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SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X Remote Training Collar

  • Up to 21 levels of STIM + vibration or tone
  • 500-yard range with multiple transmitter modes
  • 2-hour quick charge

  • $179.95

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    Free DVD and Long Line Bundle SD-425X Transmitter and Collar SD-425X Transmitter SD-425X Transmitter Left Side View SD-425X Transmitter Right Side View SD-425X Transmitter Back SD-425X Transmitter with Lanyard SD-425X Transmitter in Hand SD-425X Transmitter Control Details SD-425X Transmitter Mudplug SD-425X Collar SD-425X Collar Front SD-425X Collar Back SD-425X Collar Bottom SD-425X Collar Inside Probes SD-425X Short Probes Vs. Long Probes SD-425X Collar Charge Port SD-425X Scaled SD-425X Accessories SD-425X Transmitter and Collar on Charger SD-425X Charger Detail SD X Series Manuals SD-425X Box SD-425X Lanyard Instructions

    What's New in the SportDOG SD-425X

  • Up to 21 levels of continuous STIM or 7 levels of momentary STIM with either non-stimulating tone or vibration (depending on transmitter mode)
  • Backward-compatible with previous SD-425 series remote collars

  • SportDOG SD-425X

    Gun Dog Supply EXCLUSIVE

    One hour of BASIC OBEDIENCE training
    from Pro Trainer Robin MacFarlane.

    The 425X is the replacement for the extremely popular SD 425. The "X" version adds two 21-level STIM button configurations (transmitter MODES 5 and 6) for more increments between levels with either non-stimulating tone or vibration options.

    The features of the 425X include:

  • Up to 21 levels of STIM depending on transmitter mode
  • Rapid 2 hour charge
  • Collar mode selection options for sensitive and regular dogs
  • Smaller collar
  • Tone and Vibration options
  • Multi dog modes that include Tone or Vibration on the dial, allowing you to use tone or vibration when in a two or three dog set up

    The 425X is a great collar for obedience work, retrievers and flushers. It's going to quickly become one of our best sellers in its category.

    The 425 has been our best selling collar under $200 for the last few years, and the 425X makes that system even more versatile. It is an awesome system for folks that don't need a lot of range but want a full-featured system for working close to medium range dogs.

  • Gun Dog Supply Exclusive: One Hour BASIC OBEDIENCE Ecollar Training DVD

      SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X Remote Training Collar$40 Value -- You get this FOR FREE when you buy this ecollar.

      We are proud to announce that Professional Dog Trainer Robin MacFarlane is working with us! We just wrapped another video shoot, and are launching her latest DVD.

      PREVIEW: Watch a 10-minute Preview here...

      What's interesting about these videos is that Robin has never worked with these dogs before, and several younger dogs have never been trained on an ecollar.

      First, Robin walks you through the basic obedience commands showing what proper form looks like.

      Next, Robin shows how she introduces the ecollar to two of Steve's puppies, Jack & Tilly, and shows you how to find the right STIM level to communicate with your dog.

      She then turns that into a lesson for your dog to recognize that STIM means pay attention to your handler and expands that into a basic recall.

      Additional segments include teaching RECALL, PLACE, SIT, and HEEL.

      Exclusively available at Gun Dog Supply.

    Multi-dog Collars / Systems:

    Read more about SportDOG SD-425X

      SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X Remote Training CollarThe SportDOG FieldTrainer SD 425X is SportDOG's smallest and lightest e-collar. The 425X is an incredibly versatile training collar, and is a good choice for all-around use including in-the-field training, hunting with close working dogs, or training in the yard.

    • Both the transmitter and receiver are waterproof and submersible.

    • The 425X can be expanded to control up to three dogs by adding SportDOG Brand Add-A-Dog collars.

    • The comfortable "soft coat" transmitter finish makes this unit a pleasure to handle.

    • The no-look design allows you to keep your eyes on your dog and not on your transmitter.

    • The low continuous stimulation levels and gradual increases between levels on the SD-425X are particularly useful with sensitive dogs or breeds.

    • You can customize your SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X to match your training preference. It comes set up in MODE-5 (a 21-level continuous one dog collar with non-stimulation tone), but it can easily be changed into 7 different modes with different button configurations.

    Download Owner's Manual for SportDOG SD-425X

    sizing-chartOwner's Manual for SportDOG SD-425X

    SportDOG SD-425X Transmitter (Remote)

      SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X Remote Training Collar
    • 500 yard range
    • Easy to upgrade to 2 or 3 dogs without loss of tone/vibration feature
    • Up to 21 levels of continuous stimulation or 7 levels of momentary stimulation depending on transmitter mode
    • DryTek waterproof design -- submersible to 25 ft.
    • 2-hour quick charge Li-Ion batteries that are also user replaceable (3-5 year lifespan with proper care)
    • 50- to 70-hour run time on a full charge
    • LED battery charge indicator lets you know transmitter is finished charging
    • Small enough to hang from the included lanyard
    • Weighs only 2.4 ounces
    • Measures 1 3/4" W x 5 1/4" H with antenna

      Transmitter MODES

      The SportDOG 425X gives you the option of customizing the transmitter to fit YOUR needs. It also allows you the option of changing the stimulation setup as your needs change or if you want different options in different situations.

      Modes include Continuous and Momentary with Tone or Vibration. Two or Three Dog Mode features one button per dog with either Tone (Mode 3) or Vibration (Mode 4). You also have the option of Continuous and Momentary with Tone and the ability to activate/deactivate the Locator Beeper (sold separately).

      Change MODES in seconds by setting the transmitter dial to the mode you want. Next press the recessed button on the back of the transmitter. The transmitter light then flashes back the number of the mode you have selected. Modes can be changed as often as you like. Change them for different situations or training styles.

    SportDOG SD-425X Collar

      SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X Remote Training Collar
    • Slim-profile collar design fits closer to your dog's neck
    • 3/4" black collar strap
    • Internal antenna system
    • Plastic molded case built to withstand all kinds of training and hunting conditions
    • Waterproof collar/receiver (perfect for retriever training)
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are user-replaceable, heavy duty, and last 3-5 years with proper care
    • Built-in LED is a battery charge indicator and test light
    • Weight: 3.2 oz
    • Receiver Dimensions: 1 1/8" W x 3 1/4" H x 1 1/8" D
    • Collar Strap Dimensions: 3/4" x 28"
    • Fits up to a 23" neck

      Collar MODES

      Another feature in the 425X collar is the ability to change stimulation settings at the collar. The collar has a low and medium setting. This allows you the option of finding the correct range of stimulation for your dog. Lower the overall stimulation choices for more sensitive dogs and raise the levels for hard headed or stubborn ones.

      You can change the collar setting at any time. You can also have collars set up on different levels and work them from the same transmitter. This allows you the option of working sensitive and stubborn dogs from the same transmitter.

    SportDOG SD-425X Comes With

    • SportDOG SD-425X remote training collar
    • SportDOG SD-425X transmitter
    • Short stimulation probes
    • Long stimulation probes
    • Adjustable black collar strap with square roller buckle and metal keeper which fits up to a 23" neck
    • User replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar + transmitter
    • Dual lead battery charger -- save time because you can charge both collar and transmitter at the same time from one plug
    • Extra mud plug for both the transmitter and collar
    • Lanyard for the transmitter
    • Test light
    • SportDOG owner's manual / operating guide
    • Robin Macfarlane's Basic Obedience Ecollar Training DVD
    • Long line / checkcord

    Features of the SportDOG SD-425X

    • Waterproof and submersible collar and transmitter
    • No external collar antenna to get hung up
    • 500-yard range
    • Expandable to use with up to three dogs
    • Push-button ON/OFF switch activated at the collar
    • Customizable transmitter settings -- choose from 7 pre-set modes
    • Up to 21 levels of continuous stimulation or 7 levels of momentary stimulation depending on transmitter mode
    • Instantly change stimulation intensity from the transmitter (tactile dial)
    • Tone only option
    • Vibration only option
    • Rechargeable, user replaceable Lithium Ion batteries in collar and transmitter
    • 2-hour rapid charge system
    • Low Battery Detect indicators on both transmitter and receiver
    • Backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty

    SportDOG SD-425X Batteries

    • Lithium Ion batteries
    • 2-hour rapid charge system for the transmitter and collar
    • User-replaceable, rechargeable batteries in the collar and transmitter
    • Get 50-70 hours "on time" between charges
    • Comes with a DUAL LEAD CHARGER letting you charge both collar and handheld at the same time

    Stimulation from the SportDOG SD-425X

    • The SD-425X has multiple intensity levels, which allows you to choose the stimulation that is best for your dog
    • Intensity levels can be quickly adjusted with the dial on the side of the transmitter, meaning you can instantly adjust intensity whenever distractions increase
    • Teach yardwork/obedience and enforce known commands with lower levels of stimulation
    • Use higher levels to stop unwanted chasing or to overcome strong distractions
    • Up to 21 levels of continuous stimulation or 7 levels of momentary stimulation depending on which transmitter mode you choose

    SportDOG SD-425X Range

      500-yard range, which is ample for most dog training or for hunting with close-working field dogs. Actual range depends on training conditions, including weather, terrain, presence of cover, etc.

    Country of Origin: Made in Vietnam.

    SportDOG Field Trainer SD-425X Remote Training Collar
    Item # 7360

    Usually ships the next business day.Free Shipping (US only)

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    Customer Reviews

    42 Reviews
    83% (35)
    12% (5)
    2% (1)
    0% (0)
    2% (1)
    95% Recommend this product (40 of 42 responses)
    By Ted
    Brandon, MS
    Replaced a SportDOG I had for 4 years.
    May 27, 2021
    Works fine, liked the previous button for sound only without turning the knob.
    • The range of shock is great, I rarely need to use the collar and then at a barely noticeable level.
    • Feel I must test on mysefl every time as I find the different level settings not easy to remember.
    • Like the mild setting.
    By Matt
    Great Product
    April 20, 2021
    This training collar helped with Blaze's training so much. He did great on leash, but once he was off leash, it was a big of a struggle. We followed the tips that came on the training DVD and they work great! Blaze does not mind the collar at all and gets excited when we get it out to put it on. He knows he is going to get to run and work.
    • Easy to use, easy to follow instructions, battery life. Great training DVD.
    By Bill
    Albany, Oregon
    Sport dog e-collars
    March 24, 2021
    The Sport Dog e-collars really are “gear like we would have designed.” Our English Setter is always busily birding when we are outside. The e-collar let’s us call her in when we can no longer see or hear her. Rarely do we need to use more than the tone button as she is well trained with these collars. We also use an e-collar for our Golden to discourage him from approaching everyone we meet while walking. (He thinks everyone wants to pet a Golden). We only use the tone on him—he learned quickly to return at the tone even even though he was six before we introduced him to the collar.
    • These collars are waterproof and appear to be comfortable for our dogs.
    • We have discovered that salt water and packed sand can-after three plus years of such abuse-cause the collar to "die."
    By linbud
    Polson, MT
    Works well for us
    February 12, 2021
    After borrowing a different model from a friend we purchased this one since we did not the range the other offered. Once we got used to the different model we found this one to meet our needs. It is easy to use- I like the size of the transmitter and the range is sufficient. Our dog learns quickly and we rarely need to reinforce our commands. We adopted our lab a few months ago (she is about 3 yo) She ran wild in the woods behind our house when let loose, but now stays with us. We are also able to take her XC skiing and ice fishing and my husband is looking forward to pheasant season. The collar was also effective when training her to stay and wait.
    • Size of transmitter.
    • The only con as compared to another model is that the tone button is not accessible without turning the levels dial. It would be nice to have its own button.
    By Emily
    Vermillion, MN
    Very good all-around training collar
    January 17, 2021
    We have used Sportdog ecollars to train our dogs for years for indoor and offleash obedience, hobby sports, and focus and attention training around our chickens and other animals. I recently purchased the Sportdog Field Trainer SD-425X system for our 6 month old Siberian husky pup, and it has made all the difference in our focus training and obedience. The wide range of stimulation levels along with a vibration/tone setting allow us to use just the right level to get his attention without scaring or hurting him. He is learning to focus on us when we give a direction, and he is happy to do it! He is swiftly mastering obedience in high distraction environments and has mastered offleash recall from a distance. The collar system came with a training dvd and long-line which were also helpful in offleash recall training, whether you have experience like we do or are new to using ecollars. This is a solidly made but lightweight, comfortable collar that our pup doesn't object to wearing. He knows when the collar comes out, he gets to have fun! It is everything we hoped for and come to expect from a Sportdog collar and worth every penny.
    • -Compact
    • -Lightweight
    • -Fast charging
    • -Long collar band adjustable to nearly any size dog
    • -Wide range of stimulation settings
    • -Good reciever range
    • -Durable
    By Jennifer F.
    Orlando, FL
    My Brittany is finally listening!
    January 13, 2021
    My girl is a pet dog but has the need for speed. I take her off leash in my neighborhood and on trails or the beach. I started with a cheap collar off Amazon but she would get too excited and ignore it. I can turn this collar up when needed and get her attention. It’s always a risk off leash, but I’ve learned these bird dogs need the exercise or they’re destructive. This collar provides a safe alternative.
    By Nancy G.
    Creswell, Oregon
    Great for rural pet management
    December 30, 2020
    I purchased this collar to replace a "pet park & yard"- grade collar that was not powerful enough for our needs. Our dog Callie is both a skilled fence escape artist and an enthusiastic varmint-chaser. Too often, we'd discover she'd escaped the yard and was free-ranging our ten acres or the neighbors' pastures with no way to call her back as the collar we had was either out of power or beyond range. This collar is perfect for our needs; it holds power for more than a day's use, withstands mud and rain, recharges in a couple of hours, and is powerful enough to call Callie home even through trees.
    • Long-lasting, quick to recharge, works in rain and mud, easy to set up and use.
    • The charging cords do not fit snugly in the collar and handpiece slots making it tricky to position the cords so that they don't fall out of the equipment while charging.
    By Susan
    South Carolina
    Perfect collar for our Australian Shepard
    October 7, 2020
    Our Aussie, Darby, is very smart and has been easy to train. I really like this collar as it is sturdy and very easy to put on. The collar and buckle stay in place when put on per the instructions (snug). I have the remote set to 1 and my dog reacts (flicks his ears) to the low 1 stimulus; I only have to use the 1 medium stimulus if he is extremely distracted as the medium 1 stimulus gets his attention immediately. I love the lanyard for the remote which keeps me hands-free if we are using a leash. I'm very impressed with the product overall and I really enjoyed the training CD. Great product and I highly recommend it.
    We visit the beach often and will see how well this remote collar holds up after exposed to salt water. We will follow the guideline to wash with clean water after each exposure. Our previous remote collar did not hold up to the salt water exposure. The result of this exposure will certainly impact our overall review of this remote training collar.
    • The collar is very well made and the buckle is easy to put on our dog. I trimmed the collar length once I was sure of the size and fit. The small remote is easy to use and I really like the raised button on the medium stimulus - easy to find by touch. The lanyard has been great for me as I am hands-free with the remote when we walk our dog (Darby) on a leash. I am very happy with this remote collar and its accessories. Thank you Steve for the informational training CD and your follow up. I have been extremely impressed with your company.
    • I do not have any Cons at this time.
    By Rex
    Sunset, SC
    Training new Lab puppy
    October 7, 2020
    I’ve been training my new lab puppy -Stella for the last 3 months. We got her at 8 week old and at 5 months she had all the basic commands understood. I followed Dokkens hunting puppy training DVD. At this point I purchased Sportdog field trainer to reinforce those learned commands - heel, sit, down, come, place. At this point Stella is very good at all commands with a 50 ‘ check cord. Over next few weeks I’ll be removing check cord and lease and I’m confident I’ll have well trained lab at the 6 month point! Everyday is an adventure with Stella but so far so good!
    • Compact
    • Easy to use
    • Good Battery life
    • Water proof
    • Don't have any
    By Mindy
    Cincinnati, OH
    Its a miracle
    September 17, 2020
    This product has been amazing for us! We got a rescue dog, a large hound, at about a year old. He is not an aggressive dog, but he is big and loud and was hard to control. Sometimes he would have barking fits and it was overwhelming. He knew some commands like sit, but would not perform them with consistency. He got out a couple times and it was terrifying because we live in a semi urban area with traffic, and we could not catch him. We were having second thoughts about keeping him, even though he is a sweet dog when calm. An e-collar was recommended so we purchased this product.

    I watched the enclosed DVD and got started right away with the method from the video. I'm not kidding when I say that within 2 training sessions, he was sitting, coming, staying, heeling (sort of) with consistency. I only used the beep function and the lowest shock, which feels sort of like when you touch your tongue to a battery, but less intense. Now, after a week and a half of a couple 15 min sessions each day, he obeys most of the time just seeing the transmitter. Sometimes he needs the beep, and sometimes the shock, especially when having a barking fit, but mostly he just needs to see the transmitter. Before, at walk time, it was nearly impossible to get the leash on because he would bark insanely and jump up on me. Now, with the e-collar, he will sit and stay while getting the leash on. He will sit and stay on a walk when we see another dog. Even my kids are doing training sessions with him and he is obeying our 10 year old. It is so awesome! I could not be more satisfied.

    Merchant Response:Mindy, Thanks for the review! I'm glad to hear SportDOG SD-425X has made such a difference. Give us a call at 1-800-624-6278 and one of our Product Specialists can help out with any questions you have about the system's operation. Thanks, Ben
    • Easy to charge, easy to use. The charge lasts a few days (I think). The strap/lanyard that comes with it makes it easy to keep the transmitter with me. The low shock level clearly does not cause him any pain.
    • The info on the DVD and in the written manual are contradictory regarding training strategy, so that is a little confusing. I have only used the side button, and I don't really understand the difference between the 3 buttons. It isn't obvious to me when the battery is getting low.
    By Customer
    Newnan ,Ga.
    sd 425x
    July 20, 2021
    So far so good. Only used it once so far been on vacation.
    By Lisa D.
    Canton ct
    Two Labs
    July 10, 2021
    Great collar for training...we have two labs one for one dog liked it so much we decided to purchase another one.....Your products and customer service A+
    • All pros!!!
    By McKenzie
    Great Training Collar!
    July 2, 2021
    This collar is exactly what I was looking for to train my 1 year old German Shepard. He is very sensitive to e-collars so the option for Vibrate/Tone is perfect for him. However, it does go up to a level 7 if needed! I loved that it came with a DVD and information packet if you are new to e-collar training. Shipping and communication were excellent as well!
    By Will
    Great collar
    May 13, 2021
    This is my 2nd one 1st one still works great just needed another. A+ product, and Gun Dog Supply is always 1st class.
    By Customer
    Wausaukee Wisconsin
    E collar observations
    May 7, 2021
    This is a great choice for smaller hunting dogs like my Brittany. Some I have tried are just too bulky and heavy for a 30 pound dog. Love this one. Simple to use too.
    • Good size for my Brittany.
    • The contacts are a bit long, in my opinion, but dog I'd doing ok with the. I would like to see a shorter option with the setup.
    By Terry
    Steve's Recommendation
    April 17, 2021
    Steve at Gun Dog Supply recommended this for my needs. It fits perfectly. I like the smaller box/receiver as a have a smaller breed. Remote is easy to use. The option of only using tone/sound is a feature I was looking for. I think it's a nice collar at a very reasonable price.
    • Checks off all my needs
    • None so far
    By Laura
    W. Oregon
    Very Happy with this product
    April 14, 2021
    Bought this on my brother's recommendation for a 2 yr old english shepherd who had decided he enjoyed visiting the neighbors (and their livestock) without adult supervision. With three weeks of daily training with this remote training collar his recall is now 100% and he stays on the farm. We can now walk off property off leash with confidence, and he is living his best life as a free range hole diggin' squirrel chasin' farm dog. We are all much happier (especially the neighbors).
    • Easy to use and I thought the video was super helpful. You can return the collar if this system doesn't work for you.
    • I was not a fan of the written training directions-but very happy once I watched the video-and if you have a hairy dog you need to make sure the points are in contact with the dogs' skin.
    By Bubba
    Castaic, CA
    "Peace" of mind
    April 14, 2021
    I am not cheap but, hate to spend needlessly, buying something thar is overkill. I was hesitant and sweating to buy this SD 425X (spending this much money) however, after I had it in hand and used it on my dog, I was at peace in my mind with getting it! Able to customize buttons and control over intensity level, you are able to coordinate how you train and what will work on the dog. Not heavy or cumbersome, perfect for the pup I have (GWP).
    • The collar fits all neck sizes and very user friendly
    • You HAVE to read the manual...
    By John K.
    Great Product
    March 28, 2021
    We have owned Gun Dog products before and have been very happy with their products. This training collar is easy to use and works well. We did have a difficult time with it at first, as we did not put the collar on tight enough. Our other Gun Dog collar we had worked well with being looser on our dog's neck. Once we realized it needed to be tighter, we had no problem and it worked very well. Highly recommend this collar.
    By michael r.
    Dubois, pa
    sportdog 425
    March 24, 2021
    meat and exceled my expectation my golden is now controlled with just a few hours of training.

    Thank you .
    By Audra
    Customer Service
    March 21, 2021
    I love this company. I’ve purchased 3 sportdog collars from them and they’ve been great. The best part is the customer service, let’s face it you can order anything from anywhere, however can you call up and get a live person or the owner himself? I have had numerous consultations with them walking me through all my questions. You simply do not get that service anywhere now, they are a gem.
    By runner515
    washington the state
    the best
    March 18, 2021
    like having various levels of attention getters, love the beep button, all i have to use after my dog required a couple of attention reminders, and really love the two hour recharge battery.
    • all of the above
    • none
    By Chad
    Everything it's supposed to be.
    January 24, 2021
    This collar is perfect for trading around the house and yard. Perfect size for my 25lb Boston Terrier. All the features on this collar resemble that of the more expensive collars I've used training far ranging field trial bird dogs. For the price this collar cannot be beat.
    • Size
    • Ease of us
    • Number of features
    • Well rounded construction
    • None
    By Jake
    The SD-425x functions as advertised. It is instant and has a good range. I am pleased.
    January 21, 2021
    Although I have not used the collar extensively, it has functioned as I needed. I will use it only after the dog knows my commands and then only when she refuses or delays too much. Having corrective control at a distance is a good way to avoid or correct problems of failing to obey when I am sure the dog knows what is expected.
    By Dan
    Milwaukee, WI
    Very happy with the purchase
    January 19, 2021
    We found the website helpful, informing us to make an informed choice as to which training collar to try out. And "try out" was fantastic with the 30-day trial period, giving us confidence to see if this would help. It didn't take long and we were sold. This collar worked great for our cattle dog. She came to us as a rescue dog with some ongoing, deeply ingrained behavioral issues. We put in some good work before getting the collar and she was making progress, but there seemed to be a wall that was difficult to push through. The accompanying instructional dvd was helpful to get us started right away. She is now doing great in so many ways and guests visiting us regularly comment how much different of a dog she is, as it is apparent she simply enjoys being a dog. Thanks for the help!
    By Neal
    Atlanta, GA
    Great training collar
    January 15, 2021
    It's easy to use with great instructions for the novice trainer.
    By Customer
    SportDOG SD-425X
    January 2, 2021
    ordered shipped received good product, if everything in life worked like this life would be really different thank you gun dog supply and sport dog
    • none
    • none
    By Thom
    Western NC
    Unforeseen value in a small package
    December 30, 2020
    A broad stimulus range which is easily adjusted and covers all the situations we needed it for.
    • The transmitter is small enough to be worn around the neck and there for the grabbing. Having vibration or tone options is nice. The Sportdog videos are outstanding and worth the cost of the SD-425X itself.
    • The activate button on receiver is a bit on the soft side. Other than that I am too impressed with the 'Pros' to think of any 'Cons' at this point.
    By Noah
    Whatcom County, Wash.
    Great unit, nice and small/lighweight
    December 22, 2020
    The Sport Dog 425X is perfect for what we wanted. We've been using our Garmin PRO 550 plus GPS tracker for 2 years and I love it for upland and waterfowl hunting. But the controller is way too large and heavy for my lil' wife to haul around on her early morning runs with the dog. The 425X controller is tiny and lightweight, fits into the palm of my hand. My wife loves it. Also is simple and easy to understand and use.
    • Small, lightweight. Easy to use.
    • Ask me in two years.
    By Jennifer
    Tucson AZ
    Easy and effective
    December 21, 2020
    This training collar is very effective and easy to use. It allows for different options to be used for optimal behavior patterns from our dogs.

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