 200i / 100 Battery Charger
       shop Garmin Micro-USB Cable for Alpha 200i, 200, & 10 Handhelds / inReach / Pro Control 2 RX
      High Speed Multi Charger
      Alpha 200i / 100 Battery Charger
      2 Reviews
      Alpha 200i, 200, & 10 HH / inReach / Pro Control 2 RX Micro USB Cable
      1 Review

       shop Garmin Replacement Long Range VHF Antenna
       shop Garmin / Tri-Tronics Contact Points Kit
       shop GizzMoVest Holster for Garmin Alpha 300i / 300 / 200i / 200
      Garmin Long Range Antenna
      8 Reviews
      Garmin / Tri-Tronics Contact Point Kit
      33 Reviews
      GizzMoVest for Alpha 300i/300/200i/200
      2 Reviews

       shop Silicone Protective Case for the Garmin Alpha 300i/300/200i/200 Handheld
       shop Coyote Leather Garmin Alpha 300i/300/200i/200 Transceiver Holster
       shop Garmin Alpha / Astro / Sport PRO / inReach Carabiner Clip
      Alpha 300i/300/200i/200 Silicone Cover
      12 Reviews
      Coyote Leather Alpha 300i/300/200i/200 Holster
      5 Reviews
      Alpha / Astro / Sport PRO / inReach Carabiner Clip
      21 Reviews

       shop Garmin Lanyard Carabiner Clip
       shop Alpha / Astro / Sport PRO / inReach Spine Belt Clip
       shop Alpha / Astro / Sport PRO / inReach Swivel Belt Clip
      Garmin Lanyard Carabiner Clip
      24 Reviews
      Alpha / Astro / Sport PRO / inReach Spine Belt Clip
      31 Reviews
      Alpha / Astro / Sport PRO / inReach Swivel Belt Clip
      14 Reviews

       shop Garmin Retractable Tether / Lanyard
       shop Garmin Quick Release Lanyard
       shop Garmin Ballistic Nylon Antenna Keeper
      Retractable Tether / Lanyard
      34 Reviews
      Garmin Quick Release Lanyard
      10 Reviews
      Garmin Ballistic Nylon Antenna Keeper
      2 Reviews

       shop Garmin Alpha 300i/300/200i/200 Anti-glare Screen Protector -- Single
       shop HiFlex 1 in. Universal Replacement Collar Straps
       shop 1 in. Universal Square Buckle Reflective Collar Strap
      Alpha 300i/300/200i/200 Screen Protector
      6 Reviews
      1" HiFlex Collar Straps
      71 Reviews
      1" Reflective Collar Straps
      11 Reviews

       shop 1 in. Quick Release E-Collar Straps
       shop Garmin Field Bag with Orange Lined Interior
      1" Quick Release Collar Straps
      3 Reviews
      Garmin Field Bag Orange Lined
      11 Reviews

      Download Owner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

      owners-manualOwner's Manual for Garmin ALPHA 200 + TT15X Combo

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      Customer Reviews

      Review Summary
      25 Reviews
      72% (18)
      24% (6)
      0% (0)
      0% (0)
      4% (1)
      96% Recommend this product (24 of 25 responses)
      By Damian
      Centerview Missouri
      Reliable Garmin
      May 17, 2023
      Great and speedy service yet once again from Gun Dog Supply. I’ve hunted all over Europe and have just returned to the U.S. Again I purchased another Garmin Alpha 200 to keep track of my hard working dog.
      • Easy to use, product shipped fast and the ease and reliability of Garmin products are great.
      By Will R.
      Laporte, IN
      A Must Have!!
      September 6, 2022
      I've been thinking of getting this unit for a while now. Finally pulled the trigger and purchased the unit with 2 T15 collars and I'm glad I did. Last September while Grouse hunting in Michigan, I lost my Drahthaar for about 20 min in the thicket. It was not fun. Now, I will not have to worry about that happening again. The A200 is awesome. Easy to configure and customize to your needs. I would recommend to anyone who plans on running their dogs in various environments.
      • Easy to configure and customize. The screen size is more than enough, even for those with less than 20/20 eyesight. Downloading is a breeze with it's built-in WiFi. The extra buttons is a must for quick access and if wearing gloves.
      • A little pricey but I think it's worth it. When you experience losing a dog for just a short time, you will appreciate a GPS tracker.
      By Mechele F.
      Santa Fe, NM
      Garmin ALPHA 200 + Tracking E collar combo
      August 16, 2022
      The tracking, e-collar combo is great! Having the combo simplies training sessions. The Garmin works like other Garmins, the touch screen is nice.

      The e-collar settings took a little trial session again because they were so different from my other e-collar. Dogtra e-collar is 1-120 + vibe, where the Alpha 200 e-collar is 1-18.

      Very happy with the purchase
      • Garmin touch screen
      • Only need one collar
      • The e-collar settings took a little trial session again because they were so different from my other e-collar. Dogtra e-collar is 1-120 + vibe, where the Alpha 200 e-collar is 1-18.
      • Still wish Garmin would add a start and stop button so that when you got to the trail or area, you didn't have the device tracking you from home.
      By Mark
      November 23, 2021
      Upgraded from the ALPHA 100 and glad I did.
      Really like the larger screen and the various menus are more logical and easier to find with more capabilities. I’m still learning about all the features and there are many tutorials out there to help.

      If you want to use the vibrate function on a TT15 collar, you will have to delete one of the other functions (momentary, continuous or tone) OR add an additional page with vibrate on it. For example, my yellow collar has M, C, T, on the first page and M, C, V on the 2nd page. Scrolling through pages is easy using the buttons on the side of the handheld. Very intuitive.

      Enable WiFi and the handheld automatically updates the software to the latest version when you turn it on. How cool is that?

      Presently, I’m trying to figure out if I can set different radius alarms for different collars. For example, I’d like to keep an eye on my young pointer and know if he wanders past 150 yards while I don’t mind my broke dogs ranging to 250.

      Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase. Much thought went into this device from people who hunt and Garmin listened.
      • Large bright screen
      • Intuitive and easy to find menus
      • Many customizable features
      • Well made and durable
      • Various programmable alarms
      • Can use buttons for almost everything instead of tapping on the glass
      • WiFi capable
      • Fast update rate
      • Really can't think of any right now.
      By Ross
      Kalispell, MT
      Great product
      May 7, 2024
      I'm a first time gun dog owner and have been reading and watching reviews on all types of e-collars and tracking products. I didn't want to buy a type of product twice so I decided to bite the bullet once and go all in once. I chose Garmin because the guys I hunt with use Garmin with their dogs and we can share dog tracking across the platform in addition to compatibility with watches and other devices.
      My family and I have only started using the product to start with training with our pup. So far it's been great. We chose gun dog supply because it had competitive pricing and is a small business here in the USA. We would recommend this product so far!
      By PW
      Milwaukee, WI
      Need more dogs!
      November 29, 2023
      This is my first tracking collar and it's probably way more than I need but it's awesome! I have one pointing dog that I pheasant hunt for 15 weeks a year and I love the features for that use. The other reasons for the purchase are the navigation and safety features. I often travel and hike alone (with the dog) and cell service can be spotty. The safety features sold me.
      Being a data nerd, I love being able to see our activities on a map, knowing how far we've traveled, elevation and speed. I can see this being an excellent hiking tool.
      With multiple dog capabilities of this device, I do feel like I'm over-teched and under-dogged. Sound like a good excuse for another dog!
      • Great tool in the pheasant fields! My dog is probably thrilled to get rid of the bell around his neck. Pointing notification is reliable. Love the tracking data!
      • For me it's the learning curve. There are so many features to learn, it's time- consuming.
      By Mel
      Green Bay wi
      The best collars
      May 23, 2023
      Easy to set up- easy to use- I was concerned they were going to be complex but they are simple
      • Easy to use
      • None
      By Del H.
      Charlotte NC
      This is an Impressive Tool
      May 9, 2023
      I just received my Alpha 200 with a TT15X collar, and found the set-up of both pretty straight forward, and much easier than I expected. The Alpha 200 is a feature-rich control device that offers the user wide configuration flexibility—I easily programmed the three command buttons to fit my preferences—and navigation through the various screens. There is a lot going on in this little device, and it will probably take a while to truly master its capabilities.

      There is little detail in the supplied printed manuals, however, the online manuals fill the gaps nicely.

      I took the collar and the handheld for a spin, and after a few start-up stumbles with the maps, was able to see the GPS tracking features at work, using the tracking and training features simultaneously.

      The Alpha 200 paired with the TT15X is a quantum leap from other e-collars I’ve used in the past. I highly recommend it.
      • Easily configured
      • A wealth of options
      • Programmable controls
      • I wish there was a way to attach a lanyard
      • A more detailed user guide
      By Brad
      So many nice upgrades from the Alpha 100
      March 1, 2023
      I'm so happy with the changes they've made with the 200i. First off, my eyes are thankful for the larger screen. Having the ability to use the top 3 buttons to cycle screens is such a game changer for me. The side buttons are large enough to easily cycle between the menus and e-collar functions. My biggest complaint about the 100 was having to hit the icons in the bottom corners to switch screens. I have fat fingers, and it was frustrating at times, so I'm thankful they integrated the option with the top 3 buttons on the 200i.

      Another huge addition is the ability to see the truck and other hunters on the compass. This is so convenient for me. I have a Garmin Sapphire 6x watch and it's nice to just glance and see where my hunting buddy is without having to shout out for a location check in the grouse woods. I didn't like having to switch between the map and compass screens when I wanted to work the dog toward the relative direction of the truck on the 100. It's really convenient to have both on the compass screen.

      Other nice conveniences is being able to remove all the unwanted apps from the main menu screen, being able to download updates using wi-fi instead of having to USB to a computer, creating groups for buddies and their dogs. Very easy to enable/disable several dogs at once. I will be buying an in-reach subscription as I do hunt alone at times. Nice peace of mind for me.
      • Several much needed changes from the Alpha 100.
      • The Hunt View map can be a bit slow to load at times.
      By Karl
      Good but miss my alpha 100
      December 22, 2022
      Caution for those that have the alpha 100 and like the way it functions (I have bird dogs). I was expecting similar functionality but I guess I didnt do enough research. 2 primary examples, on the alpha 100, I had each button assigned to a different collar which was perfect when running 2-3 dogs, on the alpha 200i you'll need to press a side button to go from dog to dog, so stimulation will be delayed. I'm still trying to figure out if I can get a page set so the buttons will represent different collars.

      Second example, on my alpha 100, I used battery save mode, so the screen would turn off after so many seconds, then when you wanted to see where your dog was you just touched the screen. On the alpha 200i, it has the same battery save mode, but when the screen turns off you have to press the power butt to get the screen to turn on. This doesnt work so well, and is almost impossible with gloves. So to save battery I've lowered the screen brightness and it stays on for the whole hunt, which consumes the battery pretty quick. You might get 10-12 hours going this route. So I ordered a second battery to help on multi day trips where there are no plug ins available to recharge (the cigarette chargers are to slow to recharge a battery and waste too much gas).

      On the positive side, the bigger screen is nice. So far with my pointers I have not lost communication, which happened from time to time with the alpha 100 in the mountains in AZ and NM.
      • Bigger screen is nice, tracking and communication seems to be better
      • See review for my 2 main cons
      By Steve
      Rochester, Michigan
      Love it! (so far)
      December 16, 2022
      I've only used it for one weekend of hunting pheasants but LOVE IT! I have a 1 1/2 year old GSP who likes to run big but still does an amazing job hunting. Was just using a training collar before and was stuck in the position of deciding when to zap him. Was he to far possibly chasing a deer or was he close, behind cover pointing at a bird? Now I know exactly what he is up to and have confidence when I correct him.
      • Nice big screen.
      • Seemed difficult at times for the touch screen with my leather gloves. There is a delay on location so just need to get used to it.
      By Greg C.
      Great product!!
      November 23, 2022
      This combo is awesome, I used it on my tracking dogs and it’s awesome.
      • Easy to setup, and there are lots of videos out there if you have any issues
      • I wish the handheld would have come with a neck strap
      By Jesse
      Atlanta, Michigan
      Exactly what I expected
      November 1, 2022
      Better information content on the dog page than the 100. Better screen. Easy to use.
      By Bruce
      Friendswood, Texas
      Dog tracking gps
      October 26, 2022
      Really like the Alpha 200i and the TTX15 collar they are a great combo with all the new features.
      By Justin
      Amazing unit
      October 19, 2022
      This thing has everything i need in one unit. I hunt wild chukar in the mountains and with this i can find my dog, see topographic maps, text the wife when i have zero cell service, and control the dog. All with just one device! When your hiking in the mountains it’s always nice to bring less stuff to cut down on weight. The garmin alpha helps me do this and stay connected with the dog and with family. Also the ability to hit the SOS button to bring in the cavalry is a nice thing to have when your up in the rocks. Both the collar and controller are bigger than my old ones but for the extra features i believe it’s well worth it. They are spendy but what’s the cost of
      Loosing your dog?
      • Features
      • Maps
      • SOS
      • Satellite texting
      • The amount of dogs you can save to one controller
      • Slightly larger than what I'm used to
      • Steep learning curve with all the features
      By Shack M.
      Annapolis, MD
      Excellent Package made Purchase One-Stop Shopping
      August 31, 2022
      Just learning to use my Garmin Alpha 200i and TT15X Dog Tracking and Training System. I have an eight-month old male Griff Puppy already at 52 lbs. I expect him to go to 65 lbs. I believe I chose the correct collar size. I am by no means ready to comment on the system. However, the InReach SOS Button alone made me want to purchase this Equipment. I am 65 years old. And having the ability to get help when hunting in the Woods, Fields, and on the Water gives me the confidence of still getting out there and doing it. I’ll be vacationing in Europe later this year. Independent of the Dog Tracking and Training function, being able to use the Handheld anywhere on the Planet. Is also a major reason I purchased the Unit.
      By wayne y.
      washington court house, ohio
      garmin 200i
      May 25, 2022
      i really like my new 200i garmin system.. the screen is easy to read, even with my old eyes. the count down timer is awesome. everything about it is amazing.
      • very readable screen, alot more options than my 100.
      • none that ive found yet.
      By Nick
      Gila hot springs, NM
      Great product
      March 29, 2022
      I have been using the Garmin alpha and two collars on my lion hounds for the past two weeks or so. Hunting off muleback in the wilderness. I am very pleased with the quality and ease of use.
      • Easy to setup and use. Large screen a plus.
      • None yet
      By Mike
      Southaven Mississippi
      More memory
      November 30, 2021
      Best improvement yet is with the screen, no more finding a shady spot to view your dogs from previous models. The larger screen and more memory is great.
      • More features, larger screen, and memory.
      • None yet
      By Tim
      South Carolina
      Stepped up to Alpha 200
      September 8, 2021
      Am transitioning from the Alpha 100 to the Alpha 200. Love the larger screen and clarity. Taking some time to get familiar with the key setup. I just wish the manuals were not written by extraterrestrials, but by gun dog owners and trainers; so that my learning curve was quicker.
      • Larger screen and characters. Easier to read without glasses.
      • Much better clarity.
      • Selective options.
      • Heavier and bulkier than Alpha 100.
      • Manual slows down learning and is frustrating.
      By Tom H.
      Garmin Alpha 200i
      June 28, 2021
      I ordered this unit from Gun Dog Supply. I received it quickly but the top left button on the front didn’t work. I called them and they sent me another unit that day. I haven’t had time to completely check this one out but it seems to be fine. Really great service from Gun Dog!
      • Really good upgrades.
      • First unit was defective
      By Worker 6.
      Crooksville ohio
      Awesome product
      January 7, 2021
      I ordered the 200 I around Christmas and even with the holiday I still received it in a timely manner it was shipped the next day very pleased with the service from gun dog supply I have two alpha 100s and wanted to up grade we run hounds for coyote and tracking is very important they are very good instruments and we depend on them on every hunt the alpha 200I is definitely a worthwhile update the bigger screen is awesome for us older folks and the ability to group packs of dogs separately is a great feature so far I love it and would recommend it to anyone handling dogs if you’re looking for a good tracker this is the one and I would recommend that you look to Gun dog supply for your purchase I’m sure you will be very pleased with their service
      • Dog groupings
      • Bigger screen
      • Easy to navigate
      • Contacts in with dogs
      • Ability to customize the Home Screen
      • As of now I have nothing negative about this unit
      By David S.
      Lugoff, South Carolina
      Alpha 200i
      January 7, 2021
      I have been using the Alpha 100 for several years and really loved it. I recently bought the 200 and am still trying to get used to the differences. Overall, I love the 200! It is somewhat time consuming to get used to the different operating system, but I believe it will be well worth it. I love the slimmer, more streamline, look and feel of the 200 compared to the 100.

      At this point I only have one issue and I am sure it's just an issue I have not figured out yet; however, when adding dogs, other than mine, I am having a lot of interference issues even when grouping them differently. I have yet to figure out how to add dogs in each individual group. As of now, I have only recognized one way to add dogs and then group them. This is where the interference is coming into play. If there is a way to add dogs specifically to each individual group my problem would be solved. However, I have not figured that out yet.

      Overall, this seems to be a great product!
      By Bob M.
      Hells Canyon, Idaho
      Second Try Works
      November 12, 2020
      The first unit I received was defective: the compass would not calibrate properly and the pointer sometimes literally spun in circles on the screen when I tried to find my pointing dog. Worse than useless. I spent hours testing and recalibrating the compass, calling Garmin's tech support (basically useless), and finally reached out to Gun Dog Supply for help. GDS is awesome and their staff know more about Garmin products relating to dogs than Garmin. They suggested some things to try that Garmin didn't, and when I got back to them that their suggestions didn't work and that I thought the unit was defective, they sent me a replacement. I'm happy to report that the replacement Alpha 200i works as it should (I've now used it on two chukar hunts in extreme terrain and the compass works as well or better than my trusty old Alpha 100).
      • Includes Garmin's inReach
      • Has more features and tracking doodads than the Alpha 100
      • Bigger, brighter screen than the Alpha 100
      • Can track other handhelds easily on the compass
      • Tiny bit heavier than the Alpha 100
      • First unit was defective but took a lot of time to verify that
      • Garmin's tech support and software continue to be very subpar
      By Robert
      Los Angeles, California
      No OnX Hunt chip compatability.
      November 9, 2020
      Sold the unit to my friend at a discount instead of returning to Gun Dog Supply. Garmin took a big step backwards by not including compatability for the OnX Hunt chip. I upgraded from the Alpha 100 and expected the same OnX experience. I was disappointed. Most Garmin units recognize the chip, not the Alpha 200i. I expected the latest and greatest from Garmin to do the same as their previous units.
      • Great screen, excellent interface, very easy to operate the controls.
      • As stated above.
      CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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